13 Best Party Cities in Italy for Nightlife Lovers

Italians may have a point when they say “life is too short not to be Italian”. Yet those of us who weren’t that lucky can have the privilege of discovering Italy in all its glory — both during the day and come nightfall.

Motion blurs from walking visitors of night bars, people talking and drinking beer on dark street
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In fact, nightlife in Italy is among the most exciting in Europe, if not the world. In this post, I’ll introduce you to the liveliest party cities in Italy and all the fantastic venues and events you can’t miss in each of them.

Let’s get going because the party can’t stop!

1. Milan

As the richest and most cosmopolitan Italian city, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Milan has the most fabulous nightlife nationwide.

There’s always a music festival or the concert of an international act to attend. New bars and clubs become the talk of town for a weekend or so before being eclipsed by something cooler.

Some venues, like Alcatraz (where rising musicians officially become stars) and church-turned-club Gattopardo, have stood the test of time and went on to become staples of Milanese nightlife.

Concert in Milan

A night out in the city can’t start without aperitivo, or a drink over free snacks. Rita & Cocktails serves one of the finest in town. The area where Rita is located is the evocative Navigli district (pictured above), which has an unlimited offer of dive and cocktail bars.

Then you can head to one of those deliciously pretentious speakeasies you’ll only find in Milan, like drinc.different. If after that you don’t feel like hitting the dance floor, you can hang out in quaint areas like Brera, where folks typically enjoy bar hopping.

2. Rome

Rome isn’t obsessed with innovation like Milan, so the capital’s nightlife isn’t as trendy. Yet as the huge city it is, it’s dotted with vibrant neighborhoods that range between easygoing Trastevere and upscale Monti.

So it’s up to you to decide what the best nightlife in Rome really is. Since the city is even more beautiful from above than at street level, you may want to soak up the mind-blowing views from rooftop bars like Divinity Terrace Lounge Bar, which stands between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

Night life at Trastevere, Rome, Italy
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Besides Trastevere, a few other areas where folks hang outside over a beer or a glass of wine are Campo de’ Fiori and the square by the north head of Ponte Milvio. But in case you’re in the mood for something a tad louder, hit Neo Club Roma in the district of Garbatella to the south of town.

Pro tip: As a rule of thumb, northern Rome tends to be posher, while southern Rome is more laid-back. Downtown is a sort of buffer zone that locals normally leave to visitors after dark.

3. Lucca and the Versilia Coast

The Tuscan city of Lucca is known for its oval Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, which was built at the site where a Roman amphitheater once stood.

Although the town itself is pretty quiet year-round, the stretch of coast within its province (known as Versilia) is one of the trendiest destinations during the Italian summer.

Beautiful view of the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro at the blue hour, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

The districts of Viareggio and especially Forte dei Marmi welcome soccer players, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of celebrities into exclusive spots like Twiga and Seven Apples.

The entire beach is lined with bars, restaurants, and clubs. More down-to-earth venues in the area include Almarosa Art Music Bar and Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot.

4. Lecce and Salento

Between limestone cliffs and crystal-clear waters, summers here are a gorgeous affair. I’m talking about Salento, appropriately dubbed Italy’s heel.

Lecce, the capital of the Southern Baroque and the biggest city in Salento, makes up a triangle of fun with the towns of Gallipoli and Otranto, each a 30-minute drive away.

Walking down the old town by night in summer
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Gallipoli specifically has one of the highest rates of nightclubs per square mile in Italy. What’s more, many also host huge beach parties during the day. One of them is the iconic Samsara Beach.

And in case you’re looking for a more laid-back night out, you’ll find suggestive bars like Blanc in the maze-like historic core of Gallipoli.

5. Sassari and the Costa Smeralda

Sassari is the largest city within the so-called Costa Smeralda on the island of Sardinia. The region’s name translates as “Emerald Coast”, which is fitting: apart from boasting stuninng turquoise waters, the riviera is the most exclusive summer destination in Europe.

View of the port in Porto Cervo, bottom right the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - Olbia/Tempio - Sardinia

Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, and Baja Sardinia are the most hyped resort towns within the province of Sassari. Come summertime, they get jam-packed with tanned bodies and enormous yachts.

The typical club here features beach gazebos, superb views, and mouthwatering seafood dishes. You’ll find all of that at Phi Beach. Alternatively, head to Estasi’s Disco Club for house music galore and a boisterous crowd.

6. Florence

Ever since the Renaissance, Florence has served as the cultural capital of Italy. It’s only natural the city’s nightlife is extremely refined, so attending a jazz concert in places like Pinocchio Jazz may be a great thing to do in the city come nightfall.

Downtown is filled with world-class wine bars like Note di Vino, where you can have a generous glass of Tuscany’s quintessential wine, Chianti. Follow it up with an underground nightclub like Blob Club, which is eccentric in typical Florence fashion.

Florence from above View of Florence shot from the yard of san Miniato al Monte

For a smoother evening, cross the Arno river and discover the Oltrarno neighborhood. The area around Piazza del Carmine and Piazza Santo Spirito has countless hidden gems like The Stellar Ristorante e Cocktail Bar and Mysterium Cocktail Bar.

7. Naples

The most fascinating city of the Italian south has flawless weather year-round, so it’s no wonder its nightlife is best enjoyed outdoors.

One of the prime areas for hanging out in the Neapolitan evening is Piazza Bellini, where you should check out places like Alkymya Bellini. Here you’ll find dozens of bars around the ruins of Naples’ Greek walls, some of which play live music.

Amazing night cityscape of Naples and the Gulf viewed form Sant'Elmo Castle, Italy

When the mood is a bit fancier, seaside Chiaia is the way to go, with its high-end boutiques and hipster cocktail bars like Flanagan’s.

Last but not least, you can’t miss all the fun on the island of Ischia. The most popular combo here is pre-gaming by the port (Cappuccino Cocktail Bar is a personal favorite), then heading to a club overhanging the sea like Blanco.

8. Venice

Venice is known for its ancient and luxurious Carnival, when masked balls and parades take over the city. While Carnival takes place in February or March every year, Venice is a lot of fun in every season.

Cannaregio is hands down the most exciting district in town. That’s where you’ll find the Casino of Venice (one of only four gambling halls in Italy) and countless bars like Time Social Bar, where you can pair classic appetizers with delicious cocktails.

Grand Canal at night, Venice, Italy

Now in the summertime, Jesolo is the place to be. The seaside town within the Province of Venice is located about 46 km (29 mi) away from the City of Canals.

Italian and foreign visitors of all ages flock to Jesolo’s golden-sand beach to get their tan on. At night, everybody enjoys themselves in spots like King’s Club.

9. Verona

Verona’s nightlife isn’t particularly loud, yet it has its own charm. After all, this is the most romantic city in Italy and one of the best places to try an authentic Aperol spritz.

Verona is also a major college town, which is always great fuel for a vibrant nightlife. Younger folks tend to hang out on the streets of the quaint Veronetta neighborhood. That’s where you’ll find bars like Sipario, where you can sip on unusual and yummy drinks.

Verona (Italy) skyline at night. Sant' Anastasia Church and Torre dei Lamberti (Lamberti Tower) also visible.

Overall, locals and visitors alike stick to downtown’s cobbled streets instead. Head to Terrazza Arena Sky Lounge Bar for unforgettable views of the Verona Arena.

Speaking of which, the Arena hosts a world-famous opera festival every summer, as well as awesome concerts year-round.

And if you wish to hit the dance floor while in Verona, check out Panorama Concept Club on the outskirts of town.

10. Rimini and the Riviera Romagnola

The Riviera Romagnola on the Adriatic coast is centered around Rimini, with the district of Riccione being the liveliest. This area is a lot more affordable than, say, the Costa Smeralda and Forte dei Marmi.

night fireworks explosion on seafront. Rimini "Notte Rosa"

Rimini is about an 80-minute drive away from Bologna, so it may well be worth a day trip if you’re visiting the region. Plus, it’s 20 minutes away from the picturesque microstate of San Marino.

Beach clubs that keep the speakers blasting till late are the main tradition of the Riviera Romagnola’s nightlife. Two of the coolest are Playa Boho and Mediterraneo Beach Club.

11. Taormina

The Sicilian town of Taormina is squeezed between the sea and a steep hill with the ruins of a fortress perched on top. Though renowned for its archaeological heritage and jagged coastline, for most of the year Taormina is a quiet town of 10,000 people.

In the summer, however, it thrives with cute little bistros, bars, and impromptu street parties. This is perfect for those of you who, like me, enjoy a more relaxed approach to partying.

Night Panorama with Full Moon in Taormina (Messina)

That said, you’ll find a handful of nightclubs between Taormina and neighboring Giardini-Naxos, but most seem to last only a couple of summers.

Still, you might not even miss clubbing, as classy spots like Daiquiri Cocktail Bar and Morgana Lounge Bar will keep you entertained till 2 to 4 in the morning.

12. Vibo Valentia and the Coast of the Gods

Vibo Valentia is the main hub in the so-called Coast of the Gods on the Calabrian riviera. Allegedly, its unique beauty prompted ancient gods to move here. Sounds promising!

The Coast of the Gods is an up-and-coming summertime destination that so far has flown under the radar of most foreign visitors.

Night view of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola, the most famous sight of Tropea, Calabria, Italy

Tropea, Capo Vaticano, and Scilla are the most popular towns in the area. Like Taormina, they’re best known for an extremely inviting outdoor nightlife rather than a glitzy clubbing scene.

One of the hot spots you can’t miss is the historic core of Tropea, particularly along Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

A few of the finest spots in Tropea are the cocktail bar Al Migliarese, complete with outdoor tables facing an old plaza, and Acquamarina Beach (for commanding views of the pristine beach ahead).

13. Cortina d’Ampezzo

After so many beachside destinations, I had to include at least one Italian town where you’ll find a busy nightlife through winter as well.

That could be none other than the stunning Cortina d’Ampezzo, which stands right in the middle of the Dolomite Mountains. The no. 1 ski resort in the country has such top-notch infrastructure it will host the 2026 Winter Olympics alongside Milan.

Autumn night Cortina d'Ampezzo alpine Dolomites mountain town, Belluno, Italy.

If you need to recharge after a day zipping down the slopes, you can chill over a drink at a bar like Molo Pub (which serves the most tempting sandwiches in the area). For fancier vibes and a night out on the dance floor, hit Hierbas instead.

Final Thoughts

The Italian party scene may not be as wild as those of Spain and Greece, which is a good thing given you need some energy to see all the amazing sights during the day!

Still, big cities and resort towns across the country are always teeming with parties that go well into the wee hours and often into the morning (especially in the summer).

Now that you’ve bookmarked all the raddest bars and best nightclubs in Italy, I bet you can’t wait to book your favorite destination and go out to dance the night away!

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