9 Best New Zealand Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

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New Zealand is a stunning destination, surrounded by rich sceneries, exciting tours, and of course…scrumptious food! The country is a chocolate paradise—rich with dairy products, authentic Kiwi flavors, and an up-and-coming cacao industry.

So, if you’re a chocoholic like me, you’d probably want to snatch a couple of these delectable desserts before they run out! 

Here are the 9 top chocolate brands in New Zealand that you should look out for: 

1. Whittakers Chocolate 

Whittakers Chocolate 
Image credit: Martin Criminale

Ranked as the #1, Whittakers Chocolate is the most famous chocolate brand in New Zealand. Established in 1896 in Christchurch, the company has developed many iconic Kiwi flavors—and has only continued to expand, through the years!

They’ve got a wide selection comprising their distinct Classic Blocks, their finer assortment of Specialty Blocks, their delectable Slabs and Mini-Slabs, and more!

Whittakers Creamy Milk Chocolate Block

Since the 1990s, this classic chocolate bar has remained at the forefront of New Zealand chocolates! Loved by locals and tourists alike, Whittakers’ Creamy Milk Chocolate Block is crafted with 33% cocoa sourced from Ghana, giving you a rich, refined, and delectable taste. 

Their large quantities are perfect for sharing—but, if you’re like me, solo-snacking will do your taste buds justice. Mm-hm, indeed!

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Whittakers Jelly Tip Block

If you’re one to try-out new things, then the Whittakers Jelly Tip will surely bring something new to the table. 

Introduced in 2015, this New Zealand exclusive was borne from a legendary collaboration between Whittakers Chocolates and Tip Top Kiwi ice cream. It’s the best of both dessert worlds!

These bars contain 33% creamy milk chocolate, cocoa white chocolate, and a luscious, raspberry jelly smothered in-between—resulting in a sweet and tangy combination that’s one of a kind!

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Whittakers Peanut Slab

Last, but certainly not least, the Whittakers Peanut Slab is the Whittakers specialty, crafted in the 1950s and selling out since!

Get a load of this classic. With its iconic pairing of 33% cocoa milk chocolate and crunchy, roasted peanuts, this delightful chunk o’ choco will leave you a taste so sweet and nutty, you’ll really sink your teeth in. 

In fact, this recipe has never been changed—that’s just how good it is!

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2. Hogarth Chocolate 

Hogarth Chocolate
Image credit: Hogarth Chocolate Makers

Hogarth’s Chocolates are award-winning delectables—and by that, I mean that they’ve always come out on top! Using cacao sourced from different regions, these NZ-made chocolates are meticulously conceptualized, crafted, and refined to preserve their natural flavor. 

Based in Nelson, these flavor-filled products are created with care, and packaged in simple yet beautiful hues, making them just perfect for gifting!

Buttered Toast and Sea Salt

Buttered Toast and Sea Salt is what comfort would taste like, with its sweet and savory spin to milk chocolate. Packed with Ecuador cocoa, butter, and authentic bread from Vogels, this chocolate is a bite-sized, New Zealand breakfast experience that just reels in all the nostalgia. 

In fact, because of its rich flavors, this chocolate bar was titled the Chocolate Award Supreme Winner in 2018—that’s right, supreme! With that in place, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this. 

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Manuka Honey & Cacao Nibs

The Manuka Honey & Cacao Nibs bar contains 66% dark chocolate with cocoa sourced from Peru, and rich honey sourced from Native Manuka. Paired with fruit and crunchy cacao nibs, this all-natural product is crafted with the right balance between bitter and sweet, crunchy and smooth!

You wouldn’t believe just how popular this flavor is; These chocolates bagged not one, not two, but three awards, including a Gold placement at the International Chocolate Awards (Asia-Pacific) in 2018!

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Sarsaparilla & Orange

Add some spice into your life with this Sarsaparilla & Orange treat! Chocolate with a kick, this root soda-like chocolate captures the familiar blend between sarsaparilla, licorice, and ginger combined.

Paired with refreshing candied orange pieces and cacao, this zesty treat adds an exciting punch to your flavor profile. It’s a certified delicious treat, having also been awarded Gold in the 2018 NZ Chocolate awards.

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3. Solomon’s Gold 

Solomon’s Gold 
Image credit: Solomon’s Gold

Now, your shopping list isn’t complete without these hand-crafted, New Zealand chocolates in store! As the name suggests, Solomon’s Gold chocolates are authentically made with organic cacao sourced from the Solomon Islands.

Why, you can surely say you’ve struck gold with these delights! Based in Mount Maunganui, the company works in collaboration with village cacao farming communities to produce this fine selection of treats.

Dark Orange Chocolate

Now, I know this flavor keeps coming back, but orange you glad it did? Tickle your taste buds with Solomon’s delightful combination of citrusy orange and 70% dark chocolate. 

Using single-origin beans from the Solomon Islands, this organic treat contains all the zest from tangerines, mandarins, and a hint of orange peel to reminisce those Dark Orange sensations. Famously New Zealand, you’ll surely want to experience Solomon’s take on the classic recipe. 

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Dark Nib Chocolate

Who says sweet treats can’t be healthy? Made with all-natural ingredients, Solomon’s Dark Nib Chocolate bar also contains antioxidants for a pure and guiltless snacking.

This delicious bar contains 75% cacao, along with toasted notes and crunchy cacao nibs, in order to give you rich, buttery flavors that just scream classic! 

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4. Griffin’s 

Griffin's Toffee Pops
Image credit: Griffin’s

While Griffin’s has been a famous New Zealand biscuit brand since 1890, it turns out that they’ve got more treats up their sleeves! For over 150 years, the company has delved into all sorts of sweet-making—and, lucky for us, that includes chocolate bars.

There aren’t exactly your traditional bar, but if you’re one for snack-type chocolates, then you ought to get a bite of these crrrrrrunchy eats!

Toffee Pops 

An original product, Toffee Delights pile-on their sweetness layer upon layer. In Griffin’s tradition, it’s composed of a sweet biscuit base smothered in caramel toffee and coated in a light, milky chocolate. 

These deluxe treats also have Caramelized White Chocolate, Double Chocolate, and Fudge variations. 

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Squiggles Hokey Pokey

Squiggles Hokey Pokey contain three layers of crunchiness—that’s three times the flavor. Bearing the iconic Squiggles stripes, its cream-filled biscuits contain crunchy, Hokey Pokey nuggets, and are covered with oh-so-yummy milk chocolate.

For added fruitiness, they also come in a Raspberry Jube flavor!

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Chit-Chat Chocolate

Now, Griffin’s isn’t exaggerating, when they say these are the chocolatiest.

Chit Chat gets into the nitty-gritty of chocolate flavors, as these consist of chocolate cream filling, chocolate biscuits, and a milk chocolate coating, piecing
it together!

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5. Pascall

Pascall Chcolates
Image credit: pascalllollies

Pascall is an Australian and New Zealand confectionery brand, home to many childhood favorites. 

Where candy meets chocolate, these Kiwi treats are great for munching, whether you’re a hungry youngster or a nostalgic adult. And of course, these treats aren’t complete without their eye-catching, neon wrappers!

Pascall Clinkers 

Hiding pink, yellow, and green-hued candies, Clinkers chocolates are delectable as they are delicious!

With its assortment of strawberry, lime, and pineapple-flavored centers coated in the iconic, creamy Cadbury chocolate, you’ll have fully-loaded sweetness and zestiness in just one bite.

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Pascall Pineapple Lumps

To everyone’s surprise, Pascall somehow makes the combination work. The famous, yellow-wrapped classic. Pineapple Lumps are a New Zealand specialty (and arguably, a snacking staple) that are simply fun to pop in your mouth!

With chewy pineapple centers coated in chocolate, you might feel like a kid again. 

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6. Donovans Chocolate

Donovans Chocolate Fruity Feijoa
Image credit: Donovans Chocolate

With a dash of Ghanian cocoa and a hint of creamy New Zealand milk, you’ll get Donovans Chocolate, a tastefully inventive chocolate brand based in the Waikato region since 1991. 

They offer a wide selection, and are best known for their chocolate blocks, clusters, coated almonds and popcorn, baking products, and their limited seasonal treats. 

With their cute packaging design, I think you’ll enjoy holding one of your own!

Hokey Pokey Clusters

Their signature product, Hokey Pokey Clusters are bite-sized chocolate delights that dabble in both crunchy and creamy snacking!

A combination of 35% cocoa milk chocolate and hokey pokey pieces, these treats are easy to chew on; and with its zip-tight container, they’re easily great for sharing.

Clusters also come in a Raspberry Lamington and a Toasted Coconut variety. 

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Fruity Feijoa Chocolate Block

Sticking to the basics has never been better, as Donovans’ Fruity Feijoa Block puts an authentic, sweet, and tangy spin on Kiwi chocolate bars. 

Indulge yourself in the richness of its 80% cocoa dark chocolate (made authentically from New Zealand), paired with hints of mouth-watering feijoa—you won’t get a taste like this elsewhere!

For added fun, you can also try out their Chili & Lime, Manuka Honeycomb, and Original Dark chocolate flavors.

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7. Ola Pacifica

Ola Pacifica Chocolate Coffee
Image credit: Ola Pacifica

Sometimes, even chocolates come with a cause, and Ola Pacifica does right by that.  Using single-origin Samoan cacao beans, the New Zealand chocolate brand aspires to support their community-based production and work towards unity and sustainability.

Did I mention these are also vegan? Their bright and beautifully packaged chocolates are created in a natural environment, and are dairy-free!

Almond Chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate can elevate the mood? With Ola Pacifica’s recipe filled with antioxidants and all-natural ingredients, you’ll certainly feel good while eating this healthy, Almond Chocolate treat! 

Containing 60% dark chocolate with almond crisps, this bar is just as fun to munch as it is to crunch. Balancing its cocoa blend with nutty tastes, the result is fine, soft, and slightly sharp—in other words, a perfect combination that can surely lift your spirit!

Buy it on: Ola Pacifica

Coffee Chocolate

Coffee lovers, rejoice! If you’re a caffeinator like me, then you’re in luck—because Ola Pacifica’s Coffee Chocolate brings the best of both worlds.

This 60% dark chocolate paired with coffee bean brittle can surely wake you up, as it carefully balances both, rich-tasting flavors into its blend.

Buy it on: Ola Pacifica

8. Cadbury NZ

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Image credit: Cadbury Dairy Milk

To set things straight, Cadbury isn’t a New Zealand chocolate brand. (It’s actually a U.K. chocolate brand.) But that aside, the company is packed with a lot of famous Kiwi specialties you can’t just get anywhere!

In fact, in 1908, the Cadbury brand expanded to a Wellington branch, where production has remained pivotal, over the years. Home to many chocolate bar classics, one can’t help but keep an eye on this!

Cadbury Favorites: Kiwi Edition

Yes, you heard that right—you can get all of Cadbury’s iconic NZ chocolates in just one bundle! Take a trip down memory lane with nine of these famous chocolate bars, including Cadbury Caramilk, Moro Gold, Peppy Chew, Perky Nana, Chocolate Fish, Buzz Bar, and more.

Come one, come all—there’s no need to go on a wild hunt, with all these iconic snacks in one place!

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Cadbury Chocolate Fish

I admit we’ve all got our biases; so, coming from the list above, it’s safe to say that Cadbury Chocolate Fish is an interesting specimen, if not the best.

Stuffed with marshmallows, these soft treats are covered in sweet, Cadbury chocolate, and shaped to perfection! A beloved, bite-sized snack, these go swimmingly for sharing with some friends.

Buy it on: Kiwi Corner Dairy

9. Nestle NZ

Nestle logo
Image credit: Howard Lake

Nestle also owes its origins to Switzerland in 1886, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating special flavors for Kiwi chocoholics!

Perfect for munching and chewing, their New Zealand chocolate bars have grown quite a following through the years, it’s about fitting they made the list. 

Nestle Chocolate Bar Pixie Caramel

Nestle’s Pixie Caramel bars are about the best to munch on, as these take a little while to finish. Made of a hard caramel slab, smothered in a lavish, dark chocolate coating, these bars are built to last—and with no less of an effort to chew it clean.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try sinking them into this scrumptious bar!

Buy it on: Kiwi Corner Dairy

Nestle Chokito Bar

The Chokito Bar has got everything you could wish for in a chocolate-covered snack—that is, a chewy caramel-fudge center, crunchy rice crisps, and a whole lot of milk chocolate goodness!

You could easily grab one out of the house and go, as these are small enough to take and quick to eat!

Buy it on: Kiwi Corner Dairy

Chocoholics, look no further! 

From quick snacks to rich treats, chewy chunks to crunchy bits, New Zealand chocolate offers a lively assortment of sweets, and it’s high time you’ve tried them out. After all, as the saying goes: Treat yourself!

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