27 Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands & Must-Try Coffees

Interested in making Vietnamese coffee at home but don’t know which product to get? You’re in luck! In this article, we’re listing the best Vietnamese coffee brands and coffee products that you can find online.

Getting started on your Vietnamese coffee journey is actually easy. You don’t even need a phin, Vietnam’s traditional coffee filter, because you can use other brewing methods. But you do need the right beans (or blend) that match your palate and your preferred brewing method.

vietnamese iced coffee

Keep reading to know which Vietnamese coffee brands are great for Vietnamese drip coffee, the perfect ca phe sua da, or cold brewing. Plus instant coffee options, too!

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Trung Nguyen

1. Premium Blend Ground Coffee

It’s impossible to talk about Vietnamese coffee beans and not mention Trung Nguyen.

Founded in 1996 in the Ban Me Thuot Province, Trung Nguyen is the largest producer, processor and exporter of coffee in Vietnam. It also developed the first Vietnamese franchise of coffee houses and has expanded in other countries.

The Premium Blend Ground Coffee is one of Trung Nguyen’s most popular ground coffee. Blending the finest Arabica and Robusta beans, these grounds pack intense flavor with hints of chocolate. It’s medium roast and has lower acidity compared to other blends and pure Arabica beans.

Why you will love Premium Blend Ground Coffee:

  • Deep, intense flavor with hints of chocolate
  • Lower acidity level, making it stomach-friendly
  • Relatively more affordable than other options
  • Comes in a 15-ounce can for convenient storage
  • Ideal as a gift

2. Gourmet Blend Ground Coffee

Another bestseller from Trung Nguyen, the Gourmet Blend combines Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Catimor beans. What you get is a medium roast, low acidity, and caffeine-rich coffee with tones of spice, chocolates, and fruits.

This coffee is commonly used in many Trung Nguyen coffee shops. When brewing at home, you can use either a phin, a French Press, or any dripper or percolator. When brewing on the road, consider a travel coffee maker. It’s great for ca phe den da or cold brewing, too.

Why you will love Gourmet Blend Ground Coffee:

  • Careful selection of coffee varieties
  • Tasting notes of spice, chocolates, and fruits
  • Versatile. Can be brewed in different ways.

3. Creative Ground Coffee (Sang Tao)

The Creative series is a personal favorite and, in my opinion, it is one of the best Vietnamese coffee beans.

Sometimes sold under the name “Sang Tao” (which is Vietnamese for creative), Creative Ground Coffee comes in six variants:

  • Creative 1 – Culi Robusta. “Culi” is the Vietnamese term for peaberry. As a result of natural mutation, coffee cherries can develop one large, rounder seed instead of the usual two. This is called a peaberry and some say it has a superior flavor profile compared to normal beans.

I personally find peaberries to be naturally sweeter than other beans, even without added sugar so I do love this variant.

  • Creative 2 – Arabica and Robusta blend. This has a well-balanced flavor.
  • Creative 3 – Sparrow Arabica, with mild acidity and floral notes.
  • Creative 4 – Premium Culi, a blend of peaberry Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa, and Catimor beans. This blend creates a full-bodied, strong, flavorful coffee with chocolate hints.
  • Creative 5 – Culi Arabica. Fragrant and smooth, this is great for iced coffee.
  • Creative 8 (also known as Legendee Gold) – Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa, processed to replicate the bold flavors of civet coffee

Why you will love Creative Ground Coffee:

  • Each variant presents a different flavor profile
  • Peaberry options for a more flavorful and naturally sweet coffee
  • Works with a variety of brewing methods

4. G7 Instant Coffee 3-in-1

Trung Nguyen’s G7 line is one of the most reliable Vietnamese instant coffee brands. While you don’t get the same intensity that brewed coffee gives, 3-in-1 coffee makes a tasty coffee in an instant and cost only a fraction of what you pay for regular beans or grounds.

Each sachet of G7 3-in-1 contains a blend of coffee powder from beans from Jamaica, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. Non-dairy creamer and sugar are added for flavor.

You only need to add 75ml of hot water and you’re good to go! For a more intense flavor, you can try the G7 Strong X2 3-in-1 blend. A sugar-free option, which uses zero-calorie sweetener) is also available.

Why you will love G7 Instant Coffee 3-in-1:

  • Flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee in just seconds
  • Perfect for those rushing in the morning and for travelers
  • Affordable and convenient

5. G7 Instant Coffee Pure Black

Not a fan of sugar and creamer? Then this pure black instant coffee is for you, especially if you need an instant caffeine boost.

G7’s Pure Black is made from Arabica and Robusta beans, medium roasted to bring out deep flavors that stand out and taste good even without sugar or milk.

The coffee powder comes in single serve sticks that you can bring with you anywhere. It’s also 100% soluble, so you don’t even have to boil water to brew it.

Why you will love G7 Instant Coffee Pure Black:

  • Pure, full-bodied Vietnamese coffee
  • Time-saving and easy to carry
  • Soluble in both hot and cold water

6. G7 Espresso Instant Coffee

Espresso and instant may not be words you often see together, but Trung Nguyen is an innovative Vietnamese coffee brand. While this can’t replace your barista’s cuppa joe, it can be a quick fix for your espresso cravings.

Unlike other G7 instant coffee, the Espresso Instant Coffee uses 100% Arabica beans, giving it a bold and distinct flavor and aroma.

It’s flavorful and smooth, almost like a real espresso from a coffee shop. Except you can pop it in your purse and bring it with you anywhere.

Also comes in Cappuccino Mocha and Cappuccino Hazelnut.

Why you will love G7 Espresso Instant Coffee:

  • 100% Arabica coffee in an instant
  • Bold and smooth flavor
  • Close to real espresso flavor and aroma

Nguyen Coffee Supply

7. Loyalty

Nguyen Coffee Supply is one of the newer Vietnamese coffee brands but it’s steadily gaining fans because of the quality of its beans. The beans are sourced from Central Highlands and then roasted in Brooklyn, New York.

Loyalty is its bestselling blend of single-origin Robusta and Arabica beans. Nguyen Coffee Supply’s unique roasting method brings out distinct flavor profiles of each bean for the perfect balance of sweet, smooth, and nutty.

Nguyen Coffee Supply lets you choose between whole beans or ground coffee. So if you have a grinder at home, you can opt for whole beans for a fresher brew.

nguyen coffee supply loyalty

Why you will love Loyalty:

  • Quality beans from Da Lat
  • Distinct coffee profile, with hints of cacao, pomelo, almond, and smoked caramel
  • Perfect for phin and other drip-style brewers, French Press, and espresso

8. Truegrit

The aptly named Truegrit is Nguyen Coffee Supply’s strongest coffee as it uses 100% single-origin peaberry Robusta.

Robusta has the undeserved reputation of being inferior to Arabica but this coffee is here to change that. It’s got the classic caffeine kick of Robusta but with notes of scotch, grapefruit zest, and bitter melon.

Full-bodied and punchy, this one’s perfect for phin, drip filters, and French Press.

nguyen coffee supply truegrit

Why you will love Truegrit:

  • Premium quality single-origin Robusta beans
  • Medium-roast but strong tasting
  • Caffeine kick with lots of interesting flavors

9. Moxy

Arabica comprises less than 10% of Vietnam’s coffee production, making it almost rare in Vietnam. Nguyen Coffee Supply is one of the few Vietnamese coffee brands that offer high-quality 100% single-origin Arabica.

If a sweet and fruity brew is what you’re looking for, Moxy is the coffee for you. It’s smooth, balanced, and features tasting notes of wild berries, chocolate, cherry, and honey.

Aside from being ideal for drip and pour-over brewing method, it also works well with espresso machines.

nguyen coffee supply moxy

Why you will love Moxy:

  • Sweet and fruity tones
  • Top quality Arabica beans from Vietnam
  • Works well with a variety of brewing methods


10. Vinacafe Instant Coffee

When it comes to Vietnamese instant coffee brands, it’s hard to top Vinacafe. Although locals still prefer the real thing, should they need to choose an instant coffee mix, most would likely choose Vinacafe.

This award-winning product has been around since 1983, providing a surprisingly flavorful and aromatic flavor on the go. Although not as full-bodied as the standard brew, this 3-in-1 mix is a delicious way to start your morning.

Why you will love Vinacafe Instant Coffee:

  • Flavorful and fragrant brew in an instant
  • Convenient
  • Tastes great whether hold or cold


11. Moon Bear

While most Vietnamese coffee brands produced coffee that’s best for phin and other drippers, ChestBrew chose to focus on cold brewing. The company also prides itself in having a USFDA-approved high-tech roasting facility.

The Moon Bear coffee is ChestBrew’s signature roast featuring 100% Arabica beans from Vietnam. The beans are dark roasted, bringing out rich, exotic, and bold flavors. This is not for the faint of heart – Moon Bear is strong and packs a lot of caffeine.

Bear in mind though, strong doesn’t necessarily mean bitter. In fact, ChestBrew promises a flavorful and sweet cold brew that is not bitter or sour.

It also works well with traditional hot brews but as someone who loves cold brewing, I can tell you that cold brews bring out more of the coffee’s flavors. In addition, cold brew is less acidic compared to hot coffee so it’s super stomach-friendly.

Why you will love Moon Bear:

  • Strong and smooth flavor
  • Premium Arabica beans and quality roasting process. Comes in whole beans for extra freshness.
  • Ideal for cold brew and iced coffee but also works great with hot brewing

12. Cold Brew

While Moon Bear ensures longer freshness with its whole beans, this means you have to grind it yourself according to the grind size your brewing method requires. But if you’re a cold brew enthusiast, you’d want the perfect grind size at zero hassle.

ChestBrew’s Cold Brew ground coffee comes in coarse grounds, ideal for making cold brew. Just like Moon Bear, it promises a strong, smooth, and sweet cold brew without the bitterness and sourness.

Whether you use a cold brew container or a regular French Press is up to you. Just steep the grounds for 12 to 24 hours at room temperature or refrigerated and you’re done!

Why you will love Cold Brew:

  • Bold and naturally sweet cold brew without the bitter and acidic taste
  • Does not require grinding
  • Great on its own or with milk and sugar

13. Grizzly Bear

If chocolate in your cuppa joe is your idea of a decadent coffee, you will fall for Grizzly Bear.

Grizzly Bear uses premium Arabica beans, medium roasted and dusted with 100% real cacao powder. It’s as luscious as a coffee can get.

This rich and smooth coffee with dark chocolate tones is recommended for hot brew via traditional drip coffee maker. But it also works well as cold brew.

Why you will love Grizzly Bear:

  • Rich, intense, smooth taste with pronounced chocolate tones
  • Amazing aroma
  • One of the best flavored coffees out there

14. Big Bad Bear

If Moon Bear, Cold Brew, or Grizzly Bear are not strong enough for you, Big Bad Bear can rise up to the challenge.

All three previous products use Arabica beans. Although Arabica has high caffeine content, Robusta has more. Thus, Big Bad Bear’s blend of Arabica and Robusta beans produces a strongly caffeinated drink that’s guaranteed to wake you up.

Medium roast beans in Big Bad Bear create a smooth and delicious brew whether hot or cold.

Why you will love Big Bad Bear:

  • Strong and highly caffeinated Vietnamese coffee
  • Great blend of premium Arabica and Robusta beans
  • Bold, smooth, and tasty brew that works for hot brew and iced coffee

Copper Cow Coffee

15. Pour-Over Set (5-pack)

Copper Cow Coffee is no doubt the work of a genius. This relatively young brand is one of the most innovative Vietnamese coffee brands. Putting a creative spin to pour-over and instant coffee, its drip bags come with high quality grounds in a convenient packaging.

classic pack of five from copper cow coffee

Each pour-over set contains five sustainably-sourced coffee drip bags with flavored ground coffee inside. You simply need to hang the perforated holders to your mug, pour hot water, and add the sweetened condensed milk that the package comes with. Vietnamese drip coffee in an instant!

brewing coffee with coffee cow coffee

The 5-pack sets come in different flavors like salted caramel, mint latte, rose latte, vanilla latte, churro latte, lavender latte. Black and coconut variants are also available.

Why you will love the Pour-Over Set:

  • Café quality coffee in an instant
  • Convenient and easy to use. Perfect for traveler, too.
  • Sustainable coffee and biodegradable packaging

Lang Thang Coffee

16. Saigon Phin Daklak

Ohio-based Lang Thang Coffee sources its coffee beans from Central Highlands, roasts them in Saigon, and then imports them directly to Cincinnati.

Its signature blend, Saigon Phin Daklak, combines Robusta, Arabica, peaberry beans, and soybeans. Though not common among premium roasters, the practice of adding soybeans to coffee is not unheard of in Vietnam.

This blend produces a strong, smooth, and bold flavor that’s perfect for a ca phe sua da or ca phe den da.

Why you will love Saigon Phin Daklak:

  • Bold and smooth flavor
  • Balanced blend of Arabica, Robusta, and soybeans
  • A hint of sweetness and not bitter aftertaste

17. Saigon Espresso

If Saigon Phin Daklak is too mild for you, Saigon Espresso may just be your cup of coffee.

Featuring dark roasted Arabica and Robusta whole beans, this blend produces a stronger and bolder coffee that’s perfect for espresso-based drinks.

For a milky and sweeter variation, you can pull a double shot of espresso over condensed milk and add ice. That’s espresso-based ca phe sua da for you.

Why you will love Saigon Espresso:

  • More intense flavor
  • Ideal for espresso-based drinks like americano, cappuccino, or mocha
  • Dark roasted quality beans from Central Highlands

VN Roaster

18. Butter Roasted

Roasting coffee beans in butter is a Saigon tradition, a practice that creates aromatic, velvety, rich, and sometimes oily coffee. VN Roaster is one of the Vietnamese coffee brands that has perfected this roasting process.

VN Roaster sources its Robusta coffee beans from Dak Lak in Central Highlands. Aside from the caffeine punch, the beans have natural chocolatey hints. Once roasted in butter, the bitterness is removed and the flavors become even bolder.

Why you will love VN Roaster Butter Roasted:

  • Unique flavor profile enhanced by butter roasting
  • Pairs well with condensed milk
  • Bold and robust coffee with notes of butter and chocolate

19. Cinnamon Blend

If you want something lighter and on the sweeter side, VN Roaster’s Cinnamon Blend will not disappoint.

Instead of Robusta beans, Cinnamon Blend uses 100% Arabica beans, roasted with cinnamon. This results in a rich, smooth, and very aromatic coffee.

Compared to the Butter Roasted, Cinnamon Blend tends to be bright. It’s light but flavorful, and laced with complex and spicy notes that make for an interesting cup.

Why you will love Cinnamon Blend:

  • Rich and smooth finish
  • Cinnamon hints to spice up your coffee
  • Can be brewed in different ways but ideal for iced coffee

Weasel Coffee

20. Masterpiece

Kopi luwak or civet coffee is called ca phe chon or weasel coffee in Vietnam. This coffee is made by collecting partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. And nope, it tastes nothing like poop.

Weasel Coffee is also the name of one of the well-known Vietnamese coffee brands that provide premium quality Arabica and Robusta beans combined with weasel coffee.

Weasel Coffee’s Masterpiece contains Arabica and Robusta beans from independent plantations in Buon Ma Thuot province.

It also has 10% weasel coffee, just the right amount to highlight the slightly sweet and complex flavors of this coffee. It results to a decadent, smooth, and balanced coffee with hints of butter, caramel, and cacao.

Why you will love Masterpiece:

  • Responsibly grown and high-quality coffee beans
  • Rich, slightly sweet, and chocolatey flavor
  • Balanced aroma and flavor that’s light on the stomach

21. Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve

Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve is named after Weasel Coffee’s production manager in Hanoi. A fitting name, given this coffee’s “humanized” harvesting process.

Arabica and Robusta beans are hand-selected, ensuring that only ripe, good quality beans go into your cup. A small amount of weasel coffee is also added. The beans are then roasted slowly and carefully over open flame.

The result is a rich, earthy, and aromatic coffee.

Why you will love Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve:

  • Rich, decadent flavor without the acidity
  • Carefully selected beans ensure top quality
  • Creamy, mocha taste

22. Daily Delight

There’s no denying that weasel coffee is on the expensive side. This is why Weasel Coffee came up with a blend that’s more affordable and ideal for everyday consumption.

Daily Delight contains the same quality Arabica and Robusta beans that Masterpiece and Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve have. However, it doesn’t include weasel coffee.

This is not necessarily bad, since Daily Delight’s beans still go through the unique roasting process that allows beans to roast at high temperature without charring the exterior of the bean. This produces a delectable coffee that’s perfect for a morning buzz, as well as iced coffee drinks.

Why you will love Daily Delight:

  • Straightforward, smooth, and delicious blend of Arabica and Robusta beans
  • Carefully roasted to bring out intense flavors
  • More affordable than other coffees under the Weasel Coffee brand

23. Café Blend

Most Vietnamese coffee brands include pure Robusta coffee in their product line. Weasel Coffee, despite championing ca phe chon, still offers the classic Vietnamese coffee through its Café Blend.

Café Blend features high quality Robusta coffee, grown in small, independent farms in Central Highlands. It’s strong yet not overwhelmingly so. From its deep flavors to intense aroma, it’s highly reminiscent of Vietnamese coffee shops.

Why you will love Café Blend:

  • Intense Robusta flavor
  • Perfect for Vietnamese drip coffee
  • Slowly roasted with no bitter aftertaste


24. Robarica Ground Blend

Robarica is one of the top Vietnamese coffee brands blending the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. From farm to cup, extra care and attention is given to every step of the coffee journey.

The coffee trees are planted and grown in Vietnam’s Central Highlands for at least eight years. To ensure good quality beans, the cherries are harvested by hand and then processed by washing, honey, or natural methods.

After roasting, the beans are incubated in pine barrels. Premium beans are then selected for the perfect cup of coffee.

This arduous process leads to beans with delicious notes of dark chocolate, fruits, and herbs. Each brew has the caffeine kick you need without the high acidity or sourness.

Why you will love Robarica Ground Blend:

  • Carefully selected 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica beans that carry authentic Vietnamese flavors
  • Natural flavors and low acidity
  • Perfect with sweet condensed milk or as espresso

25. Robarica Whole Beans

For a classic Vietnamese experience, Robarica also offers 100% Robusta whole beans.

This coffee creates a rich, strong, and full-bodied cup with hints of dark chocolate and butter. It has extremely high caffeine content – perfect for morning brews.

For a traditional brew, you can use a phin but it works well with espresso machines, too.

Why you will love Robarica Whole Beans:

  • 100% quality Robusta beans
  • Rich, earthy flavor
  • High caffeine content for morning pick-me-ups

Len’s Coffee (formerly Heirloom Coffee)

26. Dalat Peaberry Robusta

The highlands of Da Lat is home to some of Vietnam’s finest Robustas and Arabicas. This Dalat Peaberry is one of the best Vietnamese coffee brands if you’re after espresso-quality Robusta.

Featuring earthy, chocolatey tones, this coffee has the caffeine kick that’s to be expected from a good Vietnamese coffee, with the natural sweetness and depth from peaberries.

Medium roasted to achieve a balanced profile, this one is great for espresso by itself or blended with other Arabica beans to increase crema (the froth on top of a fine espresso shot). Like most Robustas, it is low on acid.

Why you will love Dalat Peaberry Robusta:

  • Smooth chocolatey taste
  • Can be blended with Arabica coffee
  • Highland-grown selected Robusta with a more developed flavor profile

Bach Coffee Company

27. Bach Robusta Whole Bean

Last but not the least in this collection of top Vietnamese coffee brands is Ho Chi Minh-based Bach Coffee Company, which also has a couple of shops in Indonesia.

A pack contains Grade A high-altitude Robusta beans with a strong chocolatey flavor and high caffeine. The beans are dry air-roasted in medium-dark levels. This produces a delicious coffee free from artificial flavors and is ideal for homemade Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk.

These beans are also heavy-bodied and can produce a fabulous crema in espresso, especially when paired with your favorite Arabica.

Why you will love Bach Robusta Whole Bean:

  • 100% Robusta beans grown in high altitudes
  • Smooth, low-acid, and has chocolate notes
  • Dry air-roasted for a more natural flavor profile

Bonus: Café Du Monde

Café Du Monde is not a Vietnamese coffee brand. It comes from New Orleans, Louisiana. But when searching for Vietnamese coffee brands, more often than not, you will encounter this can of ground coffee.

Here’s where the connection comes from: the French.

In 1862, just five years after the French introduced coffee to Vietnam, they established Café Du Monde Coffee Stand in the New Orleans French Market. The shop was famous for its Coffee and Chicory, a combination that was created due to the scarcity of coffee. The French found that chicory, the root of the endive (a type of lettuce) plant, added body and flavor to the brew.

Rich and full-bodied, Café Du Monde’s Coffee and Chicory carries hints of chocolate and is said to taste similar to Trung Nguyen’s blend. Many US-based coffee drinkers use this for traditional Vietnamese drip coffee and French Press brew.

How to choose Vietnamese coffee brands

pouring milk over a cup of coffee with beans surrounding it

Now that you know which Vietnamese coffee brands are in the market, how do you decide which one(s) to buy? It ultimately depends on your preferences.

Here are just some of the factors you should consider:

Robusta or Arabica

Robusta beans seem like the obvious choice when making Vietnamese coffee. The strong, bold flavors pair well with sweetened condensed milk. It has the caffeine kick we all look for in an energizing drink.

But there’s no reason to not try Arabica, especially if you also plan on trying other styles of coffee and other brewing methods.

Arabica beans work well for black pour-over and espresso shots because of its mild acidity and bright tasting notes. When used for Vietnamese drip coffee, it can create a more interesting cup.

Identify which tasting notes and flavors appeal to you before you make a choice.

Ground or Whole

I personally prefer whole beans as it stays fresh and flavorful longer, as long as it’s stored properly. Once you grind coffee, the essential oils begin evaporating. It loses its freshness faster because the surface area bared to air is larger.

However, grinding your beans every time you have to brew can be tedious and time-consuming. And not everyone has a grinder on hand.

Freshness or convenience? You can choose depending on what you value more.

Beans and Grounds or Instant Coffee Mix

Unless you’re opting for Copper Cow’s drip bags, most traditional coffee beans require more work and patience. It helps to have a Vietnamese coffee maker at hand, of course. Aside from the quality of beans, you also have to consider other factors like grind size and water temperature to make the perfect cup of coffee.

On the other hand, instant coffee provide a quick caffeine boost and every brew is the same. It’s convenient and perfect for situations where you are rushing.

But it goes without saying that instant coffee is not as flavorsome as traditional brews.

Pretty easy choice, if you ask me.

Which of these Vietnamese coffee brands are you buying online? Let us know in the comments. Happy caffeinating!

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