25 Swedish Candies and Sweets You Can Buy Online

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Sweden is a country of “sugar pigs” – godisgrisar. That’s Swedish for being a glutton when it comes to candy – and that’s something we can all relate to from time to time!

Especially Swedes, though, who consume the most candy in the world per capita at about 16 kgs (35 lbs) each.

However, there’s a reason why they eat so much of it: Swedish candies and sweets are varied, delicious and, happily, available online wherever you are!

dumle sweets in a bowl

Swedish candy covers all bases, salty, sickly sweet, chewy, soft, crunchy and so much more. All most people know about Swedish candy is Swedish Fish, but but maybe it’s time to open your eyes (and mouth!) and try something new!

We’re going to be looking into 25 of the yummiest Swedish candies available to buy online. The only question is – which will you try first?

1. Dumle

Firstly, if you’re looking to try one of the most popular Swedish candies, look no further than Dumle. These individually wrapped chocolate caramels are addictive, chewy and perfect for sharing!

Pro tip: These are owned by a Finnish company, but they were originally Swedish! IKEA also proudly sells them, so next time you swing by to buy a Billy bookcase, you should also be able to get your hands on a bag of Dumle too!

2. Bilar

What is the iconic brand of gas station candy where you’re from? In Sweden, it’s Bilar. That’s pretty fitting, considering “bilar” means “cars” in Swedish!

These pink, green and white Bilar sweets have a very distinctive smell and taste that’s difficult to describe. Rest assured though, it doesn’t get much more Swedish than these! They’re fruity but not in the same way as other gum candies.

3. Raspberry Licorice Skulls

It sounds like an unlikely combination, but Hallon Skaller has mastered the art of striking a balance between salty and sweet. These skull-shaped candies are half raspberry and half salt licorice flavored. 

They’re also a great compromise if you have a friend who refuses to try licorice. And your Swedish friends will be delighted if you sample one of their home delicacies!

4. Kex Chocolate

Sometimes, you just want to have a no-nonsense chocolate bar. Other times, you want to indulge yourself. Kex is perfect for satisfying both cravings simultaneously.

This particular Swedish candy combines wafers with chocolate and what you get is a light, not too sugary, crunchy dopamine rush! Have one (or two!) as a treat at the end of a long day to relax the Swedish way!

5. Marabou Chocolate

Then again, if you really do just want some plain chocolate, then this is the Swedish candy with your name on it.

Marabou is the most popular brand of chocolate in Sweden and the best news is you can get it in all sorts of iconic flavors such as orange, mint, hazelnut and many more.

To really up the Swedishness of your Marabou bar, you can opt for other flavors such as Daim!

6. Daim

Speaking of which, Daim is loved by everyone (except dentists, but let’s not spoil the fun).

These hard Swedish candies are great for baking, eating on their own or for adding to your pic’n’mix bag. Don’t be alarmed if you hear a cracking sound from your teeth, by the way – the caramel on the inside is hardened deliberately.

Warning: If you like to store your chocolate in a refrigerator, take these out a little while before you plan on eating them. They get super hard when chilled and they’re best when the chocolate covering the caramel is a little soft!

7. Swedish Fish

Don’t skip to the next one just yet – I know Swedish Fish sweets are popular in the U.S but it may surprise you to know that American Swedish Fish are actually different from the ones produced in Sweden!

Swedish candy company Malaco produces the Swedish Fish sold in Sweden, and in Swedish they’re called pastellfiskar. You can get them in many iconic Swedish flavors such as these salt licorice ones!

8. Gott o Blandat

If you’ve ever tasted British Wine Gums, you’ll be familiar with how these taste. The only difference is, there are licorice candies mixed in with them!

The Swedish name for this candy roughly translates to “Yummy & Mixed” and that’s exactly what they are: fruit and licorice flavored candies mixed up together.

9. DjungelvrĂĄl

Do you generally prefer savory snacks over sweet ones? Or do you always load your fries with salt? If so, you might be brave enough to sample some DjungelvrĂĄl.

DjungelvrĂĄl literally translates as “jungle roar” and each super-salty licorice candy is animal-shaped. Believe it or not, Swedish kids love these.

10. Gott o Blandat Fizzy Edition

People who love when their mouths tingle will love these Gott o Blandat Swedish candy bags. Each candy is coated in sugar and each has its own flavor; watermelon, cola, peach, and even bubble gum.

(Potential) Good news: there are no licorice candies in this particular bag of Gott o Blandat!

11. Zoo

If you really can’t stomach the idea of salt licorice then maybe some Zoo will be enough to tempt you into trying some Swedish candy. These teeny-tiny candies are also animal-shaped, but these taste sweet and fruity.

These are particularly great for sharing with kids as they love telling you which animal they’ve got in their hands!

12. Malaco Snöre

For me, this Swedish candy is steeped in Nostalgia. Not only do these Strawberry flavored lengths of candy string seemingly go on forever, but they’re also fun to play with.

Some Americans have told me they remind them of Twizzlers (but I disagree. These are loads better!).

13. Malaco Brio Frukt

This Swedish candy looks like small blocks of Lego, but luckily, it doesn’t taste like it.

They’re tropical fruit flavored cubes of pure deliciousness – and almost always feature in a Swedish pic’n’mix bag.

14. Plopp

If the name of these made you laugh, don’t worry, they always make me chuckle too. Plopp are chocolate candy bars filled with a soft, gooey toffee filling. They are made by the same company as Kex, Cloetta, and they’re just as delicious and addictive.

They also make a great gift (kids in particular are very fond of toilet-based onomatopoeia!).

15. Polly

Next, Polly. Despite these coming in large bags, there never seems to be enough to go around at my family movie-nights.

I can almost guarantee that you’ve never tasted toffees quite like these, because they have a hint of arrack (Indian, Sri-Lankan drink that tastes a bit like coconut) in them.

16. Läkerol

Trying to cut down on sugar? Well then, these are perfect.

Läkerol are sugar-free pastilles that come in a ton of flavors – everything from typical blackcurrant to exotic cactus! They’re good to keep in your pocket or handbag too, since chewing on one of these refreshes your breath and mouth!

17. Kina

Ok, so these aren’t technically in Swedish ownership anymore. However, Kina, along with Dumle, were purchased by a Finn, Karl Fazer in the 1970s, so they definitely count as Swedish candy. Plus, you’ll find many a Swede tucking into a bag of Kina on Fridays or Saturdays.

But what exactly are Kina?

They’re small, delicious rice puff balls covered in chocolate – and a bag vanishes pretty quickly, so buy two to be safe!

18. Lakrisal

If you love Fisherman’s Friend, you’ll love Lakrisal.

Lakrisal are strong, salt-licorice pastilles with a peppery tang to them. Similar to Läkerol, Lakrisal are good for refreshing your palette or for neutralizing bad breath!

19. OLW Smash!

If you’re as indecisive as I am then give these a try. I can’t be the only one who wants salty and sweet at the same time!

Smash! is the perfect corn snack that tastes like candy and chips at the same time – but it’s way more fun when the flavors are combined on purpose.

I recommend grabbing a bag or two of these for movie nights, it’s much more fun than popcorn ever will be!

20. Marabou Aladdin

Nope, nothing to do with a magic lamp or a genie.

Aladdin are fancy chocolates that Swedes often gift each other around Christmas or for birthdays. Inside each box are a range of different flavored pralines, and each family has their own opinions on which are the best!

There’s only one way to find out which is your favorite: by trying some!

21. Anthon Berg Chocolate Box

To really impress a Swede, you can always offer them a chocolate from your Anthon Berg chocolate box. These Swedish chocolates dominate the luxury chocolate market in Sweden, and their particular speciality is combining alcohol with cacao.

A particular favorite of mine is marzipan and apricot flavor!

22. Cloetta Center

Next, we’ll return to a more humble favorite Swedish candy. Center chocolate pralines come in a tube and always seem to be eaten too quickly. They’re filled with toffee and coated in iconic Cloetta chocolate (the same as Kex and Plopp).

23. Marabou Nougat

People who are nuts about nuts, listen up! Nothing but nougat could make Marabou even more delicious and luckily, these are available in bulk.

This double-layered candy bar has perfected the art of keeping the chocolate chocolatey, and the almond praline soft and nutty.

24. Lakritsfabriken Licorice

Laktritsfabriken may have only been around since 2011, but they boast some of the most sought-after, high-class licorice in Sweden. This box contains soft, chewy salt licorice and the pieces are small enough to not be overwhelming.

Also, this brand of salt licorice isn’t quite as potent as DjungelvrĂĄl or more famous Swedish licorice candy tends to be. A great starting place if you’re new to it!

25. Malaco Kick

malaco kick candies

Lastly, Malaco Kick bars are an absolute classic.

If toffee and licorice don’t sound like they should be used in the same sentence, this might not be your cup of tea. But if you’re intrigued, I can definitely recommend giving these a try.

They have a very crumbly consistency and aren’t as chewy as most other licorice tends to be.

Malaco Kick have been around since 1954, and older Swedes are particularly fond of them. Equally, young people will leave just the wrappers if you leave them lying around!

an assortment of swedish snacks and candies

There you have it – 25 of the yummiest candy from Sweden that you can buy online. Did we forget one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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