Can You Bring Matches on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Wooden matches

Whilst the idea of a snappy, spontaneous getaway is an appealing one, there are definitely a few things that travelers need to think about before boarding that flight. One of those considerations is what we can and can’t take on a flight. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most common confiscated items … Read more

Can You Bring Hair Straightener on a Plane? Here’s the Answer 

Hair straightener and plug

Despite what the name implies, hair straighteners don’t just straighten hair. Their supreme versatility is their biggest selling point—with just one device, you can go from curly to straight in no time.  For this reason, it’s always handy to carry a trusty pair in your beauty arsenal while you’re on vacation. You always want to … Read more

Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Eyebrow tweezer

Whether you’re going on that much-awaited vacation or a business trip, you want to look your best. And you may want to keep your cosmetic tools like tweezers with you. For safety reasons, you can’t always bring your everyday items on a plane. And you have doubts about the innocuous tweezer. Just like you, many … Read more

Can You Bring Gum on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Chewing gum

When preparing for a flight, especially a long one, one of the things at the forefront of most minds is feeling fresh. Invariably, a wash-kit is packed so that you can disembark looking and feeling ready.  But what if you have forgotten to pack toothpaste? After all, bad breath is not something that most people … Read more

Can You Bring Nail Polish on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Nail polish bottles

Your manicure is chipped and you didn’t get a chance to fix your nails before the flight. Or perhaps you simply want to reapply or touch up during your vacation. So you chuck in bottles of nail polish into your luggage. But you have a doubt lingering in your mind. You ask yourself: Can you … Read more

Can You Bring Flashlight on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Black flashlight

We’ve all done it – turned up at the airport and not only second-guessed ourselves as to whether we’ve packed everything we need, but whether we’ve followed the airline’s rules on how we pack our belongings. We know about the obvious prohibited items, but what about the other everyday items that we usually take for … Read more

Can You Bring Lighter on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Lighter flame

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and being held up by airport security because you’ve accidentally packed an item you cannot take onto an airplane. Sometimes this can get a little confusing though; we all have everyday items we would like to take with us on our trip – so what do we … Read more

Can You Bring Hairdryer on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Woman holding a hairdryer

Bad hair days are never acceptable, except when lounging at home! This is precisely why we can’t help lugging our beloved hairdryer and tools on business or leisure trips, even at the expense of much-conserved luggage space and weight.  Also, going out in the cold with wet hair is not advisable as it can cause … Read more

Can You Bring Nail Clippers on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Nail clippers

Flying to attend a special occasion and must keep your nails all clean and pretty? Or are you the type of traveler who can’t live without bringing your own set of necessities, including your nail kit? Here is one question you will encounter while packing your bags: can you bring nail clippers on a plane?  It’s … Read more