18 Best Spanish Online Courses in 2021 for Avid Learners

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One of the best ways in this modern age to learn Spanish is to attend an online Spanish course. Thankfully, with Spanish being one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, there is no shortage of awesome resources to help you do exactly that!

Today, let’s dive into some of the best online Spanish courses available right now and see which one fits your fancy! But before we begin, let us ask ourselves this question: 

What’s good about online Spanish courses? 

Ease of access: There are plenty of reasons why you should consider taking Spanish classes online. But perhaps the most common reason is the ease of access. Perhaps Spanish courses aren’t available where you live or simply hard to come by. With online Spanish courses, you’ll be able to gain access to quality lessons right from the comfort of your own home! 

Flexibility: Many of these online platforms work around YOUR schedule, offering personalized class structures and curriculums to suit your lifestyle. Simply put, it’s just infinitely more convenient! 

Casual environments: Don’t get me wrong. I loved my Spanish classes at university. The lecturer was super sweet and my course mates were the best. However, the downside to it all was having to go through the stress of monthly exams and assessments! With most online Spanish courses, you don’t have to endure that. Although some of them feature tests to track your progress, they are way less stressful! 

Variety: Finally, what makes learning Spanish online fun is the wide variety of different resources available. Regardless of how you learn best, be it by watching videos, listening to songs, or reading a book, you can find a Spanish course with a teaching style that suits you! 

But which online Spanish courses are the best? Don’t fret, mi amigo, here’s a list of the 18 best online Spanish courses to get you started! 

Editor’s note: To reach fluency faster, combine these courses with language learning apps such as Babbel or Mondly, pick up conversational skills with the world-famous Pimsleur, and consider hiring an affordable tutor with italki. More in this list of 40+ Spanish learning resources!

Overall best Spanish courses online

1. Pimsleur

Pimsleur spanish course

Out of the many Spanish courses online, Pimsleur is arguably my favorite. Named after renowned linguist Paul Pimsleur, this holistic online Spanish course uses a scientifically proven technique to help learners master the Spanish language.

With a wide range of lesson types that focus on different aspects such as vocabulary, fundamental grammar, common phrases, and more, Pimsleur is, in my opinion, the best course to learn Spanish. 

Pimsleur offers various ways to learn, master, and practice Spanish. There are short, 30-minute lessons, digital flashcards to increase your word bank, games to help you revise in fun ways, and also speaking lessons to get you up to speed with conversing comfortably in Spanish.

The best part is that all of these resources are accessible offline! That means you can download the lessons in advance and revisit them whenever you want, wherever you want! 

Here’s an offer for you: Try Pimsleur Spanish absolutely FREE today! 

Best features of Pimsleur:

  • Audio courses catered for Latin American and Spain Castilian dialects
  • Compact 30-minute lessons that you can fit into any busy schedule
  • Provides offline access
  • Choice of different dialects of Spanish

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access.

Start your full access, 7-day free trial.

2. Rocket Languages

Rocket language spanish

Another website for awesome Spanish lessons online that I particularly like is Rocket Languages. What makes Rocket Languages special is the way in which lessons are delivered. While the website and app focus on fundamentals like grammar, vocabulary, and reading, its best feature is its audio-based lessons.  

With over 120 hours of lessons consisting of short 30-minute audio sessions, Rocket Spanish is perfect for those who wish to improve their Spanish speaking and listening. Lessons often feature real-life conversations with explanations for the grammar and vocabulary that is used during the exchange.

And, just between you and me, the conversations on Rocket Languages sound way more authentic than the audiotapes my Spanish lecturer used to play during my university days! What’s more, because the audio lessons are more casual, you’ll also be able to pick up phrases that you can actually use in conversation without sounding like a robot!

Of course, apart from the audio lessons, Rocket Languages also tracks your progress and lets you test yourself after each session to see how far you’ve come. Finally, there’s also a Rocket Languages forum where you can engage with and share ideas with other learners! 

Best features of Rocket Languages:

  • Bite-sized audio-based lessons that can help learners rapidly improve pronunciation
  • Gets users accustomed to the pace and nuance of daily conversation in Spanish
  • Also covers all the basic aspects of Spanish in well-structured lessons
  • Ability to track your progress and revise

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: Instant lifetime access from $99.95. Try it now for free!

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone spanish

Rosetta Stone is arguably the most recognized name when it comes to Spanish lessons online. Having been founded in 1992, it is a comprehensive online Spanish course that combines different methods of teaching to keep learning Spanish a fun and exciting experience. Boasting useful features like phrasebooks and an audio companion, Rosetta Stone is a tried-and-tested resource for all your online Spanish learning needs. 

With Rosetta Stone, you can customize your online Spanish lessons to suit your learning needs and even get live feedback as you practice via the Live Lessons feature! Thanks to these two features, Rosetta Stone stands above the crowd in terms of providing a holistic platform for beginners who want to quickly improve on their Spanish. 

Best features of Rosetta Stone:

  • Features a variety of holistic material to help learners improve 
  • Helps beginners master the basics quickly and efficiently
  • Live Lessons feature that you can use to connect with an expert language tutor and take part in group classes. 

Recommended for: Beginners, but also decent for more advanced learners

Price: $11.99/month for a 3-month Spanish course or $179 for lifetime access. Find a Rosetta Stone promo here.

4. Lengalia

Lengalia spanish course

If I had to describe Lengalia, I would say that it’s the best website to learn Spanish for specific scenarios. Tailored specifically for Spanish speakers (you can only learn one language here), lessons on Lengalia are clearly structured and split into multiple categories. On one hand, you have grammar lessons (muy importante!) that range from beginner to advanced levels, podcasts and videos about Spanish culture, and vocabulary exercises. 

However, what makes Lengalia stand out is its wide array of specialized topics. Have an important business meeting with a Spanish-speaking client? Lengalia’s got you covered with the must-know phrases and words. Traveling to Spain and want to know how to ask for directions? Yep, Lengalia’s got specific lessons for that too! 

Best features of Lengalia:

  • The website is really easy to navigate and lessons are clearly defined and structured
  • Comes with plenty of grammar exercise to help beginners master the basics of conjugation
  • Topic-specific courses, such as must-know phrases for travel and business

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners; travelers who just want to get by in Spain or other Spanish-speaking country

Price: $6.16/month for a year for full access (best deal)

5. Open Learn

Open learn spanish

There are plenty of options for Spanish courses online but it’s safe to say that, for most people, none are as reputable as university-level courses. Open Learn is an online platform that provides access to a wide variety of subjects, including Spanish, offered by The Open University, a public research university based in the United Kingdom. 

The free Spanish curriculum that’s offered on Open Learn is quite comprehensive, covering over 100 hours of learning, most of which are focused on beginner-level courses. The course is well-structured, focusing on building up basic concepts of Spanish before diverging into specific topics to help you immerse yourself in the language. 

On the main page of each course, you’ll be able to see the outlined course details, content, and expected learning outcomes. Upon completion of a course, you’ll be issued a Statement of Participation too! 

Best features of Open Learn:

  • Free university-level Spanish course
  • Extremely well-structured and easy to navigate
  • You’ll be able to earn a Statement of Participation upon completion

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: Free

6. Babbel 

Babbel spanish

If you’re a total beginner and just starting to learn Spanish online, Babbel offers one of the most suitable Spanish courses that caters to your learning needs.

With plenty of focus given on the core elements of learning a language (mainly writing, reading, and listening), Babbel offers new learners the chance to nail down the basics before moving on to more advanced levels.

It also features interactive dialogues that help you master the art of conversing in Spanish. But perhaps the best feature about Babbel is accessibility. With a holistic and easy-to-use app that comes with the same features as the main website, you can deep dive into an online Spanish lesson on the go! 

Best features of Babbel:

  • Flexible teaching styles with plenty of variety
  • Perfect for beginners who want to improve their basic grasp of the language quickly
  • Pace yourself and map out your own course timeline and learning goals

Recommended for: Beginners

Price: Starts from $12.95/month. Try it now!

Courses to improve vocabulary and grammar

7. Coursera (UC Davis University of California) 

Coursera spanish course

Coursera is a huge, U.S-based online course provider that offers plenty of university-level courses on its platform. As you would expect, there are many Spanish courses too. Among the many online Spanish courses, the one that I highly recommend is the vocabulary course offered by UC Davis University of California. 

In total, there are five different courses packaged into one curriculum, taking about five months to complete. Under the guidance of your university instructor, you’ll be able to pick up plenty of basic (yet extremely useful) Spanish vocabulary in different fields. It’s simple yet effective and most suitable for those who want to expand their word bank. 

The best part about the course is that you can be more flexible in terms of time. That’s because you can adjust the pace that you progress through the material yourself. What’s more, Coursera is one of the few places where you can learn Spanish online with a certificate for free. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion issued by the university, which is certainly an eyecatcher for prospective employers. 

Best features of Coursera:

  • Accredited courses from reputable universities
  • Expand your Spanish vocabulary under guidance by a certified instructor
  • It’s free! 

Recommended for: Beginners and those who want to improve their vocabulary

Price: Free

8. Memrise

Memrise spanish

Compared to Coursera, Memrise is a much more casual platform to learn Spanish online. Using fun flashcards and quizzes, the platform aims to make use of memory retention to help learners expand their Spanish word bank. Of course, there are also quizzes to track your progress and even audio and video clips to help you hone your listening skills. Trust me, watching Casa de Papel is much more fun when you can understand some of the words without subtitles! 

However, I would suggest using Memrise in tandem with another online Spanish course for maximum effect. That being said, this fun, interactive resource remains a popular choice for many beginners to intermediate-level learners. And yes, if you use it well, it can help you build a solid foundation upon which you can further improve on your Spanish. 

Best features of Memrise:

  • Fun, interactive lessons that can help you memorize more vocabulary
  • Audio and video clips to help improve pronunciation
  • Plenty of free resources

Recommended for: Beginners and intermediate level Spanish learners

Price: From $8.99/month or a lifetime fee of $139.99

9. Quizlet

Quizlet spanish

Similar to Memrise, Quizlet is an online Spanish course that focuses on improving your vocabulary using memory. Its main feature is a whole host of free games and flashcards aimed to stimulate your brain and to help you retain information. There are multiple different study modes and also topic-specific vocabulary to choose from. 

Also like Memrise, I would say that Quizlet is best used together with a different resource to more holistically learn Spanish online. However, if you’re preparing for an upcoming Spanish test (don’t worry, I know how that feels like) and want a quick revision, Quizlet is the perfect last-minute brain booster. 

Best features of Quizlet:

  • A wide range of vocabulary to learn via flashcards
  • Doesn’t follow any specific structure. The learner is in full control. 
  • Perfect for those who excel at memory-based learning

Recommended for: Beginners

Price: Free

10. Transparent Language

Transparent language

Transparent Language is another one of my favorite free online Spanish courses. Catering to all levels of Spanish learners, Transparent Language offers full flexibility in setting your own learning goals and also offers a free proficiency test to see how far you’ve come. 

In terms of online Spanish lessons, the platform comes with plenty of typing, speaking, and reading exercises, all designed to help you improve your fluency. You can also create a custom archive or new words and get in touch with an online tutor. What’s more, the user-friendly app also gives you the option of learning on-the-go! 

Best features of Transparent Language:

  • Proficiency test to track your progress
  • Free access to a multitude of resources
  • Offers plenty of customizability in terms of learning goals

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: Plenty of free resources; premium access starts from $24.95/month

Spanish audio and video courses

11. Udemy

Udemy spanish for beginners

Another useful resource to learn Spanish online is Udemy. Featuring over 130 thousand online video courses, it is one of the largest online course providers in the world. It has over 500 Spanish courses, most of which are targeted at beginners and intermediate learners. 

A typical course on Udemy features on-demand video, several articles, and plenty of other online resources to complement your learning. These courses cover everything including conversational Spanish, grammar, and topic-specific vocabulary and phrases. You can either choose from general courses or use the filter function to find a particular area you want to work on.

Best of all, some courses even issue a certificate upon completion.

Best features of Udemy:

  • Over 500 Spanish courses to choose from
  • Each course features a good variety of different resources
  • Filter function helps you look for specific courses to help in specific fields of your Spanish

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners. However, take note that there are more resources for beginner and intermediate levels

Price: There are SOME free Spanish courses, but most courses start from $19.99

12. LingQ


Personally, I like LingQ a whole lot. That’s because, apart from the audio and video materials already available in its extensive archive, you can also import other Spanish materials onto the platform!

The best way to use LingQ is as an audiobook player. That way, not only can you improve your listening, but you can also simultaneously read along to improve your pronunciation. 

In addition, there’s a bustling community of language learners on the platform. So if you ever find yourself stuck in a rut, you can always find someone for advice. You can even arrange for group classes or one-on-one lessons. Super helpful if I do say so myself! 

Best features of LingQ:

  • Plenty of audio and video resources
  • Ability to upload your own material
  • A wide community of Spanish learners to connect with

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: From $12.99/month

13. FluentU

FluentU Spanish

Mi Papá, que es El Papa, es una papa”. This is one of my favorite sentences in Spanish. Translated, it means “my father, who is the Pope, is a potato”. In Spanish, context is super important as there are many words and phrases that either sound alike, or are literally spelled in the exact same way but mean completely different things. 

FluentU uses real-world videos (think music videos, news broadcasts, inspiring speeches, etc.) to help users learn Spanish online. Not only can you improve your pronunciation, but the platform also provides an in-context definition to the words being spoken and gives you other examples to help you truly understand. 

What’s more, FluentU uses a unique test system that integrates pictures, videos, and more into Spanish lessons and exercises. This helps you to fully immerse yourself in the process and track your progress! 

Best features of FluentU:

  • In-depth lessons using enticing video clips
  • A unique test system that makes exercises and revision fun

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: From $15/month or $120/year for a basic package

14. Language Transfer

Language transfer

As far as Spanish courses online go, Language Transfer may well be one of the most unique. True to its name, the main idea of this platform is to transfer your English skills to the Spanish language. A large part of the lessons is conducted in English. Rather than focus on having you memorize words or grammar rules, the lesson’s main aim is to help you understand the language as a whole before diving into examples. 

This makes the lessons digestible, easy to understand, and lays a fundamental base for future learning. All lessons on Language Transfer are conducted via an audio recording featuring an instructor and a volunteer student. As the lessons progress, listeners are encouraged to pause the audio whenever a question is asked, answer it, and then continue to see how the volunteer answers. 

As a Spanish learner, I must say that this is quite a breath of fresh air compared to the brutal grammar lessons I had to endure in the past. This is especially the case if you’re just starting out because it gives you a general idea of how Spanish “works” rather than fill your head with countless concepts of another language right from the start. Give it a try, I certainly enjoyed these free Spanish lessons! 

Best features of Language Transfer:

  • Helps build a fundamental understanding of Spanish that most other courses don’t do
  • Engaging conversations delivered via audio recordings
  • Completely free! 

Recommended for: Beginners

Price: Free, but you can donate to the website if you’d like to!

15. Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee break spanish

While I was studying Spanish, one of my favorite ways to improve was listening to a Spanish podcast. It didn’t really matter what it was. Just listening to Spanish in my free time helped me improve tremendously. If you’re taking Spanish lessons online, then Coffee Break Spanish is the perfect podcast companion to complement your learning. 

Featuring plenty of 15-20 minute audio material that caters to both beginner and advanced learners, this award-winning platform is arguably one of the best audio-based Spanish courses online that you can find. The topics touch on several aspects of the language and introduce simple vocabulary, grammar, and even complex sentence structures to really help you master the language. 

What’s more, the hosts, Mark and Cara, are incredibly engaging and entertaining. When I was listening to them, I sometimes found it impossible to stop! 

Best features of Coffee Break Spanish:

  • Entertaining, easy-to-digest audio material 
  • Covers a wide range of topics suitable for any learner
  • Engaging hosts that keep you interested from the very first minute

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: $104/course or $335 for a bundle

16. SpanishPod101


Alternatively, SpanishPod101 is another Spanish podcast that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Spanish online. Personally, I think that SpanishPod101 is particularly useful for improving your comprehension. 

The audio lessons, suitable for both beginners and advanced learners, tend to focus on everyday topics, helping learners familiarize themselves with essential vocabulary for daily conversation. There are also lessons that focus on grammar and other important skills suck as pronunciation and listening. Highly recommended! 

Best features of Coffee Break Spanish:

  • Tonnes of material to keep users engaged
  • Uses Spanish from several countries and provides cultural insights
  • The more you advance, the less English is used

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: Mostly free but you can get ad-free access starting from $8/month

Best courses for live Spanish lessons

17. Fluent City

Fluent city

One of the best ways to learn Spanish online is to listen in on real-life conversations. After all, nothing beats practicality, am I right? As a popular learning platform, Fluent City uses these conversations as their main medium to teach Spanish to enthusiastic learners. Coupled with vocabulary and grammar lessons, the results are highly effective. 

What’s more, Fluent City is one of the few platforms where you can attend proper group Spanish classes online! While on the platform, learners can get connected to professional tutors who can conduct well-structured classes over Zoom.

If you prefer a more personalized lesson, you can also opt for a one-on-one session! Having studied Spanish myself, I can tell you that nothing beats having a live tutor to correct your mistakes if and when you make them!

Best features of Fluent City:

  • Offers group classes or one-on-one tutoring via Zoom
  • Uses a combination of AI and live sessions to help learners improve on grammar and vocabulary 

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: Group lessons start at $399 per course while one-on-one sessions start at $49/lesson. 

18. Live Lingua


Another awesome platform where you can find Spanish courses online with tutoring services is Live Lingua. Like Fluent City, the main crux of the curriculum comprises audio recordings.  There are over 50 hours of Spanish content to consume, including plenty of ready-to-go phrases that prepare learners for real-world situations. 

Lessons are conducted by a real tutor in a one-on-one environment, which allows each student to get the due attention they need to improve their Spanish.

Before you begin taking any lessons though, you’ll be put through a simple assessment. Based on your answers, you’ll be automatically matched with a tutor that is deemed to be ideal for your learning needs. How convenient! 

Best features of Live Lingua:

  • Personalized lesson structure based on each individual’s goals and needs
  • Receive instant feedback as you learn
  • Includes tutors from various Spanish-speaking countries to cater to each learner’s preference 

Recommended for: All levels of Spanish learners

Price: Standard lessons start from $16/hour

Some final tips

Raring to go already? Muy Bien! However, before you start thinking about which online Spanish courses to sign up for, let me leave you with a few more tips. 

Think about why you want to learn Spanish: As you’ve already seen, there are many different online Spanish courses that cater to different groups of people. If you really want to master Spanish in its entirety, then a course like Pimsleur is perfect for getting started. If you just want to know how to order at a restaurant during your next trip to Barcelona, then Memrise might work better. Be clear on your intentions and that will help you choose the best course. 

Complement your online course with other resources: It took me three years of university education to get (relatively) fluent in Spanish. What you need to do to master Spanish is to immerse yourself in the language. So, other than your online courses, you should also look into books, mobile apps, and more to familiarize yourself with Spanish. Trust me, it really helps! 

Set achievable goals: Finally, it is important to understand that learning Spanish online is a process that might take several months or years. You’re probably not going to be cast in a hyper-successful telenovela after attending a few classes on basic grammar. Instead, take it easy on yourself and simply enjoy the process. The proficiency will catch up eventually!

Now that’s all said and done, the only thing left is to start your Spanish learning journey! Buena suerte, amigo! 

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