Is Geneva Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons That’s a Yes

Few places in the world can boast of the cultural capital, economic power, and stellar quality of life that Geneva proudly calls its own.

The city is known as the heart of Francophone Switzerland, and its picturesque scenery (and wealth-loving resident demographics) have made it a favorite setting for countless novels, movies, TV shows, and more.

Streets of Geneva

But is Geneva worth visiting as a foreigner? Does the real appeal of the city manifest itself only over the long term – or with a Swiss bank account perhaps?

I’m of the opinion that almost any place can be exciting and fun if you plan your trip right.

I will also admit that I am a bit biased myself when it comes to this topic. My own travels through Switzerland convinced me beyond doubt that the French-speaking cantons, and in particular the area of Geneva, are some of the most beautiful and fascinating that the country has to offer.

Whether you’re planning to stay for a few months or just one night, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why Geneva is indeed worth a spot on your itinerary!

Why some travelers skip Geneva

Biased towards Geneva as I might be, I am nothing if not fair, so let’s take a look at why so many decide to give this city a pass, even if their European trips take them within spitting distance.

Ultimately, not every place is suitable for every kind of traveler – no matter how gorgeous, world-famous, or well-appointed it might be!

The cost

Swiss Franc

Let’s make one thing clear upfront so there is absolutely no room left for ambiguity. Geneva is expensive.

But it isn’t just expensive in the way most of Western Europe’s metropolises are. No, no – it’s much worse.

Spending any prolonged amount of time in this city at all is maybe a fraction of a percent more efficient than withdrawing the entirety of your bank account, cutting all the bills up into tiny little snippets, and feeding them to the birds.

I am not even trying to joke, it’s the reality that is so hilariously out of whack.

Case in point: for a single local living in a rented apartment, the average monthly cost of living comes out to about $3,500, give or take. That’s…a ton.

Speak for yourself, but I and most of the nomads I know would be absolutely crippled if they had to afford four-digit living costs in the countries where they are based. And when I say “four-digit”, I mostly mean anything above $1,200, not three times that.

Now, you might think “A-ha! It’s not actually as much as it sounds!” when you hear that the Genevois make about $5,000 to $6,000 a month on average (!), but, the question is: do you? You’ll still have to shoulder the same prices as everyone else, no matter what.

And considering that there are astonishingly few places in the world with the kind of purchasing power and high salaries that Switzerland has, chances are you will feel incredibly short on cash coming here.

So, unless you’re moving to Geneva for work (in which case, congrats!), the insanely and very much literal high price to pay for experiencing this city might put you off. In which case, I totally feel you.

The climate

Cloudy skies

Being a lover of hot, arid deserts myself, for sure one of the biggest letdowns of staying in Geneva was the weather. Sure, nobody would expect the capital of the Alps to feel as lively as the Canary Islands.

But if you’re used to warmer climates like me, you might be surprised at just how drab Geneva can feel. Sure, summers can be mild, even comfortable from June to August.

But anywhere outside of that window, Geneva’s temperatures generally dance somewhere around the freezing mark, often dipping below.

This makes most of the year feel like one, long winter.

This is thanks to the oceanic climate that Geneva shares with much of Western France. You know why the Brittany coast never developed the same cachet as the Riviera? This is why. It’s cold, grey, damp, and quite frankly, a bit boring.

To top it off, you don’t really get much sunshine either, since the skies are often overcast by thick cloud layers.

If that sounds like absolute horror to you, it might be enough to put you off from visiting Geneva – or at least restructuring your travel plans so that you get to experience the city during its prime time.

Why you should visit Geneva

Of course, the above was not meant as anything but an honest preamble, and I don’t wish to discourage anyone from seeing this beautiful city.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite! The reason I wrote this article is to shed a bit of light on just what makes Geneva unique, exciting, and overall a memorable travel destination that is more than worth it.

Below, we will explore 10 of the strongest reasons why I think Geneva deserves a spot on your list of future destinations. Join me – maybe you’ll be surprised!

1. The chocolate

Swiss chocolates

This one is perhaps the most obvious and well-known reason why Geneva is worth visiting, but that in no way means that it doesn’t hold water.

If there is any city that deserves the title of the Chocolate Capital of the World, it is Geneva. Everything you’ve ever heard about the wonders of Swiss chocolate originates from here.

Accordingly, the chocolate business in Geneva couldn’t be doing better. There’s a common joke among the locals – showcasing some of that cynical Swiss humor – which goes something along the lines of, “Geneva is the city where you can find anything for a steep price, except for the chocolate, that’s basically for free.”

Of course, both sides of that statement are a gross exaggeration, but there is a kernel of truth: not only will you be able to taste some of the world’s finest confectionery in Geneva, you will likely be able to afford it too!

2. A shopper’s paradise

Storefront of shops in Geneva

Speaking of affordable things – penny pinchers cover your eyes, because this reason why Geneva is worth visiting is anything but that!

Still, there are certainly worse ways to spend your free time than going on a shopping spree through the streets of Geneva.

On Rue du Rhône and the surrounding area, right in the heart of the city, you will find a truly kaleidoscopic assembly of every luxury brand you could possibly think of.

Watches, suits, cars – whatever your taste in shameless opulence, Geneva’s got it.

If you can stomach the price tags, there are very few other places in the world where you can experience this much class every day of the week.

3. A crossroads of nations

United Nations in Geneva

Arguably in part due to its excellent quality of life as well as Switzerland’s commitment to political neutrality, Geneva was chosen as one of the global headquarters of the United Nations, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the World Health Organization, and many more.

As a result of this, a big chunk of the local residents are diplomats, politicians, international finance workers, and many more with ties to this cosmopolitan web that has its nexus right here, in Geneva.

I don’t know about you, but when I roam the streets of some of Europe and North America’s bigger cities, I like to keep an ear out for the various languages that you can hear passersby using through their day.

In my experience, nowhere will you be able to count as many different tongues playing this game as in Geneva.

4. World-class local and international cuisine

Swiss fondue

Sure, there are countless places in the world that have a right to brag about their own palate-pleasing recipes. Geneva manages to hold its own against the admittedly tough global competition by not just offering plenty of local uniqueness, but also by incorporating a load of all-time classics from nearly every country in the world.

From the signature Swiss fondue to Taiwanese gua bao, tiraditos from Peru, and even authentic Neapolitan pizza, Geneva has a lot on offer for nearly every taste.

In line with its internationalism, many of the more famous establishments here have hosted some rich and famous guests – including, not too rarely, heads of state and Hollywood celebrities.

5. All of French Switzerland at your fingertips

Geneva on a map

If, like me, you have a particular faible for Romandy, as French Switzerland is also known, then Geneva makes for the perfect home base to explore it from.

Lausanne, Montreux, and even the cheese capital of Gruyères are all easily within reach, courtesy of excellent transportation and infrastructure.

6. World-changing research

CERN geneva

Beyond being a hub for global politics, Geneva has also made a name for itself for its equally important role in scientific research.

It is here that CERN operates the Large Hadron Collider, performing experiments that have already done a great deal to upend our understanding of how the world works at the most principal level.

It is also at CERN that Tim Berners-Lee conducted most of his research that laid the groundwork for the “World Wide Web” – allowing me to write this article today!

7. Breathtaking nature

Swiss Jura

Yes, I might have lamented the often greyish skies and cold climate of Geneva earlier. But that does little to change the fact that this city sits right in the middle of some of the world’s most stunningly beautiful displays that nature has to offer.

The Jura mountains, which form most of the geographic border between Switzerland and France, are basically right at your doorstep when you’re in Geneva.

Not to mention, of course, the eponymous lake, which offers amazing sights and the opportunity for some boating adventures, if that’s your cup of tea.

In the opposite direction, you will find both the Alps as well as vast stretches of forest, making Geneva incredibly diverse and just as kind to the eyes.

It also helps that the roads in and around the city seem almost tailor-made for these landscapes, taking great advantage of the topography. Expect some truly scenic drives when taking a tour of the area.

8. Sports covering every heart’s desire

Boating on lake geneva

Flanked by not one, but two world-famous mountain ranges, it is perhaps not so surprising that Geneva serves as the backdrop to some of the world’s best skiing, snowboarding, and bobsledding anywhere in Alpine Europe.

But it doesn’t stop there; water sports are actually pretty big on Lake Geneva as well. From scuba diving to boating of all kinds, Geneva is one of the top destinations worldwide for freshwater competition.

The Bol D’Or Mirabaud, branded as “the world’s most important inland lake regatta” (their words, not mine), is also held here each year. And judging by the crowds, it remains a popular attraction for the locals.

9. The lack of crowds

Uncrowded Geneva

While it is one of the most famous and important cities on the planet, Geneva is also, compared to neighbors like Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, and others, fairly quiet.

Sure, there are touristy areas that can get crowded, but staying off the beaten path is surprisingly easy. Overall, most of the heart of Geneva has a much more relaxed vibe to it, and taking a stroll through the old town does not evoke the same hectic, busy-busy emotions as it would elsewhere.

Sure, some might see this as a con – leave the typical Milanese by themselves in the sparse streets of Geneva and they might start panicking, not knowing what to do!

But for me at least, the calm and fresh air of Geneva, with its generous open spaces and calm atmosphere, was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

10. The quality of life

Clean trams in Geneva

While this might not be such an exciting reason why staying in Geneva is more than worth it, it actually matters more than most travelers would readily admit.

European metropolises like Berlin, Paris, and even London are famous for their architecture, fine art, good food, and countless things to do out in town – but even for locals, that often comes at the cost of rather shabby living conditions.

Geneva works differently. While housing remains somewhat tight and competitive (not to mention pricey), in exchange you get accommodation and infrastructure that looks and works about as well as the public transportation.

And you know what they say about Swiss trains – effortlessly clean and punctual. Always.

This makes Geneva one of those rare cities where the comfort, luxury, and architectural brilliance doesn’t stop when you head back home.

In my opinion, this does affect the way you view and take in the place by quite a lot.

So… is Geneva worth visiting?

View of Geneva

So, is Geneva worth visiting after all? I say yes, for me it definitely was, and it remains one of my most coveted destinations in Europe.

I will say I am a bit of a romantic. Other travelers have told me I am too lenient in overlooking practicalities in favor of how certain places make me feel and see the world. Granted, some of that might be true.

But I think it doesn’t diminish the impact that Geneva has had on me when I saw it, even if only briefly.

Geneva is one of those cities that, for all its real and honest flaws, has a magical vibe all of its own. Time flows differently, ordinary things suddenly seem special and rare, and the air feels just plain refreshing to breathe.

Okay, to give one concession to practicality, that last bit might actually have more to do with Geneva’s actually really great air quality. But you get the gist.

You might not fall in love with Geneva, you surely might not wish to live there after seeing it as a visitor – but still, no matter what, I think it’s one of those places everyone deserves to see.

It will, in its own way and even if only a tiny bit, change the way you perceive the world. And isn’t that why we travel?

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