8 Best Pen Translator Devices for Learning a New Language

Pen translator device

Do you like reading books to learn a new language? Even as you progress from intermediate to advanced textbooks, you will still likely encounter words and phrases that you don’t know or understand. In times like this, a pen translator comes handy. A language translation pen, like handheld language translators and translator earbuds helps break … Read more

8 Best Translator Earbuds That Work in Real-Time

man using translator earbuds

A world without language barriers – this is what language translator devices offer. But in the last decade or so, technology has become even more advanced. Now, we can get real-time ear-to-ear translations with translator earbuds. Knowing the local language in the countries you’re traveling to can make your travels so much more enjoyable. It … Read more

10 Best Handheld Language Translator Devices for Your Travels

girl using a handheld language translator

Imagine being able to understand Italian, French, or Thai… without knowing any of these languages. Sounds crazy, right? Well, I have three words for you: handheld language translator. A handheld language translator device is exactly how it sounds. It’s a pocket-sized device that you can bring with you on your travels, a handy tool that … Read more

Japanese Food Facts: 40 Interesting Facts About Japanese Cuisine

colorful bento boxes

Whether you’re a Japanophile or someone who likes to indulge in sushi and ramen from time to time, you’re likely intrigued by the intrinsic appeal of Japanese cuisine. Well, my friend, things are bound to get even more interesting as we lay down some of the most fascinating and amazing Japanese food facts. Like most … Read more

Korean Food Facts: 40 Interesting Facts About Korean Cuisine

A korean meal with bibimbap, kimchi and side dishes

To say that I love Korean food is an understatement. I’ve gone past eating it to watching Korean cooking shows (a great way to learn Korean) to cooking some Korean dishes at home. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably just as interested as I am in Korean food. The great news is, you won’t … Read more

10 Best Vietnamese Coffee Makers You Need in Your Life

dripping vietnamese coffee with a phin filter

So, you’ve decided to take Vietnamese coffee seriously. In addition to Vietnamese coffee beans, you need to invest in good Vietnamese coffee makers. Choosing the right Vietnamese coffee filter is no easy feat, simply because you’ll be facing so many options online, especially on Amazon. But fret not! This guide will help you choose the … Read more

27 Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands & Must-Try Coffees

vietnamese iced coffee

Interested in making Vietnamese coffee at home but don’t know which product to get? You’re in luck! In this article, we’re listing the best Vietnamese coffee brands and coffee products that you can find online. Getting started on your Vietnamese coffee journey is actually easy. You don’t even need a phin, Vietnam’s traditional coffee filter, … Read more

Vietnamese Coffee Culture: History, Drinks, Customs & More

A coffee plantation in da lat, vietnam

As the second-largest coffee producer and exporter in the world after Brazil, Vietnam holds a unique status in the coffee world. Vietnamese coffee culture is not just apparent in the variety of drinks or the countless coffee shops that pepper the streets of Hanoi. In Vietnam, coffee itself is a way of life. Vietnamese coffee … Read more

18 Great Books to Learn Dutch for Beginners & Beyond

Thinking of traveling or migrating to the Netherlands, Belgium, or Suriname? While you can get by with English, learning the local language, Dutch, has its advantages. For a strong foundation, you’ll need books to learn Dutch. If you’re an English or German speaker, you already have the upper hand because Dutch shares a lot of … Read more