12 Brilliant Books to Learn Languages for the Aspiring Polyglot

girl reading book to learn languages

Polyglots may make language learning seem like a walk in the park. But ask them about it and they will tell you that it takes time, discipline, and specific learning techniques to reach fluency in foreign languages. Becoming a polyglot requires building new mindsets and adapting to learning processes. Fortunately, you can do this by … Read more

15 Best Books to Learn Latin for Beginners and Beyond

latin writing

Is learning Latin one of the items on your bucket list? Or is it merely one of the many languages you, an aspiring polyglot, want to learn? Either way, this list of best books to learn Latin will help you in your learning journey. Latin, despite being a dead language (more on this later), is … Read more

16 Best French Novels and Storybooks for French Learners

French storybook

Whether you’ve only recently started learning French, or are well on your way to fluency, reading a book (or 100) in French can do wonders for your language skills! Reading a French novel or storybook can improve your understanding of the written language, your grasp of spelling and grammar, and your vocabulary. But how do … Read more

8 Best Pen Translator Devices for Learning a New Language

Pen translator device

Do you like reading books to learn a new language? Even as you progress from intermediate to advanced textbooks, you will still likely encounter words and phrases that you don’t know or understand. In times like this, a pen translator comes handy. A language translation pen, like handheld language translators and translator earbuds helps break … Read more

8 Best Translator Earbuds That Work in Real-Time

man using translator earbuds

A world without language barriers – this is what language translator devices offer. But in the last decade or so, technology has become even more advanced. Now, we can get real-time ear-to-ear translations with translator earbuds. Knowing the local language in the countries you’re traveling to can make your travels so much more enjoyable. It … Read more

10 Best Handheld Language Translator Devices for Your Travels

girl using a handheld language translator

Imagine being able to understand Italian, French, or Thai… without knowing any of these languages. Sounds crazy, right? Well, I have three words for you: handheld language translator. A handheld language translator device is exactly how it sounds. It’s a pocket-sized device that you can bring with you on your travels, a handy tool that … Read more

10 Best Apps to Learn Croatian for Beginners and Beyond

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There are many apps available to learn Croatian, and not all of them are created equal. The apps listed below offer a variety of learning methods and different levels of difficulty for those learning this Slavic language.  Croatian is not available on Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone. But don’t worry – you still have options. … Read more

13 Apps to Learn Farsi and Master the Persian Language

If you’re interested in learning Farsi or Persian, the best way to get started is by downloading some apps. While there isn’t any Farsi course on Duolingo or Babbel, you can still find plenty of great apps to learn Farsi. For all you brave explorers out there looking to explore Iranian culture through its language, … Read more