10 Best Vietnamese Coffee Makers You Need in Your Life

dripping vietnamese coffee with a phin filter

So, you’ve decided to take Vietnamese coffee seriously. In addition to Vietnamese coffee beans, you need to invest in good Vietnamese coffee makers. Choosing the right Vietnamese coffee filter is no easy feat, simply because you’ll be facing so many options online, especially on Amazon. But fret not! This guide will help you choose the … Read more

27 Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands & Must-Try Coffees

vietnamese iced coffee

Interested in making Vietnamese coffee at home but don’t know which product to get? You’re in luck! In this article, we’re listing the best Vietnamese coffee brands and coffee products that you can find online. Getting started on your Vietnamese coffee journey is actually easy. You don’t even need a phin, Vietnam’s traditional coffee filter, … Read more

Vietnamese Coffee Culture: History, Drinks, Customs & More

A coffee plantation in da lat, vietnam

As the second-largest coffee producer and exporter in the world after Brazil, Vietnam holds a unique status in the coffee world. Vietnamese coffee culture is not just apparent in the variety of drinks or the countless coffee shops that pepper the streets of Hanoi. In Vietnam, coffee itself is a way of life. Vietnamese coffee … Read more

18 Great Books to Learn Dutch for Beginners & Beyond

Thinking of traveling or migrating to the Netherlands, Belgium, or Suriname? While you can get by with English, learning the local language, Dutch, has its advantages. For a strong foundation, you’ll need books to learn Dutch. If you’re an English or German speaker, you already have the upper hand because Dutch shares a lot of … Read more

18 Best Books to Learn Polish for Beginners to Advanced Learners

polish city square

Anyone who has had to memorize the seven grammar cases of Polish and had butchered the word szczęście (which, ironically means happiness) can tell you that Polish is a challenging language to learn. To get closer to fluency, you need loads of motivation, patience, and of course, books to learn Polish. Confusing digraphs and declensions … Read more

15 Best Apps to Learn Dutch By Yourself

dutch flag

So, you’ve decided to learn Dutch. Good for you! Dutch is one of the most fun languages to learn and it’s relatively easy for English speakers to pick up. It also helps that learning a new language is now easier through our smartphones. There are lots of apps to learn Dutch and this article will … Read more

15 Apps to Learn Polish the Smart Way

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Did you know that over 50 million people in the world speak Polish? Most speakers come from Poland. But this Slavic language is a lingua franca in many parts of Europe and beyond. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in learning the language, too. And the fastest way to do that is through … Read more

10 Best Websites to Find Japanese Tutors Online

teach online via zoom or skype

So, you’ve made the great decision is studying Japanese. Good for you! You’ve downloaded the apps, read the books, maybe even listened to podcasts. But then you got stuck at a certain level and you can’t seem to advance in your learning. Don’t despair just yet. Here’s something I think you should try: search for … Read more

Teach Japanese Online: 12 Best Websites & Tips to Get Started

online class via video call

When it comes to teaching languages online, some languages prove to be more lucrative than others. English, of course, is the most popular language. But Japanese, a seemingly intimidating language, is not far down the list. So, if you can speak Nihongo and are on the lookout for online jobs, one of your best options … Read more