40 Yummy Filipino Snacks You Can Buy Online

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Compared to its neighboring countries, the Philippines does not stand out as a destination for food lovers. But as a melting pot of cultures and flavors, this Southeast Asian nation has diverse traditions, customs, pop culture, and yes, diverse food. This variety is apparent in Filipino snacks.

Filipino snack stall
A stall selling Filipino snacks

In the Philippines, snacking is not only something that’s enjoyed while watching movies, studying, drinking with friends, or during work meetings. Filipinos are sentimental people and food often brings to mind fond memories with loved ones. Filipino snacks, in particular, tend to trigger nostalgia.

Most famous Pinoy (demonym referring to Filipino people) snacks were part of most Filipinos’ lives as they were growing up. Some snacks are childhood favorites that remind us of a laidback, uncomplicated time when snacks and silly games are sources of simple joys.

Some of the all-time favorite Filipino snacks may be hard to find online but we’ve listed several that are just a click away.

If you’re Pinoy, this list will definitely speak to the inner child in you. If you’re not Filipino, here’s a great opportunity to know about these yummy Filipino snacks you can buy online.

Best-selling and classic Filipino snacks

1. Regent Snacku

Snacku made Regent a household name when the food brand launched the vegetable-flavored snack.

From the packaging to the actual appearance of the snack (green, stick-like rice crackers), they were made to look like healthy snacks. But even as kids, most of us weren’t fooled yet still enjoyed eating this MSG-sprinkled snack.

Snacku, despite not being made of real vegetables, remains one of the most famous Filipino snacks.

2. Jack ‘n Jill Chiz Curls

In late 1960s, Universal Robina Corporation (URC) pioneered the salty snacks industry through the Jack ‘n Jill brand.

Chiz Curls was one of the first snacks to roll out at the time. It was an instant hit because it was both tasty and enjoyable to eat.

The crunchy, puffy corn curls were covered with rich, cheddar cheese powder and they melted in your mouth. The puffs itself are cheese-flavored and quite addicting.

3. King Choc Nut

A childhood favorite and one of the most enduring Filipino snacks, King Choc Nut is a small milk chocolate bar that consists of cocoa powder, coconut milk, and crushed peanuts. About the size of an eraser, Choc Nut is sweet, nutty, and crumbly but not powdery.

Each Choc Nut bar is a yummy balance of milky sweetness and toasty nuttiness. It’s a unique Pinoy snack that’s even used by restaurants in their desserts and drinks.

4. Fibisco Marie

Fibisco Marie is one of the oldest Filipino snacks.

But even if you’re not Filipino, you probably know the Marie biscuits: those round, light, thin, creamy biscuits that’s called María, Mariebon, Мария and Marietta amongst other names in other countries.

Marie biscuits are usually thin, easy to chew on, and easily dissolves, which makes it an ideal snack for toddlers. Adults, on the other hand, enjoy it as a tea or coffee time snack.

5. Ovaltine Malt Candies

90s kids will definitely remember Ovaltine Malt Candies, or Ovaltinees, as one of the yummiest Filipino snacks.

These tiny sweet malt chocolate tablets taste really good and are quite addicting. They taste just like a compact and hardened Ovaltine powder, so it’s hard to not crave more of it.

Plus, because it’s made from malt, it’s not as guilt-inducing as chocolate candies or bars.

6. NutriSnack Ri-Chee

Ri-Chee, another classic Filipino snack, is a rich, milk-flavored crunchy snack. It’s fortified with calcium, making it one of the healthier Filipino snacks of the 90s.

Glazed in milky goodness, these small crunchy bites are sweet but not overpowering. Some even used to consume this like cereals, pouring milk over it.

7. Stateline Tomi Sweet Corn Chips

One of the popular Filipino snacks in the 90s to early 2000s, Tomi Sweet Corn Chips are crunchy snacks packed with sweet and yummy corn flavor. It’s a very straightforward, fuss-free snack that both kids and grown-ups love.

8. NutriSnack Peewee

Another old-time Filipino snack that brings back happy childhood memories is Peewee.

A tasty snack with sizzling barbecue flavor, Peewee chips are crispy and airy. The chips have just the right amount of spicy barbecue and saltiness.

The most famous variant was spicy barbecue but it also comes in Pizza Supreme and Spicy Chili versions.

9. Nagaraya Cracker Nuts

Introduced in 1967, Nagaraya Cracker Nuts are peanuts encased in a wheat-flour-based coating. One of the most popular and oldest Filipino snacks, Nagaraya originally came in one flavor, butter.

These delicious nuts are packed with protein, fiber, and has low sodium content. Moreover, it comes in other savory flavors like adobo, barbecue, garlic, and hot and spicy.

10. Jack ‘n Jill Chippy Barbecue Corn Chips

Like Chiz Churls, Chippy was one of the first snacks that Jack ‘n Jill rolled out in the late 60s. It’s one of the most popular Filipino snacks among the youth.

Crunchy, salty and a bit smoky, Chippy’s barbecue flavor makes it a great companion for cold drinks, alcoholic or not, so it’s commonly enjoyed among friends.

Chippy comes in other flavors but its barbecue flavor remains the most popular.

11. Ricoa Curly Tops and Flat Tops Chocolates

Most Filipinos have tasted both Curly Tops and Flat Tops and it’s hard to mention one without mentioning the other.

After all, they’re both chocolates with virtually the same packaging and they look a bit similar, too. They’re also made by the same company, Ricoa, the first to manufacture chocolate products in the Philippines.

Despite the similarities, Curly Tops and Flat Tops have different taste profiles. Curly Tops have a slightly grooved shape, appear darker in color, and have richer, smoother texture. Flat Tops are lighter and harder but malleable. They’re also on the sweeter side.

Both chocolates are delicious though and are some of the best-tasting homegrown Filipino snacks.

12. M.Y. San SkyFlakes Crackers

Not only is SkyFlakes one of the most famous Filipino snacks, it’s also the number 1 undisputed cracker brand in the Philippines since the 1960s. This is fascinating, considering the simplicity of this Pinoy staple.

SkyFlakes is a wheat-based salty cracker that contains no trans fat, cholesterol, or sugars. Despite being a bit salty, it is low in sodium. It’s also famous for its crispiness and retention of oven-baked freshness.

Sky Flakes is a versatile snack that can be enjoyed in between meals or with various toppings during afternoon snacking. It’s also one of the common emergency food items in the Philippines; so most households have it stocked at home.

It seems like the stuff of television commercials but most workers and students do have a packet of SkyFlakes in their bags in case they get hungry during commute. Parents also often make their kids eat SkyFlakes when they’re sick because it’s easy on the stomach.

Sweet Filipino snacks

13. Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 Classic Chocolate Bar

One of the most popular Filipino chocolate snacks is Cloud 9, a delectable bar which has a thick layer of creamy caramel, soft nougat, and crunchy peanuts covered by a thick coating of rich, milk chocolate.

Sounds yummy, right? Because it is!

Cloud 9 is a luscious and chewy treat that almost resembles a Snickers bar. In recent years, Jack ‘n Jill developed new flavors such as the Cloud 9 Overload and Salted Caramel.

14. Jack ‘n Jill Dynamite Choco Mint Candy

Mint chocolate has been the subject of debates in the last couple of years. Some people love it, some find it gross. However, those who love all things mint chocolate will definitely love Dynamite.

Jack ‘n Jill’s Dynamite is a hard mint candy with a chocolate-filled center. Pop one in your mouth and you’ll feel instantly refreshed with the cool mint shell. Once the candy melts or when you bite into the candy, whichever comes first, the sweet, creamy chocolate will surprise you.

15. Regent Golden Sweet Corn

Filipinos do love their sweet corn and it’s obvious in the number of Filipino snacks that are sweet corn-flavored.

Regent’s take on the classic flavor is in the form of crunchy, bright yellow balls. The addicting round corn puffs are coated in sweet corn powder flavoring and with just a little bit of saltiness.

Many other brands have their own version of the golden sweet corn snack but Regent’s is one of the most popular.

16. Annie’s Hany Milk Chocolate

Choc Nut has had quite a few rival brands in the past but Hany is probably the toughest of them all, and the closest when it comes to taste and quality.

Like Choc Nut, Hany is a small milk chocolate bar with cocoa powder, coconut milk, and crushed peanuts. But compared to Choc Nut, Hany is moist as it uses more peanut oil. Choc Nut is toastier. Meanwhile, Hany errs on the sweeter side. It also feels grainier and rougher on the palate although it still features the toasty peanut taste, albeit milder than Choc Nut’s. Despite the cult following Choc Nut has, Hany also ranks high in the list of well-loved Filipino snacks.

Interestingly though, Hany’s manufacturer, Annie’s Sweet Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation, acquired Choc Nut years ago, turning old rivals into sister brands.

17. Goldilocks Polvoron

A polvoron is a type of heavy, soft, crumbly, and powdery Spanish shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts. Having been colonized by the Spaniards for more than 300 years, Filipinos learned to love and make their own version of this sweet treat.

The Pinoy version uses a large amount of powdered milk, toasted flour, sugar, and butter or margarine. Additionally, nuts, crisped rice, and crushed cookies are sometimes used to give it texture.

Polvoron is one of yummiest sweet Filipino snacks, often enjoyed as dessert or bought as pasalubong (souvenir) by travelers. Goldilocks, a popular bakeshop in the Philippines, has variants such as the classic polvoron, cashew, coffee crumble, cookies ‘n cream, peanut, pinipig (crisped rice), and ube.

Savory Filipino snacks

18. Jack ‘n Jill Piattos Chips

Distinct for its hexagon-shaped chips, Piattos potato chips is one the most popular Filipino snacks.

Light, thin, and crispy, the Piattos cheese-flavored chips is rich, cheesy, and one of the best local potato chips. The snack is good on its own but gets even tastier when paired with dips.

Besides the cheesy original variant, it also comes in savory flavors like Nacho Pizza, Roadhouse Barbecue, Roast Beef, and Sour Cream.

19. KSK Boy Bawang Cornick

Cornick is a deep-fried, crunchy popped corn nut snack that’s usually seasoned with salt and toasted garlic. It is one of the popular snacks in the Philippines, available everywhere from street carts to market stalls to souvenir shops. Commercial cornick snacks are also widely available, and the most famous brand is KSK’s Boy Bawang.

Boy Bawang is a crunchy, salted, garlicky snack. ‘Bawang’ in Filipino means garlic. Compared to other brands, it’s relatively light and puffier. You can smell the toasted garlic once you open a bag. It’s also not too salty and mixes hints of pepper for an even tastier and quite addicting treat.

The garlic variant is a classic and pairs well with a cold beer, but it also comes in other flavors like chili cheese, barbecue, and adobo.

20. Jack ‘n Jill Vcut Potato Chips

Tasty chips with a spicy twist? Yes, please!

Recognizable for its wavy, ridge-sliced chips, Vcut is a bag of spicy barbecue goodness. Crispy with just the right amount of saltiness, spice, and smoky barbecue hints, this is one of the best Filipino snacks for casual parties. It also tastes great with dips and sauces.

21. Oishi Prawn Crackers

Oishi Prawn Crackers, another Filipino snack staple, first came out in 1974. Its manufacturer, Liwayway Marketing Corporation, was originally a family-owned corn starch and coffee repacking business. Oishi Prawn Crackers was its first foray into the snacking world, a move that proved to be fruitful.

Today, Oishi remains one of the most favorite Filipino snack brands in and out of the country.

Liwayway claims to have used Japanese technology in making the prawn crackers, hence the use of Japanese words for its branding.

Oishi prawn crackers is crunchy, crispy, and savory. The spicy variant is zestier, with the spiciness lingering on as you eat stick after stick. It’s quite addicting and one can easily finish a bag in one seating.

22. Oishi Ribbed Cracklings

Another entry from Oishi is the Ribbed Cracklings in old-fashioned salt and vinegar. A mouthful, yes, but the name is also very straightforward.

Cracklings, when referring to pork, refers to roasted pork rind. Oishi’s ribbed cracklings resemble pork rind. Flavored with salt and vinegar, it packs both the savory salty punch and the sour snap. It’s light, fluffy but crunchy and great with beer, soda, or any cold drink.

23. Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster Potato Rings

Not exactly sure why these potato chip rings are called Roller Coaster (probably because Jack ‘n Jill claims that eating these will give you the thrill of your life?) but these hoops are undeniably crunchy, cheesy, and a delight to eat.

One of the best Filipino snacks from Jack ‘n Jill, Roller Coaster is a fabricated potato ship shaped into rings, making it a favorite among kids who choose to eat each ring off their fingers.

24. Jack ‘n Jill Chicharron ni Mang Juan

Like cornick, chicharron is a famous fried snack in the Philippines. It commonly consists of fried pork belly or fried pork rinds.

Because of its high fat content, chicharron has the reputation of being unhealthy. So, imagine the delight of chicharron lovers and snacking enthusiasts when big brands came up with vegetarian chicharron.

Chicharron ni Mang Juan is Jack ‘n Jill’s version of the vegetarian chicharron snack. Yummy but guilt-free. Made from dehydrated peas and potatoes and tapioca starch, it comes in three classic Filipino flavors and perfect for munching on while drinking a cold beer.

25. Jack ‘n Jill Nova Multigrain Snacks

One of the Filipino snacks that errs on the healthier side is Nova multigrain chips.

It’s a healthy mix of four wholesome grains – corn, wheat, rice, and oats – rolled into thin, cheesy chips. Each chip is rich in fiber and has zero trans fat. Plus, they’re yummy, too!

26. Newton LaLa Fish Crackers

One of the most loved Filipino snacks, LaLa fish crackers are puffy square, rippled crackers.

Savory and crunchy, LaLa has a mild fishy smell, nothing too overwhelming. Above all, it’s flavorful and salty, perfect for those who love savory snacks.

27. Leslie’s Clover Chips

A favorite snack for many Filipinos, Clover chips are potato chips that resemble seashells. The original cheese flavor is intensely cheesy. You’d have to lick the cheese off your fingers after munching on a bag but it’s an experience you won’t regret.

Other flavors include ham and cheese, barbecue, and chili and cheese.

28. Regent Cheese Ring

Regent’s Cheese Ring looks like onion rings. But don’t let that fool you; they taste nothing like onions.

These bite-sized rings are loaded with cheese flavor, albeit with hints of sweetness, too. Like Jack ‘n Jill’s Roller Coaster, the fun way of eating these is by ‘wearing’ the rings on your fingers and biting it off each finger. It’s messy but it’s a cheesy, yummy kind of messy.

29. JBC Ding Dong Mixed Nuts

To label Ding Dong as mixed nuts is a misnomer, given that there are actually no nuts inside this bag of crunchies. What it has is an assortment of peanuts (which are technically not nuts), corn bits, green peas, fava beans (broad beans), and chips.

Despite the mislabeling, Ding Dong is one of the most popular Filipino snacks. Its contrasting flavors and textures make it an enjoyable snack to nibble on. It’s great for midday snacking, drinking parties, and weirdly enough, for study sessions and meetings at work.

30. Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips

One of the first snacks to roll out from the Jack ‘n Jill factory, Potato Chips is exactly what it sounds like – thinly sliced, golden crisp chips made from potatoes.

In addition, the chips are seasoned with just the right amount of salt and flavorings like barbecue, sour cream, and onion.

It’s one of the most fuss-free Filipino snacks out there and potato chip lovers won’t be disappointed.

Filipino snacks for kids

31. Stik-O Chocolate Wafer Stick

One of the most addicting Filipino snacks for kids (and kids-at-heart) is Stik-O chocolate wafer stick. It’s essentially made up of 2 to 3 layers of wafers, making for a crunchy bite.

Inside the crumbly wafer is a filling of chocolate, but newer flavors like ube, strawberry, vanilla, and coconut are also worth trying.

32. Jack ‘n Jill Choco Knots Pretzel

Pretzels and chocolates? Sign us up please!

Choco Knots is basically a bag of yummy chocolate coated pretzels. It’s chocolatey, crunchy, and very tempting. It’s easy to see why kids would love this but even adults like this toothsome Filipino snack.

It also comes in other flavors like Berry Knots (strawberry cream coated pretzels) and Milk Knots (milk coated, obviously). The most interesting variant is Choco Knots Blast which contains chocolate coated chocolate pretzels. Yes, chocolate on chocolate, because why not?

Lemon Square Cheesecake is among the most popular Filipino snacks for both kids and parents. Almost every Pinoy kid has probably gone to school with a Lemon Square in his/her bag.

This delightful cupcake is soft, creamy, and bursting with cheesy flavor and nutrition. It’s dense, compact but flavorful and conveniently packed so it’s easy to bring anywhere.

34. Galinco Chips Delight

Choco chip cookies are go-to snacks for kids and adults alike. One of local choco chip cookie contenders, Chips Delight, is considered one of the best Filipino snacks and it’s been around since 1996.

The cookie itself has a sweet, toasty taste, not too dark or deep. But it is generously topped with dark, delightful, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips. The combination works, and as a result, you’ve got a dark chocolatey, delicious choco chip cookie with a snappy texture.

Filling Filipino snacks

35. Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O Sandwich Cookies

Hungry but no time for a full meal? Sandwich cookies are some of the best snacks for most Filipinos for these occasions. Jack ‘n Jill’s Cream-O, for instance,is one of the go-to sandwich cookie brands.

Cream-O is a rich-tasting chocolate cookie sandwich filled with delicious cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and cookies ‘n cream. It’s sweet, and with three sandwich pieces inside a pack, it’s filling and perfect for snacking on-the-go.

36. Oishi Pillows

Imagine biting into a crunchy, delicious chocolate cracker when your mouth suddenly gets filled with a chocolatey oozy cream filling? If that sounds yummy, it’s because it really does.

Pillows are pillow-shaped crackers made from wheat, rice, cocoa powder, sugar, and milk. Inside the cracker is a rich, delicious chocolate filling that bursts once you bite into the cracker. It’s crunchy, sweet, and most certainly, a bag will satiate you. It also comes in an ube variant for a legit Pinoy twist.

37. Oishi Bread Pan

Bread Pan is among the most filing Filipino snacks and a tasty one at that. You get slices of toasted bread coated with flavors like cheese and onion, buttered toast, and toasted garlic.

It’s savory, flavorful, and more filling than your typical bag of chips. Some moms have even gone creative with Bread Pan, using it as a substitute for croutons in soups and salads.

38. Jack ‘n Jill Magic Flakes

Saltine crackers have always been a go-to when it comes to wholesome snacking. Although not explicitly labeled as such, Sky Flakes and Magic Flakes are the closest Filipinos have to a soda or saltine cracker.

Magic Flakes is a light, plain cracker. While most soda crackers are bland, Magic Flakes isn’t. It’s not too salty either. Although slightly airy, it’s crunchy and has just the right amount of crunch and yeastiness.

It’s certainly perfect for eating on-the-go or for afternoon tea and coffee sessions.

39. La Pacita Prima Toast

These shrunken-down toasted bread slices are buttery, sugary, crunchy, and satisfying.

Each tiny Prima Toast is coated in margarine and sugar on only one side. The combination gives way to a toast that’s sweet and savory at the same time. The crunchiness also makes it a great companion for coffee or tea.

40. Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton

Last, but definitely not the least, is the most filling of all Filipino snacks – the instant pancit canton. We say snack because you can eat it at any time of the day, usually for satiating one’s stomach in between meals. But a lot of Filipinos also enjoy these instant stir-fried noodles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton came out in 1991 as the first dry stir-fry pouched noodles in the Philippines. Since then, it has become a favorite fuss-free, highly addicting noodle of choice for most Filipinos. In addition, the brand has successfully captured the savory taste of traditional stir-fried noodles.

The original variant encapsulates flavors of sautéed onion, garlic, and savory chicken. Other flavors like Kalamansi, Sweet and Spicy, and Extra Hot Chili are also available.

And that’s a wrap! We hope this long list of Filipino snacks you can buy online made you want to stock up on more snacks. If you truly love snacking, check out the best Korean and Japanese snacks next. Or read this round-up of the best Asian snacks! Go ahead, shop now, and get your snack on!

Do you have a favorite Filipino snack that didn’t make it on this list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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