Learn Serbian: 30 Apps, Books, Podcasts, Courses and Other Resources

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Are you a learner struggling to find quality resources to learn Serbian? Despite the seemingly endless supply of the World Wide Web, good materials seem to be scarce.

Not to worry! I’ve got your back.

After searching far and wide, I am ready to share with you some of my favorite resources for learning Serbian. Learners of all levels and learning styles, read on. You’ll progress way beyond knowing how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Serbian. Regardless of whether you prefer audio material, videos, or grammar books, you should find something of interest in this list.

Feel free to dive in and find the best matches for you! Srećno!

Best apps to learn Serbian

Everyone loves language apps. This is why, dear app-lovers, I am sorry to say that there’s still no Serbian course on Duolingo. But fear not! Alternatives are there:

Serbian Alphabet for Students – Make first strides towards mastering both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet with this app (yes, we use both!). All letters have recorded pronunciations along with example words and images.

Ling – Ling is a chatbox with beautiful interface. Its method is based on frequent repetition and graphical aids. Try the app for free and if satisfied, progress on the pricing plan of your choice. Courses range from beginner to advanced level.

Simply Learn Serbian – Find over 1000 phrases organized into 32 categories. These bite-sized chunks will arm you with enough go-to phrases to have a basic conversation in Serbian. The app is available on Android as well as iOS.  

Learn Serbian – This app cannot make claims to best user interface, but it does offer some nifty features. You can hone your pronunciation by comparing to that of the native speaker. Also make use of their translation tool, which has inbuilt pronunciation. Beware though, unless you decide to cough up a few dollars for the paid version, the ads will probably drive you crazy.

Learn Serbian Free –  Apart from the regular vocab lists with pronunciation, this app has an alphabet section, which comes in handy. The interface is easy to navigate and find your way around. The downside is that it only offers the Latin script.

Speak Serbian – The content is specifically designed to assist you on all fronts – speaking, reading, listening and writing. You can also find useful tables with comparative and superlative adjectives and verb conjugations. From beginner to advanced, there’s material for all levels.

Best books to learn Serbian

Because they offer a lot of information in compact form, books can be a great way to supplement other forms of learning. If you’re a fan of self-learning, make sure to check out these books to learn Serbian:

Complete Serbian – If you feel most comfortable picking a new language in a structured way, then Complete Serbian could be the right fit for you. This is a beginner to intermediate level starter-pack which includes CD recordings, mini tests and activities to teach yourself Serbian. The book has been designed by university professors, one of them a Serbian native, and takes you by hand from learning the alphabet to more difficult grammatical points.

Learn to read Serbian in 5 days – Teach yourself the Cyrillic alphabet in a few days. The book empowers absolute beginners to get this initial hurdle out of the way.

Serbian Language 101 Serbian Verbs – If you find conjugations a pain, check out this book. It should be especially helpful to learners who are not used to numerous verb variations, such as English native speakers.

Zdravo Srbijo – If you are a beginner learner or just interested in Serbia, you should check out this e-book introduction to Serbian culture and language. Zdravo Srbijo is by YouTuber Moje Blu, who gives rich insights into Serbian culture, history and religion.

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Grammar – For those brave enough to tackle the complexities of Serbian grammar, this book is your current best bet. Don’t be confused about the title – Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin, once Serbo-Croatian, are very similar languages. So much so that by learning one you will be able to talk with locals in all of these countries.

Best websites to find Serbian tutors online

Learning Serbian on your own should be manageable for a while, but reaching fluency is a whole different topic. In order to learn to speak Serbian you will need a conversation partner. If you already have one, good for you! If not, then looking for an online Serbian tutor has probably crossed your mind. Here are some of the best options for online tutoring:

Italki – If you’re a language buff, you must have heard of or even used Italki. If not, Italki is a huge online platform where language learners can book private lessons with experienced tutors. Learners of Serbian can find many well-rated Serbian teachers here, and best of all – you can get trial lessons from as little as a dollar. Interested? Read our review of Italki or just sign up now!

serbian tutors italki
Image credit: Italki

Preply – Preply is another attractive option for online private tutoring. The platform allows you to easily search for tutors that match your pricing, time and language criteria. Find a match in mere minutes and then go ahead and give it a shot.  

Verbling – Similarly to Italki and Preply, this platform that facilitates the process of matching students with a suitable tutor. The number of Serbian tutors is not a high as on the other two platforms, but you can still have a peek and see if someone catches your eye.

Best YouTube channels to learn Serbian

There is no denying it – YouTube has become an invaluable ally in the language learning process. Be it grammar, cultural insights, vlogs or music, so much is at your disposal. When it comes to Serbian, the available content truly caters to every level and learning style. I’ve done thorough research so you wouldn’t have to. So here it goes.

To fuel your motivation and advance progress, make sure to check out these channels:

liz learns serbian
Image credit: Liz Learns Serbian

Liz Learns Serbian – Follow the exciting story of a fellow learner coming to grips with Serbian. Her hilarious and refreshing content is both motivational, as well as a good source of advice on learning methods. 

Moje Blu – If you’re looking for a constant stream of varied Serbian content, look no further. Run by a Serbian native, the channel publishes new videos on Serbian culture, linguistics and way of life every week. For listening practice, tune into her vlogs. A podcast by the same author is expected to air soon.

Eloi Francuz u Srbiji – Check out this channel for some fun-packed sketches about Serbian language and culture. The content creator, a Frenchman, is himself a learner of Serbian and in funny ways comes to terms with the difficulties of mastering this Slavic language.

Relaxing Serbian – Tackle grammatical concepts one video at a time. From Serbian alphabet to tenses, you will find lots of useful guidelines.

serbian language podcast
Image credit: Serbian Language Podcast

Serbian Language Podcast – Brush up your everyday phrasebook or learn some new expressions. The content is beginner-friendly – short, animated and easy to understand.

Serbonika – Most of the content is targeted at beginner learners, with explanations in English. You can also find some vlogs in Serbian and videos on Serbian culture and customs.

Serbian Lessons – Beginners, this is for you! Learn to describe places and people with confidence, and pick up basic grammar.

Best Serbian online courses

Everything seems to have moved online these days. For language learners, this is a boon. Online courses of Serbian allow you to have greater flexibility and move at your own pace. You don’t need to depend on a fixed schedule, but can rely on feedback and help from the instructor or learning community when needed. For such perks, check out the following online courses to learn Serbian:

Mango languages – Check out the Serbian beginner course comprising five modules so far. You can choose different pricing plans, with biggest perks if you sign up for yearly access to all language courses.

Serbian courses – The website offers some free courses for beginners, and a number of others with free trials. The instructor is a Serbian teacher with 16 years of experience, who specializes in online teaching. The same teacher recently launched another Serbian learning initiative – Serbonika.

Udemy – Udemy is one of the world’s leading platforms for online courses in all subjects. Here you will find various Serbian language courses too. Best of all – Udemy has a great return policy. If you don’t like the course, make sure to return it within a month of purchase and you will get a full refund.  

Best podcasts to learn Serbian

Podcasts are a great addition to your language learning routine. Not only do you practice listening, but also enrich vocabulary and learn about the target culture. For Serbian learners, the choice of podcasts is still limited. However, even some exposure is better than no exposure.

With that in mind, tune in to these podcasts:

Talkin Serbian – The podcast features a language teacher and a learner who discuss various topics from their different perspectives. There is a podcast for all levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced, but not many episodes at the moment. The concept is interesting, but will not be to everyone’s liking because the teacher’s corrections slow down the pace. On the plus side, due to its short format (15-20 min), you should have no problem integrating it into your daily schedule.

Foreigners Speak Serbian is a new podcast that features interviews with learners of Serbian. There are only four episodes so far. You can also buy the full transcript, translation and vocabulary list. The tone is a bit more formal and topics vary depending on the interviewee.

Podcast.rs Advanced speakers are not likely to run out of podcast material in Serbian. Comb this list for your preferred topics and then tune in to keep up to date with what interests you. Be warned though, this is for the highest level only.

Best online resources to learn Serbian

If you are looking to learn Serbian online, plenty of resources are within reach. Additionally, these are mostly free and you can combine as many as you need for optimal results.

In addition to YouTube, online courses and podcasts to learn Serbian, here are some web pages you should bookmark:

Loecsen is an online platform that offers free language courses. To master the basics such as learning to say hi in Serbian or ordering food in a restaurant, dive in this minute. The 17 themes with recorded phrases are perfect for picking up just enough Serbian to get by on your holiday.

Polymath – Learners determined to master both Latin and Cyrillic scripts should make use of Polymath. Compare words in both scripts side by side and build up confidence about using them. Also, don’t miss out on their useful grammar guides.

Tips on how to learn Serbian

Serbian may not be the easiest language to learn, but don’t let that stop you. If you’re interested, here are some of my tips on how to make your learning successful:

Set up realistic goals: It’s possible to master Serbian within a single year. Liz from Liz Learns Serbian is a living example of that. But are you able to dedicate 20 hours a week to learning Serbian? Are you even willing to? Maybe you don’t need such an ambitious goal. The point is – your goals should align with your own needs and wishes. For best results make them realistic and move one step at a time.   

Combine methods: The best way to learn Serbian is to target all four language skills. Speaking and writing are just as important as reading and listening, but take more time to master. Also think about combining informal methods (like YouTube) with more structured learning. For example, combine a grammar book, an app and language videos to advance confidently on several fronts and keep motivated.

Speak, Speak, Speak: Don’t let excuses prevent you from practicing speaking. The language is a living and breathing thing and conversations with natives, however stressful, can bring great insights. If you have no locals around, then consider trying out tutoring websites like Italki for extra practice. Finally, if that too is beyond your reach, talk to yourself. It might sound silly, but is rewarding in the end. For tips on how to make self-talk successful for language learning check out this YouTube video.

I hope this list will come in handy. Let me know in the comments below if you know other great resources for Serbian learners.

Feel free to share the article with other learners and happy learning!

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