15 Things Manila is Known and Famous For

Manila City Skyline during Daytime

♫♫♫ “Manila, I keep coming back to Manila…” ♫♫♫ This is one iconic song for Filipinos and Manileños specifically, as it expresses their love and longing for their home city.   Manila is known and famous for its blend of fascinating colonial history and the thrilling pace of a modern city.  Iconic landmarks include Intramuros, Binondo, Luneta … Read more

Korean Culture Facts: 40 Facts About Korean Culture You Should Know

korean flag

Modern Korea is known for kimchi, k-pop, Samsung, Korean barbecue, Parasite, and more recently, Netflix hit Squid Game. But you’re grossly mistaken if you think those are the only things of interest in the Land of the Morning Calm. The Korean peninsula has survived for over 5,000 years, bringing with it a vibrant cultural legacy … Read more

20+ Types of Korean Noodles That Are All Delicious

milmyeon Chilled Wheat Noodle Soup

Countries around the world have their own signature noodle dishes. Japan has ramen and soba. Laksa and mie goreng are loved in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. China has dan dan and Shanghai noodles. Thailand has pad thai, Vietnam has pho, and Italy has various kinds of pasta dishes. If you’re a noodle lover, you’ll feel … Read more

25 Things Singapore is Known and Famous For

Kaya toast

Singapore: the Lion City. This Southeast Asian capital has drawn much attention over recent years as a must-visit travel destination. But what is it that really brings people from all over the world to this fantastic city? When it comes to national symbols, it’s hard to beat the iconic half-fish, half-lion statue known as the … Read more

Sushi Facts: 30 Fun Facts About Sushi That Might Blow Your Mind

Various types of sushi on a platter

Even if you’re not particularly crazy about Japanese food, chances are, you’ve tried sushi and loved it. Judging by the steady spread of sushi restaurants and its availability on many grocery and convenience store shelves, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the world loves sushi. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you love … Read more

23 Best Korean Instant Ramen Noodles to Slurp Down

two bowls of korean instant ramen noodles

Imagine craving Korean food in the middle of the night. While you can’t quickly whip up classic Korean foods like bibimbap, bulgogi, or kimchi jjigae, there’s one thing you can easily make: Korean ramen. If you think, well, that’s not really Korean cuisine, let the stats speak for themselves. At 80-90 servings per person per … Read more

Japanese Food Facts: 40 Interesting Facts About Japanese Cuisine

colorful bento boxes

Whether you’re a Japanophile or someone who likes to indulge in sushi and ramen from time to time, you’re likely intrigued by the intrinsic appeal of Japanese cuisine. Well, my friend, things are bound to get even more interesting as we lay down some of the most fascinating and amazing Japanese food facts. Like most … Read more

Korean Food Facts: 40 Interesting Facts About Korean Cuisine

A korean meal with bibimbap, kimchi and side dishes

To say that I love Korean food is an understatement. I’ve gone past eating it to watching Korean cooking shows (a great way to learn Korean) to cooking some Korean dishes at home. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably just as interested as I am in Korean food. The great news is, you won’t … Read more

20 Things Taiwan is Known and Famous For

LGBT art in Ximending

Taiwan is easily one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, especially among avid foodies. However, can you easily answer the question: “what is Taiwan famous for?” If you found yourself getting stuck, don’t worry. Let me help you out! Taiwan is famous for its delicious street food, Shilin Night Market, the Pingxi Sky … Read more