Top 12 Apps to Learn Thai Fast [2022]

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Have you ever dreamed of chilling on the beaches in Phuket or traversing the lush trails of Chiang Mai? Or perhaps you’re planning on sniffing out the best buys in Bangkok’s floating markets. Whatever you’re planning to do in vibrant Thailand, a top tip before traveling is to learn some Thai. If you’re wondering how … Read more

16 Best Books to Learn Thai for Beginners and Beyond

As travelers and Thai learners, we may get confused when ordering a Thai dish to be pet noi or mai pet, or we may mistake ‘near’ and ‘far’ when asking for directions. (Near and far in Thai are both pronounced as glai but with different tones.) But don’t worry – we are here to help you! Mastering and learning Thai … Read more

Learn Thai: 30+ Best Apps, Podcasts, Books and Free Resources

Did you know the Thai language is historically known as Siamese? Or that Thailand is also known as Siam? By learning the Thai Language, you will not only embody the culture, but you can learn to appreciate the art, people, food and more. The Thai language is tonal, just like Chinese. For one thing, the … Read more