Can You Bring Flashlight on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Black flashlight

We’ve all done it – turned up at the airport and not only second-guessed ourselves as to whether we’ve packed everything we need, but whether we’ve followed the airline’s rules on how we pack our belongings. We know about the obvious prohibited items, but what about the other everyday items that we usually take for … Read more

Can You Bring Lighter on a Plane? Here’s the Answer

Lighter flame

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and being held up by airport security because you’ve accidentally packed an item you cannot take onto an airplane. Sometimes this can get a little confusing though; we all have everyday items we would like to take with us on our trip – so what do we … Read more

21 Things Bosnia and Herzegovina is Known For

Sunset view of Sarajevo from most popular panoramic spot in Sarajevo; Yellow Fortress

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country located in the Balkans in southeastern Europe. It is a mid-sized nation by European standards but is often overlooked by tourists. Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for the Bosnian War which occurred in the 1990s, its ethnic and religious diversity, and its famous capital, Sarajevo. It was also the … Read more

16 Things Southampton is Known and Famous For

Ocean Village marina in Southampton, UK.

Southampton, frequently nicknamed Soton, is a city rich in maritime tradition. Southampton is a famous port town and best known for being the departure point of the Titanic. Aside from that, it’s also known for its bustling student population, classic museums and top nightlife options. It’s an oft-underappreciated place well worth a visit on your … Read more