11 Best Swiss Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

Swiss chocolate is one of the best desserts in the world! I’m sure very few would argue against that statement.

Famed for their creamy texture, enticing flavors, and subtle fragrances, Swiss chocolates are an absolute joy for those with a picky sweet tooth. With so many wonderful Swiss chocolate brands on the market, it’s certainly no surprise that the Swiss are famously one of the largest consumers of chocolate in the world. 

Here’s a list of the best Swiss chocolate brands and our favorite picks from their confectioneries! 

1. Lindt

lindt chocolates

Lindt is undoubtedly one of the most popular Swiss chocolate brands ever. With over 370 official outlets in almost every corner of the globe, Lindt is a household brand that truly lives up to its illustrious reputation.

Made using only the finest ingredients, Lindt chocolates come in a variety of different shapes, forms, and flavors. These range from typical milk chocolate bars and truffles to citrus and nut-infused nougats.

Here are some of our favorite chocolates from Lindt you’ll absolutely adore! 

Lindt LINDOR Truffles

The LINDOR truffles series is arguably Lindt’s most iconic product. A gooey truffle center encased in a fragrant, crunchy milk chocolate shell – nothing gets better than this!

Individually wrapped in eye-popping colors, the LINDOR truffles are perfect for sharing. If you bring this to a party, your friends will love you!

Lindt Dark Chocolate Bars

If you prefer a more traditional form of chocolate, you certainly can’t go wrong with Lindt’s assortment of chocolate bars.

My personal favorite is the 90% dark chocolate bar. Yes, it may be a little bit bitter to some, but if you love the intense, full-bodied richness of fragrant dark chocolate, this is easily one of the best Swiss chocolates you’ll ever taste! 

Fun fact: Lindt is such a well-known Swiss chocolate brand that there’s even an entire museum dedicated to it! Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, Switzerland not only offers visitors a glimpse into how Lindt chocolates are made, but it also offers hands-on workshops where visitors can try to make their own chocolate!

2. Toblerone

toblerone chocolates

Personally, I think that Toblerone is the best Swiss chocolate brand, period. Even if you don’t regularly consume these sweet treats, I’m sure you’ll recognize the logo in an instant! After all, it features the majestic silhouette of the Matterhorn!

But beyond iconic logo designs, Toblerone’s worldwide fame stems mainly from its ridiculously delicious chocolate, a result of using the finest Swiss milk, natural honey, and top-quality cocoa beans from around the world. 

Best of all, the signature triangular prism shape of Toblerone chocolates makes it perfect for sharing too! These are our top picks: 

Toblerone Signature Swiss Milk Chocolate

When it comes to Toblerone, you can’t go wrong with their signature Swiss milk chocolate! Wrapped in their well-known gold-colored, triangular prism box, each little nougat is a burst of flavor on the palette.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most highly sought-after chocolates in the world! 

Toblerone Swiss Dark Chocolate

I bet you saw this one coming! Yes, once again, my love for dark chocolate comes through!

While this version of Toblerone contains largely the same ingredients (almonds and honey), it is made using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. While it isn’t as creamy, the fragrance of the rich dark chocolate is a major plus for me!  

3. Nestlé

nestle kitkat

In terms of brand name, Nestlé is arguably the most recognizable Swiss brand around the world. Its items, ranging from food and beverages to cereal and even bottled water, are sold in more than two-thirds of the world.

However, what some people tend to forget is that Nestlé is also one of the biggest Swiss chocolate brands in the market! 

Perhaps the most famous Nestlé chocolate product is the famous KitKat wafer. After all, who doesn’t love KitKat? But apart from this classic dessert/snack, Nestlé also has several kinds of chocolate bars.

These are some of the ones you should try other than just KitKat: 

Nestlé Milo Nuggets

As a Malaysian, this is one of my favorite Nestlé chocolates ever. I actually prefer this over KitKats even!

As the name suggests, this product combines Nestlé’s chocolate with another one of its signature products: Milo, a chocolate malt drink that is extremely popular in Southeast Asia! Each bite-sized nougat is an absolute treat that keeps you coming back for more.

While you don’t have to refrigerate the Milo Nuggets, I highly recommend doing so because it just adds that extra bit of texture to it. 

Nestlé Smarties

Another childhood favorite of mine is Smarties.

While there’s nothing overly special about this product, this colorful assortment of sugar-coated milk chocolate is still one of Nestlé’s top products. One mouthful is all it takes to get absolutely hooked!  

4. Milka

milka chocolate bar

Even though it is no longer based in the country, Milka remains a Swiss chocolate brand with a large fanbase across the world.

With over 100 years of history, Milka chocolates is a tried-and-tested household brand that consistently delivers in flavor and quality. Offering chocolates in different shapes and sizes, Milka is just as iconic as the purple cow that serves as the mascot of this endearing brand. 

Milka Mini Alpine Milk Chocolate Bars (Assorted)

The best way to sample Milka’s wide range of chocolate bars is to order an assortment of them in one go.

While these mini alpine milk chocolate bars are much smaller than regular chocolate bars, you’ll be able to sample a variety of flavors like strawberry chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, and truffle chocolate! 

Milka Oreo Alpine Milk Chocolate

What’s this? A recommendation that ISN’T dark chocolate? What can I say?

When you mix the sweet fragrance of milk chocolate with the highly addictive taste of Oreos, it’s clear that you have a winning combination on your hands!

While it might sound extremely sweet on paper, the flavor is actually quite well-balanced in my opinion and hits just the right spot. There are even crunchy Oreo pieces for extra texture! 

5. Chocolat Frey

frey chocolat
Image credit: Chocolat Frey AG

In a country where you can find premium chocolate in almost every corner, to be acknowledged as one of the best Swiss chocolate brands is no mean feat.

Chocolat Frey is indeed one of those brands.

Having been around since the late 1880s, Chocolate Frey offers discerning customers a plethora of premium Swiss chocolate bars, all finely crafted using some of the best ingredients in the world.

With over 50 different varieties to choose from, picking just one would be nearly impossible. To help you out, here are our personal recommendations: 

Frey Supreme Bar – Dark Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt

I’ll be honest, caramel and sea salt is one of those hit-or-miss flavor combinations. You either hate it to its very core or you can’t get enough of it.

Thankfully, Frey’s Dark Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt bar checks every box in the latter category. Each individual nougat contains sweet caramel, savory sea salt, and a touch of almond for extra fragrance. 

Frey Milk Chocolate Truffles with Strawberry Filling

Hands up if you love stuffed chocolates!

Most of the time, chocolates are either filled with nuts, fruit preserves, or alcohol. This one comes with strawberry cream filling. Encased in a creamy truffle shell, these chocolatey poppers are amazing for parties!

6. Camille Bloch

Camille Bloch chocolates
Image credit: Peter Potrowl

There’s always this rustic romance about a family-owned business, isn’t there? Camille Bloch is one of the few popular Swiss chocolate brands that is actually a family-owned business!

Based in the canton of Bern, this confectionary, steeped in tradition, has been churning out tasty chocolates since 1929! Of which, the two most famous products are:

Camille Bloch Ragusa (Noir) 

The Ragusa series is one of Camille Bloch’s signature line of products.

The Noir is simply the one I like the most because…yes, it’s made of dark chocolate. But even more than that, it’s because each nougat is filled with chocolate truffle and whole hazelnuts which just adds so much more in terms of flavor! 

Camille Bloch Torino 

Another signature Camille Bloch product is the Torino series. It is similar to a Ragusa except this one does not contain hazelnuts. Instead, it is simply chocolate filled with a rich chocolate truffle cream. 

If you’re not content with just trying their chocolates, you could also visit their chocolate museum and factory! There, you can even try making your own Camille Bloch chocolate, which you can bring home and show off to your friends and family!

7. Cailler

cailler chocolates

Speaking about Swiss chocolate brands with rich history, let me introduce to you the oldest Swiss chocolate brand in the world: Cailler!

It was founded all the way back in 1819! Despite being in operation for centuries, the quality of their chocolate has stood the test of time.

Don’t believe us? This ONE product will instantly convince you: 

CAILLER Signature Chocolate Selection Box

Once again, the best way to sample everything at once is to get a variety pack! Plus it’s great as a souvenir too. Some of the flavors you can look forward to include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, salted caramel, honey nougat, and even cranberry. 

Its first-ever factory, aptly named Maison Cailler, is found in the ambient foothills of Gruveres in Broc, Switzerland. And yes, you guessed it, it comes with a chocolate factory tour. You’ll get to see the process behind producing one of the best Swiss chocolates in the world but my favorite part of the tour is at the end. Here, visitors will be able to hang out in a room and just taste chocolates to your heart’s content! 

8. Favarger

It’s not such a stretch to say that chocolate is a romantic kind of food. After all, we give chocolates to our loved ones during Valentine’s Day. How apt that there is one particular Swiss chocolate brand that originated because of one man’s love for the woman of his dreams? 

Favarger is a chocolate confectionery in Geneva that started when the original founder, a watchmaker, fell in love with a woman whose family owned a chocolate factory. The rest of the story is easy to piece together. 

Today, Favarger is a family-oriented business that sells amazing Swiss chocolates that exemplify the sweet taste of love! Their specialties include Avelines (dark chocolate and hazelnuts) and Nougalines. 

9. Laderach

Laderach chocolates
Image credit: Byron Villegas

Another chocolate brand that is immensely popular in Switzerland is Laderach.

While the name may not be familiar to global audiences, this household Swiss chocolate brand in Switzerland is actually widely believed to be the pioneer of thin truffle spheres! In fact, its alcohol-filled truffle spheres are actually one of the brand’s best sellers! Their wafer-thin chocolate squares are amazing too.

Apart from making delicious chocolates since 1962, Laderach is also well-known for its premium, gift-worthy packaging. 

10. Choco Chalet

choco chalet
Image credit: Choco Chalet

Of all the Swiss chocolate brands on this list, Choco Chalet is one of the younger brands, being only about a decade and a half old. It was established in the ambient alpine town of Interlaken (one of my favorite Swiss destinations) in 2004.

Despite its relatively short history, Choco Chalet has already established itself as one of the most exciting new Swiss chocolate brands on the market. 

It offers a variety of unique artisanal pralines, truffles, and chocolate bars, among other tempting selections. While there is only one Choco Chalet outlet in Switzerland, they do ship their products worldwide for chocolate connoisseurs.

I recommend getting their truffles and broken chocolate selections.

11. Villars Maître Chocolatier

Villars Maître Chocolatier is a premium Swiss chocolate brand that specializes in Swiss milk chocolate. That’s hardly surprising given the fact that this ambient confectionary is situated in the canton of Fribourg. Fribourg is a traditional farming region with wide pastures and is known for producing some of the finest milk in the region. 

Add to that the premium cocoa beans and the expert crafting, and what you have is arguably one of the finest chocolates in the country! What’s even better is that you can actually order personalized chocolate from the website for that extra, intimate touch!


And there you have it: 11 of the best Swiss chocolate brands that will fully satisfy your sweet tooth! Ah, I can almost taste the creamy Swiss chocolate already as I write this! Throw in a few Belgian chocolates too, and I’m in paradise.

Happy shopping, or head off to read about the 15 countries with the best chocolates in the world.

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