Teach Korean Online: 10 Best Websites & Tips to Get Started

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With more and more people taking interest in Korean culture, it comes as no surprise that the number of Korean language learners is also growing. If you’re a Korean speaker looking for the opportunity to earn while sharing what you know, now’s a good time to teach Korean online.

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Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a job that you can do from the comforts of your own home, teaching languages online has its benefits. We know it can be a bit challenging to start but we’re here to help.

This article will walk you through the best websites where you can teach Korean online and how to apply. We’ve also listed down tips to help you slay the job. But first, see what’s in it for you.

Why teach Korean online

If you speak Korean and have a passion for teaching, teaching Korean online can be great for you. But if you’re still on the fence about it, allow these perks to convince you:

1. You can teach what you already know.

If you’re a native Korean speaker, you already have the advantage. Likewise, if you’re a fluent Korean speaker and can prove your proficiency, that makes you eligible for most online teaching jobs.

2. You can work remotely.

More people are working from home these days. Without the time wasted on the road and in traffic, you can do more of what matters. All you need is a laptop, webcam and microphone, and a stable internet connection!

3. You can set your hours.

Do you prefer working in the morning or the evenings? Do you want to teach full-time or just teach for a few hours per week? Most websites for language tutors give you the choice to set your teaching schedule.

4. You can set your rates.

Not only can you set your schedule, but you can also set your rates. In addition, if you have certifications and previous teaching experience, you can expect better pay. But even newbies can eventually raise their earnings as they gain more experience.

If this list of benefits convinced you to teach Korean online, go on and start browsing through our recommended sites for landing an online Korean teaching job.

Best websites to teach Korean online

1. Preply

teach a language on preply

Preply is one of the best options if you wish to teach Korean online. Finding students is relatively easy since Preply has over 800,000 active learners from 180 countries, a huge chunk of which are learning languages. Aside from languages, the site also offers lessons on different subjects and hobbies like math and music.

Preply has over 400 Korean tutors on board. In short, you get a steady stream of students plus an interactive classroom, and access to training webinars and a supportive tutor community. Since English is the most popular course on the platform, you can also teach English online to Korean students.

Pay: You can choose your hourly rate and change it anytime. However, popular tutors can earn up to $550 per week.

Do note, however, that Preply takes a 100% commission fee on your first lesson payment with every new student. The commission varies from 18-33% after that. The more hours you teach, the lower the commission becomes.

Hours: You can set your hours. No minimum hours required.


  • Teaching experience is recommended but not required
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Must be fluent or a native Korean speaker
  • Reliable internet connection, quality webcam, and microphone

How to apply: Using an email address or a Facebook account, you can sign up here. Create your profile, add an engaging 2-minute video introduction, and your availability schedule. Due to the high volume of tutor applications, only accepted teachers hear back from Preply within 5 business days.

2. Italki


Italki is one of the best sites to learn any language, and it’s certainly one of the best sites to teach Korean online. With over 5 million learners, you will have no shortage of students.

There are over 300 Korean teachers on Italki. As a tutor, you can choose between becoming a professional teacher or a community tutor. But you can only choose one type. Professional teachers have extensive teaching experience, training, and certification. Meanwhile, community tutors can teach general and conversational language lessons.

Pay: You can set your rates, from a minimum of $4 per lesson. Community tutors typically make about $9-$13/hour while professional teachers make $15-$19/hour. Italki takes 15% commission from all class fees.

Hours: Teaching schedules are customizable but classes are usually 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes long.


  • Native or C2 level in your teaching language
  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • 1- to 3-minute video introduction
  • For professional teachers, additional proof showing your professional training or experience is required. You may check the list of documents here.

How to apply: Check if there are still available slots for Korean teachers. Sign up here. Prepare a 1-3 minute video introduction that showcases your Korean skills, teaching style, and personality. In addition, you should show your teaching certificate if you’re applying to be a professional teacher.

3. AmazingTalker


Like Preply and Italki, AmazingTalker also has a huge database of language learners – over 900,000 learners and 80 languages, including Korean. As a Korean tutor, you have lots of options on what kind of courses you will be teaching. You can teach basic Korean, conversational Korean, Korean grammar, Korean for travelers, and so on.

AmazingTalker uses a matching system for students and teachers. Students are asked to answer some basic questions. Based on the student’s answers, the student will get tutor matches and will be connected via the website’s messaging feature. Here, they can discuss what the student’s learning goals are and what learning materials are needed for the class before the actual lesson.

Pay: You can set your rates. Most Korean teachers charge $15–28 per 50-minute private lesson and $6–10 per 25-minute trial lesson. In addition, AmazingTalker takes a commission fee of 0-15%.

Hours: No minimum hours required, but top tutors usually teach for 15 to 49 hours per week.


  • Must either be a native Korean speaker or have a degree in Korean
  • Experience in 1-on-1 Korean tutoring or related classroom experience
  • Passion for teaching and the ability to create your lesson plan

How to apply: Fill up the application form. You will be asked to record a trial lesson and undergo training if hired.

4. Verbalplanet


Verbalplanet boasts over 30 languages and is one of the biggest platforms for those who want to teach Korean online. What makes it awesome is that it allows you to keep 100% of what you earn. No membership fee or commission fees.

Another great thing about Verbalplanet is the option to find tutors that can speak a second or third language. For example, a German student who is trying to learn Korean can look for a Korean tutor who also speaks German. Definitely an advantage for polyglots!

Pay: You can set your lesson rates. Most tutors charge anywhere from $15 to $30 for 45-minute sessions.

Hours: No minimum hours required.


  • Accomplished tutor profile
  • PayPal account to receive payment
  • Language teaching qualifications and experience are not particularly required but may help you get approved faster.

How to apply: Sign up here. Create a profile and set your hourly rate.

5. Verbling


For those learning languages, Verbling is one of the best sites to get Korean tutors. It boasts over 10,000 online teachers, all of which are native speakers or have at least a C2 fluency level. But not only is Verbling great for learning Korean, but it’s also just as good for those who want to teach Korean online.

What’s great about Verbling is its integrated platform. All private lessons are done via Verbling Video, its video chat technology. This built-in classroom setup allows you and your student to upload files, message each other, and review vocabulary together. So, there’s no need to download or install other apps.

Pay: You can set your rates and cash out anytime through PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer, or Verbling Credit.

Hours: No minimum hours


  • Must be a native Korean speaker or at least C2 level
  • Previous experience teaching Korean. A reference letter or any other proof of relevant teaching experience is required.
  • A formal teaching certificate will increase your chances of admission.

How to apply: Submit a Verbling application. Fill up the form and submit a video introduction. You will receive an email from Verbling within the next two weeks whether you are accepted or not.

6. Live Lingua

Korean tutors at livelingua

As of writing, Live Lingua offers language courses in only seven languages, including Korean. This means it is one of the more specialized sites to learn Korean online.

Live Lingua connects students to their ideal tutor after a quick learning style quiz that determines the student’s learning goals, preferred accent, and fluency level. Similarly, teacher applicants take a quiz on teaching style. The results are then used to connect teachers to students.

Pay: Depending on the type of Korean lessons you will be teaching and the number of hours that the student is purchasing, you can expect anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour.

Hours: Minimum of 10 hours per week


  • Must be a native Korean speaker
  • Experience learning a second language
  • At least two years of experience teaching languages to foreigners
  • Have a university degree in teaching Korean as a second language or Bachelor in Education plus a Certification in Teaching Korean as a Second Language
  • Have access to a good computer with both a microphone and a camera, along with a reliable internet connection
  • Love for teaching

How to apply: Fill up the application form. After that, take the teaching style quiz. Due to the large number of applications Live Lingua receive each day, they are unable to respond to all of them. If your submission fits one of the open positions, you will hear from them shortly.

7. MyLingoTrip

teach korean online via mylingotrip

Currently offering 12 languages, including Korean, MyLingoTrip specializes in one-on-one lessons and lessons for groups of 2 via Skype. Therefore, this is great for those who prefer learning Korean online with a buddy or partner.

For teachers, using the MLT platform is free. Tutors are evaluated for their performance. After each lesson, students can leave a rating and feedback for their teacher.

Pay: Depending on the course level and package, you may earn anywhere from €13 to €18. Moreover, teachers invoice their students directly for their lesson fee using PayPal or an alternative invoicing service.

Hours: Flexible, but each lesson is scheduled to last 60 minutes.


  • A love for teaching languages
  • Must enjoy working with international students
  • Must be a native Korean speaker but comfortable in speaking English
  • Basic computer skills
  • Stable internet connection

How to apply: Answer the application form. Be prepared to present diplomas or certificates, if any, and describe your teaching method.

8. Cafétalk


Like Preply, Cafétalk is a website that allows you to teach virtually anything – languages, music, yoga, art, fashion, and so much more. One of the best websites to teach Korean online, they especially welcome tutors who speak Japanese, Korean, or Chinese and/or have lived in an East Asian country. Even better if you can speak two of these languages.

Tutors are required to teach via Skype on a PC or tablet. Teaching via smartphones is not allowed. Cafétalk has a lot of promotional tools to help teachers get the attention they need. They even feature a new tutor on the website every week. They also provide tutor counseling.

Pay: You set your rates. Fees start at 60% of the lesson price and increase depending on lesson sales with the highest possible fee percentage at 85%. Payment is sent every month through Payoneer, Paypal, or directly to your bank account.

Hours: You can set your hours and lesson duration.


  • Must be a native Korean speaker
  • Over 20 years old
  • Teaching experience is not required but preferred.
  • Certifications are not required but may give you an advantage.

How to apply: Create an account. Fill out your profile and take a simple interview. It may take 7-14 days for Cafétalk to get back to you, or even longer if there are plenty of applicants before you.

9. Tutoroo

tutoroo teach korean online

Unlike most of the websites on this list, Tutoroo offers both online and offline language lessons. The company currently offers in-person Korean lessons in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney but online private lessons are available for anyone worldwide.

The platform connects students with potential tutors. The site has a large database of students that your profile will be exposed to but it is up to you to pursue or decline the job offer. What’s more, you can teach more than one language as long as you are proficient in these languages.

Pay: You can set your rates. Popular tutors can earn up to $8,000/month. The first two weeks of lessons will be paid to Tutoroo by the student directly. Yes, you won’t be earning for the first two weeks. Once this 2-week period is completed, you can then start collecting your payments from the students via cash (if teaching in person) or bank transfer.

Should the student choose to terminate or discontinue lessons after two weeks, tutors are protected under Tutoroo’s guarantee that they will receive 50% of the total amount of fees generated from the two weeks of lessons.

Hours: You can choose your hours.


  • Must be a native Korean speaker or proficient in the language
  • Professionalism, consistency, and punctuality
  • Passion for teaching not just the language but also Korean culture

How to apply: Fill out the application form. You will hear from Tutoroo within 3 working days.

10. TakeLessons

takelessons teach korean online

Originally a site for music lessons, TakeLessons are now accepting dance instructors, acting teachers, and yes, even Korean language tutors. Like Tutoroo, it offers both in-person and online lessons. It has over 2 million students so you will have a steady stream of students, especially if you teach more than one language or other subjects.

A caveat though. TakeLessons is based in the US and prioritizes local and online teachers in the US. They require that you are legally able to work in the US. You can live in another country as well but you will need a US bank account for payments.

Pay: You can set your prices and you will only be scheduled with paid students. There’s an onboarding fee of $19.95 to cover the background check done by TakeLessons’ third-party processing partner. You’ll learn up to 90% of the total lesson price per student.

Hours: You can set your hours.


  • Legally able to work in the US
  • Have a US bank account
  • Flexible and willing to teach students of all ages and skill levels
  • Professional, helpful, encouraging, friendly, and on time
  • Able to create custom lesson plans for students
  • Eager to help students reach their goals

How to apply: Fill out your profile details and experience on the application page. After that, complete a background check, and agree to TakeLessons’ independent contractor terms.

Tips on how to teach Korean online

online lessons via video call

1. Identify your motivation.

Whether you’re teaching to earn money for future travels, or you want to build a career around teaching, knowing your reasons will help you stay motivated even when it gets tough.

2. Identify the perfect teaching platform for you.

How many people do you want to teach per week or month? How many hours can you spare? What type of students would you like to teach? Each site differs in structure so answering these questions first will help you choose the best site for you.

3. No experience? Consider tutoring for free at first.

Most websites entertain newbies but teaching experience is always advantageous.

Build your portfolio by offering free Korean lessons to your friends and acquaintances who are interested in learning. You can also reach out to students via Facebook groups and offer free online Korean lessons. They’ll be very happy to take you up on this.

4. Make sure you are ready with the required technology.

Most sites require a stable, if not high-speed, internet connection since you will be talking to the students via video chat. A good camera and high-quality microphone are also required.

5. Be prepared to work around your student’s goals.

While you can build a fixed curriculum or lesson plan, it’s important to keep your student’s objectives in mind and help him/her to achieve those. In other words, you need to be flexible and able to customize your lessons according to his/her learning speed and needs.

6. Use the right teaching tools.

A lot of the websites above have built-in tools and teaching resources that can help you l teach Korean online effectively. Maximize those.

But you can also explore other resources like Korean language apps, podcasts, and courses to see how others are teaching the language. Korean language books are also great supplementary material or teaching aids for your class.

Now, you know more about how you can teach Korean online. Best of luck in finding the best website for you to apply to. Happy teaching!

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