70 Quotes About Rome That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

The Eternal City, Rome, is truly a feast for the senses — it might even leave you so overwhelmed that you’ll have a hard time coming up with an original Instagram caption for that Roman holiday pic.

You don’t have to worry, though: just dig into our list of 70 memorable quotes about Rome and you’ll feel as inspired as I did while putting it together.

Short Instagram captions about Rome

These Rome quotes are as catchy as it gets, so they’re perfect for social media!

Every one soon or late comes round by Rome.

Robert Browning

Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.

Anatole Broyard

Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her.

G. K. Chesterton

Rome is a broken mirror, the falling straps of a dress, a puzzle of astonishing complexity. It is an iceberg floating below our terrace, all its ballasts hidden beneath the surface.

Anthony Doerr

In Rome one had simply to sit still and feel.

E. M. Forster

I would like to be like Rome when I am an old lady.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.


How is it possible to say an unkind or irreverential word of Rome? The city of all time, and of all the world!

Nathaniel Hawthorne

I thought I knew everything when I came to Rome, but I soon found I had everything to learn.

Edmonia Lewis

Rome seems a comfort to those with the ambitious soul of an Artist or a Conqueror.

Pietros Maneos
Quotes About Rome

I’m sure when they partied when Rome was burning, that was a really great party.

Adam McKay

Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome: young and decrepit, poor and billionaire, intimate and withered, small and infinite.

Aldo Palazzeschi

I find this quote pretty suggestive in that it reminds me how a country of such sharp contrasts like Italy couldn’t really have a more fitting city for its capital. 

A fool is one who admires other cities without visiting Rome.

Francesco Petrarca

Rome, the city where memories were chiseled in marble.

Elif Shafak

Famous proverbs about Rome

No other city has become the subject of so many popular sayings, probably because the centrality of Rome to Western history remains pretty much unrivaled. 

Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Romam. — All roads lead to Rome.


Roma caput mundi regit orbis frena rotundi.— Rome capital of the world keeps the reins of the round globe.


Roma locuta, causa finita est. — Rome has spoken, the case is closed.


Si fueris Romæ, Romano vivito more. — When in Rome (do as the Romans do).

Quotes About Rome

Chi Roma non vede, nulla crede. — Seeing Rome is believing it.


Domandando si va a Roma. — Asking around will take you to Rome.


Rome wasn’t build in a day.


Food-themed Rome quotes

You already know you’re not supposed to add cream to carbonara (or do you?); you might not be fully aware, though, of how much both chefs and well-informed foodies obsess over the seasonality and simplicity of Roman cuisine, as the following quotes about Rome show.

If I’m in Rome for only 48 hours, I would consider it a sin against God to not eat cacio e pepe, the most uniquely Roman of pastas, in some crummy little joint where Romans eat.

Anthony Bourdain

But beyond the extravagance of Rome’s wealthiest citizens and flamboyant gourmands, a more restrained cuisine emerged for the masses: breads baked with emmer wheat; polenta made from ground barley; cheese, fresh and aged, made from the milk of cows and sheep; pork sausages and cured meats; vegetables grown in the fertile soil along the Tiber … The pillars of Italian cuisine, like the pillars of the Pantheon, are indeed old and sturdy. 

Matt Goulding

Rome is possibly my favorite city in the world. I have such fond memories there — most of them food related.

Mallory Jansen

The beauty of Rome is that you can wander into a pizzeria just about anywhere and get a real Italian pizza that’s thankfully worlds away from the Super Supreme I used to order at Pizza Hut as a kid.

Ed Stoppard
Quotes About Rome

Ancient Rome quotes

Aphorisms have been somewhat of a Roman tradition since the days of the Republic, so for these quotes about Rome to have stood the test of time they must truly remarkable.

I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.


If one thing, the first Roman emperor was really effective in defining the impressive prosperity brought about to the polity by the fierce outward expansion that he led. Talk about legacy!

I am a Roman citizen.


O kindly Sun, in your shining chariot, who / Herald the day, then hide it, to be born again / New yet the same, you will never know anything / Mightier than Rome!


What could I do at Rome? I don’t know how to lie.


Rome, a fortunate, invincible and eternal city.


You command my desire for the queen of cities to be mitigated: you alone are a Rome to me.


What is better than Rome?


Let the Roman offspring be powerful, by Italian valor.


Quotes about Rome by movie actors and directors

World-famous movie stars are fascinated by the Eternal City as much as the next guy, yet they might have a tad more talent to translate that awe into words.

I was born in Hollywood, grew up in Paris, but only Rome feels like «my» city.

Tina Aumont

I just love Rome. It really does cast a spell on you.

Alec Baldwin

Rome is magic.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.

Robert De Niro

In ‘Roma’, I wanted to get across the idea that underneath Rome today is ancient Rome. So close. I am always conscious of that, and it thrills me.

Federico Fellini
Quotes About Rome

Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.

Audrey Hepburn

For millennia, Rome has embodied and repelled every cliché, description, and act of comprehension or explanation applied to it. As a city, it has been built and destroyed and rebuilt by — and has celebrated and signified and outlasted — caesars and barbarians and popes and Fascists and prophets and artists and pilgrims and schemers and migrants and lovers and fools.

Shawn Levy

Personally, I like Rome very much. It’s sort of a moderate, tranquil jungle where one can hide…

Marcello Mastroianni in “La Dolce Vita”

This quintessential movie from the golden age of Roman high life has contributed to the city’s allure like hardly any other, and this quote perfectly illustrates the casual self-satisfaction that we all love about Romans.

Rome has New York’s formlessness, aimlessness, a kind of hard-boiled sophistication, blasé about everything.

Paul Morrissey

Oddly enough, I’m not religious but I’m also very fond of St Peter’s in Rome. When I’m there, I always know there’s a good meal not far away.

Jonathan Pryce

Rome is unlike any other city. It’s a big museum, a living room that one must cross on tiptoes.

Alberto Sordi

Rome is a city where in every corner you have a reminder of the sacred world.

Paolo Sorrentino

Rome quotes from the fashion world

Way before Milan was crowned the fashion capital of the world, the first fashion shows held in Italy took place in Rome — and the city’s nonchalant glamor continues to inspire designers and fashionistas alike.

Paris has the elegance of harmonies and grandeur, London has the elegance of class and prestige, Rome has the elegance of humanity and history.

Gianfranco Ferré

Rome is a little bit different. There is something in Rome, incredible, like in a Fellini movie. Everybody’s screaming and laughing very loud.

Alessandro Michele

If a Northern Italian tells you that Bologna is the northernmost city of Southern Italy, they’re most likely joking. Technically, Rome is not in the South either… but culturally, that’s another story altogether.

Quotes About Rome

In Rome, I particularly love the history, churches, sculptures and architecture and the fact that you can walk along a tiny cobbled street and turn the corner to find the Trevi Fountain.

Philip Treacy

Rome holds my psyche in balance. Whenever I’m there, it’s like a holiday.

Giambattista Valli

Quotes about Rome by classic authors

Sometimes even geniuses have a hard time choosing the most noteworthy aspects of Rome, out of so many, to talk about — but when they do, we’re left with timeless words.

Oh Rome! My country! City of the soul! The orphans of the heart must turn to thee, lone mother of dead empires! 

Lord Byron

Here was Rome indeed at last; and such a Rome as no one can image in its full and awful grandeur!

Charles Dickens

Rome — the city of visible history, where the past of a whole hemisphere seems moving in funeral procession with strange ancestral images and trophies gathered from afar.

George Eliot

She had always been fond of history, and here was history in the stones of the street and the atoms of the sunshine.

Henry James

Methinks I will not die quite happy without having seen something of that Rome.

Walter Scott

You sometimes get bored of Rome by the second month of your stay, but never by the sixth, and if you stay until the twelfth month, you are taken by the idea of settling down there.


From the dome of St. Peter’s one can see every notable object in Rome… He can see a panorama that is varied, extensive, beautiful to the eye, and more illustrious in history than any other in Europe.

Mark Twain

Yes, I have finally arrived to this Capital of the World! I now see all the dreams of my youth coming to life… Only in Rome is it possible to understand Rome.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Quotes About Rome

Rome quotes by contemporary authors

Not even the speed of modern life has weakened the splendor of Italy’s capital, as these quotes about Rome from present-day writers reveal.

Rome was mud and smoky skies; the rank smell of the Tiber and the exotically spiced cooking fires of a hundred different nationalities.

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Living in Rome is a way of losing life.

Ennio Flaiano

Rome is a place almost worn out by being looked at, a city collapsing under the weight of reference.

Graham Joyce

You look at passers-by in Rome and think, ‘Do they know what they have here?’

Frank McCourt

I can’t tell whether the author of “Angela’s Ashes” was being sarcastic or naïve here. Though Neapolitans would beg to differ, telling Romans theirs is not the most beautiful city in the world would probably trigger a harsh response from most.

If we could be reborn wherever we chose, how crowded Rome would be, populated by souls who had spent their previous lives longing to inhabit a villa on the Janiculum Hill.

Francine Prose

The thing I love about Rome is that is has so many layers. In it, you can follow anything that interests you: town planning, architecture, churches or culture. It’s a city rich in antiquity and early Christian treasures, and just endlessly fascinating. There’s nowhere else like it.

Claire Tomalin

More quotes about Rome

I love Rome and the way that you can wander around and find something interesting around every street corner. You can smell the history.

Jonathan Agnew

How great Rome was, its very ruins tell.

Francesco Albertini

Rome is one enormous mausoleum. There, the past lies visibly stretched upon his bier. There is no today or tomorrow in Rome; it is perpetual yesterday.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Ancient Rome was as confident of the immutability of its world and the continual expansion and improvement of the human lot as we are today.

Arthur Erickson

All roads indeed lead to Rome, but theirs also is a more mystical destination, some bourne of which no traveler knows the name, some city, they all seem to hint, even more eternal.

Richard Le Gallienne

Rome is the capital of history, culture, religion. Rome is Italy.

Uto Ughi

Rome is the example of what happens when the monuments of a city last too long.

Andy Warhol
Quotes About Rome

We hope the quotes about Rome we’ve listed here will be the perfect match for your next Instagram picture and help you get even more likes and followers. For more inspiration, check out our list of the most inspirational quotes about Italy and the best quotes about Venice, the city of canals!

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