50 Japanese Gifts to Buy Online for Japanophiles

japanese doll souvenir

We all have that Japan-obsessed friend. The one who’s crazy about anime and manga, the one who pores over Japanese literature, the one who loves everything Japanese. Maybe that’s you. And the best way to make this person in your life (or yourself) happy is through these Japanese gift ideas that you can easily buy … Read more

30+ Japanese Drinks & Beverages to Try Apart From Sake

Bottles of Japanese alcohol at the shopfront

Japan is recognized around the world for its incredible cuisine. Often presented like works of art, Japanese foods are not only delectable but also very beautiful. And yet, for the uninitiated, not much is known about Japanese drinks. Most people know about sake and over the last few years, interest in matcha has grown. While … Read more

11 Best Belgian Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

godiva belgian chocolates

Belgian chocolates are my personal favorite sweet treats. Don’t get me wrong, Swiss chocolates are pretty awesome too but the richness of a Belgian praline and the fragrance of a Belgian chocolate truffle are simply incomparable to anything else! If you’re a fan of Belgian chocolate like me, you’ll understand. For the uninitiated though, here … Read more

40 Japanese Candies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

japanese candy shop

Japanese food is like no other. On one end, you have classics like sushi, ramen, tempura, and gyoza. On another, you have Japanese snacks that can range from cheap dagashi staples to artisanal chocolates to delicious Japanese candies. If you’re into sweets, you’re in luck because Japan’s convenience stores and supermarkets are teeming with all … Read more

Stereotypes About Brazil & Brazilians: How Accurate are Any of Them?

brazil woman swimming

Even though Brazil is an immense country where 210+ million people live, tons of folks abroad don’t know much about it beyond the trifecta soccer-carnival-nature. But these are far from the only stereotypes about Brazil that people bring up when they think of the South American country. So on this post we’ll be covering the … Read more

Swedish Business Culture: 24 Tips to Thrive at Work

Got your sights set on moving to Sweden for work? Or do you have a Swedish client you need to impress? If you answered yes, you’d better keep reading. Work is done a little differently up there. Knowing about Swedish business culture and etiquette will set you up for success – and we could all … Read more

30 Irresistible Malaysian Desserts You Simply Must Try

Malaysia is known throughout the world as a culinary haven for avid foodies. From world-famous street food to cuisine steeped in cultural heritage, Malaysia is home to mouthwatering gems that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Naturally, Malaysian desserts are equally as enticing, boasting a plethora of local sweet treats and novelty desserts that … Read more

Finnish Breakfast: Everything You Need to Know

The typical Finnish breakfast is quick and simple, like the rest of the Finnish cuisine. For breakfast, Finnish people use the ingredients that are part of their Finnish diet–which is usually bread, cheese, ham, vegetables, and grains. No extravagance whatsoever. Typical of the Finnish breakfast is the pace of eating and the social aspect of … Read more

Nudity in Sweden: The Naked Truth About It

There are all kinds of myths about nudity in Sweden. And there’s no shortage of questions surrounding the topic, either. How did it start? Why have the normally self-conscious, shy Swedes adapted to be fabric-abstaining fanatics? Is everyone a nudist in Sweden? Does everyone use the sauna naked? Whether you’re a practicing nudist looking for … Read more

19 Brazilian Culture Facts That You Should Know About

Brazil is a truly captivating place, yet it’s so complex it might strike many people as enigmatic. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fascinating facts about Brazilian culture. From unwritten rules of behavior, to the country’s exciting food culture, to highlights of the greatest show on Earth (i.e. Brazilian carnival),… it’s all here! … Read more