15 Best Beaches in Turkey to Visit Right Now

Aside from its majestic structures and zestful culture, Turkey is home to countless natural gems too. As it is lined with a coast running over 7,000 kilometers long, there is no doubt that the stunning beaches of Turkey are some of the most famous areas among tourists and locals alike.

If you are visiting Turkey, make sure to drop by the best Turkish beaches near your destination. Every Turkish beach has unique and engrossing features of its own — so, take your pick from the list below!

1. Ölüdeniz Beach

Out of all the beaches of Turkey, Ölüdeniz Beach must be the most prominent among travelers. Sitting in this well-known resort village is the Blue Lagoon, a tourist hotspot boasting of turquoise waters and glistening white sand. The tranquil shoreline of Blue Lagoon sprawls approximately 20 kilometers, allowing several beachgoers to savor in the allure of the oceans. 

Having been developed through the years, Ölüdeniz Beach now houses many beach bars and restaurants that visitors can lounge at after a long day of enjoying the area. In addition, this tourist magnet also has a myriad of water sports to boot. This said, when in Ölüdeniz Beach, try out paragliding across the panoramic coastal view of this area. You won’t regret it!

2. Kaputaş Beach

Burrowed in between Kaş and Kalkan, the Kaputaş Beach shows off glorious turquoise hues vis-a-vis a golden coastal road. It is known to many as one of the most photogenic beaches in the Mediterranean side of Turkey. 

To reach the quaint beach itself, you will have to trek down rugged hills for a bit. Its waters are fairly deep with strong currents crashing against rocks — not the most ideal for swimming, but certainly beyond wonderful for lounging around and picture-taking.

As Kaputaş Beach is one of the smallest beaches in Turkey, it definitely provides an intimate beach experience for those visiting. However, it is worth noting that several tourists flock to this spot to see what is known as the perfect beach of the country. To explore Kaputaş Beach minus the crowd, try traveling here early in the morning. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for a price; but, you can opt to bring a beach mat or towel if you are planning to laze around for a while.

3. Patara Beach

A long stretch of pristine sand, Patara Beach is known as the widest beach of the northern Mediterranean. Its area on the coast of the Turkish Riviera is popular among budget travelers, as a handful of low-cost accommodations pepper the village. Do note that you will not find big hotels nearby — Patara Beach is an archeological zone and heavy development is prohibited around the area. This said, Patara Beach is one of the beaches in Turkey that rarely gets crowded. 

The Turkish government identified Patara as an archeological zone because it houses the ruins of ancient Lycia. Here, you will find the monumental triumphal arch, the necropolis with Lycian tombs, public bathhouses, the “oldest lighthouse in the world”, destroyed temples and theaters, and many more. 

Visiting with kids? Here is another fun fact they might enjoy: Patara is actually known as the birthplace of Santa Claus! It is well established among the Turks that Saint Nicholas was born in Patara around AD 275. Apparently, the Christmas icon participated in sea trade and cottage craft industry growing up. The Lycian ruins would have been structures Saint Nicholas once waded in during his lifetime.

4. Iztuzu Beach

All Turkish beaches have wonders of their own. As for Iztuzu Beach, otherwise known as the turtle beach, it is the refuge of the endangered loggerhead turtles. Because of this, Iztuzu Beach is a protected area with guaranteed natural beauty and serenity.

Balancing its preservation with a healthy dose of tourism, Iztuzu Beach has marked zones to protect the turtle nests from visitors. To further shelter the animals, the beach prohibits guests from using umbrellas, lying on the beach, and digging the sand. Dogs are also not allowed to enter the protected area as well.

Aside from its notable turtle sanctuary, Iztuzu Beach also has plenty of amenities. Huts and cafés are available in the area, making the place an ideal spot for a day of leisure and entertainment.

5. Kabak Beach

Nestled in pine forests, Kabak Beach is a wonderful surprise for tourists traveling around Oludeniz. This half-moon bay lies half an hour away from the town center, only reached through an off-the-beaten-path of nature trails. Most visitors of this laidback Turkish beach are free spirits seeking serenity and quiet.

As the area barely has any amenities, Kabak Beach is perfect if you are looking for a beautiful beach where you can sit back and enjoy the stillness of nature.  

6. Butterfly Valley

Tucked in Lycian Way, Butterfly Valley gets its name from the hundreds of species of butterflies finding their home in the area. In 1987, Turkey named this spot as a preservation area to conserve the butterflies and greeneries around the spot. 

Unlike the neighboring Ölüdeniz Beach, Butterfly Valley does not welcome many tourists on a regular basis. As the beach is only accessible by boat, the remote valley remains in mint condition, glorious in its natural beauty.

7. Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach provides a luxurious getaway for travelers in Antalya. Albeit small, the city beach nevertheless awes visitors with its crystalline waters and pristine sand. Idyllic spots for sunbathing and swimming dot the area; quality service never fails its guests. 

An exclusive beach for rest and recreation, Mermerli Beach requires visitors to pay a reasonable fee before enjoying the area. Upon payment, you will have access to a sun lounger and a parasol. From the Mermerli Restaurant, you can order refreshments that servers will deliver straight to your lounging spot.

Within walking distance from Mermerli Beach is the old town of the same name. That said, once you’re done soaking in the beautiful scenery of the shore, you can immediately stroll along the charming streets of Antalyan town.

8. Lara Beach

Another one of the most luxurious beaches in Turkey, Lara Beach sprawls with high-end and iconic hotels like the Titanic Beach Lara, the Delphin Imperial Lara Beach, the Swandor Topkapı Palace, and the Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel. 

Otherwise known as the Las Vegas of Turkey, Lara Beach offers a glamorous experience of Antalya beach life. Stretching eight kilometers of sand, this area has gentle waves that face the extravagant structures lined against one another. Aside from its resorts and other establishments, Lara Beach also has water sports for adventurous travelers.

9. İçmeler Beach

Fancy a Turkish beach holiday? Head to İçmeler, a bustling resort town glistening with golden sand seaside abodes. İçmeler Beach has quiet waves ideal for relaxing and wading around. On the other hand, it also offers various water sports — from parasailing to scuba diving! 

Aside from its beaches, İçmeler also has fantastic mountains perfect for hiking. So if you want to explore Turkey from sea to summit, this spot is definitely for you.

10. Marmaris Urban Beach

A Mediterranean oasis, Marmaris prides itself in its multiple beautiful Turkish beaches. Most of its shores are swarming with beach bars and open-air clubs, nestled in pine forests and glassy waters.

Among the most effervescent beaches in Marmaris is the Marmaris Urban Beach. Known as the main beach in the city, this spot sits at the center of the metropolis, fully equipped with sun loungers and other resort amenities.

An inclusive city beach, Marmaris Urban Beach welcomes anyone and everyone without a cost. At night, the hotspot typically hosts cosmopolitan parties against its scenic ocean views.

11. Çıralı Beach

If lively beach life is not your thing, you would probably prefer a Turkish beach like Çıralı Beach. A lot more laid back, this natural wonder is nestled in the midst of the Taurus Mountains. Thanks to its remoteness, Çıralı Beach oozes pristine —almost untouched — beauty.

Travelers who have visited Çıralı Beach are mostly surprised by how secluded the area is. Located in a sleepy village an hour away from Antalya, this beach is mostly uncrowded and well-preserved as a hatching ground for loggerhead sea turtles.

Çıralı celebrates the International Yoga Rainbow Festival annually in April or May. Every year, yoga instructors flock to the island and practice yoga together.

12. Sedir Island

Popularly known as Cleopatra Island, Sedir Island is believed to be a gift from Mark Anthony to Cleopatra. Legends say that the pair swam a lot in the aquamarine waters of this beach; supposedly, Mark Anthony imported the special sand of the island from North Africa.

Aside from this fascinating story, Sedir Island has other features that draw curious tourists. Known for its golden shores, the beautiful beach houses the ancient city of Cedrae. To this day, travelers can marvel at the ruins of the said city: destroyed walls and a theater included.

Nearby, the Boncuk Cove sits in all its glory. 

13. Phaselis Beach

A highly underrated gem, the Phaselis Beach in Antalya is most loved by the few people who know it. The beautiful ruins of ancient Roman baths and theaters here starkingly constrasts its lush pine forests.

14. Pamucak Beach

In Selcuk, the tranquil Pamucak Beach is a local secret. It boasts of a long sandy beach and pristine and fine sand, as well as one of the best sunset views in the Aegean shores.

15. Sevgi Beach

Also known as the Love Beach, the Sevgi Beach in Güzelçamlı rarely receives tourists but frequently welcomes Turks. It has a handful of establishments, but a lot of areas for lounging around and playing sports.

This list only covers a number of the beautiful beaches of Turkey. Read on about the best beaches in and around Istanbul. Needless to say, a lot more coastal surprises await your visit!

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