20 Awesome Spanish Podcasts for Beginners to Advanced Learners

Approaching Spanish for the first time, especially for those unfamiliar with other Romance languages, can be pretty challenging. Rolling your r’s, conjugating all the verb tenses, memorizing which words are male and which are female… all that takes a lot of effort!

I’m here to help you on this amazing journey, though. Trust me, your level of language can make a quantum leap if you use a Spanish podcast (or many!). So dig into our list of the 20 best podcasts to learn Spanish online and see how you can learn and have fun at the same time!

Editor’s note: To reach fluency faster, combine these podcasts with other resources, such as apps, books, movies, online courses, and YouTube channels. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a handy list of 40+ Spanish learning resources, including FREE ones. Read it, save it, and share it!

Why should you learn with a Spanish podcast?

It’s time-saving and convenient: If you have little free time at home or would rather put your feet up when you do, audio lessons are the perfect fit for you. Your commute will feel productive and seem to go by way faster if you listen to podcasts to learn Spanish on the go.

You don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t feel like it: A free podcast is definitely not hard to find. What’s more: there’s hardly a huge difference in content quality between paid and free podcasts. If an ad-free experience isn’t a top priority for you, you can learn Spanish by listening to podcasts that demand zero investment. 

Your pronunciation and fluency will improve: A Spanish podcast will feed you grammar and vocabulary within a context, so you’ll stop worrying too much about getting everything right and start focusing on how native speakers pace, which sounds they usually stress, and how written language and oral expression diverge a lot. That’s what holistic learning is all about!

Let’s start exploring the best Spanish podcasts on the web? Bear in my mind that is by no means a ranking, though. So check them all out according to your level of language and stick to the one that fits you best — or go through all of them for faster results! Better still, combine these podcasts with some of the best apps and books to learn Spanish for a wholesome learning journey.

Best Spanish podcasts for beginners

1. A Zero To A Hero by Babbel

This is the best podcast to learn Spanish if you don’t know the first thing about it. Topics range from the “most difficult sounds to English speakers” to “the Spanish equivalent of ‘there is/there are’” — and the main character’s struggle is 100% relatable.

A Zero To A Hero by Babbel

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Have little to no Spanish and want to learn more without panicking
  • Need to make progress with grammar but would love some cultural content mixed in
  • Want to be able to switch between platforms (e.g. Spotify and Apple Podcasts)

2. Spanish Obsessed

The greatest thing about “Spanish Obsessed” is that it offers content for learners of all levels, lots of grammar-oriented articles, and an exclusive learning journey if you’re willing to invest in learning Spanish. Beginners will be able to follow through a consistent path by listening to Liz and Rob’s audio lessons. 

Spanish Obsessed

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Don’t feel like changing methods as your level of language evolves
  • Are looking for overall neutral Spanish with a Colombian touch
  • Consider investing in your Spanish studies in the future

3. Discover Spanish by LanguageTreks

Divided into units that boast a content review as the last chapter, “Discover Spanish” is the closest you’ll get to a Spanish101 audiobook. LanguageTreks has developed its own method and is used by many teachers with their students, so I’d say this a great podcast to learn Spanish.

Discover Spanish by LanguageTreks

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Need a more traditional, yet engaging learning path
  • Consider paying for content but are on a tight budget (there are packages for as little as $89.95)
  • Want short, to-the-point lessons (between 10 to 15 minutes on average)

4. Notes in Spanish

Like “Spanish Obsessed”, “Notes in Spanish” is hosted by an international couple whose exchanges can be a lot more exciting than the teacher-like monologue featured on other Spanish podcasts. Ben and Marina focus on grammar and daily life vocab, but offer travel-themed content as well.

Notes in Spanish

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Seek a more stimulating way of learning
  • Have more affinity for European Spanish
  • Want an interesting mix of practical and fun content

5. CoffeeBreak Spanish

It would be a crime not to include “CoffeeBreak Spanish” on this list, as this is a multi-platform podcast with 40 lessons for each level of language. It also offers five other issue-specific series. This is as complete as it gets, honestly.

CoffeeBreak Spanish

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Want a clear path to follow all the way through advanced Spanish
  • Have time to check out the unmissable extra content
  • Might want to switch between platforms as you learn

Best Spanish podcasts for intermediate learners

6. Spanish for your Job

What I like about “Spanish for your job” is how practical its content is. It mixes English and Spanish for the convenience of intermediate learners, yet the utter importance of the topics it addresses will benefit even advanced learners.

Spanish for your Job

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Work or plan to work in a Spanish-speaking environment
  • Enjoy Latin American accents and vocab better
  • Want content that is not exclusively work-related, but is intertwined with a look into Latin American culture

7. Unlimited Spanish

Though “Unlimited Spanish”’s content is fully spoken in Spanish, its slow pace is perfect for intermediate speakers looking for a challenge.

Unlimited Spanish

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Want to explore a wide range of subjects, from Spanish politics to the paintings of Diego Velázquez
  • Would like to gain familiarity with European Spanish
  • Need a transcript to follow along with the discussion

8. Babbel Mixtapes

One of a myriad of Spanish podcasts hosted on Spotify, “Babbel Mixtapes”’s content isn’t too hard to understand as it’s taught mostly in English, yet the songs it references might pose an extra challenge.

Babbel Mixtapes

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Are looking for an unusual (and fun!) approach to learning Spanish
  • Want Latin American content specifically
  • Need to brush up your colloquial register 

9. Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Titles such as “An Exile in Russia”, “The Mezcal Inheritance”, and “Indigenous Rap” don’t even begin to cover how interesting the true stories presented here are. What’s more: some of them are several episodes long, just like old-time radionovelas! Explanations in English here and there make the stories a smoother ride for intermediate learners.

Duolingo Spanish Podcast

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Want to take in new content in a more dynamic way
  • Are interested in Latin American culture and history
  • Have another source to study grammar from

10. Spanish and Go

Jim and May’s travel-themed content is awesome; though they speak only Spanish throughout the episodes, their pace is not fast at all. Their website features bilingual blog posts and YouTube videos, so learning with them will be a truly global experience.

Spanish and Go

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Are hot for multimedia content
  • Want to learn more about Mexican culture (but not only)
  • Are looking for a more relaxed approach to grammar

Best Spanish podcasts for advanced learners

11. Nómadas by RNE 

Among all podcasts to learn Spanish I’ve listened to, this is probably my favorite, since you get to learn about a corner of the world you’re most likely unfamiliar with while taking in tons of new words. You can even browse through the content based on the continent you want to hear about. Just wow. 

Nómadas by RNE

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Either can already understand complex discussions in Spanish or want to challenge yourself
  • Have a penchant for European Spanish
  • Seek longer-than-average (about an hour) audio lessons on the history and culture of faraway lands

12. Fallo de Sistema by RNE

Just like “Nómadas”, “Fallo de Sistema” airs weekly on Spain’s national public radio (RNE), yet its focus is on science, science fiction, gaming, and some other geek-labeled content that’s infotainment in Spanish at its best.

Fallo de Sistema by RNE

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Need to take a break from grammar-focused content
  • Don’t mind learning vocabulary that you won’t necessarily use in your daily life
  • Want to impress your friends with the-more-you-know-y info

13. Advanced Spanish Latino

Though short, “Advanced Spanish Latino”’s weekly episodes are a great way of keeping up with general news on Latin America while learning very useful politics- and economics-related vocab. This is certainly one of the best, free podcasts to learn Spanish on the web.

Advanced Spanish Latino

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Can understand exchanges on more abstract topics in Spanish
  • Want an update on Latin America’s state of affairs with a pace slower than that of TV
  • Need this sort of content for work

14. Español Automático

Karo Martínez’s “Español Automático” is one of the greatest podcasts to learn Spanish out there, as it has the perfect mix of cultural and grammar-focused content. She speaks four languages, so I’m sure she can teach you more than a thing or two on how to become fluent in her mother tongue. 

Español Automático

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Don’t want to go through multiple sources when learning 
  • Have an advanced level of language, but still need some grammar here and there
  • Want to improve your fluency

15. Radio Ambulante by NPR

“Radio Ambulante” covers all things Latin America, from urban issues to folk tales to (trans)national politics. It’s hectic and complex like the region itself, which means it’s a truly fascinating Spanish podcast for advanced learners.

Radio Ambulante by NPR

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Feel very confident about your level of language (or you might get bored)
  • Want to dig into serious content
  • Lack some colloquial vocab

Best Spanish podcasts to learn grammar

16. Intensive Spanish by Reyber Educación

“Intensive Spanish” focuses on repetition to help learners take in new content. Not all students will enjoy this method, but as some of you thrive on a more traditional approach, I decided to add this podcast to our list. 

Intensive Spanish by Reyber Educación

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Are used to (or want to give a shot at) a conventional learning path
  • Learn from other channels but need to focus on some key contents
  • Still have a hard time understanding basic exchanges in Spanish

17. Españolistos

“Españolistos”’ impressive 209 episodes (and counting) aren’t exclusively about grammar, which is why you should give it a try. In one episode you’ll learn about the subjunctive mood, and two episodes later they’ll be talking about Sofía Vergara, so I promise you’ll make the most of it!


You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Need to brush up your grammar, but also want cultural content to keep you going
  • Are searching for weekly lessons
  • Would like an audio transcript for a full grasp 

18. Spanish Grammar Review

Despite a limited free content offer, this an extraordinary podcast to learn Spanish grammar if you’re on the lookout for more to-the-point lessons. Its yearly membership costs mere $50 though, so it might end up being a great investment if you’re up for it.

Spanish Grammar Review

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Learn from other sources but feel like your grammar is lacking
  • Don’t have much time for culture-related content
  • Think about spending at least a little on learning Spanish

19. Hoy Hablamos Gramática

This is what I call thorough, as “Hoy Hablamos Gramática” has 130+ episodes and covers all parts of speech. If you listen to everything they’ve posted, chances are you might become an expert on Spanish grammar sooner than you think.

Hoy Hablamos Gramática

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Seek a dramatic improvement in your level of language 
  • Listen to other sources for fluency and daily life vocab
  • Aren’t afraid of focusing on the hard stuff

20. Gramática Histórica del Castellano

This is not a regular Spanish podcast because it’s not supposed to teach you Spanish as much as to teach you about Spanish. It’s meant for language freaks who already speak well and want to dig into how Spanish came to sound what it sounds like today.

Gramática Histórica del Castellano

You should listen to this Spanish podcast if you:

  • Are fluent, yet want to push yourself to the limit
  • Have a college-level interest in Spanish
  • Have listened to all other Spanish podcasts on the internet 

Nifty tips for learning Spanish

While podcasts to learn Spanish are a precious tool for acquiring fluency in the language of Cervantes, transitioning from intermediate to advanced speaker of a new language can be challenging even to the most seasoned polyglot. That’s why you should pursue multiple strategies and incorporate Spanish into your daily life… I’m sure the following tips will help you go a long way!

Watch your favorite Disney movies dubbed in Spanish

I’d definitely pick “Mary Poppins”, but you could go with “Coco” for the Mexican setting. We all have that one Disney flick (or a dozen) that we’ve watched so many times we know the lines by heart, so why not rewatching it with Spanish audio? You’ll learn and have a great time (“Cinderella” is called “La Cenicienta”? Really?!) all at once: win-win.

Look for content you love reading about (and read it out loud!)

You don’t have to be familiar with Spain’s or Argentina’s star system to find out how celebrity gossip in Spanish is as overblown as in any other language. You’ll soon realize that taking a break from lessons and reading about stuff you enjoy will become a great motivation; meanwhile, your pronunciation will be forever grateful if you do it aloud. The topic doesn’t really matter, though; more self-serious learners are free to research about Goya’s paintings or Inca mythology.

Join a language exchange community:

This could make another post altogether, but I promised nifty tips, or did I? Tools such as HelloTalk and Speaky will connect you to fellow hispanohablantes while having you overcome that fear of making silly mistakes, which will help you become ever more fluent. You’ll notice how you’re not the only one who just can’t get that irregular verb right… and hopefully meet new friends too! Sooner than you think you’ll be speaking Spanish like a pro.

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