11 Best German Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

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For a country that borders Switzerland and Belgium, Germany is no stranger to quality chocolate. Not only do Germans enjoy amazing sweet treats from their neighbors, but the country also produces plenty of amazing German chocolates themselves. 

If you’re having trouble thinking about which German chocolate brands there are, don’t worry! We’re here to help you out. Check out the top 11 best German chocolate brands that sell Germany’s finest schokolade (which means “chocolate in German”)! 

1. Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport is a German chocolate brand

Among all the German chocolate brands on this list, Ritter Sport is arguably the most globally famous. Headquartered in Waldenbuch, Ritter Sport is a household name in Germany. 

With more than a hundred years of history, Ritter Sport has fostered a pristine reputation for producing the finest German chocolates. You can find their sumptuous treats almost anywhere in Germany and even in most parts of the world!

Much of Ritter Sport’s rise to being a household name is thanks to the quality ingredients they use and the simplicity of their recipes. These are our favorites: 

Signature whole hazelnuts chocolate

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Ritter Sport’s most famous German chocolates are their signature chocolate squares. Among them, their roasted hazelnut chocolates take the crown for being the most popular. 

As the name implies, what you have underneath the wrapper is a whole roasted hazelnut blanketed in fragrant, sweet milk chocolate made from the highest quality ingredients.

The combination of creamy chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts will absolutely captivate you and keep you coming back for more! 

Mini Bars Bundle

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Of course, Ritter Sport also has a whole bunch of different flavors and varieties to choose from. 

After all, this beloved chocolate brand is also famous for its unique flavors and timeless classics like nougats, marzipans (sugar/honey and almond meal covered in chocolate), dark chocolate, and even yogurt flavored bars. 

The best way to sample them all is simply to get yourself a variety bundle! Not only can you get a little taste of everything, but you can also share them with your friends. And we all know chocolate tastes sweeter when you’re sharing it! 

2. Milka

Image credit: Ubcule

Milka is easily one of the most instantly recognizable chocolate brands in the world thanks to the brand’s iconic lilac wrapper. Milka chocolates are one of the most sought-after treats in the country and are readily available almost anywhere.

Even though Milka isn’t fully a German chocolate brand, it certainly merits being on the list. That’s because even though Milka was founded in Switzerland, the majority of its chocolates are produced in Germany. This has been the case since all the way back in 1901!

Signature Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar

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One of the defining characteristics of Milka chocolate is the fact that it uses alpine milk as its main ingredient.

As you might have guessed, alpine milk is obtained from cows that feed on alpine meadows. The milk is much more fragrant than regular milk so the chocolates that are produced are likewise, of much higher quality.

While I would often recommend getting variety packs (and Milka DOES have plenty of flavors to offer), I do feel that Milka’s signature chocolate bar is its best product.

The sweetness of the chocolate is further enhanced by the subtle aroma of the alpine milk, making for a truly sensational experience with every bite!

3. Moser Roth

Moser Roth chocolates
Image credit: F Delventhal

If you like a little bit of history to go with your German chocolate, then Moser Roth would be your go-to brand. Even though it is currently operating under the wing of Storck, one of Germany’s biggest confectionaries, Moser Roth was actually established way back in 1841! 

In the years following its birth, this German chocolate brand has been through a lot. From once being the largest chocolate factory in Stuttgart to being reduced literal ashes in World War II before finally being revived in the late 1940s, Moser Roth chocolates are treats that have stood the test of time. 

European Chocolate Truffles

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One of Moser Roth’s best products is its premium European chocolate truffles. Coming in different flavors including dark chocolate, strawberry rhubarb, and sea salt caramel, these delicious little treats will delight your palette! 

I, for one, absolutely love a good chocolate truffle and once you’ve sunk your teeth into one of these, you’ll understand why I rate Moser Roth so highly. The ganache in the center is always on point in terms of taste and texture! 

They also come in elegant gold and white boxes which make them perfect to exchange as gifts with a loved one. 

Moser Roth Combo Bundle

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Of course, if you’d like a more traditional form of chocolate, then check out Moser Roth’s classic chocolate bars! 

There is a large variety of flavors to choose from. These range from classic dark and milk chocolate, to modern twists like sea salt caramel and mint, and even truly unique flavors like dark chocolate with chili. That last one has a real kick that will set your tongue alight! 

If you’re unsure which chocolate bar you want to try first, just get them all! Always remember the golden rule when it comes to chocolate: variety packs and bundles are your friends. 

4. Merci

Merci is a famous German chocolate brand

I vaguely remember enjoying Merci chocolates when I was a child, mainly because of the bright colors the chocolates were wrapped in. As some of our more multilingual readers might point out, Merci is actually a French word, meaning “thank you”. 

However, surprise, surprise, Merci is actually a German chocolate brand! Also housed under Storck, Merci is a brand that aims to capture that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when someone says a word of thanks to you. 

In fact, Merci chocolates are specifically packaged in a way that makes them perfect as gifts for special occasions! That occasion for me is a craving for good German chocolates! 

Mousse au Chocolat Variety

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One of the first things you’ll notice about Merci chocolates is the unique shape they come in. They’re not truffles or bars, they look more like two chocolate squares joined at the ends. More importantly, the box they come in just screams luxury. You can see why people love exchanging them as gifts! 

Just like their unique shape, Merci chocolates also offer a variety of unique flavors. My favorite is the Mousse au Chocolat, which basically just means crisp chocolate with a delightful mousse filling. This extremely creamy treat comes in a multitude of flavors including hazelnut mousse! 

Merci Petits – Assorted mini chocolate bars

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Remember what I said about vaguely remembering this German chocolate brand from my childhood? Merci Petits. The chocolates I was referring to were Merci Petits. As the name suggests, these are mini chocolate bars that are wrapped in colorful wrappers. 

The chocolates come in a variety of fine flavors. Whether its classic milk chocolate or dark mousse and praline cream, there’s a little bit of everything inside this variety pack. We’re sure you’ll find something that suits your tastebuds! 

5. Riesen

Riesen is known for its chocolate-flavored caramel
Image credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon

Rounding up the trifecta of Storck-owned German chocolate brands is Riesen. Compared to most other chocolate brands and companies, Riesen is a little more unique and definitely stands out. 

Why? Because Riesen doesn’t exactly produce chocolate. At least not in the traditional sense. Rather than stocking shelves with chocolate bars or pralines, Riesen is most famous for selling chocolate-flavored caramel! 

These sinfully sweet treats are a fresh take on how to enjoy chocolate and it’s definitely a combination that will keep you coming back for more! 

Riesen Chewy Chocolate Caramels

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You simply can’t go wrong with Riesen’s classic chewy chocolate caramels! 

They come in a fun-sized bag that’s perfect for sharing. Once you’ve tasted the creamy chocolate and flagrantly sweet caramel, you’ll see just why Riesen is such a popular German chocolate brand. 

6. Schogetten

Chocolates by the German chocolate brand Schogetten
Image credit: F Delventhal

Schogetten chocolates are made for sharing. These premium German chocolates come in a bar made up of 18 chocolate squares. They break apart extremely easily at their corners, making them perfect to share among a group of friends! 

Established in 1962, Schogetten uses only the finest raw ingredients to ensure maximum pleasure. Combined with their unique recipes, Schogetten chocolates are irresistibly tasty and addictive. 

With their wide range of flavors, including pralines, chocolate brownies, stracciatella, and more, there is a Schogetten that’s fit for even the pickiest chocolate connoisseur. 

Strawberry yogurt chocolate bar

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For me, one of the most unique Schogetten chocolates is its strawberry yogurt bar. 

As you might have guessed, it consists of sweet strawberry yogurt cream encased in a layer of fine alpine milk chocolate. 

First comes the sensational sweetness of the chocolate, followed by the refreshing blast of yogurt cream in the middle. It’s a flavor combination that may appear odd at first glance but take it from me, it definitely works! 

Caramel brownie cream chocolate bar

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Another one of my personal favorite German chocolates from Schogetten is its caramel brownie chocolate bar. 

This exciting combination is extremely delicious, not just because of the smooth chocolate, but because of the crunchy caramel bits in the brownie filling! On paper, this particular flavor might sound overwhelmingly sweet. However, there is an artful balance to it that I’m sure you’ll enjoy too! 

And, as always, don’t forget to share! After all, that’s what Schogetten chocolate bars were made for in the first place! 

7. Hachez

Hachez chocolate bar
Image credit: Hachez

When it comes to chocolate, I have a soft spot for family-owned businesses and traditional recipes. Hachez is one of the few German chocolate brands that tick both boxes. 

Located in Bremen, this family-owned chocolatier was built in 1890 by Joseph Emile Hachez. To this day, the business remains within the control of his descendants and, more importantly, the original recipes and techniques of the founder are still being used today! 

What’s more, despite growing into one of the most popular local producers of German chocolate, Hachez still operates out of one single location. This means that everything from cleaning, roasting, and molding is overseen by a team of expert chocolatiers, ensuring only the finest chocolates are produced. 

Strawberry Pepper chocolate bar

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It would be a sin to talk about Hachez Chocolate without mentioning this truly unique flavor combination! 

As you might suspect, it is chocolate infused with strawberries and pepper. The end result is mild chocolate (with mellow hints of bitterness) that is refreshing, sweet, and comes with a little subtle kick. 

It is a truly memorable sensation for your tastebuds as you juggle through the complex combination of flavors. One thing’s for sure, after your first bite, you probably wouldn’t think twice about going back in for your second! 

Hachez fine milk chocolate bar

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For a taste of a recipe that has been unchanged for over a century, try the signature fine milk chocolate bar instead! 

Made with whole milk and the finest cocoa beans, these unassuming German chocolate bars actually pack quite a flavor punch. The smooth chocolate melts in your mouth like butter, treating your palette to a sensational culinary experience it won’t soon forget. 

8. Niederegger

Image credit: Niederegger

Another family-owned German chocolate brand is Niederegger, a highly reputable company that also boasts being one of the oldest producers of German chocolate. 

Founded in 1806, Niederegger is an award-winning brand that is famous for producing the best German marzipans money can buy. They are so good, in fact, that Niederegger’s authentic marzipans were once exclusive treats for German royalty! 

Thankfully, we can all enjoy these chocolates now regardless of our social standing.

Marzipan variety pack

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Of course, if Niederegger’s marzipans are fit for literal kings and queens, it should be the number item on your shopping list when you visit the store. 

While you can certainly buy their classic marzipans in bulk, I do believe it is much more fun to get a variety pack. It comes with 16 mini marzipans that come in different flavors. They include pistachio, orange, pineapple, and even espresso, all covered in a layer of luscious dark chocolate. 

In fact, I think I’ll buy one now for myself! 

9. Reber

Image credit: Gourmandise

Did you know that the famous musician Mozart has chocolate named after him? Mozartkugeln is a traditional chocolate treat made of pistachio, marzipan, and nougat that is encased within dark chocolate.

Originally, it was known as Mozart-bonbon because the shape and texture of the chocolate reminded people of traditional bonbons. Reber, a centuries-old confectionary in Munich, is one of the best producers of this beloved German chocolate treat. 

Using creamy praline chocolate instead of traditional dark chocolate, Reber’s Mozartkugeln is known for being sweeter and more fragrant than traditional varieties. Undeniably addictive, it is easily one of the must-try chocolates from Germany you can’t afford to miss. 

Mozart Kugeln

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Was there ever any doubt? Reber’s Mozartkugeln comes in a unique box that features the famous classical musician on the front. Inside, you’ll find 12 of these pristine chocolates that are named after the legendary composer. 

Due to their size, Mozartkugeln is often eaten in just one bite. Unsurprisingly, most people aren’t able to just stop at one, which is fully understandable! 

10. Baur

Image credit: Baur

Allgäu is a dreamy mountainous region in Bavaria that is known for its ancient castles, breathtaking alpine scenery, and rich history. 

The foothills of Allgäu is also where you’ll find Baur, a luxury German chocolate brand that produces a wide range of chocolates including pralines and truffles. Apart from just being delicious treats, chocolates produced by this Swiss-inspired chocolatier are also artfully decorated. 

They are sometimes even molded into toys, making them equally pleasing to the eye as they are on the palette. Check out some of their best products here

11. Friedel 

Image credit: Friedel

Friedel was once a company that was famous for its seasonal chocolate. Whether it was Easter or Christmas, this German chocolate brand had a treat that was fit for the times and beloved by both young and old. 

However, they have also recently added year-round products to their impressive lineup. This means that you can now enjoy Friedel chocolates whenever you want. In addition, this confectionary also sells a variety of candies and jellies too! 

Check out Friedel’s assortment of German chocolates and sweet treats here

Special mention: Asbach Pralinen

Image credit: Asbach

Asbach isn’t exactly a chocolate brand. In fact, those of you who like knocking back a few drinks may even recognize the name as a popular German brandy! 

However, they DO have one chocolate product that I’m sure many of us will love. Asbach Pralinen is basically creamy, rich chocolate pralines combined with Asbach Urait, a popular German spirit that is known for its subtle fragrance/ 

The combination of sweet chocolate and brandy is perfect for those who like to enjoy the occasional boozy chocolate. The texture also works well, making this one of those German chocolate treats that will get you hooked with your very first bite! 


And there you have it: the best German chocolate brands you can find on the market. Even though German chocolates are often overshadowed by Swiss, Belgian and even Italian and UK chocolates, a true connoisseur knows how to appreciate the unique treats that Germany has to offer. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s chocolate o’clock! Stock up on delicious German chocolates or read about European chocolates, or the countries with the best chocolates in the world.

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