12 Best Party Islands in Greece for Nightlife Lovers

We know of Greece as the cradle of Western civilization, where you can take in as much ancient culture, tradition and history as you want.  

But a trip to Greece will not be complete if you would not experience its party islands. Imagine drinking, dancing and partying the night away while having the gorgeous backdrop of Greece’s turquoise waters and white sand! 

Check out which of its 6,000 islands and islets make our list of 14 best party islands in Greece for nightlife lovers.

1. Mykonos


When you think of the best party islands in Greece, Mykonos immediately comes to mind! 

Called the Ibiza of Greece, the Mykonos nightlife culture will give its visitors an unforgettable and sometimes wild experience.

Located in the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, tourism season starts May and ends about October – imagine six months’ worth of partying! 

Mykonos is known as a cosmopolitan island – with open-air party places, beach-front clubs, megaclubs, bars and tavernas all around the island. Some are even open 24 hours! Superstar and world-class DJs also crank up the tunes making for amazing party playlists.  

If you’re looking for the best parties in Mykonos, drop by some of its most popular party spots like Cavo Paradiso, Paradise, Scandinavian Bar, and more. The island is also loved as LGBTQ+ friendly, with gay bars and drag shows available!

2. Ios


Also part of the Cyclades island group, and one of the popular Greek party islands, is Ios

It is best known for its laidback environment during the day, with its internationally known beaches like Mylopótamos and Maganári.  

But when the night falls, that’s when the real fun starts! 

The beach of Mylopotas and the town of Chora host the most popular nightlife spots. It is said that Ios tends to attract a much younger crowd with its less glitzy party scene than Mykonos, but it may be wilder and more untamed. 

Party the Ios way in Far Out Beach Club, Disco 69, Scorpion Night Club, and more.  Also, don’t miss the full moon beach parties for another unique experience!

3. Santorini


Santorini is a known hotspot for romantic holidays, destination weddings and honeymoons. 

But more than just the idyllic and panoramic views of the sunset and the caldera, the island gets its share of exciting times after the sun sets!

The island’s capital, Fira, is where most of the clubs and bars are located. The village of Oia also makes up for a fun night, but more on the quieter side with lounge bars. 

Some of the most popular party spots include Enigma Club, Koo Club and Mamounia.  

Santorini has a lot to offer whether you are into EDM, R&B, or even a live Greek music performance or even a beach party! Also, there are clubs that are open even during the off-season. 

4. Crete


From powdery white sand and gorgeous beaches to a glimpse of ancient Greece from way back 4,000 years ago, you can experience them all in Crete, the largest Greek island.  

But if you’re into partying in Greece, Crete-style, the island has hip and stylish bars for the younger demographic or something chill or traditional for those who just want to hang out and savor their drinks and meze.  

You’ll find the best bars and clubs in the town of Chania. And if you’re into the wilder scene, then the areas of Malia, Stalis and Elounda would be the best region for you. 

Quick trivia! Malia is said to be one of Europe’s most popular clubbing destinations.  So it’s definitely worth a visit!

5. Corfu


Corfu is known for its historical spots and its multi-cultural heritage, with Venetian, French and British influence. But it has also been making its name as a holiday and party destination.  

Visit the towns of Ipsos and Kavos to experience nightlife the Corfu way. Kavos is popular for having the best nightlife spots in Corfu, including Atlantis, where you can party all night!

Also, if you are not afraid of getting yourself dirty (and colorful), make sure to try the paint and powder parties! Now that makes for a totally unique party experience. 

6. Kos


Kos is a part of the Dodecanese Islands and is said to be one of the liveliest (or probably, wildest).  

When the night falls, head on over to two popular party destinations in Kos:  Kardamena and Bar Street! 

Kardamena was initially popular as a getaway destination for the young English tourist market. But now, all a good mix of tourists enjoy this party hotspot.  

In Bar Street, some pubs display flags of their favorite nationality, even tailoring the music and service to that culture.  

7. Zakynthos (Zante)


Aside from tourists looking for amazing views, Korean drama fans have fallen in love with the Ionian island Zakynthos.  

Its famous Navagio Beach aka the Shipwreck Beach or Smuggler’s Cove was featured in some very romantic scenes in Descendants of the Sun.  

But aside from the scenic, cinematographic views of its mesmerizing beaches (there’s a lot!), Zakynthos has also made its name as a party island in Greece, especially for the young tourists. 

Looking for a crazy party experience? Head on over to Laganas. 

The establishments are mostly found on the main street, and it’s three kilometers long! You’ve got lots of options to choose from, or just hop between the bars, clubs and discos – you’ve got all night to do so! 

The towns of Argasi, Tsilivi, Alykes, and Kalamaki also have amazing nightlife experiences to offer – whether you want something lively, or something quiet.  

8. Skiathos


Skiathos in the Sporades island group is said to be a ‘premier destination for cosmopolitan travelers’.  This is also one of the filming locations of the film ‘Mamma Mia’

For fervent partygoers, Skiathos town has two main party hotspots: near the old port or in the old town.  

There is even a bar street near Papadiamanti Street where you can hop from one bar and club to another!

Check out Danny & Zoe’s Blind Dog Live Music Bar, Tesla Cocktail Bar, Old Port House Bar, and GinFish for all kinds of parties and music experiences!

The clubs and party establishments open quite late at midnight. Start off your night with a long dinner and hang out at lounge bars and tavernas while waiting to party from midnight to sunrise! Now that is one full fun night!    

9. Paros


Paros is a party island in Greece that is popular with the younger crowd, especially the university students, during the summer months. It is about 3 hours away by ferry from Athens.  

The bustling nightlife scene is situated between the villages of Parikia and Naoussa.  Prominent establishments on the island include Linardo Club, Agosta Bar, Saloon D’or and Galea. 

Themed bars and clubs, live music bars and pubs – whatever experience you are in the mood for, you can get it in Paros. 

10. Naxos


While it is not as popular yet as the other islands as a getaway destination, Naxos has its own charm, giving its visitors an equal amount of fun. 

Laze the day away by the beach, then party hard at night!  

Head on over to the Naxos Town promenade and its downtown alleys, or Chora, for restaurants and taverns for a great meal. 

Once the happy hour starts, seaside bars, discos and other entertainment options become available, like the Ocean Club, Swing Cocktail Bar, The Rum Bar and more! 

And it is not just about partying, dancing or drinking the whole night. Theatrical and musical events like choir performances and concerts spice up the nightlife variety in Naxos!

11. Hydra


Hydra is known for its amphitheater-shaped terrain that overlooks the Argosaronic gulf.  

Called one of the most romantic Greek destinations, the island has managed to maintain its traditional stone mansions and narrow cobblestoned streets. Cars were also banned and they still use donkeys as a means of public transportation! 

While it has managed to preserve its classic atmosphere, Hydra can still host an intense party experience for its visitors. 

There are only about a handful of bars in Hydra and they are all located by the harbor. All establishments are within easy access and distance to each other. Visitors can stroll from one place to another, making it feel as if it’s just one huge party venue! 

Some of the popular bars and cocktail places are Pirate, Papagalos, and Amalour.  

12. Rhodes


Rhodes is said to be one of the Mediterranean’s most popular resorts, and also known as the Island of the Sun God Helios.  

Long stretches of white sand beaches and coves are available for those who want to get their fill of the sun and sand!

But as the moon rises, one can opt for a romantic or toned-down atmosphere, or for an all-night party experience! 

Orfanidou Bar Street in Rhodes Town will let you let loose and give in to your party cravings! Colorado Club is one of its most popular hotspots. 

Lindos also hosts a number of bars, nightclubs and taverns, as well as luxurious rooftop restaurants.  

Meanwhile, Pefkos offers a family-friendly and laidback experience.  

BONUS: Great party cities in Greece



Athens is the capital of Greece and also the historical capital of Europe.  

As one of the world’s oldest cities, Athens is recognized as the birthplace of democracy, arts, science and philosophy of western civilization, as well as the home of many renowned philosophers.  

But while you can get too busy with all the ancient history and Greek culture details, Athens can be also a fun place to explore… from sunset to sunrise! 

There are several areas that are nightlife hotspots in Athens like Gazi, Thiseio, Plaka, Monastiraki and Psyrri, Kolonaki, Exarcheia, Syntagma Square area, Karytsi Square and Agia Eirini Square.

Whether it’s relishing Greek cuisine in the restaurants or sipping cocktails at some tavernas and bars, dancing and partying at nightclubs and discos, themed establishments like LGBT clubs, as well as artistic performances, you’ll surely find something interesting every night… for many nights!



Patras is a renowned Greek city because of the Patras Carnival and parades.  

But more than this world-popular festivity, Patras also offers 24/7 entertainment to all its visitors, including a bustling nightlife!

Drop by any or all of these squares and streets: Riga Feraiou Pedestrian Street, King George I Square, Olgas Square, Psila Alonia Square, Ifaistou and Gerokostopoulou Streets, Trion Navarchon Pedestrian Street, Patras Marina, Kastro, Rio & Vrachneika.

These neighborhoods are home to Patras’ restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and more!  You can grab Greek or international cuisine, delicious cocktails and wine, or dance the night away in seaside nightclubs.  

Happy partying in Greece

The Greeks definitely know how to party and the stunning views that accompany their hopping nightlife will surely make your trip worth it!

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