21 Berlin Souvenirs to Take Home With You

You’ve fallen in love with Berlin and you want to bring home some Berlin souvenirs. The question is: what are the common souvenirs from Berlin? What are the best things to buy in Berlin?

There are lots of options, from the most favorite Berlin miniatures and magnets to a piece of the Berlin Wall itself. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options, we’ve made the task easy for you.

Here’s a list of Berlin souvenirs that you can buy to take back a piece of Germany with you. Or, if you’re feeling especially generous, share it with your loved ones. 

1. Berlin Beer

Berlin Beer

Germany and beer are connected. A huge part of Oktoberfest is consuming large quantities of beer. So it would be blasphemous to leave Berlin without picking up at least a few beer bottles.

If you are or know an aficionado, it would be helpful to pick a selection of the different brands of craft beer available. There are the ones produced by Berliner Kindl, Schultheiss and Berliner Pilsner. You can find beer available in any department store!

2. Berlin Bear and Buddy Bear

Berlin Bear and Buddy Bear

Bear has been used as the symbol of Berlin since the 13th century. The German city’s Coat of Arms also contains the bear on a white shield. But why the bear? Unfortunately, nobody knows, since the documents explaining this were destroyed in a fire in the 14th century.

But fear not, for this animal is still the Berlin mascot, In fact, it has been transformed into ‘Buddy Bear’ in 2001, with the ubiquitous symbols found all across the city, bright, cheerful and colorful. Meant to promote peace and tolerance among the many religions and communities in the world, a miniature memento of the Buddy Bear is the best Berlin souvenir you can give yourself or your loved ones.

They can be found all across Berlin, and have their original home outside the biggest departmental store in Berlin, the KaDeWe.

3. Treats from KaDeWe Department Store

KaDeWe Department Store

As one of the biggest department stores in Berlin, getting a Berlin souvenir from this shop shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have a friend or a loved one with a refined palette, you will definitely not run short of souvenirs to buy for them since a whole floor in this store is dedicated to food!

Take your pick from gourmet food, local wine, oil, spices, chocolates, and other delectable treats. Who says you can’t take the taste of Germany back with you?

4. Beer Steins

Beer Steins
Image credit: Flickr/daveoratox

Now these traditional beer mugs are tacky and garish but that doesn’t mean they don’t make for great Berlin souvenirs! You can choose from porcelain, stone, or glass beer steins. You could pick these up from the many souvenir shops across Berlin or the market at Bode Museum.

5. Berlin Miniature Souvenirs

Berlin Miniature Souvenirs

Miniatures — be it keyring, fridge magnets, shot glasses or many other kitschy items — are great souvenirs to bring back from Berlin. Not only are they easy to carry around, they’re a great reminder of the time you spent in this beautiful city — the sights and sounds of Berlin, the various attractions, the Berlin skyline… just a glance at these miniatures is sure to take you back to your vacation.

6. Berlin Wall

Berlin wall

History is always fascinating. The fact that you can bring back a piece of history — literally — with you is incredible. But it’s true.

An essential stop in your Berlin itinerary, the Berlin Wall was erected between East Berlin and West Berlin during the cold war. And you could cross from one side to another by the most famous crossing point, Checkpoint Charlie. You can own this piece of iron curtain or bring it back as a Berlin souvenir for a loved one who is a history buff. 

On the off-chance that this doesn’t excite you, you can buy Berlin Wall souvenirs such as mugs and t-shirts. 

7. DDR Museum 

DDR Museum
Image credit: Flickr/murdelta

If you’d like to take back a piece of a Soviet-era Germany (apart from the wall, of course), the days of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, you can buy numerous souvenirs, including East German flags, shirts and hats, in shops across the city. Or you could visit the DDR Museum and pick up souvenirs from the museum shop.

8. Frau Toni perfume

Frau Toni perfume
Image credit: Flickr/maryonamission

Perfume from the city you visit is an excellent gift idea and great souvenir. For instance, when you visit France, a great souvenir from Paris is perfume such as Fragonard. In Berlin, Frau Toni is a favorite.

Said to tingle your olfactory senses, Frau Toni is truly an exquisite perfume that makes for an excellent Berlin souvenir. It is said that the scent of this perfume reminds one of warm summer days in Berlin.  

9. Hertha BSC fanshop

Hertha BSC fanshop

Hertha Berliner Sport Club or Hertha BSC is Berlin’s very own popular football club. With its quintessential blue and white colours, there are a number of Hertha BSC merchandise you can pick up as souvenirs, such as stuffed toys, shirts, watches, cups and scarves.

Fun fact: Hertha BSC was the founding member of German Football Association.

10. Askania watches

Askania watches
Image credit: Flickr/Richard Ricciardi

Askania is among the the world’s most precisely designed watches and was founded in 1871. Mostly for research, expeditions and navy, today this watch is very much an integral part of Berlin. The Germans are a punctual lot and if you want to bring back a fantastic Berlin souvenir, look no further. 

11. German Chocolate

German Chocolate
Image credit: Flickr/Caribb

German chocolates are regarded among the best in the world and it would be a crime to not pick these up as Berlin souvenirs. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you know somehow who loves chocolates, there are a range of gift options to choose from — artisanal and local.

Sawade has been producing chocolates in Berlin since 1880. Pick up a box full of chocolate pralines for you or your loved ones and you will not be disappointed. Some of the Berlin’s most historic treats can be found at Fassbender & Rausch, which has been around since the 19th century! The chocolates here are delicious and while we say these will make for great Berlin souvenirs, they won’t last for too long in your bag, because you’ll probably eat them before they reach their destination. Nibble on their chocolate truffles and chocolate-covered gingerbread Lebkuchen and you’ll know they’re not famous for nothing. 

12. Ampelmännchen

Image credit: Flickr/Sabrina Hagens

Ampelmann is a symbol of East Germany and these adorable little figures are ubiquitous today. Ampelmann is the little figure in Berlin at crosswalks that tells you when it’s safe to cross and when you should stop. The familiar silhouette can be found on many Berlin souvenirs such as tote bags, postcards, magnets, ice trays… you name it, in all probability, they’ll have it.

These can be found in Ampelmänn store and other galleries.

13. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Germany is famous for many things, such as its Christmas markets where you can find Christmas-related trinkets. So the next time you put up Christmas decorations at your home, you can have these souvenirs from Berlin to remind you of what a great time you had! The Christmas markets are very memorable and is a must-visit, if you travel to Berlin during Christmas time.

14. Photo Booth Pictures

Photo Booth Pictures

Photoautomat are photo booths that are scattered around the city. When you see these, make sure that get a picture of yourself in these analog photo booths. We promise when you look back on these photos, you will be glad you took a piece of this Berlin souvenir to remember your trip by.

15. Ceramics


Germany is known for its clean, beautiful designs so why not bring back remnants of these in the form of locally made ceramics? While there are a number of options, you must definitely check out Königliche Porzellan, which was founded by the King of Prussia!

16. German Cheese

German Cheese

Did you know that Germany is the second-largest producer of cheese in the world?

So if cheese is something that excites you (and it should), bring home a piece of the local cheese. You can also visit the city’s annual cheese festival, Cheese Berlin that usually takes place in November. There are a number of specialty cheese shops that will help you taste Germany’s cheese flavor.

Does this make for a great Berlin souvenir? You bet! 

17. Blutwurst or blood sausage


The name itself suggests; this is definitely not for vegetarians or for the weak hearted. Blutwurst or blood sausage is a sausage made entirely out of congealed blood (in the case of Berlin, usually pork), and is usually mixed with a filler such as bread.

If you are looking for a sausage spread or know someone who would appreciate this dish, then you can definitely carry a bottle of well-packed Blutwurst back with you as a Berlin souvenir.

18. Magic at Zauberkönig

Magic at Zauberkönig
Image credit: Flickr/Stephen Coles

Fancy yourself a magician? Well then we suggest you step into Zauberkönig, a magic store situated in Berlin. Founded in 1884, the store serves magicians of all ages, right from beginners to those interested in pyrotechnics. So step in and activate your dormant dream of transforming from a muggle to a witch or wizard! A great gift shop from where to buy Berlin souvenirs!

19. Berlin Pop Art

Sabine Welz transforms the traditional icons of Berlin into pieces of pop art

If you want all the famous, usual Berlin souvenirs but with an added twist, you should consider gifting your loved ones Berlin inspired Pop Art. You can buy these at Art Domino, which houses the work of artist Sabine Welz, who creatively transforms the traditional icons and souvenirs of Berlin into pieces of pop art. You will surely find something to take back as a Berlin souvenir here!

20. Palace souvenirs

Charlottenburg Palace
Charlottenburg Palace | Image credit: Flickr/Wolfgang Staudt

After you experience the opulent royalties at one of the city’s many palaces, you will find yourself outside the palaces’ gift shop. Make sure you step inside it and buy some Berlin souvenir you can take back as a memento. The Charlottenburg gift shop is said to be especially beautiful to buy memorabilia.

21. Prussian Schnapps

Prussian Schnapps

Sure, Germany is known for its beer but also for its Schnapps. Schnapps is any alcoholic beverage that is said to be stronger than 32%. They come in a variety of flavors, and this herbal liquor can be found at a distillery that doubles up as a schnapps museum, the Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur.

Best place to buy souvenirs in Berlin

berlin postcards

Now that you know what to buy, here we’ll try to tell you where to buy these fantastic Berlin souvenirs. The first place you absolutely must visit is the KaDeWe department store, which is located at TauentzienstraĂźe. Did you know this is the second-largest departmental store in Europe after Harrods in London? After stepping into this gift shop, you can step out to buy Buddy Bears souvenirs in Berlin. 

Souvenirs relating to Hertha BSC can be bought in the Fan Shop, which is located at Breitscheidplatz. For the magical Zauberkönig, you will have to visit Hermanstrasse. Sabine Welz’s charming shop is at Rudolstädter, while you will have to travel to Charlottenburg, Belvedere, Sansouci and other palaces located in the city for palace-related gifts. For common Berlin souvenirs, you can visit the Berlin Deluxe at Schloßstraße, or the Ampelmann shop at Hackesche Höfe market. Then there is also the Alexanderplatz, near which you can find numerous souvenir stores. It is also a great place for shopping in Berlin!

We hope you found some useful Berlin souvenir ideas and will have a blast shopping for the best gifts from Germany. What are you planning to buy in Berlin? Share it with us in the comment box below!

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