35 Best London Souvenirs to Bring Home With You

London is one of the world’s most exciting cities. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to take home a piece of London with them. If you are in search of the best London souvenirs and gifts to bring home for your friends and family, you’re on the right page. Here, we have compiled a list of the best souvenirs from London so you won’t get stuck when looking for a gift.

Iconic London Souvenirs

1. Union Jack Souvenirs

union jack bag

It’s easy to find souvenirs emblazoned with the iconic Union Jack flag in London. Head to any tourist area – Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, Leicester Square – and you will find any number of souvenir shops selling hats, flags and scarves in red, white and blue. Buy a Union Jack mug as a souvenir for your friend back home, or else a Union Jack face mask to explore the city in the time of coronavirus.

2. British Bulldog Souvenirs


The British bulldog is another iconic symbol of London, and the UK. If you’re buying a souvenir for your friend who loves dogs, or anything cute and quirky, then a bulldog souvenir is perfect. Anything from a bulldog dressed as a Beefeater, a British bobby (that’s a cop), or one of the Queen’s Guard can be found in London souvenir shops: from teddy bears to bobble heads.

3. London Underground Souvenirs

london tube

The Underground is a true icon of London, so get a London souvenir to remember it by! Choose from an array of London Underground prints and posters to bring home, as well as badges, face masks, and jewellery charms. From souvenir shops to high street stores, you are bound to find some London Underground themed souvenirs in the city.

4. Downton Abbey Souvenirs

downtown london

Downton Abbey has become a modern icon for the UK. If you have a loved one back home that is a huge fan of this smash show, then a Downton Abbey themed souvenir might be the perfect thing to bring back from London. All over the city, you’ll be able to find Downton Abbey memorabilia, from mugs to posters to t-shirts. Any bookshop or souvenir shop should sell them.

Cheap London Souvenirs

5. London Magnets

fridge magnets

A fridge magnet is a simple souvenir you could bring back from any travels – and one of the cheapest. All over the city, you will be able to find some excellent London souvenir magnets in any souvenir shop: whether you want Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, or a simple Union Jack magnet, there will be something to suit any taste. If you’re buying for lots of people back home, most souvenir shops offer deals on a bundle of souvenirs like these.

6. London Tea Towels

tea towel

The humble tea towel is perhaps the most quintessentially British souvenir you can bring back from London. When browsing London’s souvenir shops, you will be able to find all sorts of commemorative tea towels: Royal wedding, Union Jack, maps of London, London Olympic Games, London attractions, and so on. Not only are these souvenirs cheap and traditional, but they’re also really handy!

Must-Buy London Souvenirs

7. Harrods Bag

harrods london

Harrods is the iconic London department store, and its signature green shopper is the iconic London accessory. If you want to come back from London with a souvenir that is both memorable and stylish, a Harrods tote bag is a must-buy souvenir. Practical and chic, this classic London souvenir will let people know how well-traveled you are in the least tacky way.

8. London Gin

glass of gin

Beer might be the most popular British beverage, but gin is certainly its more refined cousin in the UK. London is famed for its gin production and array of different distilleries. A bottle of London Dry Gin would make the perfect souvenir to bring back for loved ones who enjoy a tipple. With so many brands and flavours to choose from, it won’t be hard to find a gin that tickles your fancy.

9. Sherlock Holmes Souvenir

sherlock books

Sherlock Holmes is London’s most famous detective and a quintessentially British character. This makes anything Sherlock Holmes themed one of the best London souvenirs. In London, you can find anything from Sherlock bobble heads, to fake pipes and a deerstalker hats. Visit the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street to pick up the best Sherlock souvenirs in London.

Delicious London Souvenirs

10. Tea from Fortnum & Mason

london milk tea

Tea the perfect delicious souvenir from London, and buying it from Fortnum & Mason makes it even more iconic. Fortnum & Mason is one of London’s most prestigious stores and is well worth a visit. Although the tea here can be a bit pricey, it’s worth it if you want to treat your loved ones back home. Make sure to buy English Breakfast Tea in order to get the most authentic, and delicious, London souvenir.

11. Biscuits

british biscuits

If you’re buying tea as a souvenir, you have to buy some lovely British biscuits to go alongside them. You can find some traditional biscuits in pretty much any supermarket or food shop in London. The best, and most authentic, biscuits you could buy as a London souvenir are either chocolate bourbons, custard creams, McVitie’s (chocolate) digestives, or some traditional Scottish shortbread. These souvenirs will make for the perfect London tea break, at home.

12. Chocolate


Chocolate is easily the most delicious souvenir you could bring back from London. Not only is London filled with artisanal chocolate shops, from independent chocolatiers to world-famous brands, but this sweet treat is a British staple. If you’re feeling fancy, buy some delicious truffles from Godiva in Covent Garden; if you want a more traditionally British treat, buy any and all Cadbury chocolate you can find on the shelves. Guaranteed to please.

13. Pimm’s

pimms drink

Pimm’s is a classic British tipple, and one that you shouldn’t leave London without. If you want to recreate a British summer when you’re back home, a bottle of Pimm’s is a must-buy. The gin-based liquor is available in any supermarket or liquor store, and makes a wonderful gift for loved ones, or simply a great London souvenir for yourself.

Literary London Souvenirs

14. Harry Potter Souvenirs

happy potter magic

London is the best place on Earth to find some really excellent Harry Potter souvenirs. With the Harry Potter shop in King’s Cross station and the Harry Potter studio experience in Watford, the city is crawling with Harry Potter souvenirs to bring back from London. For the Potterheads in your life, an authentic Harry Potter souvenir will be the best gift from London. Choose anything from Harry Potter socks, scarves and notebooks, to replica wands and broomsticks.

15. Shakespeare Souvenirs

shakespeare time

A Shakespeare themed gift is a fantastic souvenir to bring back from London for the literary lover in your life. Whether you want to buy a special edition of one of his plays, an iconic stage prop, or even a cuddly toy Shakespeare, you can find it in London. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is your best bet for some really authentic souvenirs of the Bard, as well as some really quirky London souvenirs.

16. British Cookbook Souvenirs


In order to take home a taste of London, a cookbook by a British chef might just be the best souvenir! In almost any bookshop you can find in London, you’ll be able to get your hands on a cookbook by British chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, or Yotam Ottolenghi.

17. Jane Austen Souvenirs

jane austen book

The mother of the modern rom-com, a Jane Austen themed souvenir is another great way for literary lovers to commemorate their trip to London. A trip to Waterstone’s (a British high-street bookshop) will open up a world of Jane Austen literature, whilst a visit to the British Museum or a number of Jane Austen hotspots can offer up a range of other souvenirs, from t-shirts to tea towels.

18. Charles Dickens Souvenirs

dickens theatre

Dickens is responsible for giving London its notoriety as a city full of mischief and scallywags, so a Dickensian souvenir is a must to bring home from London! Take your pick from a copy of one of Dickens’ many iconic novels, or perhaps a poster, keychain or coaster. Maybe you’d prefer a Christmas decoration to remind you of Ebenezer Scrooge? Whatever you have in mind, you’ll be able to find it in any good London bookshop.

Artistic London Souvenirs

19. Tate Modern Souvenirs

tate london

Tate Modern one of the most exciting modern art galleries in the world and it’s also renowned for its incredible gift shop! Here you can find a plethora of books, from academic critiques to coffee table lit, stunning prints and posters designed by some of the world’s best artists, as well as stationery, jewellery, accessories, and knick-knacks. This is the best place to get some arty London souvenirs.

20. National Gallery Souvenirs

national gallery

National Gallery a fantastic place to visit to explore great artworks and purchase some incredible London souvenirs. Whether you’re in search of something reminiscent of the Van Gogh you saw inside, or perhaps you want a simple poster or mug with a crisp image of Big Ben on it, here you can find all sorts of the best London souvenirs!

Stylish London Souvenirs

21. Scarf from Liberty London

liberty london
Credit: Hernán Piñera

Liberty is one of London’s most exclusive department stores and it gives you a taste of the finest things London has to offer. For a really special souvenir from London, treat yourself or a loved one to an exquisite scarf from Liberty London – their speciality. Choose from a range of sumptuous fabrics and patterns; this London souvenir is one you’ll treasure forever.

22. James Smith & Sons Umbrella

pink umbrella

An umbrella is perhaps a perfect souvenir for yourself – not least because you can make good use of it while you’re still in London. You can pick up an umbrella from anywhere in the city, but an umbrella from James Smith & Sons is the real deal, being an original Victorian fixture of the city that specializes in this most special of souvenirs.

23. Burberry Souvenirs

burberry london

London is also one of the world’s capitals of luxury, and home to the renowned British brand Burberry. For a souvenir that’s really something special, splash the cash on something you’ll keep forever at one of London’s Burberry stores. Maybe you want to treat yourself to an iconic Burberry trench coat, or else something smaller like an embossed Burberry diary? Whatever souvenir you pick up, it will always remind you of London.

24. Links of London Souvenirs

charm for bracelet

For those who love the finer things in life, a souvenir from Links of London is a truly memorable token of your time in this beautiful city. Selling an array of delicate jewellery, from earrings to necklaces, Links of London also specialise is charms and charm bracelets. A refined charm bracelet from Links of London makes the perfect luxury souvenir for yourself, or thoughtful gift for a loved one.

25. Cath Kidston Souvenirs

cath kidston prints

Even though you may not be familiar with the name Cath Kidston, the chances are that you’re familiar with her iconic prints. This British retailer specialises in delicate floral patterns on an array of household and fashion items that make perfect presents. For a cute souvenir, choose one of her pencil cases, aprons, or bags.

26. Jo Malone Souvenirs

jo malone shop

Nothing triggers a memory quite like a smell. That’s why purchasing a Jo Malone signature scent is a perfect London souvenir. Jo Malone candles and perfumes are some of the best on the market! Splash out on this special London souvenir.

Historic London Souvenirs

27. Royal Family London Souvenirs

royal guard

The royal family is one of the biggest draws for tourists in London. So, it’s only right that you leave with a regal souvenir. You will have no trouble finding a royal souvenir in London. From commemorative mugs to huge books about the history of the British monarchy, the London souvenir scene is a royalist’s dream!

28. Tower of London Souvenirs

tower of london

Host to some of London’s darkest and deepest historical tales, a Tower of London souvenir is the perfect gift. The Tower of London boasts a plethora of gift shops, where you can purchase anything from t-shirts to jewellery inspired by the Crown Jewels themselves! It’s almost impossible to leave this site without a dazzling London souvenir.

29. Henry VIII Souvenirs


Henry VIII is surely the UK’s most notorious king. That’s why no history buff should leave London without a Tudor souvenir. When visiting any historical London museum or Tudor site, you will be able to find the perfect souvenir. Regardless of whether you are looking for an informative book, or cartoonish tote bag, you can find Henry VIII on many London souvenirs.

Christmas London Souvenirs

30. London Snow Globes

london snow globe
Image credit: Garry Knight

Looking for souvenirs and doing your Christmas shopping? Maybe a London snow globe is the perfect gift. Not only is a snow globe a classic souvenir, but you’ll find them in almost every souvenir shop. The only problem is deciding whether you want Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, or a red London bus in the snowstorm.

31. London Baubles

christmas tree deco

Who doesn’t love a Christmas decoration? It makes the perfect present and souvenir to remember your trip. In London, you’ll be able to find a vast array of spectacular Christmas tree decorations, as well as baubles depicting a snowy London scene. For the perfect festive souvenir, choose a London themed bauble for your tree.

London Souvenirs for Kids

32. Football Souvenirs

arsenal emirates stadium

For the football lovers in your life, there is no shortage of footie souvenirs in London. Home to such big clubs as Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, football is all over the city. Choose from a matchday programme, a football t-shirt or scarf, or maybe something smaller like a keychain or cuddly toy. A football gift is the perfect London souvenir!

33. London Lego

london lego

Every kid loves Lego. Luckily, Lego have made a London themed kit for the kids in your life. Recreate the stunning sights you saw in Lego form, from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. With a Lego kit like this, you never have to leave London.

34. Monopoly


Love it or hate it, Monopoly is as iconic as London itself. For fun you can enjoy for years to come, a London Monopoly game might just be the best London souvenir for kids. You’ll be able to find a variety of different London Monopoly boards all over the city: from souvenir shops to regular high street toy stores.

35. Paddington Bears

paddington bear

This bear might be Peruvian, but the legend of Paddington Bear is all over London. With the sensation of his recent films on the big screen, a Paddington souvenir is the best to bring home from London. Little ones will love the Paddington teddy bears, books and stationery that you’ll be able to find all over London.

Best London Souvenir Shops

Some of the best general London souvenir shops can be found in the most touristic areas, such as Oxford Street and Leicester Square. However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, I can certainly recommend the Tate Modern gift shop, as well as the gift shop in the V&A Museum. Of course, you can find some really special souvenirs in places like Harrods and Selfridges too. Try high street stores such as Waterstones and Marks & Spencer for quintessentially British items, and football club shops for something more specific. It all depends on your budget, as well as whether you’re after something classically London, or something a bit more special.

London deserves to be remembered and commemorated. And, as you can see, London is filled with opportunities for souvenir shopping. You’re only problem will be fitting all of the best London souvenirs into your suitcase.

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