Top 10 Samsonite Travel Backpacks on the Market

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Ask any avid traveler and they’ll tell you that there’s always that one accessory that they can’t live without. As a frequent traveler myself, my most treasured “travel partners” are my handy Samsonite backpacks. And that’s not just because I prefer to travel lightly!

Whether it’s for storing rations on a hiking trip or simply providing extra space for loose items, a Samsonite travel backpack can easily be your most essential travel accessory. 

Why a Samsonite travel backpack?

Samsonite backpack
Image credit: Samsonite

These days, there are plenty of awesome travel backpacks on the market. However, my personal favorite brand is Samsonite. In fact, my first ever backpack was a Samsonite. The brand needs no introduction in the travel community. After all, it is one of the most reputable luggage brands in the world! 

While the Samsonite brand usually comes with a fancy price tag, the truth is that Samsonite backpacks don’t always break the bank. The Samsonite Tectonic Lifestyle and the Samsonite Classic Checkpoint Friendly, for example, are at the cheaper end of the price range. On top of that, there’s a Samsonite backpack model for every kind of traveler – the digital nomads, the outdoorsy sorts, and even business travelers.

I’ll be giving you my pick of the 10 best travel backpacks from Samsonite soon but before that, let’s find out how to choose a Samsonite backpack that will fit your lifestyle.

What to look out for when buying a backpack

The first thing that you will likely notice about any backpack, regardless of brand, is the appearance. While I agree that having a pleasing aesthetic is an attractive feature, for frequent travelers, functionality and durability will be the two main factors in deciding whether or not to invest in a particular bag. 

To that end, these are the generally the main factors that I consider when purchasing a backpack, in order of importance:


Ideally, the best backpacks need to be durable. After all, it can get pretty annoying if you need to replace your backpack every few months because of wear and tear. 

However, one should also consider the practicality of the material with respect to your style of traveling. If you’re an avid hiker and you regularly brave extreme conditions and climates, consider getting a backpack that is water resistant and lightweight.


As you’ll likely be carrying your backpack for extended periods of time, it is imperative that it comes with functional straps that are also easy on your shoulders. Padded straps are the best as they provide an extra layer of comfort.

Apart from that, also take into account the average weight load you’ll be placing in the backpacks. If you’re the type who would stuff half of everything you own into your backpack, make sure the straps are strong enough to withstand the added load. 

girl with backpack


While having a backpack with which you can store almost everything is super convenient, it also depends on how you wish to travel. I for one prefer to keep my personal items and important documents in my backpack, so I would always want it close by, even when I’m on a plane. 

So before you buy that flashy new Samsonite backpack, take into account the size of the backpack and whether or not it can be stored in the overhead compartments when it is full. Another factor to consider is whether or not the size fits your needs as carrying around a massive backpack can be more trouble than it’s worth. 


A good backpack made for travel comes with the right amount of compartments. These include ones where you can store your electronics and other fragile items safely. If you’re an active explorer who spends most of your day out in the city, hills, or anywhere else, look for backpacks that have side pockets which allow you to store a handy water bottle. 


Finally, while I maintain that functionality trumps aesthetics when it comes to travel backpacks, I can’t deny that traveling with one that looks hella good with your #ootd is a massive bonus. However, I suggest putting your style preference at the very end of your list of considerations when buying a backpack. 

The best Samsonite travel backpacks

1. Samsonite Tectonic 2 Series

As a lifelong Samsonite backpack fan myself, I must say that the Samsonite Tectonic 2 Series is my current favorite. The Samsonite backpacks in this series often come with ample storage space, making them perfect for travelers who like to rely mainly on their carry-ons when traveling. 

The Samsonite Tectonic 2 backpacks are made from poly-ballistic fabric and come with a quality nylon foundation. This makes them long-lasting, durable, and perfect for those who spend plenty of time outdoors. The straps are also lined with padding and are easily adjustable.

For digital nomads who travel with their laptops, the Tectonic 2 backpacks also feature a padded laptop compartment in addition to other smaller pockets. These allow you to store loose items in an organized manner and it even comes with a side pocket so you can store your water bottles. 

Finally, these Samsonite backpacks also earn brownie points for their sleek and modern design. All in all, many consider the Tectonic 2 Series to be the best Samsonite backpacks on the market at the moment and it’s easy to see why. 

What we like about it:

  • Extendable straps
  • Ample storage space
  • Specialized compartments
  • Water-resistant

What we wished was better:

  • Can be quite bulky and heavy

2. Samsonite Xenon 3

Samsonite Xenon 3
Image credit: Samsonite

Speaking of digital nomads, the Xenon 3 backpack is likely going to be your favorite. This Samsonite business backpack is made with a durable yet lightweight polyester material and features a smart sleeve which ensures the bag remains upright at all times. This keeps your items safe and secure, especially your laptop. The extra padding in the compartments certainly help too! 

What’s more, the Samsonite Xenon 3 also comes with a unique air channel system to provide comfortable padding for your back. This alleviates the pressure on your spine when you’re carrying a heavy load. Its minimalistic design and compact appearance also lends it an air of professionalism. 

However, the Samsonite Xenon 3 doubles up as a highly useful travel backpack too. This is because this Samsonite backpack comes with plenty of individual compartments that allow you to store a variety of different items

What we like about it:

  • Spacious compartments
  • Specialized storage functions
  • Made of long-lasting polyester
  • Generally lightweight

What we wished was better:

  • The price

3. Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit 

Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit
Image credit: Samsonite

If there’s one word that perfectly sums up the Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit, it’s “versatility”. This laptop backpack’s most important feature is its flexible laptop compartment. Since it is adjustable, it can fit laptops of any size and make, including less-common models that are hard to fit in most other laptop backpacks. 

As with most Samsonite backpacks, the Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit comes with a multitude of padded compartments that make it easy to store multiple items securely. The durable material also makes it a long-lasting, heavy duty backpack that will outlast most other models.

However, I must confess that I am slightly disappointed by the general lack of variation in terms of design. Don’t get me wrong, I love black as a styling option, I just wish had an option to choose some other color. 

What we like about it:

  • Perfect as a work/travel backpack
  • Laptop pocket has flexible padding

What we wished was better:

  • Can be quite bulky and heavy
  • The price

4. Samsonite Kombi

Samsonite Kombi
Image credit: Samsonite

The Samsonite Kombi actually comes in two sizes, a large, multipurpose backpack; and a smaller business backpack. In this article, I’ll focus on the Samsonite Kombi Large backpack. Fit for both business and leisure travel, the Samsonite Kombi backpack provides plenty of storage space (including a padded 15.6” laptop pocket). 

Apart from being durable (nylon lining), the Samsonite Kombi Large backpack also looks and feels premium as it contains a touch of genuine leather. More importantly, it comes with a fleece-lined pocket that can keep your phone and other electronics dust-free. This prevents any unfortunate incidents of micro scratches on your screens. 

Sadly, the one glaring problem I have with the Samsonite Kombi backpack is the lack of side pockets. What’s more, it is one of the more premium Samsonite backpacks on the market, so do expect a slightly heftier price tag. 

What we like about it:

  • Simple but practical design
  • Provides ample storage space
  • Comfortable padding for support
  • Comes with multiple pouches
  • Water-resistant

What we wished was better:

  • Lack of side pockets
  • The price

5. Samsonite Modern Utility Travel Backpack

Samsonite Modern Utility Travel Backpack
Image credit: Samsonite

Personally speaking, the Samsonite Modern Utility Travel Backpack is my second favorite on this list (after the Samsonite Tectonic 2). What I like most about this Samsonite backpack is the lightweight material fully padded air-mesh back panel that allows me to carry it for long periods of time without waking up the next day with an annoyingly sore back. 

With plenty of storage space and compartments, the Samsonite Modern Utility Travel Backpack is arguably one of the top choices for a wheels-free weekend getaway. What’s more, the interior compartments can expand up to 2.5” to provide even more space for your items! The layout of the various compartments also allows you to organize your loose items and electronics in a neat manner.

Basically, it’s the perfect companion for quick getaways. Plus, the colors (olive and charcoal heather) are oh, so pleasing to the eyes. 

What we like about it:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Rather lightweight and stylish
  • Comes with padded pockets for electronics 
  • Water-resistant and durable material

What we wished was better:

  • Not the biggest backpack around

6. Samsonite PRO 4 DLX Urban Backpack

The Samsonite PRO 4 DLX Urban Backpack is the ideal choice for globetrotters and digital nomads who prefer to travel light. Its compact design makes it one of the smaller Samsonite backpacks on the market but it still gets the job done in terms of storage space. 

It can easily fit a modest-sized laptop and provide ample protection thanks to the backpack’s shock-absorbent material. In addition, several individual compartments allow you to store your loose items in an organized manner.

My one problem with the Samsonite PRO 4 DLX Urban Backpack is that it’s not quite suitable for the outdoorsy type. After all, it doesn’t have small pockets and trying to fit a week-long vacation into this compact backpack is a bit of a stretch at best. 

What we like about it:

  • Compact and easy to store
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Extremely durable

What we wished was better:

  • Does not have side pockets
  • A little too small for some people
  • The price

7. Samsonite Crosscut Backpack

Samsonite Crosscut Backpack
Image credit: Samsonite

If you’re after a sporty backpack that’s practical for daily use, then I recommend the Samsonite Crosscut backpack. It is made from Samsonite’s signature ballistic weave polyester, which is extremely durable and water-resistant. It comes with a plenty of individual compartments which make storing different items, including a laptop up to 17”, as simple as can be. 

While it can be a little bit bulky when it’s filled to capacity, the Samsonite Crosscut backpack comes with an air flow mesh padding. This provides much needed back support to keep you comfortable throughout the day. A front organizer also allowed you to store your loose electronics and items and easily and the best part? It has TWO water bottle pockets! 

What we like about it:

  • Trendy and vibrant design
  • Ample storage space and compartments
  • Made of durable material
  • Comes with flexible side pockets

What we wished was better:

  • Can be bulky when full
  • The price

8. Samsonite Prowler ST6

If there’s one backpack that’s a perfect fit for tech savvy travelers, it’s the Samsonite Prowler ST6. This is because the interior of this Samsonite backpack is split into several different, shock-absorbent compartments. This prevents your gadgets from knocking into each other while you move around. 

What’s more, the backpack comes with watertight sealing bag zips, which further protects your devices from getting wet. Its sturdy form and durability also make it an ideal choice for those who spend loads of time on the move. 

One potential complication for some is that the Samsonite Prowler ST6 looks quite large, even when its empty. So you may be asked to weigh your backpack several times while you’re trying to board your flight. Not really an issue as long as you don’t overpack though! 

What we like about this Samsonite backpack:

  • Interior is split into separate compartments
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Watertight with sealing bag zips
  • Padding in all pouches

What we wished was better:

  • Quite large by default

9. Samsonite Classic Leather Backpack

Samsonite Classic Leather Backpack
Image credit: Samsonite

Sometimes, simplicity simply is the best. The Samsonite Classic Leather Backpack is one of the brand’s most popular items. Apart from its sleek and sophisticated design, this classic Samsonite backpack is also extremely practical for most business travelers. 

With enough storage space to store TWO laptops, the Samsonite Classic Leather Backpack is the ideal companion for those who want to impress during a business trip. The padded straps and back support (air mesh) also make carrying the backpack a comfortable experience. There’s also a front organizer where you can store your files and other essential accessories too!

All in all, this Samsonite backpack personifies seasoned professionals. 

What we like about this Samsonite backpack:

  • Plenty of storage space
  • Fit up to TWO laptops
  • Padded straps and air mesh panels
  • Front organizer
  • Extremely stylish

What we wished was better:

  • The price
  • Not suited for outdoor use

10. Samsonite Tectonic Easy Rider Backpack

Samsonite Tectonic Easy Rider Backpack
Image credit: Samsonite

Finally, to round up this list of the best Samsonite backpacks, we have the perfect all-rounder that’s fit for any occasion. The Samsonite Tectonic Easy Rider Backpack is the all-purpose companion for seasoned travelers who spend most of their time on the road. It has several compartments and ample storage space, including two elastic side pockets (one zippered and one open). 

Like most Samsonite backpacks, the Tectonic Easy Rider Backpack comes with a fleece-lined pocket for small electronics and a padded pocket for your laptop. However, my favorite feature is the key clip on the front. Apart from adding style points, it actually doubles up as a bottle opener. How convenient!

It also has a rustic travel backpack look that makes it more appealing compared to some of the other Samsonite backpacks on the market. Plus, it’s also rather affordable considering its features and functionality! 

What we like about this Samsonite backpack:

  • Zippered side pocket
  • Fleece lined inner pocket
  • Water-resistant
  • Exterior key clip doubles up as a bottle opener

What we wished was better:

  • Can be heavy when it is full

In conclusion, the Samsonite name certainly lives up to its reputation as a frontrunner in the travel backpack industry. While some of its products are a hit and miss, a Samsonite backpack generally lasts for quite a long time and can be your loyal travel companion for years to come. Hopefully the list above gives you an idea of what makes for a good travel backpack! And with that, it’s time to hit the road! 

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Samsonite travel backpacks
Samsonite travel backpacks

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