10 Best Websites for Portuguese Lessons Online With Tutors

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Feel like you could use some help with stepping up your game in Portuguese? We’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll be focusing on the websites where you’ll find the best Portuguese tutors online.

From renowned international platforms to language schools on both sides of the Atlantic, our list will definitely have at least a few options that suit your needs.

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But before checking out the websites we’ll be running over on this post, we’ll first tell you why we think private lessons with a native Portuguese speaker make such a great investment.

Vamos lá? (i.e. Let’s go?)

Why look for Portuguese tutors online

In case you’ve been following our content for a while, I’m sure you already know how to count and to say “hi” in a few different ways in Portuguese. Yet, after mastering the basics, achieving fluency can feel like an uphill battle if you don’t have the right tools.

It doesn’t have to, though. When we covered all the best resources to learn Portuguese online, we stressed how easy and affordable learning with incredibly talented and reliable native speakers has become in the past five to ten years.

And accessibility is far from the only advantage of studying with a Portuguese tutor online.

studying portuguese online

A native teacher will show you how you actually speak their language. Of course they’ll also help you understand grammar notions and expand your vocabulary in order to achieve fluency, but in real life, there’s often more nuance to the rules and expressions you learn from a textbook. 

On top of that, you’ll get to set the pace according to your specific needs.

And the best thing about it is that Portuguese tutors online will develop a custom-made method so you guys can work on your weaknesses together, which is more than you can say about virtually any app or off-the-shelf Portuguese course.

Best websites to find Portuguese tutors online

1. italki

Find a Portuguese tutor on Italki

It’s no wonder italki tops our list. You’ll find passionate and experienced Portuguese tutors among more than 650 professionals.

If you’re not fully convinced after reading through their profiles and watching their video introduction, book a trial (typically between $1 and $5) to make sure you’ve found your match.

italki has a user-friendly app that lets you browse and connect with a tutor, though video calls need to be made elsewhere, usually Skype. Tutors will work on a tailored approach to teach you Portuguese upon listening to your learning goals and spotting your potential shortcomings.

With italki, you have the best of both private and group learning. Whereas interactions with tutors are always one-on-one, you’ll get to engage with the website’s huge community of Portuguese students, which — I’m positive — will help you make many breakthroughs.

Top features of italki: 

  • Rates, schedules, and learning paths are all extremely flexible
  • italki’s search engine is unbeatable in terms of matching you with the tutors that will meet your learning needs
  • You’ll find a wide assortment of Portuguese tutors online on italki

Pricing: Between $6 and $10 per lesson, usually; trials average $1-4, mostly

2. Preply

portuguese tutors online on preply

Preply is without a doubt the largest platform for finding Portuguese tutors online: there are 900+ of them right now. That means you’re guaranteed to find one (or a few!) that has the same interests as you, which is perfect for staying motivated.

In fact, since Preply is so big, advanced learners can look for tutors teaching virtually any subject in Portuguese. This is certainly one of the features that set Preply apart from similar websites.

After your first lesson (which is refundable), you’ll be asked to choose a package of either 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours’ worth of lessons. Although that may seem iffy at first, it’s actually great, as it will allow your tutor to plan a well-thought-out learning path for you.

And you don’t have to go through so many tutors to find the best one for your goals. You can narrow down your search by aspects such as nationality, languages spoken, rates, and availability. 

Top features of Preply: 

  • Over 900 Portuguese tutors to pick from on the platform
  • A lot of them specialize in certain fields that might match your own interests
  • Learning countless other topics — in Portuguese —, which is a different and efficient way of learning the language

Pricing:  Starting from $7; top tutors will ask for $15-25 an hour

3. Wyzant

portuguese tutors on wyzant

Before matching you to the Portuguese tutor that works best for your learning needs, Wyzant will ask your availability and learning goals.

Some of them give conversation classes on specific topics, which is just wonderful for advanced students. You can type in your ZIP code and check for tutors near you as well. 

For Portuguese, however, you’ll probably study online, as there are currently a little over 100 tutors on the platform. That shouldn’t be an issue, though: Wyzant’s integrated lesson tool works smoothly and allows for great exchanges with teachers. 

Paying after each lesson and only if you’re happy with your tutor’s performance is yet another of Wyzant’s highlights. 

Top features of Wyzant: 

  • No need to use other apps to communicate: Wyzant has it all
  • Related topics like capoeira are suggested when you’re learning Portuguese, so that you’ll truly dive into the culture
  • Browsing for local teachers for face-to-face classes

Pricing: $30 through $50 on average, but more experienced tutors can charge $100+ per hour

4. Fluent City

online portuguese lessons on Fluent City

There are three major highlights about learning Portuguese with Fluent City. First, you get to choose between private and group lessons.

They each have their own advantages; while some people feel one-on-one interactions are awkward, you might be able to learn faster. On the other hand, the exchanges with fellow students in a group setting are often priceless.

Second, the website has a fantastic archive of supporting resources. For Portuguese, it’s mostly issue-oriented or music videos and audio lessons, which is already far more than similar platforms give you.

Finally, as Fluent City is a sort of online language school rather than a matching platform, you’ll get a standardized learning path emphasizing conversation and experience from all tutors. That said, you can still “shop around” in case you don’t enjoy a specific teacher’s approach.

Top features of Fluent City: 

  • Extra tools (e.g. audio lessons and music videos) to help you learn Portuguese
  • Both group and private classes are available
  • Preset study plans to ensure teaching standards

Pricing: $49 a one-hour lesson a month; $189 for four lessons ($47.25 each); $299 for eight lessons ($37.38 each); and $399 for 12 lessons ($33.25 each)

5. AmazingTalker

portuguese lessons with a tutor on Amazing Talker

While there aren’t too many Portuguese tutors on AmazingTalker, the affordability of their lessons turn the website into a superb option for learning Portuguese with a native speaker. Despite not being required to have a teaching degree (which accounts for the great pricing), teachers make up for that with extensive experience.

Another of AmazingTalker’s assets is its matching system. By typing in your age, learning goals, weekly and hourly availability, budget, and first language, you’ll be recommended the tutors you’re most likely to get along with.

One thing to bear in mind if you pick a Portuguese teacher on AmazingTalker is that you’ll have to use the video-chat platform of your choice.

Top features of AmazingTalker: 

  • Affordability and flexibility of the packages
  • Tutor profiles are thorough, so you’ll know exactly how experienced they are 
  • European, Brazilian, and even non-native tutors available 

Pricing: $7 through $16 for 50-min lessons

yellow tram in lisbon
Lisbon’s yellow wooden trams are one of the city’s iconic sights.

6. Verbling

portuguese tutors on verbling

Verbling’s search engine is one of its best assets. Besides sorting teachers by the languages they speak, you can pick your age group and nine subjects of interest, such as “grammar development”, “speaking practice”, and “accent reduction”. 

Their talent pool is huge: all in all, over 10,000 tutors work on the platform. But all of them are either native or C2-level speakers of the language they teach. 

One of the coolest things about Verbling is that you won’t ever have to leave the platform for a lesson through, say, Skype or Zoom. Verbling Video’s smooth interface allows you to message, video-chat, and exchange files with your tutor.

Top features of Verbling: 

  • Motivation through resources like report cards, badges, and certificates that are granted as you make progress
  • Online Portuguese tutors develop bespoke methods
  • Lessons can be taken on the platform

Pricing: Between $7 and$36, though $18-25 is a more common range; trials are free

7. Saudade Language School

portuguese lessons on saudade language school

Looking to nail that Portuguese saying you’re only vaguely aware of the meaning? Then Saudade is the language school for you. Headquartered in Lisbon, it’s absolutely unique in terms of the wide range of courses offered.

You’ll be able to learn either face-to-face or online, through private or group classes, and even pick specific learning paths like business and Brazilian Portuguese.

Themed lessons focusing on the culture of the Portuguese-speaking world and conversation groups crown it all and leave nothing to be desired.

Top features of Saudade Language School: 

  • A focus on European Portuguese
  • Specific courses like conversation groups and culture-oriented ones
  • Taking online or face-to-face lessons

Pricing: Either about $41 for each 1-hour lesson, $35/hour for 10 lessons, or $34/hour for 20 lessons; online group lessons vary between around $31 and $28

8. Verbalplanet

portuguese tutors on verbal planet

On Verbalplanet, you’ll find tutors teaching online classes at all levels. Like on other platforms, you can sort them by the languages they speak besides the one you want to learn. 

Tutors are highly skilled: most have both a college degree in Portuguese and a certificate in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. They’ll always give you instant feedback on your progress, which is just precious.

Verbalplanet is also unrivaled in terms of flexibility. Apart from being able to pick a tutor according to your availability (tutors’ schedules are shown in your local time) and budget and their experience and reviews by previous students, you can book either group or private lessons.

Yet even in case you’re learning alongside other students, you’ll manage to chat with your tutor in private to fine-tune your own learning path.

Top features of Verbalplanet: 

  • Native tutors teaching Brazilian and European Portuguese
  • All Portuguese teachers offer so-called “loyalty discounts” if you keep booking lessons with them
  • Flexible and easy to use

Pricing: Between $17 and $29 for each 45-min class; some tutors offer free trials, while others give a 50 or 90% discount

9. Classgap

online portuguese tutors on classgap

Classgap is another platform that makes up for its relatively small size in great pricing. Still, there are almost 150 Portuguese tutors to choose from on the website, the majority of whom are native speakers.

It’s complete with a built-in video-chat tool and a generous refund policy for your first lesson.

You’ll get to choose your tutor on Classgap based on your learning goals, level of language, budget, and availability, as well as the nationality and languages the tutor speaks.

Top features of Classgap: 

  • You type in your level of language, learning goals, and availability before being matched to Portuguese tutors online
  • A simple and user-friendly layout
  • Overall more affordable than most platforms

Pricing: 20-minute trials are free; then tutors commonly charge between $15 and $22 per lesson and normally give out 15-30% for 5- to 10-lesson packages

10. Street Smart Brazil

portuguese tutors on street smart brazil

I can’t tell whether Luciana Lage, Street Smart Brazil’s founder, is the best Portuguese tutor on the web. She’s definitely right up there, though.

And while you will learn tons of colloquial expressions on the way, the school’s name is misleading: we’re talking about a holistic approach focusing on a cultural experience.

All of the tutors on Street Smart are Brazilian, so you should use another platform if you want to speak the South American dialect. But you can take a 30-minute trial for US$7.95 to make sure their method suits your needs anyway.

Top features of Street Smart Brazil: 

  • It specializes in everyday Brazilian Portuguese
  • The founder and her associate tutors have many years of work and learning experience both in Brazil and abroad
  • Issue-specific lessons are also offered (e.g. prep course for Celpe-Bras, the Portuguese certificate issued by the Brazilian gov’t)

Pricing: $45 for each 1-hour lesson (one, two, or three lessons each week, payable every 4 weeks) OR hourly packages: $55/hour for 6 hours, $50/hour for 10 hours, and $47/hour for 16 hours

Mastering Portuguese will allow you to explore rugged and stunning Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

Books and apps are awesome and just have to be among the resources you use to study, yet hardly anything beats the thrill of learning with Portuguese tutors online. When a native speaker guides you through their mother tongue, you feel like you’re learning the real deal, not a stilted version of it. 

Tell us in the comments below which app helped you find the Portuguese tutor that clicked with you!

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