9 Best Chocolate Factories to Visit in Switzerland

If there’s one thing that Switzerland is famous for, it’s Swiss chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t love the creamy texture and the fragrant mixture of cocoa and fresh alpine milk? 

However, instead of just buying chocolate at some of the best chocolate shops in Switzerland, we recommend enhancing your experience by visiting chocolate factories in Switzerland!

Here are nine of the best Swiss chocolate factories to get you started!  

1. Maison Cailler – Broc

Maison Cailler
Image credit: Cailler

While Cailler isn’t necessarily the most internationally well-known Swiss chocolate brand, it IS one of the oldest chocolate factories in Switzerland, having been around since 1819. 

If you’d like to dive right into the historical past of this storied Swiss chocolate brand, then you’ll definitely want to spare a day to visit its main factory, the Maison Cailler.

Here, not only will you be able to watch the entire chocolate-making process from scratch, but you’ll also be able to join an hour-long interactive tour through the museum and discover the history of Chocolat Cailler. 

Of course, at the end of the tour is the one experience every fan of Swiss chocolates looks out for the most: Chocolate tasting! In addition, you could also try making your very own chocolate bar by signing up for one of the workshops in advance!

2. Maestrani Chocolarium – Flawil

Maestrani Chocolarium
Image credit: Chocolarium

Another chocolate factory in Switzerland that comes with a long history of excellence is Maestrani. It was founded way back in 1852 in Lucerne before moving to Flawil just seven years later, where they continue to produce their signature Munz, Minor, and Maestrani chocolates. 

In 2017, the company officially opened Maestrani Chocolarium, a museum and Swiss chocolate factory that is known for offering one of the most unique chocolate factory tours in Switzerland. It starts with an immersive audiovisual introduction of the brand’s history before ushering visitors down into the very heart of Maestrani’s chocolate factory. 

There, you can watch as expert chocolatiers create delightful sweet treats from scratch. And yes, before you ask, you’ll be able to sample those very creations later on in the tour. Alternatively, you can sign up for your very own chocolate-making class where you can design your very own chocolate bar! 

3. House of Läderach – Bilten

House of Läderach
Image credit: House of Läderach

Compared to Cailler and Mastrani, House of Laderach is one of the newest chocolate factories in Switzerland. That said, they’ve actually been around since the early 60s! And while they may not be Swiss chocolate centurions, the quality of their products is clear to see (and taste!).  

The most famous product of this family-owned business is their artisanal chocolate which is flavored with different unique ingredients such as candied oranges, roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, and more. You can watch the entire process from bean to bar at House of Läderach, their flagship museum and chocolate factory in Switzerland which opened in late 2020.  

In addition, you can also learn about the meteoric rise of the company on a guided tour and create your very own chocolate from scratch. If you love artisan chocolate, then this is one of the best Switzerland chocolate factory tours you’ll ever experience! 

Fun fact: in 2018, Elias Läderach, the grandson of the original founder of the company, was awarded the lofty title of World Chocolate Master! 

4. Chocolat Frey Visitor Center – Buchs

Chocolat Frey Visitor Center
Image credit: Chocolat Frey

Frey might not be the first Swiss chocolate brand you think of. However, in Switzerland, it’s one of the most beloved household names, with its products available in most supermarkets and stores.

The appeal of this family-owned business comes from its long, colorful history dating back to 1887 when it opened its first factory. 

In 2014, it opened its very first visitors’ center which gave chocolate lovers a glimpse into the process of making their favorite chocolates. While it isn’t the biggest chocolate factory in Switzerland, the interactive tour has all the ingredients (pun not intended) you need for a memorable experience. 

One unique aspect of the tour is the rare opportunity to taste roasted cocoa beans before they’re turned into chocolate. If that’s not to your fancy, don’t worry because there’s plenty of chocolate to taste at the end of the tour too! 

5. Camille Bloch – Courtelary

Camille Bloch
Image credit: Chocolats Camille Bloch

The Camille Bloch chocolate factory is one of the closest chocolate factories to Zurich, lying only about an hour away from the Swiss capital in the Canton of Bern.

As another chocolate factory in Switzerland fast approaching its 100-year anniversary, the Camille Bloch Chocolate Factory is another must-visit for chocolate lovers. Like the other factories on this list, a visit entails a factory tour and a tasting session. 

However, the most memorable experience of a chocolate factory tour here is watching as talented chocolatiers make the company’s famous Ragusa and Torino chocolates right in front of your eyes!

And yes, you’ll get to taste this fresh chocolate immediately afterward! If you get hooked on the taste, don’t fret because you can sign up for a class to learn the very secrets to making your own custom chocolate bars! 

6. Aeschbach’s ChocoWelt – Root

Another family-owned Swiss chocolate factory is Aeschbach Chocolatier, founded in 1972. This particular brand prides itself on its incredible handmade chocolates, including its famous Bsetzistei (cobblestone-shaped pralines).  

Their factory and museum are housed in a building that’s aptly named ChocoWelt, or ChocoWorld in English. As you might expect, you can observe as their famous chocolates are made from scratch, learn fun facts about the chocolate-making process, and make your own Aeschbach chocolate bar right at the end. 

If you crave even more chocolate, there’s also a shop and on-site cafe where you can fuel up on even more chocolaty goodness!  

7. Lindt Home of Chocolate – Zurich

Lindt Home of Chocolate
Image credit: Lindt Home of Chocolate

Of all the Swiss chocolate brands, Lindt is easily one of the most recognizable names. You’re probably wondering why I left it so late on this list then. To answer that question, it’s because Lindt’s main visitors’ center isn’t technically a factory. Instead, it’s an interactive museum and experience zone poetically called Lindt Home of Chocolate. 

Located in Kilchberg, Lindt Home of Chocolate is one of the only places where you can join a chocolate factory tour in Zurich. And what a tour it is!  From the very moment you enter, you’ll see a magnificent chocolate fountain measuring over 30 feet tall, with over 1.4 tonnes of chocolate being pumped out throughout the day! 

Once you’re done staring in awe, you can sign up for a museum tour where you can learn all there is to know about Lindt, its history, and how its chocolates are produced. Children will love the end of the tour, where you can eat as much chocolate as you can! 

8. Alprose Chocolate Experience – Lugano

Image credit: Chocolat Alprose

With Swiss chocolate being such a famous treat around the world, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of artisan chocolate brands in the country most of us have never heard of. Alprose is one such underrated gem that’s known for its sustainable chocolates (carbon-free production) and unique packaging. 

You can visit the headquarters of Alprose in Lugano but like Lindt Home of Chocolate, the Alprose Chocolate Experience isn’t a conventional factory. It is more like a museum that celebrates the Alprose brand and general chocolate history. That said, they are known for offering one of the best chocolate factory experiences in Switzerland. 

You’ll be able to get up close to the chocolate machines running in full view on the production floor. As expected, at the end of the tour, you get to shop and eat as much chocolate as you want too! 

9. Verkehrshaus Swiss Chocolate Adventure – Lucerne

Verkehrshaus Swiss Chocolate
Image credit: Verkehrshaus der Schweiz

Unlike most of the other factories on this list, the Verkehrshau Swiss Chocolate Adventure is not attached to any chocolate brand. In fact, it’s not even a chocolate factory. However, I had to include it on this list simply because it’s one of the most popular locations to visit for a chocolate-centric tour. 

Also known as the Swiss Museum of Transport, Verkehrshaus opened its doors in 1959 and uses interactive multimedia presentations to guide visitors through the mesmerizing process of turning cocoa beans into delicious Swiss chocolate. 

Of course, at the end of the tour, you get to taste and buy some chocolate as well. While the selection may not be as diverse as the other factories, it is still a bucket list destination chocolate lovers can’t miss in Switzerland. 

Bonus: Funky Chocolate Club – Interlaken

Funky Chocolate Club
Image credit: Funky Chocolate Club Switzerland

I’ll be honest: This isn’t a chocolate factory in Switzerland. Instead, it’s a humble artisan shop in Interlaken that offers, in my personal opinion, the best chocolate-making workshop in Switzerland. 

As you start your hour-long workshop, you’ll be introduced to the different kinds of cocoa beans and chocolates you’ll be working with. By that, I mean tasting everything on the table. Soon, it’s time to make your own custom chocolate bar! 

Under the watchful eye of your master chocolatier, you’ll melt, blend, and tamper your chocolate until you produce a bar that’s just as good as any branded chocolate in Switzerland! Once you’re done and happy with your creation, feel free to take a selfie to commemorate the experience and shop for more chocolates to bring home for your loved ones! 

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