20 Best Beaches in Istanbul for Wonderful Day Trips

Istanbul is known for a myriad of exciting things: its fascinating history, its top-rated structures, its vibrant nightlife, and its exciting shopping scene included. You definitely must drop by this brimming city when you can! And once you find yourself here, make sure to check out some of the best beaches in and near Istanbul, too.

Because Istanbul is surrounded by multiple waters, it boasts of endless seascapes for every visitor. Get to know these Istanbul beaches before making your way towards this wonderful metropolis.

Best beaches in Istanbul and its surroundings

1. Solar Beach

solar beach
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If you are looking for a quick beach getaway, head to the Solar Beach in Istanbul. It only takes at most an hour’s drive from the heart of the city! Located at the shores of the Black Sea, the Solar Beach is one of the many beaches in the long sandy stretch of Kilyos (also known as Kumköy, meaning “sand village”). Its beaches are usually swarming with guests in the summer, only proving that it is indeed a tourist favorite. 

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2. Golden Beach

Sandy shores and bungalows make up the Golden Beach in Istanbul. Have a dreamy beachside holiday along its private bays, or simply drop by here for a short day trip. Its beautiful waters allow surfing and diving, too!

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3. True Blue Beach

While True Blue Beach has but a small beach per se, it has a luxurious swimming pool that attracts many guests with exquisite taste. True Blue Beach is full of life, especially in the evenings when live concerts and dances take place.

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4. Uzunya Beach

uzunya beach
Image credit: Uzunya Beach

Offering a romantic escape from the buzzing Istanbul life, Uzunya Beach holds family-friendly campgrounds and seaside restaurants under a mellow ambiance. Open from day to night, the area is loved for both its soft, sunlit sand and its scintillating nightscape.

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5. Burç Beach

burc beach istanbul
Image credit: BURC Beach Kilyos

Up for a beach trip jam-packed with fun water activities? The whole kilometer spread of Burç Beach Istanbul rambles with different things to do: windsurfing, kiteboarding, and beach volleyball are just some water sports available here.

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6. Genoese Castle Beach

Located in Düzce, the Genoese Castle Beach is one of the beaches near Istanbul that sit along the coastline of the Black Sea. This fascinating gem has loads of culture and history packed in it. Marvel at the centuries-old Genoese Castle, which is full of character and grace despite its age.

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7. Ayazma Beach

ayazma beach

A certified blue flag beach in Istanbul, the Ayazma Beach is popular among locals for its cold waters. Also called the Şile Public Beach, this spot sits in the northern district of Istanbul along the coast of the Black Sea. Aside from its white sands, Şile also prides itself in the lighthouse that was built in 1859 during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid. Definitely visit this historic site when you find yourself in Ayazma Beach!

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8. Kilimli Cove

Kilimli Cove

An hour away from Şile, Kilimli Cove is one of the many beaches of Ağva. Its rock formations and pristine sand allure many guests, especially in the summer. Nearby, you can find riverside establishments and camping grounds where you can spend the night in.

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9. Caddebostan


Sitting on the Asian side of Istanbul, Caddebostan has three beaches available for a fee. The area has the necessary facilities, including sun loungers, parasols, cabins, and shower rooms for changing. 

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10. Elio Sedef Beach

Elio Sedef Beach

Although small, Sedef Island is home to an inclusive public beach and two beach clubs. Among the three, the Elio Sedef Beach is arguably the most popular among travelers. From here, one can enjoy Turkish cuisine, relish in scenic nature views, and enjoy the cocktails by the beach at sunset. You can only access the beach club by a scheduled Büyükada ferry or a private booking of Elio’s boats. 

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11. Güneş Beach

One of the most convenient beaches from the Istanbul city center is Güneş Beach. Coming from the Sea of Marmara, the Güneş Beach boasts of long stretches of sand. Perfect for a quick day trip, this Istanbul Beach sits just nearby the Florya station.

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Best beaches in Istanbul’s the Princes’ Islands

The Princes’ Islands (sometimes only called “The Islands” or “Adalar”) are composed of nine tiny islands along the Sea of Marmara, namely: Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kınalıada, Sedef Adası, Yassıada, Sivriada, Kaşık Adası, and Tavşan Adası. Out of the nine islands in Adalar, only the first four mentioned ones are open to the public.

Büyükada Island

Büyükada Island

Büyükada, which translates to “Big Island”, is the largest and most popular island of all. Its sandy shores attract the most tourists who are looking for beaches in Istanbul. Even locals who want a spontaneous getaway usually cap their day off at Büyükada, which offers a scenic trail for cycling and strolling.

12. Aya Nikola Beach

Visiting Istanbul beaches with kids and non-swimmers? Head to Aya Nikola, the calmest beach in Büyükada. Most of the beach is free for the public, but the Aya Nikola Boutique Hotel offers an exclusive area for a price.

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13. Eskibağ Beach

Eskibağ Beach is known for its sandy beach. While it is a bit far from the city, it often welcomes many visitors who like lounging under umbrellas or dining in the restaurant.

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14. Halik Koyu Beach

If you are a particularly anal person, you will definitely enjoy Büyükada’s cleanest beach—the Halik Koyu beach. It is also the longest beach on the island.

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15. Nakibey Beach

Offering an easy getaway, Nakibey Beach is a good choice if you’re just planning to spend a couple of hours at the beach. This Istanbul beach is exclusively for families, so solo travelers or all-male and all-female groups are not allowed to enter.

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Heybeliada Island

Heybeliada Island

Otherwise known as Saddlebag Island, Heybeliada Island is the second most popular coastal spot in Adalar. It is home to the Aya Yorgi Cliff Church, the School of the Priests, and the centuries-old Heybeliada Greek Boys’ High School. You can tour around the island in a horse-drawn carriage.

16. Aqua Green Beach

Aqua Green Beach is a pleasant spot to visit with friends and family. It provides water sports and a shallow shore, making it a good choice for active travelers.

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Burzugada Island

Having a name that means “Fortress Island” makes Burzugada all the more interesting. Istanbul residents with a Greek origin mostly find themselves in this tiny island. Aside from the Burzugada beaches, guests can visit the Burgazada Mosque and the Hristos Monastery & Church here. Burzugada Island also houses the famous Water Sports Club of the Princes’ Islands.

17. Madam Marta Beach

Named after the prima ballerina Madame Marta, the eponymous beach is actually the cove where one of the first Turkish ballerinas lived. Secluded and quiet, this beach makes a great camping ground for a tranquil vacation.

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18. Çamakya Beach

The Çamakya beach is one of the two most popular beaches in Burgazada. It has a tiny shoreline dotted with sun loungers for multiple guests to enjoy.

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19. Kalpazankaya Beach

A pebblestone beach, the Kalpazankaya beach has a romantic ambiance resemblant of Greece. The seaside Greek taverna boasts of astounding views at sunset.

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Kınalıada Island

Kınalıada Island

Finally, the smallest island in Adalar is Kınalıada Island. It draws its name “Henna Island” from its reddish color that comes from the iron and copper in the area. Kınalıada is best known for Cinar Hill, Tesvikiye Hill, and Hristo Pea. Armenians in Istanbul regularly flock to this beach.

20. Kumluk Beach

Having crystal clear water, the Kumluk Beach shows off its marine life and abundance of fish. Both sandy and pebbly, the beach provides free access to a sun lounger so that you can easily enjoy your stay.

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Best beach resorts near Istanbul

Want to spend more time by the sea? Then check out these beach resorts near Istanbul:

  • For a high-end beach experience, you can visit the Solar Beach Therapy. This widely popular beach resort has numerous amenities, including a pool, a massage service, and a live DJ.
  • Aside from watersport, Golden Beach Club, a fancy beach hotel resort at Rumeli Hisari, also offers a number of land-based activities like rock climbing and mini-golf.
  • Couples would love the private beach by the Prenses Koyu Hotel in Büyükada Island. With a fancy restaurant, sun loungers, and parasols, the Prenses Koyu Beach is the idyllic setting for an intimate beach vacation.
  • Haven’t had enough of the Istanbul nightlife? Perhaps Yada Beach Club in Büyükada Island was made for you. Weekends in this spot is filled with zest: expect live concerts, Japanese food crawls, and friendly people here.
  • Mostly a rocky beach, Ada Beach Club in Heybeliada Island draws visitors for its live music and bars. It also boasts of tranquil waters perfect for swimming.
  • A quaint area, the Teos Beach Club in Kınalıada Island provides an intimate seaside setting with warm customer service. When you visit during the summer, you will find its waters more tranquil.

This list only covers a number of beautiful beaches of Istanbul. Needless to say, a lot more coastal surprises await your visit! While you’re at it, check out our Istanbul itinerary for the must-visit sites in the city. You can also find more beaches in Turkey here. 

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beaches in Istanbul
beaches in Istanbul

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