40 Japanese Candies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Japanese food is like no other. On one end, you have classics like sushi, ramen, tempura, and gyoza. On another, you have Japanese snacks that can range from cheap dagashi staples to artisanal chocolates to delicious Japanese candies. If you’re into sweets, you’re in luck because Japan’s convenience stores and supermarkets are teeming with all … Read more

11 Best Swiss Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

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Swiss chocolate is one of the best desserts in the world! I’m sure very few would argue against that statement. Famed for their creamy texture, enticing flavors, and subtle fragrances, Swiss chocolates are an absolute joy for those with a picky sweet tooth. With so many wonderful Swiss chocolate brands on the market, it’s certainly … Read more

38 Best Japanese Chocolates to Melt in Your Mouth

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A cultural and culinary powerhouse, Japan is famous for anime, sushi, ramen, Mt. Fuji, and bullet trains. But here’s one thing I bet you don’t usually associate with this East Asian destination: Japanese chocolates. If you have a sweet tooth, Japan will prove to be a paradise to you. Sweets and snacks pepper grocery and … Read more

40 Mouthwatering Asian Snacks You Can Buy Online

Growing up in Asia means having a world of flavors within reach. In a continent of almost 50 countries, you can expect an assortment of cuisines, each with distinct characters. This variety extends to Asian snacks, munchies that offer a unique taste and even trigger nostalgia. This sheer diversity also makes supermarket trips (or online … Read more

13 Novelty Desserts in KL And Where to Find Them

The metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur (KL) has a truly spectacular food scene. It boasts a plethora of local and international cuisine that transcends various cultures. From classic Malaysian favorites like nasi lemak to Spanish tapas, the choice of cuisine and food in KL will leave you spoilt for choice. The same applies to desserts … Read more

35 Tasty Vietnamese Snacks, Street Foods and Drinks You Have To Try

From breathtaking natural landscapes to stunning beaches to its historic cities, Vietnam has so much to offer. But ask me (or anyone who’s been to Vietnam) what I love about the Land of the Blue Dragon, and in a heartbeat, I will answer you with one word: food. Vietnamese dishes, Vietnamese snacks, Vietnamese street foods … Read more

30 Yummy Taiwanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

Taiwan, dubbed as the “heart of Asia”, is famous for a lot of things: an abundance of natural parks and night markets, its giant IT industry, and of course, Taipei 101. But if you’ve been to Taiwan like me, you’ll know that Taiwan is synonymous with amazing, mouthwatering food. And yes, that includes delicious Taiwanese … Read more

30 Irresistible Malaysian Desserts You Simply Must Try

Malaysia is known throughout the world as a culinary haven for avid foodies. From world-famous street food to cuisine steeped in cultural heritage, Malaysia is home to mouthwatering gems that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Naturally, Malaysian desserts are equally as enticing, boasting a plethora of local sweet treats and novelty desserts that … Read more

19 Brazilian Drinks to Refresh You and Liven Up Your Trip

I wouldn’t blame you for picturing yourself sipping on an ice-cold, colorful cocktail or some freshly squeezed juice whenever you think of your next trip to Brazil. Let’s name a few names, though, so you know exactly which Brazilian drinks you’ll be ordering and when. From the best Brazilian alcohol to traditional beverages that everyone … Read more

35 Yummy Malaysian Snacks You Can Buy Online

Malaysia is truly a country that’s blessed by the culinary gods! Famous for being a must-visit haven for foodies, this lovely destination in Southeast Asia boasts some truly impressive street food and local cuisine. What’s more, as a Malaysian myself, I can confirm that we also have some pretty delicious snacks!  From sweet treats that … Read more