Italian Food Facts: 30 Fun Facts About Italian Cuisine

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I personally have a hard time trusting people who don’t adore Italian cuisine. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of those heretics around. After all, what’s there not to love about an age-old tradition that favors simple and time-tested combinations, homemade cooking, and the freshest ingredients?  That’s the delicious topic we’ll be exploring … Read more

Brazilian Food Facts: Favorite Dishes, Eating Habits and More

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It still amazes me how little folks abroad seem to know about Brazilian cuisine. The tons of videos across the internet of foreigners trying a typical snack or dessert for the first time are proof of how underexplored this marvelous and colorful world remains. And that’s why on this post we’ll focus on facts about … Read more

19 Brazilian Culture Facts That You Should Know About

Brazil is a truly captivating place, yet it’s so complex it might strike many people as enigmatic. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fascinating facts about Brazilian culture. From unwritten rules of behavior, to the country’s exciting food culture, to highlights of the greatest show on Earth (i.e. Brazilian carnival),… it’s all here! … Read more

27 Fun and Interesting Facts About Brazil

While renowned for its pristine beaches and lively street parties, Brazil is also laden with history and culture. So in case you’re looking to learn more about the South American giant to make the most of your upcoming visit, we have you covered. Just dig into our list of most exciting facts about Brazil for … Read more

32 Fun Facts About Finland and Finnish People

Learn some fun facts about Finland! Finland is known for its excellent education system, socially awkward people, and magnificent nature. On top of that, Finland is a country with a rich (and occasionally rambunctious) history, great culture, and funny people. Want to know more? This article gives you a comprehensive list of fun facts about … Read more

25 Fun Facts About Portugal That Will Surprise You

Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe. It’s full of character, peculiarities, and traditions that differentiate it from other Mediterranean countries. As such, there are plenty of fun and interesting facts about Portugal that aren’t so well-known by the global audience. Whether you’ve visited Portugal and explored its rich history or you haven’t … Read more

30 Fun Facts About Sweden That Will Surprise You

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25 Facts About Rome That Make It Unique

Rome is such a magical place that it has, throughout its 2,773 years of history, inspired Hollywood movie stars and literary geniuses to write sing its praises. Yet even if you’ve already been there, we’re positive that a lot of the fascinating facts about Rome we’ve listed below will surprise you!  Facts about Ancient Rome … Read more

What is the Philippines Known For? (18 Fun Facts)

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Ask Filipinos “What is the Philippines known for?” and you’ll only get either of two things. They wouldn’t know where to end, or begin. Aside from sun-kissed beaches and idyllic provincial escapes, the Philippines is famous for diversity. This makes perfect sense, considering that its archipelagic geography paves the way for its multitude of sights … Read more