35 Yummy Japanese Snacks You Can Buy Online

Japan is not just famous for its technological advancements, Mt. Fuji, anime and manga, matcha and ramen, and its beautiful sights. The Land of the Rising Sun is also home to yummy, and sometimes quirky, Japanese snacks! From sweet to savory to healthy, there’s a Japanese treat for you. Some of the best snacks in … Read more

40 Yummy Filipino Snacks You Can Buy Online

Compared to its neighboring countries, the Philippines does not stand out as a destination for food lovers. But as a melting pot of cultures and flavors, this Southeast Asian nation has diverse traditions, customs, pop culture, and yes, diverse food. This variety is apparent in Filipino snacks. In the Philippines, snacking is not only something … Read more

21 Scrumptious Swedish Desserts to Try at Fika Time

apple pie on table

There are five words that will instantly make a Swede fall in love with you (at least platonically): “Shall we go for Fika?” Forget fancy cafes and being Instagrammable just for a minute, Fika is the national institution that oozes all we Swedes are truly passionate about – coziness. Fika is all about indulging in … Read more

25 Mouthwatering Portuguese Desserts You Must Try

If you’ve been introduced to Portuguese food, lucky you! You already know that Portugal has a wide variety of delicious foods – and Portuguese desserts aren’t the exception! Some are meant to be eaten warm, others nearly ice-cold; some are better suited for chocolate lovers, and most will surely satisfy your taste buds. Whether you’re … Read more

24 Tropical Fruits You Should Try at Least Once


Sunlight, humidity, and warmth characterize tropical countries. Manifestly so, these features also provide an excellent environment for diverse plant species. Needless to say, tropical countries certainly have an edge when it comes to growing magnificent trees. So if you’re planning to travel to any sultry destination soon, one thing you have to try out is … Read more

20 Most Delicious Greek Desserts (With Recipes!)


Greek food has a lot in common with Middle Eastern and Turkish food. It also borrows heavily from Italy and North Africa. The result is a lot of honey, a touch of spice, and plenty of nuts. The Greeks love pastry, and if you want to learn to cook like a Greek, it is advisable … Read more

12 Essential Spices From Morocco & How to Use Them

spices in morocco

Think Moroccan cooking and your senses will immediately transport you to distinctly aromatic flavors. Thanks to spices from Morocco, anyone can easily tell if a dish is cooking up from across a room. With its long history of colonization and immigration, Moroccan flavors draw influence from a fusion of cuisines. If you’re well-traveled (or simply … Read more

­35 Yummy Korean Snacks You Can Buy Online

korean snacks

South Korea is more than just K-pop, k-dramas, K-beauty, and kimchi. This East Asian gem is famous for its wide variety of food offerings — from classic Korean dishes to restaurant staples to popular Korean snacks. Yes, Korea is a paradise for snack junkies! The shelves of local convenience stores (pyeonijeom in Korean) and grocery … Read more

21 Delicious Turkish Desserts and Sweets You Must Try

Tavuk göğsü

Imagining Turkey without its aromatic flavors is like imagining a dog without its bone. Turkish desserts and sweets pose great significance in this transcontinental country. It symbolizes diversity, celebrates culture and heritage, and honors the palate of anyone who gets a taste.  The first time I had an experience with Turkish sweets, I was instantly … Read more