50+ Best Resources to Learn German Without Leaving Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, German can be an exceptionally beautiful language. It’s logical, rhythmic and full of quirks! Whether you want to learn German so you can converse with family overseas or you’re planning a move to Germany, you some resources to learn German. But where do you start, and what do you do once … Read more

21 German Proverbs to Make You Wiser

a beautiful library

The German language is full of interesting proverbs that hold valuable life advice. German learners, memorize some or all of these if you’d like to add some weight to your words… or simply to impress your German friends. Proverbs that are similar in English and German 1. Du siehst den Wald lauter Bäumen nicht Literally: … Read more

16 German Idioms That Language Learners Should Know

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English vs. German: 17 Similarities and Differences Between Them

While they are two different languages, German and English are actually quite similar! Both languages are West Germanic languages, meaning they come from an older ‘version’ of German. Each has its own history, but that shared past means they still have a lot in common. Hopefully knowing these 17 similarities and differences will make learning … Read more

27 Fun Facts About the German Language That Will Surprise You

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11 Best German Translator Apps for German Learners [2022]

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16 Best Podcasts to Learn German for Beginners and Beyond

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16 Best Apps to Learn German & Bonus Tips [2022]

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