Nightlife in Stockholm: 12 Bars and Clubs to Party the Night Away

Even Swedes who have earned a reputation as cozy, stay-at-home hygge types need to let off steam once in a while. The nightlife in Stockholm is deceptively wild, but how could it not be? Home to some of the biggest names in house and pop music such as Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and ABBA, you can find some great places to party in Stockholm with our tips.

stockholm rain
Nightlife in Stockholm begins when the city of 30,000 islands begins to glow.

Whether you’re an all-night partier or prefer a pub crawl, Stockholm has something for you. This is our definitive list of 12 bars and clubs in Stockholm to occupy you late into the night. From Berns to Spy Bar, board games and beer at Ugglan, we’ve got the Stockholm nightlife guide for you.

1. Berns, Neu & Nostalgica

berns hotel
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An all-rounder, Berns allows you to sip a cocktail at the cocktail bar and then move to the outdoor terrace for some incredible views of the Berzelii Park. If that isn’t enough for you, you can head to one of two nightclubs, Neu or Nostalgica

Neu is located underneath the hotel and is a place for serious techno and house music fans. A live DJ will give you an epic dance party until 5 o’clock in the morning, one of the latest closing times in the city. 

For cheesier tunes, head upstairs to Nostalgica to exercise your lungs. This two-floor nightclub plays music from the 60s right up to the present day and you’re sure to recognize a bop or two, whatever your age. 

2. Huset Under Bron & Trädgården

Photo Credit: Huset Under Bron

Scandinavians are very in touch with the seasons, and the nightlife is no different. These two bars in Stockholm are the same place – except they only operate under certain times of the year!

Located in Skanstull, Huset under Bron is the wooden-house locale of choice for people of all ages to dance the night away. In the summertime, TrädgÃ¥rden brings the club outdoors. Arrive in June to experience the famous Nordic light evenings – it will feel like it never got dark at all. 

Don’t despair if you’re in Stockholm during fall or wintertime. Huset Under Bron shifts Trädgården into an underground scene with national and international DJs when the cold weather arrives. Get there early and enjoy a meal at the in-house restaurant Växthuset or a drink to avoid long lines.

3. Spy Bar

spy bar
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If you’re somebody who prefers a classier approach to party-going, Spy Bar is for you. This chic Stockholm nightclub is in one of Stockholm’s most upmarket suburbs, Stureplan, and is for people who love to get suited-and-booted. 

It sounds like something out of James Bond and it kinda is! The building might look unassuming from the outside but the interiors are marble and bespoke furniture. Glitter confetti and thrills await you at Spy Bar if you’re after a wild night out.

Most people don suits or a party dress in Spy Bar – no sneakers or sports clothing allowed. Instead, you’re encouraged to drink exquisite cocktails or get bottle service in the company of friends or family and groove in this lounge-style club.

4. The Lab

the lab stockholm
Photo Credit: Jon Ã…slund

Conveniently next-door to Spy Bar, these two places go hand-in-hand in Stockholm’s nightlife scene.

Many a local and tourist have found themselves heading to The Lab after bars close to keep the party going because of its late closing time. It costs SEK 140 ($16.00) to get in and you are guaranteed a long night of partying. 

Most patrons of The Lab are between 23 and 30 years old, making it one of the in-places for young clubbers in the city. 

5. Ugglan

Photo Credit: Ugglan

If you’re all partied out but still want to find fun in the city, where could be better than the Stockholm equivalent of a playground? Ugglan is located on Närkesgatan, Södermalm in the southern part of the city. 

At Ugglan you can buy beer and snacks, all while challenging your friends to games such as pinball, table hockey, table tennis, shuffleboard, and foosball. You can book any of these games and more for a starting price of SEK 140 ($16) for two hours. 

Better yet, relax or bring out your competitive side with a game of Scrabble or Exploding Kittens. Board and card games are free of charge to patrons, and a beer will cost you around SEK 70 ($8).

6. K Karaoke

K Karaoke
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Some people prefer a more private approach to nightlife, and that’s okay! Try out K Karaoke in Odenplan if you want to live loud with privacy. You can book a room for yourself and group of friends to sing your favorite tunes. Alcohol is priced moderately at this establishment, circa SEK 60 ($7) for a beer. 

Rooms are allocated on a group size basis, and caters for four to eight people, 10 to 15 people, or even up to 40. On most nights of the week, expect to pay SEK 100 ($11.40) per person in each room.

Midweek deals often include free rooms or discounted prices, so be sure to book ahead to see what’s available. You can get some practice in before going by checking out their song-list.

7. Wirströms Pub

Wirströms Pub

Although it’s not an authentic Swedish pub, the building of Wirströms itself is. An Irish-style pub in the medieval district of Gamla Stan/Old Town, Wirströms offers live music, quiz nights in English and coziness in this often busy part of Stockholm.

Sit in the vaults below ground and enjoy a drink while keeping up with the sports you love, or head there on a Thursday where they host a competitive general knowledge quiz. 

However you choose to spend your time at Wirströms, this is a pub that is famed for its architecture and wide availability of live music.

8. Kvarnen

Photo Credit: Kvarnen

Made famous by Stig Larsson in his trilogy, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Kvarnen‘s contribution to Stockholm’s nightlife is a must.

Built in 1908, Kvarnen is one of Stockholm’s oldest bars and restaurants. Although it’s now a trendy and happening place, Södermalm used to be home to the Swedish working class. Nowadays, you can dine at this historic pub for a taste of Swedish food and beer and then head downstairs to the nightclub for a night of dancing.

Kvarnen is open until 3am and is located in the busy suburb of Södermalm, Medborgarplatsen. A stone’s throw away from the subway, you can easily get to other parts of the city if you want the night to last longer.

9. Fasching Jazz Club

Photo Credit: Fasching

A retro addition to nightlife in Stockholm is Fasching Jazz Club. Many locals remember when it opened in the late 70s and it’s become something on an icon in an unlikely part of the city. 

Located in central Stockholm, visitors can enjoy live jazz music and dance to tunes from the 60s and 70s. On weekends, Fasching opens its doors to a wider clientele who can enjoy different genres courtesy of a resident DJ. The atmosphere is relaxed and easygoing, so no need to stress.

The entry fee is SEK 120 ($13.85) and you can stay until 4 o’clock in the morning if your dancing shoes hold up!

10. Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist bar
Photo Credit: Oliver Twist

Where else should you go if you want to experience the best nightlife in Stockholm? Beer-lovers should look no further than Oliver Twist

Located in Slussen, Södermalm, you will find 24 beer varieties available on tap or over 200 bottles and cans. 

In a cozy and small setting, you can enjoy the delights of Swedish homestyle-cooking and conversation. You will be spoilt for choice and its location next to the subway makes it the ideal starting place for a pub crawl in Stockholm.

11. F12 Terassen

F12 Terassen
Photo Credit: Terrassen

Although it’s another summer-only club, F12 Terrassen is perhaps the best way to see Swedes in their natural party state. This party-place is a mash-up of great music and feeling like you’re at legendary house party.

F12 Terrassen is a more casual nightclub where you can party under the stars to a variety of music. Each night over summer, a chosen genre will be the soundtrack to your memories. From hip-hop to pop, you’ll find a night that suits you best.

The grand steps look like something out of The Great Gatsby, and beyond the doors there’s a dance floor awaiting you.

12. Stockholm ICEBAR

Stockholm ICEBAR
Photo Credit: ICEBAR Stockholm Hotel C

This list could not be complete without the addition of Stockholm ICEBAR, the world’s first bar made from ice. From the interiors to the glass holding your drink, everything is sculpted from ice. Inside, it’s a chilly 23°F (-5°C) and customers each borrow a thermo-cape and gloves to keep warm.

Located in the center of Hotel C Stockholm, ICEBAR is a unique establishment and on many people’s bucket lists.

Book in advance to experience the Nordic winter any time of year for that true, Scandi dose!

Handy tips for enjoying the Stockholm nightlife

stockholm northern lights
  • If you’re visiting Stockholm in winter, you might be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Although it doesn’t happen too often, it’s worth looking out for when you’re headed home on the snowy streets.
  • Nightlife in Stockholm often comes with a dress code: smart-casual with emphasis on the smart. Bars are more casual than clubs, but it’s worth checking out before-hand to avoid being turned away.
  • Going out is made easy by great public transport links. Visit SL to check out which pass works for you. It’s worth mentioning that Stockholm subway cards can be used on buses, metro trains and even ferries to take you around in style.
  • Be advised that most club establishments are only open to patrons who have turned 23 in Stockholm. Most bars are open to those who have turned 18. Looking to experience nightlife in Stockholm without alcohol? No problem! Sweden is famous for its high alcohol prices, and Stockholm has some of the best alcohol-free dupes on the market.
  • Whether you’re toasting with a beer or an alcohol-free cocktail, remember to say “skÃ¥l” (pronounced “Skorl”) to get your experiences of nightlife in Stockholm off to a true Scandi start!

Enjoy the nightlife in Stockholm!

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