25 Books About Korea to Add to Your Reading List

With the rising popularity of Korean entertainment, food, and culture, it’s no surprise that books about Korea are getting more attention. Korean literature offers insight into the striking transformation of the Korean peninsula. Some of the most popular Korean authors have become dominant literary forces. Their books let us travel, albeit through time, and give … Read more

20 Best Things to Do in Daegu on Your First Trip

Daegu is the fourth-largest city in South Korea. Named after its large hills and known as Apple City, Daegu is home to 2.5 million inhabitants. It’s located in the south-eastern region of the country, which explains the humid subtropical climate. Once the economic motor of Korea, Daegu is now focused on high-tech and fashion industries. … Read more

­35 Yummy Korean Snacks You Can Buy Online

korean snacks

South Korea is more than just K-pop, k-dramas, K-beauty, and kimchi. This East Asian gem is famous for its wide variety of food offerings — from classic Korean dishes to restaurant staples to popular Korean snacks. Yes, Korea is a paradise for snack junkies! The shelves of local convenience stores (pyeonijeom in Korean) and grocery … Read more

30 Things South Korea is Known and Famous For

korean girls hanbok

South Korea is famous for being the land of kimchi, K-pop, K-dramas, tech giant Samsung, automotive manufacturer Hyundai, soju, Korean fried chicken, Korean barbecue, the 12-step skincare routine, and of course, Gangnam Style. But there’s so much more to this East Asian tiger than the trends it has given birth to. From food to technological … Read more