Teach Korean Online: 10 Best Websites & Tips to Get Started

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With more and more people taking interest in Korean culture, it comes as no surprise that the number of Korean language learners is also growing. If you’re a Korean speaker looking for the opportunity to earn while sharing what you know, now’s a good time to teach Korean online. Whether you’re looking for a side … Read more

24 Ways to Say How Are You in Korean (And Responses)

Asking how a person is doing, especially after quite some time of not seeing each other, is not just good manners. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your concern. That’s why, along with “hello” and “goodbye”, it’s also essential to learn how to ask “how are you” in Korean. In this article, you will … Read more

40+ Ways to Say Goodbye in Korean & Other Greetings

You’ve learned how to start a conversation in Korean by saying hello. Now it’s time to take the learning further by learning how to say “goodbye” in Korean. Like many Korean greetings and expressions, there are lots of ways to bid farewell in Korean. Phrases vary depending on who is leaving and staying. There are … Read more

40+ Ways to Say Hello in Korean & Other Greetings

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So, you want to start conversing in Korean. Good for you! Practicing what you learn by actually speaking or writing is the best way to retain knowledge. And having your first conversation starts by learning how to say “hello” in Korean! As most language learners know, there are so many ways to say “hello” in … Read more

20+ Korean Terms of Endearment (With Audio) to Call Your Loved Ones

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Have you found yourself a Korean lover? Or do you perhaps wish to live the K-drama life by using Korean terms of endearment with your significant other? Using your partner’s native language is a romantic and impressive gesture. Korea is a country for lovers. From matching ‘couple looks’ to 100-day anniversaries to gift-giving, Korean couples … Read more

10 Best Websites to Find Korean Tutors Online

Are you a K-drama or K-pop enthusiast? Planning to travel to Korea soon? Or are you a polyglot looking to expand your linguistic arsenal? Whatever your reason is for learning Korean, I’m sure you want to go beyond the classic annyeonghaseyo and kamsahamnida. And one of the best ways to get there is by finding … Read more

12 Best Korean Translator Apps to Download Now [2022]

Whether you’re studying Korean to understand K-dramas and K-pop or because you have plans of traveling to Korea soon, learning the Korean language definitely comes in handy. But even the most diligent learner can get stuck sometimes. Fortunately, there are Korean translator apps to get you unstuck. But with so many apps for translating English … Read more

Top 17 Apps to Learn Korean Like a Pro [2022]

With Korean pop culture slowly but steadily taking the world by storm, it comes as no surprise that the Korean language is now one of the most popular Asian languages for non-native speakers. Whether you’re looking to learn Korean language for travel purposes, or you simply want to understand K-dramas and K-pop even without subtitles, … Read more

16 Best Korean Podcasts for Beginners to Advanced Learners

Learning how to read and write Hangul is definitely a critical part of learning Korean. For this purpose, using mobile apps, Korean books, and signing up for online courses will do just the trick. However, a lot of language learners want to learn how to speak Korean. In this case, improving your listening skills is … Read more

Learn Korean: 40+ Best Apps, Books, Podcasts & Online Courses

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The Korean language is often said to have the most logical writing system in the world. Unlike other alphabets, Hangul was crafted by King Sejong The Great and the scholars under his commands. Prior to this, Chinese characters were used. But Hangul was a writing system so easy to understand that even the King’s lowly … Read more