24 Ways to Say How Are You in Korean (And Responses)

Asking how a person is doing, especially after quite some time of not seeing each other, is not just good manners. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your concern. That’s why, along with “hello” and “goodbye”, it’s also essential to learn how to ask “how are you” in Korean. In this article, you will … Read more

40+ Ways to Say Goodbye in Korean & Other Greetings

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40+ Ways to Say Hello in Korean & Other Greetings

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So, you want to start conversing in Korean. Good for you! Practicing what you learn by actually speaking or writing is the best way to retain knowledge. And having your first conversation starts by learning how to say “hello” in Korean! As most language learners know, there are so many ways to say “hello” in … Read more

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20+ Korean Terms of Endearment (With Audio) to Call Your Loved Ones

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Have you found yourself a Korean lover? Or do you perhaps wish to live the K-drama life by using Korean terms of endearment with your significant other? Using your partner’s native language is a romantic and impressive gesture. Korea is a country for lovers. From matching ‘couple looks’ to 100-day anniversaries to gift-giving, Korean couples … Read more

Top 20 Apps to Learn Japanese Like a Pro [2021]

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25 Books About Korea to Add to Your Reading List

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Top 17 Apps to Learn Korean Like a Pro [2021]

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