12 Best Filipino Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

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Between single-origin beans, regionwide farming communities, and distinctly local flavors, the Philippines prides itself on its lively cacao industry. 

From tree-to-bar chocolates to childhood snacks, each bar reflects the craftsmanship, heritage, and passion of its creators—culminating this into 

Hungry yet? Set your sights on these 12 Best Filipino Chocolate Brands:

1. Malagos Chocolate

Malagos Chocolate
Image credit: Malagos Chocolate

First on our list is Malagos Chocolate, a multi-awarded and internationally recognized chocolatier based in Davao City. Winning a total of 52 accolades, their tree-to-bar delicacies are utterly irresistible! 

To maintain the natural quality of their products, the company personally oversees the growth, cultivation, and distribution of their cacao beans. In fact, their very own Puentespina Farm is recognized as a certified heirloom producer by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund! 

Aiming to revitalize the Philippine cacao industry, Malagos Chocolates is certainly one to look out for!

Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate Bar

Classic and charming, Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate Bar is an eight-time award-winning delicacy, which recently won bronze from the 2020 Academy of Chocolate Awards!

Formed from single-origin Trinitario beans, their signature chocolate is made and processed to perfection.

Buy it on: Malagos Chocolates / Cacao Culture

100% Premium Unsweetened Chocolate 

“Tablea” refers to ground, molded cacao beans used to make “tsokolate”, or Filipino hot chocolate! 

Pure, luscious, and with a variety of uses, their 100% Premium Unsweetened Chocolate tablea will certainly warm your heart, as it delivers only the best of Davao flavors.

Made from fermented cacao, the product was an international show-stopper at the 2020 World Drinking Chocolate Competition.

Buy it on: Malagos Chocolate

2. Auro Chocolate

Auro Chocolate
Image credit: Auro Chocolate

Go for gold with Auro Chocolate, an elegant tree-to-bar chocolate brand based in Calamba City, Laguna.

Globally-renowned, over the years, their cacao has been acclaimed by several awarding bodies—such as the Academy of Chocolate, Great Taste Award, and the International Chocolate Awards—gaining 54 accolades in total! (On top of that, they’ve also launched an international boutique in Tokyo!)

With luxury chocolates in-store, as well as their outstanding nationwide presence, they’ve got a wide range of offerings and surprises to uncover—the list only continuing to grow!

50% Regalo Single-Varietal Dark Milk Chocolate

Auro’s premium Reserve collection aims to bring out the distinct qualities of Filipino cacao. This bar makes one of them.  

Taking you to the lush, tropical forests in Davao, their Regalo Dark Milk Chocolate blends green apple, green tea, and pinewood in crafting this five-time gold-winning masterpiece! 

Buy it on: Auro / Sarap Now

70% Dark Chocolate Paquibato Single-Estate

Heaven comes in the form of the Dark Chocolate Paquibato Bar, which has gained international acclaim.

Infusing forest valley flowers, dark honey, and caramelized nuts into its Paquibato-inspired tropical mountain mix, each bite is pure bliss. 

Buy it on: Auro / Sarap Now

32% White Chocolate Coins

Auro’s White Chocolate Coins are the real deal! 

This top-ranking delight is crafted with freshly-pressed, 100% natural cacao butter that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Buy it on: Auro

3. Theo & Philo

Theo & Philo chocolates
Image credit: Theo & Philo

Theo & Philo (meaning “chocolate and love”) crafts delicacies with that very philosophy. In every bar, you’ll find single-origin cacao from Davao, sugar from Bacolod, and unique ingredients from all over the country!

Paying homage to Filipino cuisine, their flavors integrate different dishes—from local street food to savory dishes—into their lavish bean-to-bar chocolate. 

Partnered with its strikingly colorful packaging, this award-winning contender has Pinoy pride written all over it!

Milk Chocolate Adobo

Adobo is a popular Filipino dish with many varieties nationwide. 

Composed of marinated chicken or pork, I didn’t expect this to suit milk chocolate—but somehow, Theo & Philo made it work!

A marriage of dairy and savory, this bar combines hints of pepper, soy sauce, and toffee into one award-winning treat.

Buy it on: Theo and Philo / Sarap Now

 65% Dark Chocolate with Labuyo

My personal favorite, this is for those who want things spicy!

Pairing siling labuyo (“wild chili”) with bitter, dark chocolate, this one-of-a-kind bar will indeed tickle your taste buds.

Buy it on: Theo and Philo / Sarap Now

Milk Chocolate Turon

If you’re feeling hungry, say I! 

Reminiscent of “Turon”—a Filipino street food containing deep-fried banana and sugar—this treat is scattered with banana chunks, caramel crisps, and sesame seeds that seamlessly blend.

Buy it on: Theo and Philo / Sarap Now

4. Tigre y Oliva

Tigre y Oliva chocolates
Image credit: Tigre y Oliva

Bridging the East and West, Tigre y Oliva aspires to preserve the natural flavors of different Filipino farming communities. Starting their journey in La Union, their chocolate products stay authentic, elegant, and true to their origin.

It’s a one-stop destination for all things sugary! What’s more, they also feature a line of well-packaged pastries and desserts in their shop. 

Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

The Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar is a pleasant fusion of coconut milk, coconut sap, and single-origin chocolate that’s reminiscent of the

Vegan-friendly and all-natural, what more could you ask for? 

Buy it on: Tigre y Oliva

Dulce Gatas Bombs

Dulce Gatas Bombs literally burst with flavor.

Tigre y Oliva’s take on bonbons, this merger of dark chocolate and Negros Occidental “dulce gatas”—a popular Carabao milk and sugar delicacy—is rather fun to pop in your mouth!

Buy it on: Tigre y Oliva

5. 1919 Chocolate

1919 chocolate
Image credit: 1919 Chocolate

1919 Chocolate is a family-owned brand that highlights cacao from Malvar, Batangas.

With a product line of special chocolate bars, spreads, tea, and cacao nibs, you’ll find that happiness is just a munch away!

Sourced from 100-year old Criollo trees, the company harvests cacao beans from their plantation. Intricately processed and packaged, every bar ensures high-quality cacao essence—from the classics to experimental takes!

62% Tree to Bar Dark Chocolate

From farm to store, 1919 Chocolate has a variety of award-winning treats, with their 62% Tree To Bar Dark Chocolate bagging silver from the Academy of Chocolates.

Tangy and roasted, this vegan-friendly bar is a masterful combination of banana, dried fruit, and caramelized coconut. 

Buy it on: 1919 Chocolate

Dulce de Leche Chocolate

Bring on the good stuff! This golden, caramel-like bar infuses cocoa butter and milk to recreate a well-loved delicacy.

Buy it on: 1919 Chocolate

6. Dalareich Chocolate House

Dalareich Chocolate House
Image credit: Dalareich Chocolate House

Bohol’s first chocolate factory, Dalareich Chocolate House thrives on its success and global recognition. As of late, their products are exclusive to Bohol, where tourists can visit their Chocolate House and farm!

Pairing experience and expertise with her studies at Cacaolab, Belgium, founder Dalareich Polot has mastered her craft in producing exquisite flavors from authentic, homegrown cacao. 

On top of that, her chocolates also come with a valiant cause, as the company has partnered with farming communities and advocated for sustainability.

Gold Award-Winning Unsweetened Chocolate (Tablea)

Winning gold at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards, this pure, unsweetened chocolate makes a flavorsome cup ‘o Tablea! 

If you find yourself in Bohol, don’t forget to purchase a bag (or two).

Buy it on: Dalareich

Ginto Chocolates 75% Bohol Single Origin

Ginto Chocolates is a social enterprise that aims to support smallholder farmers from different areas in Bohol.

Integrating single-origin cacao into their bars, their offerings are specially designed to show the best of their community!

Buy it on: Dalareich

7. Kablon Farms

Kablon Farms
Image credit: Kablon Farms

Kalon Farms offers four generations’ worth of cacao and tablea products, attributing most of their successes to their closely-knit collaboration. 

Since the 1960s, the family-run company has sourced and fermented cacao beans from their home in South Cotabato! As of late, they’ve developed their specialty dark chocolate lineup and likewise export organic cacao beans.

Spicy Dark Chocolate 70%

Spice up your appetite with Kablon Farms’ Spicy Dark Chocolate!

Sharp, bitter, and hot-hot-hot—these chocolates truly pack a punch, and are sold in cane and coco sugar varieties.

Buy it on: Kablon Farms / Shopee

Tablea Pure

Honing the recipe through the years, their Tablea Pure only continues to bring high-quality delicacies to your doorstep.

The classic, piping-hot drink, you’ll love to prepare this during family gatherings. 

Buy it on: Kablon Farms

8. MS3 

MS3 Agri-Ventures
Image credit: MS3 Agri-Ventures

MS3 Agri-Ventures’ internationally-awarded chocolates shed a wonderful spotlight on Davao City. Proudly Pinoy, their single-origin production has deep ties with Filipino farmers and promotes sustainability through their community-centered ethic. 

From cause to concept, MS3 promises organic, guilt-free deliciousness in the form of chocolate bars, drinks, and spreads!

MS3 Choco 60% Bonchoc

Winning two bronze awards in the 2019 Academy of Chocolate ceremony, MS3’s Bonchoc Bar is unforgettably tasty.

A union of 60% cacao, cashew nuts, and coffee, the result is rich, enticing, and profoundly organic. You won’t get enough of it!

Buy it on: MS3

MS3 Choco 60% Pilichoc

Pili nuts (or “Pacific Almonds”) are largely cultivated in the Philippines, and make excellent confectionery toppings.

With these healthy additions inside your Pilichoc Bar, you’ll get earthy, nutty, and dark chocolatey profiles, all in one!

Buy it on: MS3

9. Audrey’s Confectioneries

Audrey’s Confectioneries
Image credit: Audrey’s Confectioneries

Cebu City is well-known for its sweet, tangy, and chewy mango produce—and, at Audrey’s Confectioneries, their tree-to-bar creations pair the zest of Cebu mangoes with the sugary taste of chocolates, bringing you the best of both worlds!

Authentically and intricately crafted, these products are readily available in several local outlets and souvenir shops.

Chocolate Mango Caramel

This scrumptious blend of dried mangoes and chocolate makes an excellent delicacy, especially when you’re on the go! 

Keep it to yourself or send this to a friend—either way, it’s a pasalubong must-have.

Buy it on: Audrey’s Confectioneries

Mango Caramel Classic

Classic makes perfect. Buried in sweet caramel, Cebu dried mangoes have never been any better!

Not to mention, its bright and attractive container makes it great for gifting.

Buy it on: Audrey’s Confectioneries

10. Ricoa Chocolates

A master of their trade, Ricoa has been a pivotal figure to the Philippine chocolate industry, being the first to manufacture chocolates in the country!

Founded in 1956, the company has conceptualized a range of cocoa products, syrup, and fun-sized treats that just ooze with sweetness.

In addition to that, passing by the Ricoa Chocolate Factory is a treat in itself. Amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic, you can smell traces of their signature chocolate in the air!

Flat Tops 

There has been a constant debate on which Ricoa chocolate is superior—Flat Tops or Curly Tops. While I’m personally fond of the former, in reality, both do deliver on accounts of taste and looks.

Flat Tops are scrumptious chocolates, melding sugar, cocoa, and straight-up delight into each piece! Neatly packed in a bright-orange wrapper, you surely can’t miss this. 

Buy it on: Sarap Now

Sarap Now: https://www.sarapnow.com/products/ricoa-chocolate-flat-tops 

Curly Tops

As the name suggests, Curly Tops are identified by their unique “swirl” at their surface, as well as their eye-catching red, white, and gold-tinted wrapper.

Bringing together milky, salty, and slightly waxy sensations, all in all, these melt-in-your-mouth chocolates will leave quite an impression!

Buy it on: Sarap Now

11. Annie’s 

Located in Cavite City, Annie’s Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation is the mastermind behind Hany Milk Chocolate, a nostalgic treat that we’ve all been craving for!

Be it from the sari-sari store, school canteen, or the nearby grocery—each piece is as sweet as childhood and as pleasant as an after-work reward!

Hany Milk Chocolate

Take a trip down memory lane! Blending Philippine peanuts with sugary-sweet chocolate, Hany Milk Chocolate is packed in small, ready-to-eat bits.

Buy it on: Amazon / Sarap Now

12. Urisman King Choc-Nut

One does not simply talk about Filipino chocolates without mentioning Choc-Nut. 

Saving the best for last, you’ll often find Urisman King Choc-Nut at the heart of our childhoods, as its distinct taste and red-pinstripe packaging just screams nostalgia!

Originally conceived in Malabon City, the snack grew popular in the 1970s. Nowadays, the demand only continues to climb both locally and internationally, as its fine, delectable, peanut-chocolate blend is simply to die for!


Milky, nutty, and crumbly—nowadays, you’ll find a lot of dessert recipes incorporating the iconic Choc-Nut Bar, be it ice cream, pastries, shakes, and more!

In any case, I suggest you first purchase the original! Combining cocoa powder, cane sugar, and delicious roasted peanuts, these snackable bits are worth every mouthful.

Buy it on: Amazon / Sarap Now

Choc-Nut Spread

Sure enough, Choc-Nut took our chocolate scene by storm, but why stop there? 

In 2018, Choc-Nut—to our surprise—extended their product line and released a similar-tasting chocolate-peanut spread; best with toast, pancakes, or Filipino pan-de-sal.

Smear-on as much as you’ll need, and enjoy its peanutty goodness however you want!

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Filipino chocolates

Home to several award-winning chocolate brands, cacao farms, and a unique flavor profile, you should check out what the Philippines has to offer! 

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