50 Best Resources to Learn Portuguese Without Leaving Your House

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Are you hyped to learn Portuguese online, but have no clue where to start? Well, look no further. I’ve put together an epic catalog of the best Portuguese learning resources.

You’re about to dive into the best apps, books, courses, podcasts, websites, and even movies to learn Portuguese. Of course, I threw in a bunch of free resources too – because who says you need money to learn Portuguese?

Trust me, a combination of these handy Portuguese learning tools will get you from zero to hero in no time.

Communicating in Portuguese will make it easier to track down Mozambique’s more secluded and pristine beaches.

A round-up of the best Portuguese language resources

Before you get lost in the list of Portuguese learning tools, I’d like to highlight some of my favorites. You might already be familiar with these names.

  • Babbel, Busuu, and Mondly are fun and interactive apps that will set beginners on the right path towards fluency.
  • italki and Preply, in turn, will connect you to a native-speaking Portuguese tutor in a bespoke and affordable way.
  • Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone, with their content-packed audio lessons, will get you speaking Portuguese in no time.
  • Rocket Languages has a comprehensive Portuguese course that immerses you in Portuguese culture as you learn.

Apart from those, though, there are dozens of books, YouTube channels, websites, and other kinds of resources worth mentioning. Let’s dig into them?

Best apps to learn Portuguese

The most amazing thing about Portuguese learning apps is that they let you study at your own pace and wherever you please.

Some of them are game-like and addictive, you won’t even realize how fast you’re progressing.

1. Babbel

Babbel has five Brazilian Portuguese courses running from newcomer through intermediate levels.

It brings the learning experience to a whole new level of interactivity with its issue-specific paths (“Refresher”, “Grammar”, “Countries and Traditions”, “Specials”, and “Words and Sentences”).

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

2. Busuu

Busuu will teach you Portuguesef through lessons that involve speaking, listening, and writing. On top of that, you get personalized feedback on your exercises from native speakers at the end of each lesson.

With a community of 100 million+ language learners on Busuu, you can’t go wrong with it!

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

3. Drops

Drops is one of the best-rated language learning apps on the web. Its premise is about establishing a connection between images and their meaning through fun games. Think: Portuguese flashcards!

With five minutes a day on this aesthetically pleasing app, you’ll build your Portuguese vocabulary bank.

Available for: European and Brazilian Portuguese

4. Mondly

Mondly’s sleek interface shouldn’t distract you: this is a really comprehensive app with all the topics you’re supposed to study to learn Portuguese efficiently.

Lessons are structured around quizzes, which is extremely convenient if you’re learning on the go.

Available for: European and Brazilian Portuguese

5. MosaLingua

With an assortment of flashcards, grammar lessons, audio clips to teach you pronunciation, dialogues, and even a certificate of its own, MosaLingua is the very definition of comprehensive!

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

6. LingQ

Improving students’ listening skills through 1,000+ hours of podcasts and issue-oriented videos with matching transcripts is LingQ’s top priority. What’s more, you can reach out to tutors to ask questions.

And as if all that weren’t enough, it hosts a library with endless extra material.

Available for: European and Brazilian Portuguese

Best Portuguese language programs & online courses

Portuguese online courses offer a reliable learning path all the way to fluency. Several of them have even developed their own methods.

Take a look at some highlights:

7. Pimsleur

Pimsleur has stood the test of time like no other language course out there because it targets conversation skills above all else. It boasts its own teaching method, the Pimsleur Method, which has decades of proven effectiveness.

Pimsleur’s audio-based core lessons last 30 minutes each, and they are supplemented by digital flashcards and bonus learning materials.

Here’s an offer for you: Try Pimsleur absolutely FREE today!

Available for: European and Brazilian Portuguese

8. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the best programs to build your foundation in Portuguese. It introduces the basics of grammar and vocabulary, and teaches you how to construct phrases and have a conversation.

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

9. Rocket Portuguese

Rocket Portuguese comprises 30-minute audio lessons, which come in handy for people who want to make the most of their commutes. Plus, it has an outstanding content mix, totaling 140 hours of lesson time from beginner through intermediate.

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

10. Udemy

Udemy has been providing e-education services for ten years now — and has been very successful in it. It currently offers 15+ Portuguese (both Brazilian and European) courses for foreigners.

Best books to learn Portuguese

I’ve already compiled a comprehensive list of the best books to learn Portuguese.

But I couldn’t leave out a small selection of Portuguese learning books, though, if I am to provide you with a complete multimedia inventory of Portuguese learning resources.

11. Essential Portuguese Grammar

This book has a misleading cover, since it doesn’t really emphasize European Portuguese. In fact, it’s a broad-reaching grammar book like few others. A must-have!

12. Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese as a World Language

This book offers European and Brazilian Portuguese courses packed into one volume. Despite being pricier than most other textbooks, it’s 650+ pages’ worth of content, so you won’t regret the investment.

13. Portuguese-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

In case you need to brush up on your European Portuguese vocabulary, this book will make an awesome purchase. The accompanying audio tracks should seal the deal.

14. Portuguese Short Stories for Beginners

Portuguese for beginners meets Brazilian culture in an entertaining and engaging fashion: that’s how I define this amazing bilingual storybook!

Best podcasts to learn Portuguese

Here, I’m talking about online Portuguese classes in the form of podcasts. You can listen to all of them for free, yet the membership plans will give you access to tons of extra content.

For absolutely no-cost, issue-oriented podcasts, skip to the “Free Resources” section.

15. BrazilianPodClass

BrazilianPodClass has an impressive 550+ audio lessons running between 15 and 30 minutes each.

Developed by Marina Gomes, who’s been teaching Portuguese as a second language for more than 40 years, it also includes plenty of supplementary written material.

16. PortuguesePod101

With 150,000+ subscribers, PortuguesePod101’s YouTube channel is the largest one specializing in the language. Yet opting to one of four paid plans will give you access to dozens of other tools and to their precious audio lessons.

17. Practice Portuguese

Practice Portuguese will let you listen to their European Portuguese audio lessons for free. But they do charge €15 (about $18) a month for access to the transcripts. Not too shabby!

18. Todo Mundo Pod

Todo Mundo Pod has over 90 ten-minute episodes focusing on interesting facts about Brazilian culture and fun expressions in Portuguese. And the best thing is the transcripts are free, for the win!

Best websites to find Portuguese tutors

Ever since tools aimed at connecting language students with native-speaking teachers became a thing, finding trustworthy Portuguese tutors online has become a walk in the park.

While overall more costly than off-the-shelf courses, the tailored take this method allows for is 100% worth the investment.

19. italki

Find a Portuguese tutor on Italki
On italki, you can find Portuguese tutors from as low as $4 per lesson

italki combines one-on-one tutoring with a thriving language exchange community: it’s home to over 3 million users from 100 nations! It’s hands-down one of the most exciting and affordable language learning platforms on the web.

20. Preply

Being able to search for a tutor who matches your learning demands (no strings attached), as Preply lets you, is literally priceless. That’s why, after less than ten years in business, it’s teeming with 47,000 professionals and 100k students.

21. Wyzant

On Wyzant, browse through Portuguese tutors online to find the perfect one that matches your needs. You can view the tutors’ reviews and qualifications. It’s based on a pay-as-you-go model, so you don’t have to worry about subscriptions.

22. Fluent City

This platform lets you choose between private lessons and group lessons. Fluent City has big corporate clients; it must be doing something right!

23. Verbal Planet

VerbalPlanet relies on a small team of native teachers from Portugal charging $15 per lesson onwards. It’s a great option for a bespoke Portuguese learning experience!

24. MyPortugueseTeacher

MyPortugueseTeacher is headquartered in SĂŁo Paulo and works with both in-person and internet-based lessons given by Brazilian tutors.

It offers special courses, e.g. Portuguese for Business, Portuguese for Travel, and a prep program for CELPE-BRAS (the country’s official language certification).

Best websites to learn Portuguese

I felt it was important to include a section focusing not so much on tools that teach you Portuguese. Rather, these websites are ideal for a break from grammar, whether through music, news, or even language games. 

25. Ba Ba Dum

In case you have to take your mind off the hard stuff, Ba Ba Dum is just what you were after. You’ll love the four simple games and the adorable layout. It’s directed toward students of European Portuguese… and 19 other languages!

26. Diário de Notícias

The DN is my no. 1 source to all things Portugal. Reading the paper’s articles is a superb way of taking in new words in context and keeping up with the news at the same time.

27. El PaĂ­s Brasil

In 2013, respected Spanish newspaper El PaĂ­s launched an edition in Portuguese devoted to the South American country. Unlike other serious Brazilian news outlets, this one doesn’t hide behind a paywall! 

28. Letras

I’m positive you’ll be jamming to a lot of music in Portuguese as you make progress in your studies. So this song lyrics database will make an essential addition to your learning resource library.

Best YouTube channels to learn Portuguese

While only Gen Z treats YouTube as their own Google, the platform’s seemingly endless choice of videos is a blessing for folks of all ages.

You can easily learn to speak Portuguese through engaging and well-structured YouTube channels specializing in the language. Here are some of the best of them:

29. Portuguese Lab

Portuguese Lab features over 150 short video lessons. It’s an unrivaled option for students in search of an engaging and to-the-point course.

30. Portuguese with Leo

Leo debuted his channel last July and already has more than 55k subscribers. He’s been posting lessons religiously every week on fun and interesting aspects related to his native Portugal.

31. Speaking Braziilan Language School

Teacher Virginia Langhammer mixes grammar-oriented material with insights on the culture, history, and geography of Brazil, and often hosts Q&A sessions. 

32. Yes Portuguese

Adrieli and Ludmila are two Brazilian teachers who make up for their channel’s modest size with immense charisma and weekly live sessions. Their very comprehensive lessons usually run for about an hour.

Best FREE Portuguese learning resources

Brazilian flag

For those of you looking to learn Portuguese free of charge, we have you covered as well. If the best things in life are free, so are some of the finest Portuguese learning resources available to students!

Free apps to learn Portuguese

33. Duolingo

Duolingo’s paid version is more about an ad-free user experience than extra stuff. This app, with its fun games that teach you vocabulary and grammar, is effective for beginners in Portuguese.

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

34. LingoDeer

LingoDeer, on the other hand, will only get you to B1 level for free — but it’s packed with content up to that point. Both LingoDeer and Duolingo are well known for seamlessly mixing learning and fun through language games with sleek layouts.

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

35. Learn Portuguese by FunEasyLearn

Learn Portuguese is another cool, gamified app focusing on vocabulary. The one downside to this app and the other two above is that they concentrate exclusively on Brazilian Portuguese (for now).

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese

Free forums/communities

36. Reddit

What I love about Reddit is its freewheeling style, to which the thread r/Portuguese is no exception. Using the forum to ask random questions or to speak your mind off about your learning journey is top-tier redditing. 

37. Tandem

Tandem connects folks interested in learning each other’s mother tongue. The best thing is that you can make new friends in the process!

38. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is similar to Tandem. It does come with an additional feature, though. It lets you share your own stuff through a Stories-like interface with the entire community of Portuguese students! 

Free Portuguese podcasts

39. Caixa de HistĂłrias

Caixa de HistĂłrias advertises itself as a sound experience with literature, and I venture to say that’s quite accurate. Most episodes run for over an hour, during which host Paulo Carvalho recites excerpts and does a deep dive on the book in the spotlight. 

40. Cinem(ação)

If you’re a movie buff (who isn’t?), then you’ll adore Cinem(ação). Hosts will discuss trending flicks, classic Brazilian films, legendary filmmakers, and other cinema-related topics in a pretty laid-back way. This one’s a personal favorite of mine! 

41. Janela Aberta

Janela Aberta, in turn, is a thought-provoking podcast that is just huge in Portugal. Insightful Miguel Luz talks about whatever comes to his mind, be it health habits, existential questions, addiction to social media, or mundane incidents.

Free Portuguese classes

online lessons via video call

42. Instituto Camões

Instituto Camões, named after Portugal’s national poet, is the country’s official agency for the promotion of the Portuguese language overseas.

While it boasts a legion of tales, audio lessons and games, to lose yourself in, its sole limitation is that It’s not bilingual, by which I mean it’s not recommended for absolute beginners.

43. Memrise

Memrise’s greatest asset is that it has tons of user-generated content for European and Brazilian Portuguese learners.

44. Polly Lingual

Finally, Polly Lingual offers not only video lessons by native-speaking teachers, but also a complete and interactive Portuguese course from beginner through advanced levels.

Free Portuguese books

45. U.S. Foreign Service Institute

Do you live in a large city? Then chances are your local library will have at least a Portuguese textbook or two. Luckily for those who don’t, the U.S. Foreign Service Institute hosts an online repository of 72 free language courses.

The Portuguese ones are Brazilian Portuguese: Familiarization & Short-Term Training and Portuguese Programmatic Course. Whereas some lessons are a bit dated, the bulk of the grammar material is still top-notch. 

46. PortuguĂŞs para Principiantes

Português para Principiantes is another marvelous tool that the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Spanish & Portuguese published through Pressbooks.

If you’re seeking to learn basic Portuguese and not spend a penny, this is the way to go.

Best Netflix shows & movies in Portuguese

Though watching your favorite show dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese will be quite helpful too, we wanted to suggest some Brazilian titles available on Netflix.

That way, you’ll get to take in a lot of content in context as you put your feet up. Oh, and we have good news for European Portuguese students: Glória, Portugal’s first Netflix original, began production last September.

47. Nobody’s Looking

Emmy-winning Nobody’s Looking (2019) is a wonderful, light-hearted comedy. It tells the story of an angel who assumes five distinct personas to learn by themself what good and evil are really all about.

48. Brotherhood

Brotherhood (2019) is a crime drama show set in 1990s SĂŁo Paulo and starring prominent musician-turned-actor Seu Jorge. It gives us a timely retelling of a bygone era.

49. Old Lord Savanna

For those of you with a penchant for environmental and social issues, Old Lord Savanna (2018) will be a perfect match. The doc denounces the massive deforestation of the Cerrado. Brazil’s once widespread savanna has been consistently cleared to make way for pastures.

50. All the Reasons to Forget

All the Reasons to Forget (2018) is a cute rom-com about Antônio’s hard time moving on after breaking up with Sofia. You’ll be an expert in dating vocab in Portuguese upon watching it.

Best way to learn Portuguese

Having the best Portuguese learning resources at your disposal is pointless if you don’t know what to do with them. So here are some tips to help make your Portuguese learning journey at once more enjoyable and efficient.

Remember the four pillars

You should do your best to balance reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in order to get the coveted badge of fluency in Portuguese.

Stick to your favorite dialect

Both European and Brazilian Portuguese are pleasing to the ear. But a sea of pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar differences divides them.

What does that mean?

Well, unless you want to end up with a vague accent and struggle to make yourself clear in either country, take some time to let one variant grow on you more than the other.

Be sure to have fun

Learning a foreign language is more about entering a microcosm that, step by step, you get to feel more knowledgeable about than memorizing countless sets of rules.

If Brazilian music, Portuguese poetry, Angola’s history, or any other topic fascinate you, dive into it and make it an inspiration to your studies! 

Don’t fret over silly mistakes

Bear in mind that your main goal is being able to communicate with native speakers. They’ll be excited enough about your effort to speak their mother tongue to notice you’re not on top of your past tense game.

So go easy and don’t be too hard on yourself!

Porto, in northern Portugal, is one of the most dazzling places of the Portuguese-speaking world.

Well, after such a thorough guide to Portuguese learning, hopefully at least a dozen of the Portuguese learning resources I’ve run over will be exactly what you needed for your studies to take off.

If you have more to add, drop them in the comment box below!

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