16 Best French Novels and Storybooks for French Learners

French storybook

Whether you’ve only recently started learning French, or are well on your way to fluency, reading a book (or 100) in French can do wonders for your language skills! Reading a French novel or storybook can improve your understanding of the written language, your grasp of spelling and grammar, and your vocabulary. But how do … Read more

17 Things Marseille is Known and Famous For

Parasailing on a beach in Marseille

France is a country of great variety and contrast, and this is especially obvious upon taking a trip to Marseille! As the country’s second-largest city, and southern France’s cultural center, Marseille contrasts significantly to other French locations you may have visited. Marseille is famous for its Bonne-mère, its Vieux-Port and its Château d’If. It is … Read more

19 Things Rome is Known and Famous For

The Spanish Steps is found at Piazza di Spagna

Rome: The Eternal City. It isn’t hard to understand why the capital city of Italy has developed this nickname. It’s existed since at least 753 BC and has been at the center of world culture ever since. Its almost three millennia of history, culture, and architecture make it one of the most exciting cities to … Read more

18 Things Paris is Known and Famous For

Paris: the City of Lights, the City of Love. The French capital is known across the globe, and holds prime spot on the bucket list of many travelers. But why is Paris so revered? Paris is famous for its bustling museums and galleries, its top cuisine, its beautiful architecture, and its chic fashion. Paris’ landmarks … Read more