Can You Bring Matches on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Wooden matches

Whilst the idea of a snappy, spontaneous getaway is an appealing one, there are definitely a few things that travelers need to think about before boarding that flight. One of those considerations is what we can and can’t take on a flight. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most common confiscated items … Read more

Can You Bring Hair Straightener on a Plane? Here’s the Answer 

Hair straightener and plug

Despite what the name implies, hair straighteners don’t just straighten hair. Their supreme versatility is their biggest selling point—with just one device, you can go from curly to straight in no time.  For this reason, it’s always handy to carry a trusty pair in your beauty arsenal while you’re on vacation. You always want to … Read more

Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Eyebrow tweezer

Whether you’re going on that much-awaited vacation or a business trip, you want to look your best. And you may want to keep your cosmetic tools like tweezers with you. For safety reasons, you can’t always bring your everyday items on a plane. And you have doubts about the innocuous tweezer. Just like you, many … Read more