35 Yummy Malaysian Snacks You Can Buy Online

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Malaysia is truly a country that’s blessed by the culinary gods! Famous for being a must-visit haven for foodies, this lovely destination in Southeast Asia boasts some truly impressive street food and local cuisine. What’s more, as a Malaysian myself, I can confirm that we also have some pretty delicious snacks! 

From sweet treats that will tickle your tastebuds to savory snacks that keep you coming back for more, there’s a snack in Malaysia that you are sure to fancy. Thankfully for those living abroad, you can find many of these Malaysian snacks on Amazon. If you’re living in Malaysia right now, you can simply walk to your nearest supermarket and pick these up with ease. If not, simply look up platforms like Shopee and Lazada. You’re bound to find them there! 

And with that in mind, here’s my personal list of the 35 most yummy Malaysian snacks! 

Sweet Malaysian Snacks

1. Choki-choki

Of the multitude of Malaysian snacks on this list, Choki-choki is arguably one of the most popular. Featuring rich chocolate packaged in slim tubes, this decadent treat is super popular among Malaysians with a sweet tooth. You’re supposed to open the top and slowly suck on the tube for a satisfying sugar rush. While it would sometimes leave you in a bit of a sticky situation when you’re done, let’s face it, it was oh, so worth it! 

2. Yupi Gummies

Unpopular opinion: Yupi Gummies are way better than Haribo gummies. Yes, yes, I know, but I’m sure many Malaysians will agree with me! Coming in the shape of burgers, pizzas, and hotdogs, Yupi Gummies are much more colorful, fragrant, and sweet compared to the usual gummy bears and worms! 

I personally like to peel off the layers and eat them one by one but I wouldn’t blame you if you ate the entire thing in one go either! What’s more, the fruity flavors are such a delight that most people can’t seem to stop at one! 

3. Haw Flakes

Let’s get one thing clear, haw flakes are made from the fruit of hawthorn trees. So technically, they’re dried fruit and hence, a healthy Malaysian snack, right? Well, whether or not you agree with that, it’s undeniable that haw flakes are one of those Malaysian snacks that we all sometimes develop an unexplainable craving for. 

These fruity treats often come in the shape of thin discs and are packaged in their iconic pink wrappers. What I like most about haw flakes is that, rather than being overwhelmingly sweet, they also contain a subtle hint of sourness, providing a more balanced taste. 

4. Sugus

This chewy, fruit-flavored sweet needs no further introduction to Malaysians who were born in the 90s. They were practically everywhere: at the barbershops, at car washes, and even in some clinics where doctors handed them out to children for behaving well during an examination! 

You could always tell the flavor of Sugus by the color of the wrapping they came in: purple was grape, pink was strawberry, and so on. I used to love these as a child and I still do, even if they sometimes get stuck in between my teeth! 

5. Rico Jelly Cups

mix fruits jelly
Image credit: Shopee

Who doesn’t like sweet, fruity jellies that you can pop into your mouth in one go? These popular Malaysian snacks are pretty simple in nature, known for their bright colors and different flavors. All you have to do is peel back the plastic layer at the top and down it in one shot.

While it definitely tastes better when served chilled, you can certainly enjoy them at room temperature too! 

6. Apollo Wafers

No one who spent their childhood watching cartoons on TV in Malaysia will ever forget the Apollo brand. They were the most common advertisements that aired during that time! Probably because of that, Apollo chocolate wafers are arguably one of the most famous Malaysian snacks on this list! 

Of course, apart from the creamy wafers, the Apollo brand also markets other iconic treats such as layered cakes (the pandan flavor was my favorite) and chocolate-filled biscuit sticks.  

7. Polo Mints

Trust me when I say that eating a Polo Mint is like taking a trip to the North Pole! Yes, this oft-forgotten Malaysian snack is an O-shaped mint that is so refreshing that you’d feel like it was snowing in your mouth!

Of course, apart from instantly giving you minty-fresh breath, Polo Mints also boast a sweet aftertaste that makes you want to come back for more.

8. Hacks Sweets

hacks sweets
Image credit: Shopee

Speaking of sweet Malaysian snacks that can light up your palette, Hacks sweets are another classic candy that Malaysians know and love. These hard-boiled sweets come in a variety of flavors, each represented by the different colors of the wrappers. The orange ones are often used as cough drops to soothe a sore throat but my favorite are the ones wrapped in white. These have a bit of a zesty lemon flavor that makes them super fragrant and pleasant. 

9. Kopiko

At some point in the past, I was addicted to Kopiko. If you’ve never had one of these, the best way to describe them would be coffee in the form of candy.

If you love Americanos, Kopiko candies will quickly become your sweet of choice! Boasting rich aromatic coffee flavors, this indulgent snack from Indonesia has even made an appearance in the recent Netflix K-drama, Vincenzo

10. Ligo Raisins

ligo raisins
Image credit: Shopee

While it’s not a good feeling to mistake raisin cookies as chocolate chip cookies (we’ve all been there), there’s no denying that, on their own, raisins are a pretty yummy and nutritious snack. Ligo Raisins, in particular, is pretty popular among Malaysians. Not only do they taste great, but these seedless raisins also one of the most affordable options when it comes to imported Malaysian snacks. 

Whether you’re eating them straight from the box or using them to add flavor to your desserts, each mouthful of Ligo Raisins guarantees a burst of flavor! 

11. Smarties

Colorful, sweet, and decadent, Smarties by Nestle is easily one of the top sweet snacks that is enjoyed by Malaysians both young and old! These sugar-coated chocolate candies come in every color of the rainbow and are just so addictive! The crunchiness of the exterior and the creamy chocolate within is the perfect combination! 

Savory Malaysian Snacks

12. Super Ring

Is there a more iconic Malaysian snack right now than Super Ring? Thanks to a social media post by ONE prominent Malaysian politician who shall remain unnamed, Super Ring quickly became one of the most famous Malaysian snacks within the past year. But the brand’s rise to the top isn’t just all hype. 

Super Ring’s savory and sweet cheese rings are known for two things: their vibrant orange color that stains your fingers, and for being an addictively tasty snack! Once you hear the crunch of the first bite, you’ll likely be unable to stop as you quickly munch your way through the entire bag! 

13. Mamee Monster Noodle Snack

Another super famous Malaysian snack is the ever beloved Mamee Monster noodle snack! As the name suggests, it’s a crispy snack that’s shaped like a block of instant ramen. To fully enjoy it, you’re supposed to crush the noodle block into bite-sized pieces in the packaging, pour the flavor packet over it, then shake it to combine. Once you’re done, every bite is an explosion of mouthwatering flavors! 

There are several different kinds of flavors too, including chicken, BBQ, and more! Mamee Monster is such a popular snack, in fact, that some of my friends overseas keep asking me to send them some! Thankfully, you can easily buy these Malaysian snacks online! 

14. Popo Fish Muruku

Having been around since 1975, Popo Fish Muruku is yet another famous Malaysian snack that we all simply adore. Digging into this delicious (and delightfully affordable) snack was a crunchy affair punctuated by a fragrance that can only be described as heavenly. 

15. Dahfa Dried Cuttlefish Strips

dried cuttlefish
Image credit: Shopee

This is one of those Malaysian snacks that take time to grow on you. When I first tasted it, I honestly couldn’t fathom how anyone could like it. That’s because of the pungent cuttlefish aroma this snack gives off the moment you open the packet. But as I continued munching on the soft, savory strings of dried cuttlefish, I realized that it was actually pretty good! 

The snack itself tastes a little salty at first but once you get used to it, you’ll be subconsciously stuffing handfuls of it into your mouth! If it’s of any consolation to you, the snack is made of real cuttlefish. So, technically, you’re just eating healthy seafood. Technically

16. Want Want Rice Crackers

I absolutely adore these! Affectionately known as “Wang Wang” by some Malaysians, these seasoned rice crackers are an essential part of the Malaysian snacking experience. Packed into tiny packets of two each, the crackers are famous for their iconic snapping sound whenever you bite into them. 

Of course, the main star of these rice crackers is undoubtedly the flavorful coating around the biscuit. Surely I’m not the only one who licks the coating off the biscuit before eating the rest! 

17. Fish Satay

Satay is easily one of the most beloved dishes in Malaysia but did you know that there it is also a packaged Malaysian snack? Fish satay is as the name suggests: dried fish on a stick. While it doesn’t have the smokey aroma of freshly grilled satay, fish satay offers a unique savory flavor that’s bound to make your mouth water. 

There are many brands that sell this fishy snack in Malaysia but the one that is most commonly available is Kisoto which is a Thai brand. 

18. Bika

Bika is one of those Malaysian snacks that are well and truly “local”. Manufactured and sold by a local company, Bika snacks come in a plethora of exciting flavors, with the chicken flavor being my personal favorite. 

You can easily find them in most grocery stores in Malaysia and online as well. Thankfully, they come in small packs because there is no way anyone can resist stopping at just one packet! 

19. Double Decker Prawn Crackers

Malaysians will easily recognize the iconic Double Decker brands. A subsidiary of the previously-mentioned Mamee, Double Decker manufactures many different kinds of Malaysian snack foods. However, nothing comes close to their iconic prawn crackers! 

Boasting enough prawn flavor to remind you of a seafood feast, these crunchy, ridge-shaped crackers are, in my opinion, one of the best Malaysian savory snacks you’ll find on the market! Oof, just writing about it is making my mouth water. I can almost hear the crunch already! 

20. Wheel Crackers

wheel crackers
Image credit: Shopee

You’ll usually find these savory Malaysian snacks sold in little plastic packets at sundry shops. Made using wheat flour and potato starch, these wheel-shaped snacks are extremely light and fluffy with just the right amount of seasoning. Well-loved by both young and old, these crunchy tidbits are one of the best snacks to munch on when binging on Netflix! Be warned: they can be super addictive!  

21. Tam Tam

Tam Tam is one of the most famous Malaysian snacks and for good reason! Manufactured by local company Snek Ku, Tam Tams are crab-flavored crackers that come in the shape of adorable mini pillows. The moment you open a fresh packet, you’ll be greeted by the distinct fragrance of the crab flavoring and you won’t be able to help yourself from digging in! 

22. Mi-Mi

Mi-mi is the famous prawn-flavored cousin of Tam Tam. Unlike the previous snack, Mi-Mi comes in the form of little, orangey sticks. Crunchy and packed with prawn flavor, Mi-mi has got to be one of the most addictive Malaysian snacks on the market! 

Thankfully they all come in tiny packets, otherwise I might have a real problem on my hands! 

Nostalgic Malaysian Snacks

23. Potong Ice Cream

potong ice cream
Image credit: Tesco Online

Forget all those luxurious ice cream brands! For Malaysians, nothing beats potong ice cream during our childhood! They were basically just popsicles made with the local flavors we all know and love (such as red bean, durian, yam, and more). Even though they were so fundamentally simple, we still absolutely adored the sweet flavors and the icy cold sensation you get whenever you indulge in them! 

24. Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy

nyam nyam
Image credit: Shopee

Coming in an iconic orange cup that was no more than the size of a small fist, Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy is one of my all-time favorite Malaysian childhood snacks. The petite cup is split into two sections containing rice crisps and a sweet, creamy chocolate (or strawberry) dip. The combination of the sweet, fragrant dip and the crunchiness of the rice crisps was absolutely heavenly! 

There were two ways to eat Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy: the first way is to dip the spoon in the creamy chocolate and then dunking it into the colorful rice crisps. The other way is simply to scoop up the rice crisps and dump them into the chocolate! I prefer the latter, what about you?

25. Ice Gem Biscuits

Oh, how I used to love these back in the day! Ice gem biscuits are one of those Malaysian snacks you’ll always have fond memories of. These bite-sized treats consist of two portions: a normal biscuit base, and a hard icing at the top (also known as ice gems, hence the name). I’m sure most of us enjoyed these by biting or licking the icing off the top first before deciding on whether or not to finish the biscuit! 

While they’re a little harder to find nowadays, for many Malaysians, these snacks hold a special place in our hearts! 

26. “Eyeglass” Chocolate Candy

eyeglass chocolate candy
Image credit: Shopee

Hands up if you remember eating this chocolate candy in your childhood and pretending they were prescription pills! After all, they came in these little foils that made a really cool sound when you popped the chocolate out of them.

While the packaging came in different shapes and sizes, the eyeglass foil was the most popular. Remember attaching rubber bands in the holes to turn them into glasses after you were done with the candy? 

27. White Rabbit Candy

Back in the day, White Rabbit Candy was all the rage among Malaysians. This Chinese snack was essentially a milk candy with a soft, chewy texture that is packaged in edible rice paper. They are super fragrant and I don’t remember anyone ever stopping at just one! Of course, I also remember how easily they sometimes stuck to my teeth too! 

These days, it’s hard to find White Rabbit Candy in its original form in Malaysia (although we do have different kinds of snacks featuring the brand). Thankfully, they’re one of the easiest Malaysian snacks to buy online. While there is now a wide range of flavors, I still prefer the original! 

28. Ding Dang

ding dang
Image credit: Shopee

If ever there was a Malaysian snack that exemplified the simple pleasures of our childhood, it’s Ding Dang. Made by a local food company (Kinos), Ding Dangs were essentially chocolate-coated wafer balls that came in a bright blue box featuring a…Doraemon-like creature. 

But those of us who grew up in Malaysia know that the main reason we buy Ding Dangs is that they always came with a fun toy inside the box! 

29. Tora

Image credit: Shopee

Another famous Malaysian snack that will send you down memory lane is Ding Dang’s “brother”, Tora! Just like Ding Dang, most Malaysians bought these because of the toys that often came inside the box. That being said, I certainly miss the chocolate-coated wafer balls. Times were so much simpler back then. 

30. Lemon Tablets

lemon tablets
Image credit: Shopee

I have to admit: growing up, these weren’t one of my favorite Malaysian snacks. However, I can certainly see why so many people like them. As the name suggests, these local sweets come in the form of little tablets that dissolve in your mouth, releasing a tangy, lemony flavor that trickles down your throat. 

31. Didi Jelly Beans

didi jelly beans
Image credit: Shopee

This is one Malaysian childhood snack that defined my schooling days. Featuring a multitude of flavors like strawberry, apple, and more, these jelly beans were one of my favorite sweet snacks. They came in little vertical packets and each contained about 20 jellybeans if memory serves me right. 

What I liked, in particular, was how the exterior sort of “cracks” when you bite into it, releasing the awesome fruity flavors that assail your palette. Of course, like most jelly beans, it can sometimes stick stubbornly to your teeth but hey, totally worth it! 

32. Pocky (Rocky) Chocolate Sticks

Before Pepero fever took over the world as the love for Korean snacks took off, Malaysians had Pocky. Compared to Pepero, I feel that Pocky chocolate (or strawberry) sticks back in the day were much thinner and also crunchier. Each package usually came with about 10 or more of these chocolate-coated biscuit sticks and getting down to the final two was always a sad moment. 

Fun fact: Did you know that for almost 40 years (since it was first sold in the 1960s), Pocky was actually marketed as Rocky in Malaysia? You might remember the super simple packaging that featured a white background overlaid with pictures of the product inside.

33. Yan Yan Dipping Sticks

These have got to be one of my personal favorite Malaysian snacks ever. It comes in a tiny little cup with two separate pockets. In one, you have about four to five biscuit sticks and in the other, a flavorful dip that’s either creamy chocolate (my favorite), strawberry, or vanilla. 

For Malaysians who remember, snacking on these was an exercise in rationing and calculation. After all, you wouldn’t want to finish your dip while still having leftover biscuit sticks, would you?  Most of the time though, the dip that’s provided is never enough! 

34. Nano-nano

nano nano
Image credit: Shopee

Of all the nostalgic Malaysian snacks I can think of, Nano-nano takes the crown for being the most uniquely flavored. After all, how many other types of candy can you name that are sweet, sour, AND salty all at once? 

Add to that the catchy jingle that accompanies the advertisements and you have a snack that every Malaysian will remember from their childhood! Psst, if you’re looking for a good laugh, convince one of your friends who has never tried this to eat it and then record their facial expressions! 

35. Marukawa Bubblegum

Let’s be honest, most of us who bought these as kids didn’t really do it for the bubblegum. Rather, we bought these colorfully wrapped treats because they came with awesome water-based tattoos! That being said, I can still remember the distinct fruity flavors, especially the melon and grape flavors. 

And there you have it: 35 yummy Malaysian snacks everyone should try! Truth be told, my tummy is now growling uncontrollably and I’m feeling rather peckish! In fact, I’m just about to order some of these snacks myself! As mentioned, you can find most of these on Amazon but if you’re in Malaysia, platforms like Shopee and Lazada are great places to start looking too! 

Apart from Malaysian snacks, why not also check out some Korean, Japanese or Brazilian snacks to satisfy your munchies? This article on the best Asian snacks could be right up your alley too. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you order in bulk! 

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