11 Best Italian Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

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Italian chocolates are one of the most underrated treats on the planet! 

While they aren’t as famous as Swiss or Belgian chocolates, Italian chocolates offer a unique experience for truly discerning foodies. 

After all, Piedmont, Italy’s “Capital of Chocolate”, produces some of the finest chocolates in the world thanks to the wide range of quality ingredients the region is blessed with. 

Not sure where to begin when it comes to chocolate from Italy? Check out this list of the most popular Italian chocolate brands and the best chocolates from each brand! 

1. Ferrero

Ferrero is a famous italian chocolate brand

Among all the Italian chocolate brands on this list, Ferrero is easily the most recognizable name. 

Founded in 1942 in the snowy foothills of the Alps in Piedmont, Ferrero produces some of the world’s most beloved chocolate treats.

In fact, these Italian chocolates are so famous that you probably enjoy them on a regular basis already! After all, they ARE the second largest chocolate producer in the world! 

These are our top picks from Ferrero and we’re willing to bet that you’ll love them too! 

Ferrero Rocher

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Not only is this the most popular Italian chocolate from Ferrero, but it’s also arguably one of the most well-known chocolates throughout the globe!

This timeless classic consists of a roasted hazelnut encased within a crunchy wafer shell that is filled and topped with creamy hazelnut chocolate. 

Each bite is an indulgent culinary experience of different aromas, flavors, and textures! Each Ferrero Rocher comes wrapped in gold foil in boxes of 12 or more, perfect for sharing. 

Kinder Bueno

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Nope, your eyes do not deceive you! Despite sounding like a Spanish product, the world-famous Kinder Bueno is actually a treat made by Ferrero! 

Popular among both children and adults, Kinder Bueno is basically a milk chocolate bar that is light and crispy. Separated into distinct chunks, each chunk on the bar contains an aromatic, creamy milk filling which makes every bite one that is bursting with flavor! 


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Yes, we know. Nutella isn’t technically Italian chocolate. However, it’s such a famous product from Ferrero that we felt like it was a crime not to include it!

This world-famous (and trendy) chocolate hazelnut spread is the ultimate indulgence.

Be it for a sandwich, a waffle, or a sinfully delicious mouthful straight from the jar, Nutella is a fragrant and delicious chocolatey delight that everyone will love! 

2. Caffarel 

carrafel is an italian chocolate brand
Image credit: Caffarel

Ask any Italian chocolate connoisseur, and they’ll tell you that Caffarel is one of the most important Italian chocolate brands ever. 

Founded in the 1800s in Turin (in the aforementioned region of Piedmont), Caffarel uses local materials and a chocolate-making technique dating back centuries to produce some of the best chocolatey treats in the country. 

More importantly, Caffarel is often credited as the creator of one of Italy’s most popular chocolates: The Gianduiotto, a popular chocolate treat that is a unique specialty of Turin. 

Gianduia 1865

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Don’t be confused. If you tried searching for “Caffarel Gianduiotto”, you probably won’t find anything. That’s because Caffarel’s signature product is marketed as Gianduia 1865!

These individually wrapped pralines are shaped like ingots and named after a mask that is often used in a subgenre of Italian theatre in Turin. Gianduiotti are made using a paste of sugar, cocoa, and hazelnut and each bite is an explosion of flavor. 

Caffarel Chocolate Gift Box

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Apart from Gianduiotti, Caffarel also produces a wide range of different types of chocolates. The best way to sample them all is simply to get one of these gift boxes. 

Inside this elegantly wrapped box, you’ll find a variety of Caffarel specialties including Gianduia 1865 pralines, chocolate hazelnut cubes, and more.

If you’re the type of chocolate connoisseur who has trouble deciding what to get, just get this and you’re all set! 

3. Cioccolato Venchi 

Venchi chocolates
Image credit: Venchi

Another famous Italian chocolate brand that can be found in Turin is Venchi. 

With recipes and chocolate-making techniques that are unchanged since the late 1800s, Venchi produces a wide range of premium delectable treats including chocolate bars, pralines, and even gluten-free sweets. 

Venchi’s gourmet chocolates are overseen by several maestri della cioccolata (which means Master Chocolatiers in Italian) and only contain the finest ingredients. These include cacao from South America, and a variety of locally-sourced hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios. 

Venchi 100% Organic Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar

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If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you’ll know I’m a BIG fan of dark chocolate. And so when I saw this dark chocolate bar from Venchi, I knew I had to try it! 

It is made with 100% single-origin cocoa from Ecuador and enhanced with various nuts and olives. It is incredibly aromatic and offers you a truly intense flavor. 

While it may not be as sweet as typical milk chocolate (in fact, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste), foodies who enjoy the rich flavors of dark chocolate will surely appreciate the well-balanced flavor of this bar. 

Venchi Medium Round Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

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As always, one of the best ways to sample chocolates is to get yourself an all-in-one gift box.

This gift box from Venchi comes in the shape of a circular box that is beautifully adorned with bright colors. Inside, you’ll find a variety of the richest and creamiest Italian chocolates made by expert chocolatiers from Venchi. 

Be it milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or something in between, there’s something inside this box that suits any palette!  

4. Domori

Domori chocolates
Image credit: Domori

Among all the Italian chocolate brands on this list, Domori is arguably one of the youngest. After all, this Turin-based company was only established in 1997!

Like most other chocolatiers in Piedmont, Domori is very particular about the ingredients it uses in its chocolates, especially when it comes to their signature ingredient: powdered cocoa. 

Sourced directly from Venezuelan plantations, the Criollo cocoa that Domori uses in its chocolate is aromatic and delightfully sweet. Check out these options that will surely tickle your tastebuds! 

Classic Gianduiotto

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Obviously, when it comes to the Italian chocolate of choice in Turin, it has to be Gianduiotto. Domori’s Gianduiotti is made using fragrant Tanzanian cocoa beans and Piedmont hazelnuts, one of the most prized hazelnut varieties in the world! 

The simplistic yet stylish packaging of each individual ingot makes it the perfect gift for loved ones. 

White Chocolate Bar with Salty Toasted Pistachios

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I must confess that I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate. That being said, I do make exceptions for some white chocolate desserts and this is one of them! 

Even though chocolate bars (even white chocolate bars) are among the simplest of chocolaty treats, there’s something about the balance of sweet and savory with Domori’s white chocolate bar that just makes it irresistible. 

Add to that the contrasting texture of the pistachios and smooth white chocolate and what you have is a delectable delight that will keep you coming back for more! 

5. Baratti & Milano

Chocolate products by Baratti & Milano
Image credit: Hamburger Helper

Baratti & Milano actually started out as a humble cafe in Turin in 1958. 

However, as their cafe grew and expanded, they started selling chocolates and other delicious confections. Now owned by Elah Dufour Novi Group, Baratti & Milano have become one of the most well-known local chocolatiers in Turin. 

What’s more, if you find yourself in the area, you can also visit their highly-reputable restaurant too!

In the meantime, you can check out their wide assortment of chocolates, including the Turin specialty, Gianduiotti, here on their website which caters specifically to users in the United States. 

6. Tipico Barocco

Modica chocolates by Tipico Barocco
Image credit: Tipico Barocco

Modica is an ambient city in Sicily that is famous for producing traditional Italian chocolates.

Known as “cold chocolate”, the process involves grinding and cooking cacao beans with sugar at a low temperature (around 40 degrees). The result is a sweet-tasting, buttery treat with a crumbly texture. This technique was passed down to the natives by the Spaniards a few centuries ago! 

One of the most popular Italian chocolate brands that still make chocolate this way is Tipico Barocco, a local, artisanal chocolate company that specializes in Modica chocolate! They offer a large variety of Modica chocolate bars, from pure chocolate and nut-flavors to mint and even coconut! 

7. Sabadi

Sabadi chocolate
Image credit: Sabadi

Amongst the many giant chocolate companies in Italy, most of which are based in Turin, stands Sabadi, a shining beacon of local artisan chocolate. 

Sabadi is found in Sicily and also specializes in Modica’s unique chocolate. Of course, apart from their signature treat, Sabadi also offers a variety of milk chocolates, nougats, drinks, and more. 

As far as local Italian chocolate boutiques go, Sabadi is often considered one of the very best. All you need to do is try one of their amazing chocolates and you’ll most likely agree too! 

Sabadi Modica Chocolate Variety Pack

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Like Tipico Barocco, the go-to product of Sabadi has to be their signature Modica chocolate. However, if you’re having trouble deciding on which kind of Modica chocolate you’d like to try, may I suggest getting one of everything?

The Sabadi Modica Chocolate Variety Pack offers five different flavors: Lemon, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Mandarin Orange, and Dark Chocolate. Each of these flavors are top-sellers in their own right at Sabadi and each offers a slightly different experience for your palette. 

8. Perugina

Founded in 1907, Perugina is an Italian chocolate brand from the city of Perugia. 

Now under the ownership of Nestle, what started as a small local chocolatier has grown into a household name in Italy. In almost every supermarket, you can find their chocolate bars, nougats, biscotti, and more! 

What’s more, Perugina’s products are often associated with romance and sweet memories. When gifted to someone else, these chocolates from Italy are often seen as expressions of affection and love.

This is thanks to Perugina’s most iconic treat: Baci Perugina. 

Baci Perugina

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To put it in simple terms, Baci Perugina is the Italian version of Hershey’s Kisses even though they look nothing alike! 

Baci basically means “kisses”, and over time, Baci Perugina became a symbol for falling in love. Because of this, each piece of chocolate now comes with a short love message attached inside the wrapper!

Warm, fuzzy feeling aside, chocolate lovers will simply love the immense flavor of Baci Perugina. It features a dark chocolate shell with a smooth, fragrant chocolate hazelnut filling on the inside.

Once you bite into it, you’re sure to fall in love even without reading the accompanying love note!  

Perugina Bittersweet Chocolate Bar

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If you’d rather much prefer just regular chocolate without the romance, Perugina also offers an impressive array of chocolate bars. Among these, one of my personal favorites is their bittersweet bar that’s made with 70% cocoa. 

I would say that this is one of those chocolates that is more suited for refined palates. Yes, it is sweet, as all chocolates are, but it also has a subtle bitter aftertaste that accentuates the rich aroma of the chocolate. That being said, I’d recommend trying it regardless because it’s just so good! 

9. Amedei Chocolate

Amedei chocolate bar
Image credit: Amedei Chocolate

Amedei is another award-winning local chocolatier in Italy. Founded in 1990, Amedei is based in the lovely scenic region of Tuscany. 

Famous for their pristine pralines that are made using their home-grown cocoa beans, Amedei is quickly becoming one of the leading gourmet chocolate brands in Italy.

While it is not yet as established as some of the bigger names on this list, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Amedei Chocolate one day becomes one of the most globally-renowned Italian chocolate brands! 

Amedei Signature ‘9’ Blend Dark Chocolate Bar

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One of Amedei’s most popular Italian chocolates is their signature nine-blend dark chocolate bar. As you might have guessed from the name, this delightfully rich treat is made by blending nine different varieties of specialty cocoa beans! 

The result is an immensely delicious chocolate bar that boasts plenty of contrasting flavors and hints of various aromas. We can certainly see why Amedei is such an impressive name in the field of Italian chocolate! 

10. Alberti

Alberti chocolates
Image credit: Alberti/Strega

Alberti is a family-owned chocolatier in the city of Benevento that has stood for more than 150 years! 

Despite being known as a popular place to get Italian chocolates by locals, Alberti started out by producing one of Italy’s most famous liqueurs: Strega, which is known for its strong mint and fennel flavor. 

As you might have guessed, Alberti’s chocolate often incorporates Strega in its recipe, resulting in a fragrant, slightly boozy indulgence.

One particular product that I highly recommend is their Strega-infused bonbons. Those of you who like boozy chocolates will know exactly why I like this one so much! 

11. Novi Cioccolato

Novi Cioccolato
Image credit: Novi Chocolate

Owned by the largest chocolate company in Italy (Elah Dufour Novi Group), Novi is a local chocolate company in Italy that offers affordable, high-quality Italian chocolates. 

Novi is popular for its variety of chocolate bars, most of which contain a mixture of hazelnuts and smooth, milky chocolate. While it isn’t as famous or gourmet as some of the other brands on this list, Novi offers a way to experience the delicious sweetness of Italian chocolates without needing to break the bank! 

Novi offers a truly mesmerizing array of chocolate bars and pralines that will leave even the pickiest customers spoilt for choice. If I had to recommend something, I would say that their hazelnut chocolate bars, although not as fancy as some of the other brands on this list are quite delicious in their own right! 


Is your tummy rumbling already? I know mine is! To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already bought some of the chocolates on this list while halfway through reading! In fact, let me add on to your chocolate shopping spree by introducing you to some Swiss, Belgian and UK chocolates as well! 

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