17 Most Popular Mountains in Switzerland to Visit

Ask any traveler who has ever visited Switzerland and they’ll tell you that nothing beats the majestic scenery of the country’s alpine mountains. From skiing in the summer and breathtaking hikes to revolving cable cars and even an appearance in a James Bond movie, Switzerland’s mountains are spectacular! 

If you wish to experience the magic of Switzerland mountains for yourself, let us help you out! Here are the 17 most popular mountains in Switzerland! 

1. The Matterhorn


There is no doubt in my mind that the Matterhorn is the most famous mountain in Switzerland. In fact, it’s probably one of the most famous Switzerland mountains in the world! After all, its iconic silhouette is featured prominently in the Toblerone logo!

Located near the alluring town of Zermatt, the Matterhorn is easily one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland. Towering majestically over snow-covered valleys during winter, the Matterhorn is often considered the most beautiful peak of the Swiss Alps out of all the mountains in Switzerland! 

Some of the experiences not to be missed when visiting the Matterhorn include: 

  • Matterhorn Glacier Paradise: a cable car station / 360° viewing platform that looks out over the icy alpine paradise of the Matterhorn. It is the tallest viewing platform in Europe. 
  • The Matterhorn Ice Palace: one of the highest and most magical ice palaces in the world, hidden 15 meters below the glaciers. 

2. Gornergrat


Apart from the Matterhorn, another famous mountain in Switzerland is Gornergrat, which is also accessible from the town of Zermatt. To reach the very summit of Gornergrat, the most common (and fun!) way is to board a cogwheel train at Zermatt. The journey by rail takes about 30 minutes and passes through some truly spectacular alpine landscape. It stops at four different stations, each being a starting point for those who wish to continue the journey on foot. 

However, you can always just ride the train to the very top, from which you can admire the highest peaks of the Alps, including the aforementioned Matterhorn. On clear days, you can also catch a glimpse of the Dufourspitze, which is the highest peak in Switzerland! 

While Gornergrat isn’t as famous as the Matterhorn, it remains a truly exciting place to visit and offers one of the most breathtaking journeys through the mountain ranges in Switzerland. You can even spend a night at the peak of Gornergrat by staying at the hotel there. On clear nights, you can even head to the attic to peer out into the night sky! 

3. Monte Rosa

Monte rosa

Speaking of Dufourspitze, it actually belongs to another popular mountain range in Switzerland: the Monte Rosa. And, unsurprisingly, it holds the record as the tallest mountain in Switzerland. And, yes, it is also most easily accessed via Zermatt (I’m sensing a pattern here). 

In short, the Monte Rosa is a gargantuan ice-covered mountain massif located between Italy and Switzerland in the Pennine Alps. While it is possible to go on a hiking trip to Monte Rosa, be warned that it is extremely challenging. This is because regardless of which path you choose, you will be crossing over glaciers during your journey. As such, you should definitely hire a guide before going on your adventure. 

For a more relaxing way to experience Monte Rosa, simply stay overnight at the hut located at the base of the mountain!  

4. Jungfrau 


Among all the mountains of Switzerland, Jungfrau is arguably the most popular during winter. Standing tall at  4,158 meters, Jungfrau is one of the main peaks of the Bernese Alps and one of the highest mountains in Switzerland. Along with its sister peaks, Eiger and Mönch, the Jungfrau forms a towering wall of mountains that overlooks the Bernese Oberland. Much like Gornergrat, the journey to Jungfrau is in itself a magical experience. 

Departing from Interlaken, the Jungfrau Railway ferries passengers through several lovely alpine towns and locations. Since Jungfrau is covered with snow and ice throughout the year at the top, it is one of the few places in the world where you can ski in the summer. However, the foot of the mountain changes its hue according to the seasons, making for some truly unforgettable scenery. When the skies are clear, you can enjoy a truly magnificent view from the veranda. You can also look forward to hiking, ice skating and visiting the museum which details the history of the Jungfrau Railway. 

Fun fact: The train station at Jungfrau is the highest of its kind in Europe. That’s why Jungfrau is also often referred to as the “Top of Europe”.

5. Grindelwald First


While it sounds like a catchy slogan, Grindelwald First is actually a majestic mountain top above the town of Grindelwald. From there you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of the aforementioned Jungfrau area. 

If I were to describe Grindelwald First using only one phrase, I’d say that it is one of the most Insta-worthy mountains in Switzerland. Beyond its majestic silhouette, there are also plenty of truly picturesque locations you can explore. For one, on clear days, you can capture surreal photos of the mountains being reflected in Bachalpsee, a massive lake that’s just over an hour away from the summit of Grindelwald First. 

For adrenaline junkies, there are many exciting hiking trails to choose from and you can even zipline downhill when you’ve reached the top! 

6. Mount Pilatus

Mount pilatus

Another famous Switzerland mountain that offers a spectacular view throughout the journey to the peak is Mount Pilatus. Located in the central region, it is one of the easiest mountains in Switzerland to visit.

To reach this majestic mountain massif, one of the most fun ways is to take the Pilatus railway, the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. While the trip is only half an hour long, it certainly is an unforgettable experience. However, you can only ride the Pilatus Railway between May and November. Alternatively, you could also take the gondola to FräkmĂĽntegg. From there, the summit of Mount Pilatus is just a short cable car ride away. 

Unlike many of the alpine mountains in Switzerland, the scenery on Mount Pilatus actually changes regularly according to the season. This makes it one of the most popular return-visit destinations in the country!  

7. Mount Titlis

mount titlis

One famous mountain in Switzerland that often gets overlooked by travelers is Mount Titlis, accessible via cable car from the town of Engelberg. During the last section of the ascent, the cable car actually rotates, allowing visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the Titlis. 

But once the exciting ride to the top is over, there’s plenty to enjoy at the peak too. You can: 

  • Hop aboard the ‘Ice Flyer’ chairlift and admire the glaciers at Glacier Park from a bird’s eye view
  • Enjoy the snow-covered scenery, ride a sled and even have a snowball fight
  • Walk across the suspension bridge that’s part of the Titlis Cliff Walk for an adrenaline-filled view of the mountain ranges in Switzerland
  • You can also start hiking the mountain from TrĂĽbsee, which is one of the cable car stations that’s located at the midway point. 
  • In the summer, you can also explore TrĂĽbsee by renting a boat and paddling out to the lake!

8. Mount San Salvatore

san salvatore

One of the reasons the mountains in Switzerland are such endearing destinations is because it often offers us the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Mount San Salvatore is one such destination. Located in the canton of Ticino, Mount San Salvatore is divided by Lake Lugano which splits the mountain between Switzerland and Italy in the south. 

Unlike most other mountains of Switzerland, Mount San Salvatore isn’t a snowy paradise. Instead, it features stunning natural scenery that will captivate the heart of all who visit. Hiking is the most popular activity here, as you’ll essentially be journeying along the famous Via Ferrata climbing route. If you wish to visit the peak though, we recommend taking the funicular. Once there, you’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Lugano, the city, and even peek across the Italian border! 

9. Mount Lema

Monte lema

Even if you’re not a fan of skiing or hiking, there are still mountains in Switzerland that will fit your fancy. Fancy a scenic bike ride or hang-gliding through lush vistas? Then Mount Lema is the place for you. 

Like Mount San Salvatore, Mount Lema is located in Lugano and belongs to the Lugano Prealps. There are several trails and tracks at Mount Lema, each catering to hiking enthusiasts with different levels of difficulty. However, the one trail you don’t want to miss is the famous hiking trail called Traversata. It is one of the most beautiful ways to explore the mountain ranges in Switzerland and leads to Mount Tamaro, a peak situated close to the Swiss border with Italy. 

If you don’t like hiking or biking, you can also utilize the cable cars from Miglieglia to easily reach the summit. However, take note that this service is only available between the end of March and early November. 

10. Mount Parsenn


Mount Parsenn is one of the most well-known Switzerland mountains in the region of Davos, located in the far east of the country. It is frequented by both locals and tourists and best known for housing some of Switzerland’s most pristine ski resorts. In fact, the ski resort on Mount Parsenn has no less than 35 different ski routes, making it the largest ski resort in the area. 

Since Mount Parsenn is one of those mountains in Switzerland that doubles up as a ski paradise, the best time to visit is between November and April, when Mount Parsenn experiences the most snowfall. To reach the peak, visitors can hop aboard the Parsenn funicular at Davos or catch a cable car ride from the Swiss village of Kloster. 

11. Mount Männlichen


Do you remember Jungfrau and its sister peaks Eiger and Mönch? Well, if you don’t feel like making a trip to the peaks of the Bernese Alps, why not admire them from afar by visiting Mount Männlichen in the canton of Bern? As part of the massif of the Swiss Alps, Mount Männlichen offers breathtaking views of Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch at the summit, allowing you to admire one of the most popular mountain ranges in Switzerland from a different perspective. 

To get to this heavenly vantage point, you can peruse either the aerial cableway from the town of Wengen or the gondolas from Grindelwald Grund (last time I’ve checked, there were no dark wizards there, don’t worry!). 

In addition to the spectacular views of the Bernese Alps, Mount Männlichen is also one of the best mountains in Switzerland for hikers. The trails are relatively easy to complete. In fact, some locals even say that they’re the easiest to hike in the region! The most beloved hiking trail at Mount Männlichen is the Panorama Trail which starts at Männlichen and ends in Kleine Scheidegg, a scenic mountain pass between the Eiger and Lauberhorn peaks in the Bernese Oberland region.

12. Piz Bernina

piz bernina

Out of all the mountains of Switzerland, Piz Bernina is easily one of the tallest. In fact, it is the highest peak in the eastern Alps! Known to locals as the “Mount Everest” of the Engadin region, Piz Bernina offers a real challenge to avid hikers. 

Make no mistake about it: reaching the summit of Piz Bernina is a difficult and exhausting climb. Even seasoned hikers prepare for several months to tackle this behemoth. However, if you persevere and reach the summit, an awesome vista of the Alps await you. 

13. Mount Piz Nair

Piz nair

St. Moritz is a quaint town that lies not far from the bustling city of Zurich. While there are plenty of popular attractions in the town itself, St. Moritz is also known for being surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland. Of which, Piz Nair is arguably the most famous one of all. 

Towering over St. Moritz, Piz Nair is a picture of lovely views and majestic elegance. While you can hop aboard a funicular or cable car to reach the summit, we recommend hiking your way up to the peak. This is especially true during early autumn, when the mountain is painted in lovely hues of red and yellow. However, the hiking trail has, on occasion, seen its fair share of avalanches. So be extra careful when you embark on your own journey! 

14. Stanserhorn


Stanserhorn, near the town of Lucerne, is the most ideal spot for a panoramic view of the mountains in Switzerland. Standing at just under 1,900 meters, Stanserhorn is one of the shorter mountains of Switzerland. However, it is teeming with greenery and abundant natural beauty throughout the year. 

Much like previous mountains on this list, visitors have the option to either hike up to the peak or hop on a scenic funicular ride. There are numerous trails that lead to the summit, each with their own difficulty rating and scenery. You could also hitch a ride on a double-decker cable car to reach the top! 

At the foot of the mountain, you can explore the lovely sights of Lucerne and even have a lovely candlelight dinner at Cabrio! 

15. The Dom

the dom

After Monte Rosa, the second-highest mountain in Switzerland is the Dom. At a height of 4,545 meters, the Dom is the main summit of the tallest mountain massif that lies entirely within the borders of Switzerland. 

In terms of hiking up to the summit, The Dom is arguably one of the most challenging hikes in the country. That’s because the normal route of ascent is accompanied by the steepest increase in height among all the mountains in Switzerland. While the views at the top are nothing short of breathtaking, we advise hiring a guide if you plan to scale this gargantuan mountain. 

16. Schilthorn


The Schilthorn is another one of the highest mountain ranges in Switzerland. Overlooking the valley of Lauterbrunnen, Schilthorn towers above the town of Mürren, from which you can hop aboard a cable car and ride to the summit. Don’t forget to gaze in awe at the deep ravines and amazing views as you make your ascent! 

What’s more, Schilthorn is also famous for being featured in the 1969 James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Even today, you will find an interactive exhibition dedicated to Schilthorn’s appearance in the film, at an attraction called Bond World 007. Here, visitors are treated to an inside look at how the movie scenes in the film were shot. 

Of course, apart from just being the location setting of a classic film, Schilthorn also offers plenty of unforgettable experiences. At the peak, you can: 

  • Enjoy expansive views of the surrounding scenery from the observation platform
  • Dine in the world’s first ever revolving panoramic restaurant
  • Explore Birg, the mid station, where you can admire the view of the mountains of Switzerland at a viewing terrace that hangs over a precipice

17. Mount Rigi


With a nickname as prestigious as Queen of the Mountains, it comes as no surprise that Mount Rigi boasts being one of the most popular destinations in the Alps. Located near cities like Zurich and Lucerne, Mount Rigi is an alluring mountain massif that’s easily accessible and perfect for a day trip. 

What you’ll see at this mountain range in Switzerland depends on the timing of your visit. That being said, Mount Rigi is generally beautiful regardless of seasonal changes. However, we do advise visiting in the morning to enjoy the best views of the peaks. To reach it, you can choose to hike up yourself and board the cogwheel train for another magical Swiss train ride.  

The tallest mountains in Switzerland

Even though the mountains on this list are some of the most popular mountains in Switzerland, not all of them are on the list of highest mountains in Switzerland. However, if you’ve your heart set on conquering them all, here they are in ascending order:

10. Grand Combin – 4,314 meters

9. Nadelhorn – 4,327 meters (between Zermatt/Saas Fee)

8. Ludwigshöhe – 4,341 meters (close to Dufourspitze)

7. Dent Blanche – 4,357 meters (behind Moiry/Grimentz)

6. The Matterhorn – 4,478 meters (Zermatt – border or Italy)

5. Täschhorn – 4,491 meters (south of the Dom)

4. Weisshorn – 4,506 meters (between Zermatt & Val d’Annivers)

3. Liskamm – 4,527 meters (border of Italy/Switzerland)

2. The Dom – 4,545 meters (above Saas Fee)

1. Dufourspitze, Monte Rosa – 4,634 meters

And there you have it, the most popular mountains in Switzerland to visit and explore during your time in the country! It’s no wonder Switzerland is such an alpine gem! Ready to find out more about Switzerland? Check out what Switzerland is most famous for and what to buy in Switzerland! 

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mountains in switzerland

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