19 Things Rome is Known and Famous For

The Spanish Steps is found at Piazza di Spagna

Rome: The Eternal City. It isn’t hard to understand why the capital city of Italy has developed this nickname. It’s existed since at least 753 BC and has been at the center of world culture ever since. Its almost three millennia of history, culture, and architecture make it one of the most exciting cities to … Read more

10 Best Websites for Portuguese Lessons Online With Tutors

Feel like you could use some help with stepping up your game in Portuguese? We’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll be focusing on the websites where you’ll find the best Portuguese tutors online. From renowned international platforms to language schools on both sides of the Atlantic, our list will definitely have at least a few … Read more

26 Things Scotland is Known and Famous For

tartan kilts

What is Scotland known for? Scotland is known for its cities Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as its highlands, mountains, and 30,000 lochs. Also, the Scottish are famous for their accent, humor, and being a nation of redheads! Food-wise, perhaps you’ve heard of the Scottish favorites: haggis, “tatties” and “neeps”. But that’s just an overview! … Read more

20 Books to Learn Chinese as Recommended by a Native Speaker

Chinese is one of the most popular foreign languages to pick up. After all, it is used by over a billion people in several countries around the globe. However, it is also one of the toughest languages to master.  That’s why one of the best ways to learn the language is to rely on some … Read more

Vietnamese Coffee Culture: History, Drinks, Customs & More

A coffee plantation in da lat, vietnam

As the second-largest coffee producer and exporter in the world after Brazil, Vietnam holds a unique status in the coffee world. Vietnamese coffee culture is not just apparent in the variety of drinks or the countless coffee shops that pepper the streets of Hanoi. In Vietnam, coffee itself is a way of life. Vietnamese coffee … Read more

18 Great Books to Learn Dutch for Beginners & Beyond

Thinking of traveling or migrating to the Netherlands, Belgium, or Suriname? While you can get by with English, learning the local language, Dutch, has its advantages. For a strong foundation, you’ll need books to learn Dutch. If you’re an English or German speaker, you already have the upper hand because Dutch shares a lot of … Read more

18 Things Paris is Known and Famous For

Paris: the City of Lights, the City of Love. The French capital is known across the globe, and holds prime spot on the bucket list of many travelers. But why is Paris so revered? Paris is famous for its bustling museums and galleries, its top cuisine, its beautiful architecture, and its chic fashion. Paris’ landmarks … Read more

21 Fantastic Apps to Learn Mandarin Chinese Effectively

Chinese is one of the most widely-used languages in the world, with over a billion speakers. It is also one of the oldest languages in the world, dating back to around 1200 BC!  Of course, when we say Chinese, what we really mean is Mandarin. Keep in mind that Chinese is the race/nationality, while Mandarin … Read more

12 Best Swedish Chocolates to Try Before You Die

Marabou chocolate bar

Swedish chocolate might not be as famous as Swiss chocolate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as good. Think of Swedish chocolate like a hidden gem. It’s all just waiting to be discovered by you! Whether you prefer creamy, rich, or flavored chocolate, there’s a Swedish chocolate brand for you to try and love.  … Read more