110 Epic Hiking Quotes (With Pics!) for Adventure Lovers

Who doesn’t love reading hiking quotes to feel inspired? Motivational hiking and trekking quotes can mentally prepare you for your next adventure, feeding your wanderlust and making you fall in love with the great outdoors. After all, it’s not just the mountain or the majestic views at the summit that are worthwhile — it’s also the journey you take to get there!

Before you pack your bags and hit the trails, check out these best quotes about hiking and trekking that have sparked a passion in millions of travelers over the world. Set your sights on these words of wisdom below!

Top inspirational hiking and trekking quotes  

So, what are you waiting for? Adventure calls! Find the courage and motivation you need from these epic quotes about hiking and trekking. Don’t forget to pin the quotes or download the images on your mobile phone, so they can inspire you any time of the day! 

Hiking quotes by John Muir

Known as the “Father of National Parks,” John Muir was a Scottish-American naturalist who was responsible for the preservation of Yosemite Valley and the Sequoia National Park in the United States. Even to this day, John Muir’s words remind us to deepen our connection with nature and treat the environment with the respect that it deserves. 

Let’s breathe in the fresh air of the mountains together with these hiking quotes from John Muir! 

The mountains are calling and I must go.

John Muir

Have you ever felt the pull of the mountains beckoning to you? Already, my mind is racing with visions of glorious landscapes and mountain peaks rising  above the clouds! When the mountains are calling out to me in all their splendour, I dare not refuse. 

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

John Muir

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

John Muir

All that the sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.

John Muir

Few places in this world are more dangerous than home. Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes. They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action.

John Muir

Mountains are an antidote to numbness, apathy, and fear. Every time I feel myself hesitating on something I really want to do, I look at hiking quotes like this one by John Muir and ask myself, “How long will I wait until I do the thing I really want to do most?” 

Then I’m inspired to become more proactive with my life. Mountains spark my curiosity, encourage me to chase my dreams, and motivate me to leave behind the comforts of home in search of something far greater. 

Walk away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the mountaineer.

John Muir

One day’s exposure to mountains is better than a cartload of books.

John Muir

In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

Nature has the power to soothe, heal, and restore even the weariest of souls. And it’s always within reach, whether you live in a bustling city or the countryside. 

Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter.

John Muir

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.

John Muir

I think we can all relate to this feeling of burnout or weariness from the world. The cure for this disenchantment is to come home to the mountains, where our senses are awakened and our eyes are opened to a world of wonder. 

We are now in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us.

John Muir

 I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news.

John Muir

John Muir hit the nail right on the head when he confessed he has to escape society in order to avoid the cycle of money-making. When all is said and done, I’m not going to waste any time reminiscing about all the hours I spent working at the office. No, I’m going to remember the times in my life when I had adventures. And I can’t wait to find more! 

Keep close to Nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

John Muir

Human beings are supposed to be immersed in the world, rather than merely existing on the planet without interacting with nature at all. Our bodies thrive in the mountains, where we can find solace and clarity amidst the frantic chaos of life.  

Between every two pines, there is a doorway to a new world.

John Muir

And into the forest I go, to lose myself and find my soul.

John Muir

The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.

John Muir

What can we learn from these beautiful hiking quotes from John Muir? His words are a sobering reminder of the limited time we have on earth. It’s a big world out there, and there are so many places that we have yet to see, so many places worth exploring! Let’s make every minute of our lives count, shall we? 

Trekking quotes by Edmund Hillary

If anyone knows a thing or two about mountain climbing, it’s Sir Edmund Hillary. An accomplished mountaineer and explorer from New Zealand, he was the first climber to reach the peak of Mount Everest and make it back down safely, setting an important milestone for adventurers everywhere. 

Why not take a page from this remarkable man’s life? Let these hiking quotes by Edmund Hillary blow you away with their insight and wisdom!  

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Edmund Hillary

Mountains allow us to face our fears of heights head on, but they can also reveal an inner strength we may not have known we had all along. In climbing any mountain, we seek to reach the peak and catch a stunning view at the summit. But in the process, we find ourselves rising to meet the trials ahead, conquering the weaknesses that are holding us back. 

When you go to the mountains, you see them and you admire them. In a sense, they give you a challenge, and you try to express that challenge by climbing them.

Edmund Hillary

Despite all I have seen and experienced, I still get the same simple thrill out of glimpsing a tiny patch of snow in a high mountain gully and feel the same urge to climb towards it.

Edmund Hillary

Even though Edmund Hillary has already scaled the highest mountain in the world, he still finds joy in encountering new ones to climb. The excitement of seeing patches of snow on other mountains is what motivates him to keep setting new goals for himself. 

Likewise, I can never forget the joy of seeing my first mountain, nor will I ever get tired of the sunlight breaking through the clouds and touching the forest. That feeling of discovery is something I look forward to in all of my hikes. Honestly, it never gets old! 

Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.

Edmund Hillary

Life’s a bit like mountaineering — never look down.

Edmund Hillary

Take Edmund Hillary’s advice on life: It’s normal to want to look back on the past to see the distance you’ve covered. But don’t ruin your future by second-guessing your decisions or doubting how far you’ve come. You can’t give up now, because you still have so much farther to go! 

Hiking quotes by Henry David Thoreau

Nobody knew the pleasures of walking better than the American writer Henry David Thoreau. He wrote a series of essays compiled into a book entitled Walden; or, Life in the Woods, where he reflected on his experiences of living in the woods in Massachusetts and communing with nature. If you’re thinking of taking a hiking trip in the woods soon, read about Thoreau’s discoveries in the quotes below! 

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Henry David Thoreau

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than trees.

Henry David Thoreau

In my afternoon walk, I would fain forget all my morning occupations and my obligations to society.

Henry David Thoreau

Don’t we all want to break away from the monotony of work sometimes? I can definitely relate to this feeling of wanting to escape my responsibilities for a while. Even if it’s only for a couple of hours, hiking can benefit your health – both physically and mentally. The more time I spend outdoors, the more I can feel my worries and concerns fade away. And if a short walk can accomplish this much, just imagine what a hiking trip could do!

When we walk, we naturally go to the fields and woods: what would become of us, if we walked only in a garden or a mall?

Henry David Thoreau

I am astonished at the power of endurance, to say nothing of the moral insensibility, of my neighbors who confine themselves to shops and offices the whole day for weeks and months, aye, and years almost together.

Henry David Thoreau

When we live in such a fast-paced society, it’s easy to get carried away with routines and lose sight of the things that really matter. Even worse, we forget to step outside the confines of our offices, thinking that this back-breaking cycle of work is all that life has to offer. Such a waste, isn’t it? 

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

Henry David Thoreau

Truly, it’s quotes like these from Henry David Thoreau that bring us back to our roots as human beings. Even without realizing it, we can become so absorbed with material objects or worldly possessions that we forget how to live simply and purposefully. “To live deliberately,” as Thoreau suggests, is about returning to a peaceful and mindful lifestyle that can only be found in the midst of nature. By eliminating modern distractions and superficial things we don’t really need, we learn that we can survive on what we already have. 

We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.

Henry David Thoreau

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.

Henry David Thoreau

If you would get exercise, go in search of the springs of life.

Henry David Thoreau

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.

Henry David Thoreau

What I find so moving about these quotes from Henry David Thoreau is that they encourage everyone to find peace and contentment in the world today. These words of wisdom remind us to slow down a little, take in our surroundings, and celebrate each season in life as it comes. We must learn to be content with what we have. 

Beautiful walking quotes to inspire you

Fresh morning air and scenic paths are waiting for you outside your doorstep. Anytime you want to slow down and take a breather, why not enjoy a leisurely walk and smell the roses along the way? Take a walk on the wild side with these walking quotes below! 

If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.

Anatole France

Take comfort in the act of wandering for its own sake, ambling around the path and stumbling upon many beautiful sights around you. You never know what could be waiting for you right around the corner! 

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.

Steven Wright

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.

Raymond Inmon

I love walking because it clears your mind, enriches the soul, takes away stress, and opens your eyes to a whole new world.

Claudette Dudley

I just love how Claudette Dudley describes the healing and therapeutic benefits of walking. Indeed, the daily practice of walking can help you immerse in nature’s beauty, refresh your mind and body, and set the tone for the rest of your day. 

Days of slow walking are very long: they make you live longer, because you have allowed every hour, every minute, every second to breathe, to deepen.

Frédéric Gros

Walking in the woods, I felt in touch with the universe and with the spirit of the universe.

Alice Walker

I walked slowly to enjoy this freedom, and when I came out of the mountains, I saw the sky over the prairie, and I thought that if heaven was real, I hoped it was a place I never had to go, for this earth was greater than any paradise.

Daniel Rice

After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value.

George Macauley Trevelyan

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

As Ralph Waldo Emerson says in this quote, walking gives us the freedom and independence to choose our own adventures. Plus, who knows? Maybe that path will also lead others to follow in our footsteps too! 

Inspiring hiking quotes for your next adventure

What is it about the mountains that inspire us? Is it their dizzying heights and their lofty peaks touching the heavens? Or is it the constant reminder of what waits for us at the highest point, the rush we get when we’re at the top of the world? 

Whether you’re planning your next hiking trip or looking for a source of wanderlust, check out these hiking quotes below! 

Great things are done when men and mountains meet.

William Blake

For hiking is one of those things that you can only do when you have the determination in you.

Carl Sagan

Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.

John Ruskin

Although I deeply love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty.

Victoria Erikson

Victoria Erikson describes this irresistible pull that mountains have on people. With their vast magnitude and sweeping views, mountains can’t help but lure human beings with their aura of mystery, practically inviting us to climb them! 

The greatest gift of life on the mountain is time. Time to think or not think, read or not read, scribble or not scribble—to sleep and cook and walk in the woods, to sit and stare at the shapes of the hills.

Phillip Connors

I slow down when hiking. The rhythm of nature is more leisurely. The sun comes up, it moves across the sky, and you begin to synchronize to that rhythm.

John Mackey

On a hike, you’re less a job title and more a human being.

Ken Ilgunas

Hiking is a defiant attempt to feel more like a person and less like a machine, just slaving away at an endless stack of tasks. We should never forget who we are beyond our daily grind. After all, we are working to live — not the other way around. 

Whenever the pressure of our complex city life thins my blood and numbs my brain, I seek relief in the trail; and when I hear the coyote wailing to the yellow dawn, my cares fall from me — I am happy.

Hamlin Garland

The mountains themselves call us into greater stories.

Donald Miller

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

John Lubbock 

Hiking is not escapism; it’s realism. The people who choose to spend time outdoors are not running away from anything; we are returning to where we belong.

Jennifer Pharr Davis

One of the most honest and beautiful hiking quotes I’ve read is this saying by Jennifer Pharr Davis. While many people see hiking as a way to escape reality, she sees it as a return to normalcy, embracing a way of life that has been forgotten and even taken for granted. It’s posing a challenge to the world and asking the question: Why do we live at all, if not to admire and experience this beautiful world we live in? 

Only mountains can feel the frozen warmth of the sun through snow’s gentle caress on their peaks.

Munia Khan

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.’

Sylvia Plath

A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it’s curved like a road through mountains.

Tennessee Williams 

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.

Jack Kerouac

This is probably one of my favourite hiking quotes of all time. American author and poet Jack Kerouac makes one hell of a point: All this time we’ve spent working and toiling away under the sun? We’re not even going to remember it. At the end of the day, what we’re going to cherish are the experiences that made us feel alive. 

So, if there’s something you’d like to do, then go for it. Take that camping trip, sign up for that new class, pack your bags to another country, or plan that cross-country trip you’ve always wanted to try. 

Me? I’m going to “climb that goddamn mountain.”

Epic mountain trekking quotes

Trekking is an incredible way to see mountains on foot. Mountain trekking quotes like the ones below teach us how to value every single step of the journey, no matter how distant or far away our goals may appear at the moment. 

Planning on going mountaineering or trekking someday? These are the best trekking quotes for pushing yourself to the limits and conquering new heights! For more options, check out another article with 70+ quotes about mountains.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

Barry Finlay

You never climb the same mountain twice, not even in memory. Memory rebuilds the mountain, changes the weather, retells the jokes, remakes all the moves.

Lito Tejada-Flores

Just as different factors can change mountains over the years— the landscape, the weather conditions, the new paths winding around the mountain — we can never have the same hiking experience twice. We, too, have become different people since our last climb. For this reason, there’s always something new and wonderful to discover with each hike! 

Everybody wants to reach the peak, but there is no growth on the top of a mountain. It is in the valley that we slog through, the lush grass and rich soil, learning and becoming what enables us to summit life’s next peak.

Andy Andrews 

Each fresh peak ascended teaches something.

Sir Martin Conway

The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.

Conrad Anker 

Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.

Dag Hammarskjold

Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.

David McCullough Jr.

This is such a great quote from David McCullough Jr., who believes that climbing a mountain shouldn’t just be for achievement’s sake. Rather, it’s about seeing the world from a different angle. Hiking quotes like these can make us feel humbled in all the right ways, don’t you think?

It had nothing to do with gear or footwear or the backpacking fads or philosophies of any particular era or even with getting from point A to point B. It had to do with how it felt to be in the wild. With what it was like to walk for miles with no reason other than to witness the accumulation of trees and meadows, mountains and deserts, streams and rocks, rivers and grasses, sunrises and sunsets. The experience was powerful and fundamental. It seemed to me that it had always felt like this to be a human in the wild, and as long as the wild existed it would always feel this way.

Cheryl Strayed

Returning home is the most difficult part of long-distance hiking. You have grown outside the puzzle and your piece no longer fits.

Cindy Ross

Heading back down the mountain can be a humbling experience. After such a wonderful adventure, I can’t help but feel like I’ve outgrown my old self, as if all the past routines and habits of my life are no longer suited to this new person I’ve become. That’s the great thing about hiking. It pushes you beyond your limits and lets you see all the ways in which you’ve evolved. 

Jungle trekking quotes to fuel your wanderlust

Care to get away for a forest hike? These are the best trekking quotes for when you’re deep in the jungle, hearing the leaves rustle and navigating the lush greenery in the woods. Plan your next outdoor trip with these jungle trekking quotes, which will have you dreaming about fresh air and serene groves soon enough! 

There is always an adventure waiting in the woods.

Katelyn S. Bolds

It is said that the forest has a certain limit if you look straight ahead, but the sides are boundless.

Riccardo Bozzi

If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.

Rachel Wolchin

Human beings aren’t meant to spend their entire lives in an office cubicle, slumped in front of a computer or staring lifelessly at walls. No, we’re meant to stretch our legs and roam freely in open spaces! Anytime you feel suffocated, don’t forget to take a leaf-filled walk to the nearest park or forest and bask in nature’s embrace. It will always welcome you back.

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.

Edward Abbey

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.

Robert Louis Stevenson

I’m always astonished by a forest. It makes me realize that the fantasy of nature is much larger than my own fantasy. I still have things to learn.

Gunter Grass

It’s not just mountains that can leave us speechless. Forests, too, can humble us with their old giant trees, colourful and exotic flora, and incredibly diverse wildlife. Boasting a wide array of species and creatures, forests can defy our expectations and leave us surprised with each visit. We realize that we still know so little about the world we live in. 

The wilderness holds answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask.

Nancy Wynne Newhall

After all this time questioning whether I could trust myself, my instinct had proven right — I’d found a path in pathless woods.

Aspen Matis

Standing in the middle of a forest, I’m overcome with a sense of peace and wonder. Here, I find the confidence to carve my own path and venture deeper into the woods, ready to take on any challenge. 

Funny hiking quotes to make you laugh

Hiking doesn’t have to be all serious all the time, so don’t forget to relax and enjoy the little things too! If you’re an easygoing hiker who can roll with the punches and poke fun at mishaps along the way, these funny hiking quotes will definitely leave a smile on your face. Might we say they’re pretty relatable, too?

If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.


I can’t argue with that logic! Every time I feel stressed, I find that taking a walk outside really helps to clear my head and see things from a better perspective. 

Camping: The art of getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest cold beverage, hot shower, and flush toilet.


 Never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost, and you see a path.  By all means, you should follow that.

Ellen DeGeneres

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hiking, it’s that the early bird gets the face full of spider webs.


You need mountains. Long staircases don’t make good hikers.

Amit Kalantri

Hiking is just walking where it’s okay to pee.

Demetri Martin

We don’t stop hiking because we grow old — we grow old because we stop hiking.

Finis Mitchell

Hiking is the answer. Who cares what the question is?


We like this hiking quote so much that we’re going to use it as the answer for everything!

Trekking quotes for you and your friends

From my experience, a long journey is always better when you’re travelling with great company and people you vibe with! These quotes about trekking with friends will help you treasure your companions and appreciate them in a new light. And, hey, you might even feel like meeting new travel buddies along the way! 

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

Tim Cahill

Mountains remind us that human connections are just as important as the milestones we achieve. As much as I love travelling solo, there’s something to be said for the fun and shenanigans involved anytime I join my friends on a hiking trip! Not only do we grow closer to each other, but we also get to understand each other more and help each other grow in meaningful ways. 

You need special shoes for hiking—and a bit of a special soul as well.

Terri Guillemets

I just wanna kick it in the woods with my birches.


I love to sit on a mountain top and gaze. I don’t think of anything but the people I care about and the view.

Julian Lennon

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.

Lovelle Drachman

Happiness is hiking with friends.


More than bonding on the trail, trekking with friends is an incredible way to create lasting memories and discover new places together. You just know that your friends will be there for you and have your back every step of the way! 

If everyone in the world took care of each other the way folks do out on the trail, and if everyone approached each day with as much hope and optimism as hikers do, the world would be a better place.

Jon Tullis

It’s simple and heartfelt trekking quotes like these that remind me to be grateful about my personal relationships. Whether it’s helping fellow hikers on the road or simply making a hiking trip with friends happen, the strong ties of community make the world a kinder place to live in.

Best trekking captions for Instagram

Before you search for the best trekking places online, you might also want to look up a caption for trekking to match your gorgeous mountains photos. If you’re searching for trekking captions for Instagram or your social media accounts, these quotes will liven up your feed. More importantly, they can help you create eye-catching posts that will inspire your followers! 

Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.

Jaime Lyn Beatty 

Need I say more? Collecting new experiences is one of the best things about exploring the great outdoors. Sure, a job can be great for saving money and buying possessions, but it will never take the place of adventure.

Climbing is as close as we can come to flying.

Margaret Young

There are two kinds of climbers: those who climb because their heart sings when they’re in the mountains, and all the rest.  

Alex Lowe

May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits.

Harley King 

And if someday, my sons ask, “Dad, why did you choose to climb?” Smiling, I’ll reply, “I climbed so you could fly.”

Mekael Shane 

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.

Gary Snyder

When you finally witness that breathtaking sunrise on top of the mountain, you can use this caption to compliment your stunning photograph. These words will highlight the beauty of the scenery, while drawing attention to the detail that nature is, in fact, a place we can always call home.  

Motivational trekking quotes to change your life

Here’s what mountains can teach us about life’s most important lessons. More than fueling your love for the mountains, these motivational hiking and trekking quotes can also inspire you to achieve your dreams and reach your full potential. After all, there might be other mountains or challenges you’re facing right now. Read these encouraging sayings to get you pumped and excited about making new changes in your life! 

The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain, he is inspired by it.

William Arthur Ward

Sometimes we need mountains to remind us that not everything in life is a race with a finish line. Mountains teach us that it’s more important to pace ourselves and take note of our progress. Instead of obsessing over milestones or comparing track records with other hikers, we should respect and follow the pace that’s comfortable for us. This way, we can take comfort in the small victories and triumphs we’ve accomplished. 

Mountains are only a problem when they are bigger than you. You should develop yourself so much that you become bigger than the mountains you face.

Idowu Koyenikan

If you want to train for big mountain endeavors, spend time in big mountains.

Jimmy Chin

I like what Jimmy Chin is saying with this quote. You’re never going to get anywhere if you always dream small and stay within your comfort zone. But if you set new goals and work on yourself a little every day, you’ll be ready to take your hiking adventures to the next level! 

The choices we make lead up to actual experiences. It is one thing to decide to climb a mountain. It is quite another to be on top of it.

Herbert A. Simon 

When you scale a mountain, you have to leave your ego at home.

Anthony Hincks

Accidents on big mountains happen when people’s ambitions cloud their good judgment. Good climbing is about climbing with heart and with instinct, not ambition and pride.

Bear Grylls 

Famous adventurer and television presenter Bear Grylls acknowledges that fatal accidents can sometimes happen when people use mountains for their own gain and glory. Sadly, this is a common pitfall of many hikers who underestimate the risks of mountain climbing, especially when all they really want is a photograph they can brag about. Cautionary hiking quotes like these remind us that we should never sacrifice our personal safety.

There’s no glory in climbing a mountain if all you want to do is to get to the top. It’s experiencing the climb itself — in all its moments of revelation, heartbreak, and fatigue — that has to be the goal.

Karyn Kusama

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.

Greg Child

Over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.

Theodore Roethke 

I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.

Rosalia de Castro

As someone who likes to plan her itinerary ahead of time, I know how nerve-wracking it can be when you have to confront your fear of uncertainty. Maybe you’re facing a major decision or a fork in the road — a new career path or a different country that seems to be calling out to you — and you’re not sure what lies ahead. 

But just like making your way through a forest with nothing but a flashlight, you can take it one step at a time. Trust your instincts, then enjoy the mystery of where this path will bring you.

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

Frank A. Clark 

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.

Erol Ozan

It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.

Muhammad Ali

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.

Andy Rooney

Mountains know secrets we need to learn. That it might take time, it might be hard, but if you just hold on long enough, you will find the strength to rise up.”

Tyler Knott 

Mountains impart to us the values of endurance, resilience, and patience. They teach us what it means to go the distance and defy the odds, no matter how challenging the trails appear to be. In the midst of life’s difficulties, we can find the inner strength and courage we need to press on, keep walking, and push ourselves to give our very best.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

As the poet Mary Oliver says, it’s up to you to decide what to do with your life at this present moment. Will you take the next step in chasing your goals and dreams? What kind of adventure will you be embarking on next? Right now, you have all the time in the world to enjoy the blessings of Mother Nature and live your life to the fullest. How will you choose to spend it?

With that, you’re ready to hit the trails! I hope you enjoyed reading these inspirational hiking and trekking quotes! Move on next to our quotes about waterfalls or long drives and road trips.

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