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The Czech Republic is famous for its beer, fairytale castles and breathtaking nature. Whether you are planning to study, live or spend the weekend in the Czech Republic, a question you may ask is, “Is Czech easy to learn?” Czech may seem like a daunting and unspeakable challenge. After all, it is one of the hardest languages to learn. Exceptionally difficult if you don’t speak any Slavic languages.

Fret not! Just for you, I have compiled a list of comprehensive resources to learn Czech. From the best apps, podcasts and YouTube channels to learn Czech, to the best websites to find Czech tutors. Look through the list and find the options that best work for you and your learning style.

Before you dive into the array of options, here are a few of my favorite resources I have used to learn Czech.

Firstly, the Czech: An Essential Grammar by James Naughton is an informative and useful book for you to learn the grounds of the Czech language. Pair this with Pimsleur, an effective audio-based language course for learners. Head to italki, perfect for finding a Czech tutor. Lastly, you can check out a podcast called One Minute Czech, the Tobo app and TadyGavin on YouTube.

Now, let’s learn how to speak Czech and broaden your knowledge from Ahoj, jak see máš ? and Jedno pivo prosím!

Best apps to learn Czech

Keep the best Czech resources in your pocket and teach yourself Czech on the go with these best apps to learn Czech:

FunEasyLearn – Contains 15,000 of the most useful phrases and words for conversation. Available in audio and phonetic transcriptions. On top of that, you may learn offline and in your native language, with over 60 languages available.

Tobo app
Image credit: Tobo

Tobo – The Tobo app is an excellent interactive flashcard tool. Learn and memorize common Czech verbs, nouns and adjectives by swiping on the flashcards. Set a target of the number of words to learn per day and you’re good to go! I highly recommend this for beginner learners.

Mondly – This app provides free useful daily lessons for you to follow. It has multiple themes and topics to choose from. It caters to everyone: beginners, advanced learners or even travelers. 

Duolingo – Probably one of the most well-known learning platforms. Overall, it is fantastic for beginners who are starting to learn Czech and need a structured lesson plan. You can track your progress on the app or the website. However, it is a relatively new language in Duolingo and the content may not be as refined as the other languages.

Simply Learn Czech. The perfect app to learn pronunciation of words and phrases. Recordings are form native Czech speakers.
Image credit: Simply Learn Czech

Simply Learn Czech – This free app offers a simple interactive interface. You’ll enjoy listening to various phrases and words recorded by a native speaker from the Czech Republic. You can practice your pronunciation and learn how to speak Czech in no time.

LingQ – This is another popular language platform amongst learners. They offer you a wide selection of reading materials, from news articles, podcasts, song lyrics to simple Czech lessons. You can also upload your material and learn from there. 

Czech Declension Quiz – A little bit of challenge but essential for serious learners. There are 1,300 nouns for you to learn the forms of declension. Test your knowledge by correctly categorizing them into tables. (Only available on Android)

Pady – Similar to the previous app, this is a helpful tool for advanced learners and native speakers to master the Czech declensions. Excellent for referencing and quizzes. It should be used in conjunction with other materials for optimum learning. (Only available on Android)

Pimsleur – Lastly, if you are looking for an effective audio-based language course, try Pimsleur! Modelled after the Pimsleur method, you will be sure to improve your listening and speaking skills through the audio lessons and interactive exercises. It consists mostly of repetitive practice, it that’s your learning style, give it a try!

Best podcasts to learn Czech

If you are someone who loves to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while you’re on the train or doing chores, here are some of the best podcasts you can listen to learn Czech. It would also be suitable for auditory learners and to give your eyes a break.

slowczech, an engaging and interesting podcast for beginner Czech learners. Essential for conversational Czech and to learn Czech fast
Image credit: slowczech

slowczech – An extensive list of over 180 episodes on conversational Czech for learners of all levels. If you thought it could not get any better, slowczech’s podcasts are also accompanied by transcriptions on their blog. This is helpful to improve your conversational Czech and practice for the future.

One Minute Czech – Spend a few minutes of your day following these quick and easy lessons. The series contain a total of 10 episodes. The episodes are simple to follow through and use repetitive learning. So, here’s to small steps and giant leaps.

Learn Czech Online – Why not learn with a veteran of Czech lessons? Jana Slavikova has been producing Czech podcasts for learners since 2010. The lessons cover the basics of the Czech language. For example, the word forms and grammar rules.

Czech’s Podcast –  Next, an essential seven episodes for beginner Czech learners. You will learn the pronunciation of basic Czech pronouns, phrases and vocabulary from an English speaking teacher. 

Učíme se česky – This is a great Czech podcast for A1-B2 learners in Czech. Each episode is labelled and catered to each level. Each episode is around 10 minutes and a transcript is provided.

Zdeňkův český podcast – Finally, take your Czech lessons to the next level and listen to Teacher Zdenek! He uploads regularly and provides full dialogues in Czech, intended for language learners. Each episode is about current news and issues. Perfect for you to improve your Czech listening and comprehension skills.

Best books to learn Czech

If you prefer a book in your hands, here are some of the best books to learn the Czech language: 

Czech: An Essential Grammar by James Naughton – Looking for a simple comprehensive book on the Czech Language? This Czech grammar book by Routledge is the one for you. The grammar rules are easy to read and follow without being overwhelming. Also, it is great for both beginners and advanced learners.

Czech Step By Step by Lída Holá – The perfect all in one Czech language book for beginner learners. It is commonly used by learners, teachers and language schools. Well-structured and can be supplemented with a workbook. I have personally tried this book with just the audio and its one of my favourite learning materials. After that, you can advance to the second book in the series.

Czech Phrasebook & Dictionary – Lonely Planet by Richard Nebesky – This is a small book that packs a punch. A practical and handy guide for you to carry along on your journeys. Additionally, you may easily refer to it for necessary phrases, vocabulary and information about the Czech Republic whenever you need to.

Colloquial Czech by James Naughton – A step-by-step course for beginners focused on everyday speech and writing. You can work on well-constructed exercises and listen to real-life conversations and pronunciations with the accompanying audio.

Complete Czech by David Short – Complete Czech is a comprehensive Czech language course by Teach Yourself. Focusing on communication and ensuring you can interact efficiently in Czech. By the end of the book, you should be at level B2. Accompanying audio can be found online or on their app. 

Best websites to find Czech tutors

Along with books, podcasts and apps, it may all feel incomplete without a teacher. Your Czech learning can be facilitated and improved by taking Czech language classes. Furthermore, with a tutor, you can select Czech language classes at your own convenience and pace. Here’s a rundown on some of the most useful websites to find Czech tutors.

czech tutors italki
Image credit: italki

italki – italki is a well-known platform for language learners to find tutors for conversation practice or Czech lessons. It is widely used for all languages, including Czech. Tutors set their own rates and you’ll certainly find one that meets your budget. italki is a fantastic way to connect with native speakers and have fun while learning the language!

doučuji.eu – On this website, you will be able to find Czech tutors based all over the Czech Republic. How does it work? You post your interest on the website and include what you are looking for. From there, suitable tutors will reach out to you and you may discuss prices, time and place of your lessons.

Škola Populo – Here is another local Czech website where you can find tutors. You will have to do a Czech language placement quiz. It will determine what level of Czech you are at. Following this, you will be in direct contact with the company. They will provide a tutor and teaching plan suited just for you. 

Preply – Finally, Preply is a well-known online tutoring service platform. Similar to italki, you will see an introduction video of the Czech tutors. They will tell you about themselves, their teaching experiences and what they can offer you.

Best YouTube channels to learn Czech

The world of content is at your fingertips. With the ever-growing scene of YouTube, you have plenty of options. Subscribe to some of these channels to learn Czech online:

tady gavin youtube page
Image credit: TadyGavin

TadyGavin – With over 10 million views, Gavin Roy is a well-known American YouTuber amongst Czech learners and natives. Gavin brings you along his exciting journeys of learning Czech. However, most of his videos are in Czech with a hint of English. He inspires me and gives me hope to reach my Czech learning goals. I hope he will do the same to you too!

Because Czech Is Cool! – This channel is perfect for learners who want to improve their Czech speaking and conversational skills. Videos cover various conversation topics which you can practice in real life. For instance, my favorite video would be her Czech instructional cooking video which you can also follow along. Don’t worry. Her videos also include subtitles.

Dream Prague – Jen is an American expat who has been living in Prague for the past eight years. Her videos are about her experience with the Czech culture and lifestyle. She uploads every Wednesday and each video is like having a little chat with your friend.

learn czech with czechclass101.com
Image credit: CzechClass101

CzechClass101 – If you’re wondering how to learn Czech fast, this channel will help you. CzechClass101 is a well-established company which has branched out onto YouTube. They have created playlists catered towards absolute beginners, advanced and intermediate learners. You’ll be sure to have fun learning while watching their carefully crafted videos.

Czech a Anglicky with Rich – Rich is learning Czech, like you! He has learnt the ropes of the Czech language and created a step by step guide for you to follow. You will find his videos great for everyday use and cultural tips. Including, how to sing happy birthday in Czech!

Honest Guide – If you’re learning Czech or travelling to Prague, you would have probably heard of the Honest Guide. They are known to uncover hidden gems in Prague as well as tourist traps. Most of their videos are in English and cover topics about travelling in Prague. How is this relevant? Well, I believe it is crucial to learn about the culture and scene of the language you’re learning.

Czech for Gary – This YouTube channel contains high-quality content and videos. Her videos are straight to the point and digestible for beginners.

Best online resources to learn Czech

Here are some useful resources to teach yourself Czech online:

Realityczech.org – There are ten units, and each unit comes with specific lesson plans. It is a great website to familiarize yourself with the basics of the Czech Language.

Local lingo – They have summed up the basic knowledge for learning the grammar and use phrases that will help in the Czech Republic. The website has a simple and interactive interface to explore.

Image credit: Forvo

Forvo – It is a pronunciation dictionary which allows you to learn how to pronounce useful Czech words and phrases. There is also an accompanying app for on-the-go learning!

Czech declensions (Wikipedia) – For the advanced learnings, Wikipedia has created an excellent page to learn your Czech declension through the use of simple tables and examples. Learning declensions can be a little bit easier now.

Internet Language Reference Book – I know how hard it can be to learn the different forms of Czech words. Just enter the root word you are looking for and it will give you all the results you need. For example, the different forms, gender, pronunciation of the word all in one search!

FSI FAST Czech (101 Languages) – Foreign Service Institute (FSI) develops one of the best free language course for the most spoken languages. They include all the course materials, PDF files and audio files to follow along. The FAST course is designed for an eight-week intensive course, but you can take your time to go through the material. 

Best Czech language courses

Last but not least, why not look into some Czech language courses? You may prefer learning in a classroom environment with a structured lesson plan. Or, you may prefer an intensive course to learn Czech fast. I’ve compiled some courses in the Czech Republic you can look into.

Czech Language Training – Designed especially for foreigners learning Czech. They have a wide range and availability of courses for your different needs. For example, they have an intensive two-week course and a Czech pronunciation course. An online option is available in most courses.

Czech Courses – They offer online and in-class Czech courses in Prague and in Brno. Additionally, if you intend to study or work in the Czech Republic, you have an option of taking their one-year Czech preparatory course too.

Integration Centre Prague (ICP) – A non-profit organization that works to integrate non-EU foreigners into the Czech Republic. If you are a foreigner moving to Prague, you may check out the Czech language course that they offer. It includes a specialized course to obtain your permanent residency. Due to the high intake, intake and placement are done by drawing lots.

Kateřina Houfková – Learn Czech with a smile. Katerina has an extensive portfolio of companies and individual learners. She offers group courses or you can sign up for individual lessons. She is based in Brno but also offers online classes.

Tips for learning Czech

Start small by spending a few minutes of your day listening to Czech’s Podcast or watching CzechClass101 on YouTube. From there, you can advance to a book. Such as Colloquial Czech by James Naughton. Or take a language course online or in the Czech Republic with Czech Language Training.

Learning a new language takes time and practice, but most importantly motivation and passion! Don’t be disheartened if you cannot master the Czech numbers in one day, you can always try again tomorrow. Learning Czech, and any language will be a lifelong journey. Even native speakers are learning every day!

I hope you find the resources useful and it brings you one step closer to your Czech learning goal. With all these resources, what’s stopping you from learning Czech? If you found this article useful, share it with your friends and family. What are other resources for learning Czech that you have found helpful? Share with us in the comments section below.

Tak Ahoj! I wish you all the best for your Czech learning journey.

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