27 Spanish Souvenirs and Gifts That Your Friends Will Love

Anyone who has visited Spain knows that it is a country worth commemorating with some fun and authentic Spanish souvenirs. Luckily, we have curated a list of the most iconic things you can find, and exactly what to buy from Spain.

Cultural Spain Souvenirs

1. Anything Bull Themed


Love it or hate it, bullfighting is a Spanish tradition. This makes any bull themed souvenir the perfect thing to bring back from Spain. Wherever you find yourself in Spain, you’ll be able to buy something fun and tacky with a bull on it. Maybe a key chain of the Spanish flag with a bull in the foreground, or a full matador costume? Either way, this is one of the best Spain souvenirs.

2. Spanish Castañuelas

spanish flamenco

Castañuelas, or castanets, are a traditional Spanish percussion instrument used in flamenco dancing. They also happen to make the perfect Spanish souvenir. If you’re wondering what to buy from Spain for a really authentic and fun gift, you’ll be able to find castañuelas all over the country, in any souvenir shop.

3. Toledo Steel


Toledo steel is renowned for being unusually hard. This is why this Spanish town is so famous for its rich history of swordmaking. Looking to buy a Spanish souvenir for the history buff in your life? A Toledo sword might be the perfect gift! If you find yourself in Toledo, you’ll find absolutely no shortage of fun sword souvenirs.

4. Anything Gaudi


Gaudi is one of the world’s most influential artists, and one of Spain’s most famous exports. Whether you’re in Barcelona or not, you’ll find a plethora of Gaudi themed souvenirs all over Spain. Of course, Barcelona is the hotspot. For art lovers or design connoisseurs, anything from a Gaudi postcard to a full print will make the perfect souvenir from Spain.

5. Spanish Fan


Spanish fans, called pericóns, are a staple of the Spanish souvenir shop scene. Not only are they authentic, and come in a range of vibrant patterns, but they are also practical for those sweltering Andalucian days. This is a Spanish souvenir that you’ll make good use of!

6. Caganers Spain Souvenir

caganers spain
Credit: Oriol Gascón i Cabestany

If you’re looking for the perfect Spain souvenir to double up as a Christmas present, then a caganer is the only way to go! These whimsical little guys are a Catalan Christmas tradition, and make for a hilarious Christmas present for kids and lovers of toilet humor alike. Plus, they’re available in a number of guises, from the traditional figure to Lionel Messi!

7. Ceramics from Telavera De La Reina


The Spanish area of Talavera de la Reina has a long history of ceramics and pottery. Not only is it an iconic legacy, but it’s also beautiful, and makes a wonderful souvenir from Spain. Its tradition dates back to the days of the Roman Empire and the Moorish invasion. Bringing home some ornate earthenware home as a Spanish souvenir is guaranteed to please.

Stylish Spain Souvenirs

8. Spanish Flamenco Dress

flamenco dance

The flamenco cannot be properly danced without the traditional flouncy Spanish dress. Luckily for Spanish tourists, iterations of this dress can be found in souvenir shops all over the country. Think bright pinks and bold reds with black polka dots, plenty of bounce and plenty of lace. For anyone with a passion for dance, or kids who love to dress up, this is the perfect Spain souvenir.

9. Spanish Souvenir from Ibiza Hippy Market

hippy market

Ibiza has a strong hippy culture, which makes the Hippy Market in Es Canar the best place on the island to go souvenir shopping. Not only will you be able to pick up the usual Spanish souvenirs (fridge magnets, stationery, etc.) but you’ll also find some marvelous hippy-inspired market produce, including handmade coin purses, dresses, jewelry, and plenty more. If you’re looking for authentic and stylish Spanish souvenirs, this is the place to be.

10. Spanish Espadrilles

Spanish Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the Spanish shoe. Encapsulating the free-spirit vibes of Spain, this shoe is the perfect shoe to wear whilst strolling along Spain’s Costa del Sol, beating the pavements of Madrid, or hiking the hills of Barcelona. You’ll be able to find these shoes in a variety of colours and patterns all over the country, from souvenir shops to fashion retailers.

11. Souvenir from Kukuxumusu

Souvenir from Kukuxumusu
Credit: Tnarik Innael

Founded in Pamplona, Kukuxumusu is a popular Spanish brand that specializes in cartoonish t-shirts. You’ll be able to find Kukuxumusu stores in almost every Spanish city, and their t-shirts are a great Spanish souvenir with a difference. Funny and stylish, as a souvenir their stuff ticks all the boxes.

12. Barcelona Football Kit

barcelona football

Spain is home to perhaps the world’s most famous football team: Barcelona FC. What better Spain souvenir to bring home for yourself, or any other football lover, than an authentic Barcelona football kit, t-shirt, or scarf? Whether you visit the city of Barcelona or not, you will be able to find a vast array of authentic Barcelona merchandise all over Spain – they know what a terrific souvenir they make!

13. Souvenir from Desigual

desigual shop
Credit: Henk Sijgers

Desigual is an Ibizan born brand that you will have no trouble locating in Spain. Bright, bold and brilliant, a souvenir from Desigual would really be something special. Selling utterly unique fashion and accessories, this has to be your must-buy souvenir for all of your fashion-forward friends.

Delicious Spain Souvenirs

14. Spanish Cookbook


A cookbook is a foolproof Spanish souvenir. What better way to remind yourself of your holiday than through its cuisine? You’ll be able to find Spanish cookbooks all over the country, from bookshops to the airport on the way home. Whether you want to host a Spanish tapas night when you get back home, or just try your hand at making paella, this souvenir can’t go wrong.

15. Spanish Chorizo

spanish chorizo

Chorizo is truly one of the most delicious souvenirs you will ever buy. Chorizo might be readily available wherever you’re from, but nothing beats the real deal. Either buy some from a local Spanish market wherever you’re staying, or you can even pick some up at the airport. Make this a top priority Spanish souvenir.

16. Paella Pan Spain Souvenir


To go with your new Spanish cookbook, you’re going to need an authentic paella pan. The odds are that you’re going to spend your entire vacation in Spain eating paella, so you’ll definitely want to recreate it when you get home. For yourself or your cheffy friends, a genuine Spanish paella pan is one of the best souvenirs you can bring home.

17. Spanish Sherry

bottles of sherry
Credit: Greg Hirson

Sherry is a quintessential Spanish tipple, grown from white grapes from Andalusia. If you’re not familiar with sherry, you will be after your trip to Spain, and you will want to bring home a bottle or two as a souvenir. Varying from dry to sweet sherry, it makes a delicious aperitif or digestif. It is a truly authentic and delicious Spanish souvenir for you and your loved ones.

18. Mahon Gin Spain Souvenir

glass of gin

Mahon is the capital of the Spanish island of Menorca, and is famous for its gin production. Even if you’re not visiting this Balearic Island, you will be able to find Mahon gin in supermarkets all over Spain. For gin lovers, a bottle of Mahon Gin makes a fantastic Spanish souvenir.

19. Spanish Bota

For an unusual and authentic Spain souvenir, buy a bota. This traditional Spanish wineskin is a part of Spanish history and makes a whimsical gift for those who like a tipple. Used to store and drink wine, a bota is a really fun yet historic souvenir to bring back from Spain.

20. Spanish Wine

spanish wine

Spain hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to wine. This is completely unfair: a bottle of Spanish wine actually makes for a wonderful souvenir. Not only is this a relatively cheap and accessible souvenir to find all over the country, but it’s also delicious. Whether you opt for a special bottle of Spanish rioja, or a touch of sparkle with a bottle of cava, this is a foolproof souvenir to bring home.

21. Blue Wine

blue wine

If you’re looking for a souvenir with a bit more whimsy, without compromising on quality, bring home a bottle of Spanish blue wine. Yep, blue wine. This Basque invention has shaken the Spanish wine industry, but has actually been met with some critical acclaim. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this will certainly be a memorable Spanish souvenir.

22. Spanish Sangria

spanish sangria

Looking for a more traditional tipple to bring home? You can’t go wrong with sangria. It might not live up to all the fresh sangria you’ve been drinking in Spain’s bars, but you can find bottles of premix sangria in pretty much any Spanish supermarket. This souvenir is perfect for when you want to recreate an taste of your vacation at home.

23. Spanish Jamón

spanish jamon

Chances are, you’ll be eating plenty of jamón during your trip to Spain. What better way to remember it than by bringing some home with you? Spanish jamón is a staple part of any charcuterie or tapas selection – accept no imitations. For something really special, get your hands on some world-renowned jamón Iberico.

24. Spanish Manchego

spanish cheese

And to go alongside all that delicious jamón? Manchego, of course. This traditional Spanish cheese is also a heavy feature in the food culture, and is the perfect partner to a salty Spanish ham or sausage. In order to really bring home a true taste of Spain, a block of manchego is a necessity.

25. Spanish Firewater

orujo alcohol

For a party-perfect souvenir, bring home a bottle of Spanish firewater. Known as orujo, this traditional Spanish spirit is often likened to the Italian grappa, and is not for the faint-hearted. That being said, it makes a wonderful digestif, or simply a fun party shot. Buy a bottle as a fun-loving Spanish souvenir, but drink responsibly.

26. Spanish Turrón

Credit: Jennifer Woodard Maderazo

Turron is a sweet and delicious Spanish treat. Not dissimilar to nougat, this little temptation is a tradition of Spain, and would be a wonderful souvenir to bring home for all those with a sweet tooth. Made using honey, egg white, and often including almonds or other nuts, turrón is a far more interesting souvenir to bring home than a giant Toblerone.

27. Seville Oranges

seville oranges

Seville oranges are some of the finest in the world. Whether you’re able to bring some home with you fresh, or whether you buy a jar of marmalade made using the best Seville oranges, there is no other taste like it. Juicy, zesty, and utterly delicious! For a tasty Spanish souvenir that is really something special, anything made using Seville oranges is a real treat.

As you can see, Spain is not just overrun with culture, but also perfect gifts. Make sure you make your trip to Spain one to remember and bring home some of these marvellous Spanish souvenirs.

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Spain souvenirs
Spain souvenirs

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