50 Japanese Gifts to Buy Online for Japanophiles

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We all have that Japan-obsessed friend. The one who’s crazy about anime and manga, the one who pores over Japanese literature, the one who loves everything Japanese. Maybe that’s you. And the best way to make this person in your life (or yourself) happy is through these Japanese gift ideas that you can easily buy online.

japanese doll souvenir

Maybe it’s their birthday or it’s Christmas or you just want to give them something from your Japan trip. Regardless of the occasion, these Japan-themed gifts will surely bring a smile to their faces. The best thing is, you can easily find these lovely items on Amazon!

This list of Japan gift ideas includes the best gifts for Japan lovers, Japanese snacks, candies, and chocolates that are great as gifts, plus gifts for Japanese language learners. Let’s dig in!

Traditional Japanese gifts

1. Samurai Kokeshi (Japanese dolls)

Kokeshi are small, handmade wooden Japanese dolls that are extremely popular worldwide. These dolls have been crafted as children’s toys since the 19th century but are loved by adults, too.

Cute and dainty, Kokeshi dolls have no defined hands and feet. Aside from the samurai Kokeshi, the ninja, and the ladies in spring and red kimono are also adorable.

2. Bamboo Chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks are traditionally made of bamboo and are lacquered so this one is perfect. This pair of bamboo chopsticks has a simple design, lightweight, and non-slip, which makes it one of the best Japanese gift ideas for those new to using chopsticks.

3. Noren (Japanese curtain)

If you’ve ever been to a traditional Japanese restaurant or ramen shop, you’ve most likely seen Japanese doorway curtains that have lovely designs. These Japanese fabrics are called noren and they are used as dividers hung in doorways, across windows, between rooms, or as tapestry.

Noren comes in varying sizes and designs but this simple Japanese print is sure to fit in any room.

4. Japanese teapot and cups

One of the most popular Japanese drinks is tea so don’t be surprised if your Japanholic friend is into tea. For classic, authentic Japanese vibes during tea time, this set of ceramic teapots with four cups is great. The white plum flower design and rattan handle add to the charm.

5. Sushi rolling kit

You don’t have to be wild about Japan to love sushi. Your sushi-loving friend or relative will surely appreciate this beginner sushi kit. It comes with two rolling mats, one rice spreader, one rice paddle, and five pairs of chopsticks for easier sushi preparation at home.

6. Maneki-neko key chains

Looking for handy Japanese gift ideas online? You can’t go wrong with key chains.

As we all know, key chains are not strictly just for keys. They can also be used as bag charms, flashlight chains, or whistle chains.

And what better key chain design than the cute Maneki-neko, a.k.a. lucky cat? Even those who don’t believe that this will bring luck will no doubt find these endearing.

7. Furin (Japanese wind chimes)

Furin is Japanese for wind chimes, one of Japan’s most prominent symbols for summer. These ornate bells are made of a glass bowl-shaped exterior with a clapper (zetsu) inside. A small piece of paper hangs from the clapper and this combination produces a beautiful, soothing sound.

8. Japanese ramen bowls and spoons

One of the most sought-after Japan-themed gifts online, ramen bowls come in different shapes and sizes.

This set has four tayoudon bowls, which are the most versatile kind of ramen bowls as you can also use them for other types of noodle dishes. The set also includes four chirirenge (ramen spoon).

9. Kendama

Gifting someone who’s into traditional Japanese culture? The kendama’s one of the best gifts for Japan lovers! This traditional Japanese toy consists of a handle (ken), a pair of cups (sarado), and a ball (tama) that’s connected to the handle by a string.

The rule is simple – you just have to catch the ball with the cups or spear it with the end of the handle. It’s challenging and guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Japanese gifts for him

10. Sushi socks

One of the most fantastic Japanese gift ideas for men, these socks are not just functional but also uber hip! The socks are packed in a way that resembles sushi but once you unfold them, they also look very stylish.

11. Death Note manga set

Your newbie manga reader boyfriend (or male friend) will love you for this. Death Note is one of the highest-selling manga series. This set includes all 12 volumes of the manga – the perfect start to a collection.

12. Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky is known for being one of the finest in the world, having bested renowned Scotch whiskies in some competitions. It doesn’t hurt that Suntory’s Yamazaki distillery is one of the most awarded distilleries in the world.

13. Sake

You can’t buy Japanese whisky and not consider sake. It is, after all, Japan’s national beverage. It’s best to know the preference of the person you’re giving it to, but this Junmai sake is mild and has a light, clean taste that’s not hard to like.

14. Orient dress watch

If sleek Japanese style is what you’re looking for, this is the gift to give. Orient is a 70-year old brand owned by Seiko Epson so quality is to be expected from this timepiece.

Featuring fine stainless steel casing, a mineral crystal dial, and a stylish leather band, this is one of the best Japanese automatic watches. It’s water-resistant, too!

15. Hario V60 pour-over set

Gifting a Japan lover and a coffee lover? Make him happy with Japanese coffee gear!

Hario, founded in 1921, is known for its top-of-the-line glassware and specialty coffee equipment. Its most famous invention is the V60, a cone-shaped dripper that’s loved by coffee enthusiasts around the world.

Japanese gifts for her

16. Solar-powered Seiko watch

Pretty, sleek, and energy-efficient! The lady in your life will love this Seiko timepiece that features a stainless steel case, silver band, and a light pink dial. What’s more, it’s powered by light energy. Once fully charged, its solar cell has a 6-month power reserve. It’s water-resistant, too!

17. Japanese scented candles

Aromatherapy for your girl besties? This one will be a sure hit!

This set includes four soy wax candles, which are more planet-friendly than paraffin candles. Plus, they burn cooler and last longer. Lavender, lemon, fig, and spring make up the four scents. The candles come in beautiful tin containers that make for pretty gifts.

18. Kimono robe

Comfort and style meet in this kimono robe. It features luxurious Japanese patterns, fascinating details, and high-quality cloth that drapes nicely. Conveniently includes sash tie closure, side pockets, belt loops, and inside ties that give a better fit.

This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys the elegance of the kimono.

19. Hada Labo skincare set

Thanks to its harsh winters, Japanese skincare places great emphasis on hydration and nourishment. Among the best Japanese skin care brands is Hado Labo, which is known for its excellent line of hyaluronic acid-infused products.

This set includes facial foam, moisturizing lotion (which acts as toner), and moisturizing milk lotion.

20. Japanese folding fan

Folding fans come in handy in tropical nations. But even if you’re from colder regions, Japanese folding fans are still fantastic. These compact bamboo fans feature lovely traditional Japanese artworks that you’d want to show off.

21. Cherry blossom string lights

One of the chicest and romantic Japanese gift ideas to buy online, these cherry blossom string lights are equipped with 40 LED bulbs, quality copper that can be safely wrapped or draped around plants, furniture, bed frames, or windows. They’re battery-powered but can also be charged via USB.

22. Geta sandals

Geta are traditional Japanese footwear that resembles flip-flops. Its flat wooden base is elevated, giving extra height, and has a fabric thong. These fine wooden sandals make a great gift for ladies who are fans of Japanese traditional culture.

Japanese food souvenirs

23. Daifukumochi

There are plenty of Japanese gift ideas online for foodies but one of the best food items one can give is mochi or Japanese rice cake. Daifukumochi, or sweet, stuffed mochi, is an upgrade on this delicacy. The classic sweet red bean paste is a safe bet, but you can also buy ones with other fillings.

24. Royce’ Nama chocolate

Japan has no shortage of scrumptious chocolates but if luxurious chocolates are what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with Royce’ Nama. Hailing from Sapporo, Royce’s fine chocolates mixed with fresh cream and hints of prestige liqueurs are super rich, creamy, delicate, and so melty.

25. Ramune

One of the most popular Japanese sodas, ramune are fizzy drinks that come in different flavors and distinct codd-neck bottles. These thirst-quenchers have a rich history as well since they’ve been around since the 1870s.

26. DIY mochi ice cream kit

If you and your family or friends are fans of mochi, you will love bonding over this mochi ice cream kit. You get to learn how to make mochi ice cream, taste this yummy Japanese treats, and do a fun activity at the same time!

27. Matcha start-up kit

For the tea lover, this matcha preparation kit is a treat that’s sure to impress. It comes with a bamboo chasen (whisk) and ceramic stand, a bamboo scoop, and a stylish chawan (bowl). The instructions are helpful, too.

28. Haku Mizunara whisky barrel aged shoyu

Shoyu is Japanese for soy sauce. But Haku’s shoyu is not just any shoyu. It’s artisanal, brewed by master craftsmen, and aged in whisky barrels made from Mizunara hard wood. This type of Japanese oak and brewing method gives the shoyu a mellow taste with a subtle sweetness.

You can also check out Haku’s smoked shoyu and Iwashi fish sauce.

29. Japanese KitKat sake flavor

Can’t decide whether to gift KitKat or sake? Buy both… ish.

KitKat can’t be more Japanese than this. Produced with Heiwa Shuzo and Masuizumi, these white chocolate bars are elevated by ume sake (plum wine) and Masuizumi sake.

Adventurous chocolate lovers will love these but since it does taste and smell like sake, it might take some getting used to.

30. Tonkatsu ramen soup base

Ramen at home is a challenging undertaking. It’s not easy to replicate the taste of our go-to ramen shops. But this concentrated ramen soup base comes close. It contains pork extract and lard. You’ll have to provide your noodles and toppings but its rave reviews on Amazon tell us it’s worth considering.

Japanese gifts for kids (and kids-at-heart)

31. Studio Ghibli socks

Studio Ghibli’s animated films are loved not just by kids but also by adults around the world. So these cute socks with images from four of the most popular Ghibli movies are great as gifts not just for kids but also for kids-at-heart!

They’re also made from high-quality cotton so not only do they look good, they’re comfortable, too.

32. Assorted Japanese snacks

One of the greatest Japanese gift ideas that are available online are Japanese snacks. From sweet to savory, these yummy Japanese treats will instantly transport you to Japan. Includes classics like Umaibo, Milky, and Ramune candies!

33. Stealing panda coin bank

Japan is known for its ingenious inventions and this kawaii coin bank is one of those! If you’re looking for Japanese gift ideas for kids, this coin bank is not only adorable but also practical.

Once you place a coin and press the button, the panda’s arm will reach up and “steal” the coin. Never knew saving money can be this cute!

Also available in variations like Pikachu, Gudetama, and Cat.

34. Studio Ghibli dust bunny slippers

Another one for Studio Ghibli fans! These soft, comfy, and fluffy slippers feature the cute soot balls from Totoro and Spirited Away.

35. Daruma Otoshi Japanese traditional toy

Daruma Otoshi is a traditional Japanese game that requires getting the Daruma (the top of the stack) to land without knocking him off. You do this by hitting out the lower pieces one by one with the hammer.

It sounds easy but it’s challenging, as this video shows. Kids will love it but we won’t judge if you play with it first.

36. Tokaido board game

Tokaido is Japanese for “eastern sea route”. The Tokaido road was one of the most important roads during Japan’s Edo period as it connects Kyoto and Tokyo.

In the Tokaido board game, players journey through this road. Along the road, players will meet people, taste fine meals, collect beautiful items, discover great panoramas, and visit temples and wild places.

At the end of the road, the goal is to be the one who discovered the most interesting and varied things. This one’s a fun game as well as an engaging cultural activity.

37. Am I Small? (Children’s Picture Book)

Raising a bilingual kid? Get him or her this imaginative and colorful picture book that comes in over 175 translations, including Japanese. This short story of a girl who worries about her size is of German origin but the English-Japanese edition is great for building vocabulary.

Japanese gift ideas for art lovers

38. Japanese Hanko stamp

A hanko is a personalized carved stamp that can be used in documents in place of signatures. It can be used on personal documents, contracts, art, or any item requiring acknowledgment or authorship.

Simply put, hanko is a personal seal. This is a very common item in East Asia and it makes for a cool gift for those who are interested in Japanese culture.

You could also add on a goshuincho, which is an honorable stamp book used to collect stamps in Japanese shrines or temples.

39. Japanese style bookmarks

Looking for Japanese-inspired gifts for bookworms? These artsy and colorful Japanese-style bookmarks are ideal! They’re awesome as party favors, too. With 30 unique designs, any fan of Japanese art will appreciate these.

40. Japanese coloring book

There’s a reason coloring books remain trendy worldwide. No longer an activity reserved for kids, coloring books provide a calming and engrossing way to channel one’s creativity.

With over 300 pages of Japanese art themes, the art lover in your life will stay occupied for hours on end.

41. Washi tapes

Wa means “Japanese” and shi means “paper” so washi is literally Japanese paper. For the uninitiated, washi tape is a decorative adhesive made from traditional Japanese paper. Often available in colorful patterns, they’re awesome for scrapbooking, journaling, or even for decorating various surfaces.

This set includes different patterns in three sizes for variety.

42. Buddha board

One of the most “Zen” Japanese gift ideas is the Buddha board – a board where one can paint soft black images with water and a bamboo brush. Watch your creation come to life… and then watch it disappear as the water dries.

Aside from artistic expression, this Zen-focused board teaches one the art of letting go.

43. Origami paper

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is both fun and calming. Japanese gift ideas like origami paper are perfect for kids, adults, and anyone who needs extra Zen in his life.

Make no mistake, making origami projects can be challenging, too. But thanks to the instructions in this set, one can easily follow and start creating amazing origami models.

44. Ramen Ichiraku hanging scroll

Fans of Naruto will go nuts for this. Ramen Ichiraku is Naruto Uzumaki’s favorite restaurant in the world-famous anime series. This beautiful depiction of the ramen shop, with its awesome colors and quality fiber fabric, is perfect as wall décor.

45. Kawaii school supplies

Got a friend who’s into the Japanese culture of “cute”, also known as kawaii? This set of cat-inspired stationeries, gel pens, stickers, sticky memos, and bookmarks is definitely kawaii. A perfect Japan-themed gift for those who are into journaling and crafting.

Japanese gift ideas for language learners

46. Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure

Whether you’re giving it to a beginner or an advanced learner, this non-traditional Japanese language book will prove practical and fun.

Unlike other books, the Japanese lessons here are presented in manga format so it’s not too academic and not boring. It even uses language that is spoken in real life.

47. A Geek in Japan: Discovering the Land of Manga, Anime, Zen, and the Tea Ceremony

When choosing Japanese gift ideas for those studying the language, don’t overlook culture books. Language, after all, is also affected by other facets of culture and this is true with Japanese.

To have a deeper understanding of the language, Hector Garcia’s bestselling book about Japanese culture will come in handy.

48. Japanese Flash Cards

Language flashcard apps are fun but you have to admit, there’s a certain novelty to the analog version. This durable and stylish set of cards includes the basics of hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Great for building vocabulary for beginners and as a lesson refresher for more advanced learners.

49. Japanese from Zero! 1: Proven Techniques to Learn Japanese for Students and Professionals

Japanese from Zero! is one of the most recommended books to learn Japanese, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s non-intimidating, perfect for kids, beginners, and even advanced learners. The lessons are well-structured and easy to grasp so it’s also great for self-studying.

50. Italki gift card

We bet you didn’t think of this. But for language learners, this is one of the most unique Japanese gift ideas online. Italki is an awesome app where learners can connect with language tutors. Italki gift cards are available in different amounts and are valid for a year starting from the date of purchase. It’s a great way to get someone to start dipping into conversational Japanese classes.

Did you find the perfect gift for your loved one? These Japanese gift ideas are not just creative, practical, and readily available online (no need to fly to Japan, although we know you want to) – they’re also amazing expressions of how much you care. And of course, anyone who’s crazy about all things Japanese will love these.

For more Japanese gift ideas, you can browse our list of books about Japan, Japanese language books, Japanese snacks, and Japanese beverages.

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