17 Delicious Arabic Sweets & Desserts You Should Try


Arabic food is surely one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world. With 22 Arab nations, you will come across a plethora of diverse dishes that are bound to leave a lasting impression on you. The same goes for Arabic desserts. Arabic desserts come in such a variety because various nations and regions are … Read more

30+ Japanese Drinks & Beverages to Try Apart From Sake

Bottles of Japanese alcohol at the shopfront

Japan is recognized around the world for its incredible cuisine. Often presented like works of art, Japanese foods are not only delectable but also very beautiful. And yet, for the uninitiated, not much is known about Japanese drinks. Most people know about sake and over the last few years, interest in matcha has grown. While … Read more

11 Best Belgian Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

godiva belgian chocolates

Belgian chocolates are my personal favorite sweet treats. Don’t get me wrong, Swiss chocolates are pretty awesome too but the richness of a Belgian praline and the fragrance of a Belgian chocolate truffle are simply incomparable to anything else! If you’re a fan of Belgian chocolate like me, you’ll understand. For the uninitiated though, here … Read more

40 Japanese Candies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

japanese candy shop

Japanese food is like no other. On one end, you have classics like sushi, ramen, tempura, and gyoza. On another, you have Japanese snacks that can range from cheap dagashi staples to artisanal chocolates to delicious Japanese candies. If you’re into sweets, you’re in luck because Japan’s convenience stores and supermarkets are teeming with all … Read more

11 Best Swiss Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

toblerone chocolates

Swiss chocolate is one of the best desserts in the world! I’m sure very few would argue against that statement. Famed for their creamy texture, enticing flavors, and subtle fragrances, Swiss chocolates are an absolute joy for those with a picky sweet tooth. With so many wonderful Swiss chocolate brands on the market, it’s certainly … Read more

38 Best Japanese Chocolates to Melt in Your Mouth

glico pocky chocolate

A cultural and culinary powerhouse, Japan is famous for anime, sushi, ramen, Mt. Fuji, and bullet trains. But here’s one thing I bet you don’t usually associate with this East Asian destination: Japanese chocolates. If you have a sweet tooth, Japan will prove to be a paradise to you. Sweets and snacks pepper grocery and … Read more

28 Brazilian Landmarks You Should Add to Your Bucket List

christ the redeemer

Yes, there’ll be plenty of Rio de Janeiro on our post. Yet, as a continent-sized country, Brazil has so much more to see! The Brazilian landmarks we’ll cover here include the unspoiled shore of Fernando de Noronha, the exuberant churches of Ouro Preto, and — of course — the quintessential statue of Christ the Redeemer … Read more

25 Books About Vietnam’s History, Culture & More

Whether you have plans of heading to Vietnam soon or you like exploring a destination through its literature, reading books about Vietnam is a great way to acquaint yourself with this beautiful and historic country. From colonization to the Vietnam War to reunification, Vietnam has a rich and complex past. Most of the famous books … Read more