21 Things Venice is Known and Famous For

Ride a gondola in Venice

One of the most impressive sights on Earth, Venice is known for its islands and canals, for enduring landmarks like the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco, and for world-class events like the Venetian Carnival and the Venice Biennale. Venice is known for issues like over-tourism and — ironically for a “floating” city — sinking … Read more

24 Things Luxembourg is Known and Famous For

Luxembourg Flag

Luxembourg is famous for being the second richest country in the world, being a European economic powerhouse and for having award-winning wines. Luxembourg is known for its capital city, also called Luxembourg, having a curious network of underground tunnels and for having three national languages. But first, here are the answers to some FAQs. There’ll … Read more

12 Brilliant Books to Learn Languages for the Aspiring Polyglot

girl reading book to learn languages

Polyglots may make language learning seem like a walk in the park. But ask them about it and they will tell you that it takes time, discipline, and specific learning techniques to reach fluency in foreign languages. Becoming a polyglot requires building new mindsets and adapting to learning processes. Fortunately, you can do this by … Read more

15 Best Books to Learn Latin for Beginners and Beyond

latin writing

Is learning Latin one of the items on your bucket list? Or is it merely one of the many languages you, an aspiring polyglot, want to learn? Either way, this list of best books to learn Latin will help you in your learning journey. Latin, despite being a dead language (more on this later), is … Read more

25 Best Books About Trains to Choo Choo Chug Away

people reading books on trains

Do you love traveling by train? Got a friend or relative who loves trains? Maybe you have a kid who’s starting to fall for the charm of the railways. Whether you’re getting them for yourself or others, books about trains are great buys. Trains and railways prove that traveling is not just about the destination … Read more

What’s the Meaning of the Brazilian Flag? (Plus 11 Fun Facts)

The Brazil Flag

With its striking colors and unusual design, Brazil’s is among the most easily recognizable — and, arguably, beautiful — national banners in the world. But what’s the true meaning of the Brazilian flag? While almost every Brazilian has been taught each color highlights a different kind of wealth — green for our forests, yellow for … Read more

Italian Food Facts: 30 Fun Facts About Italian Cuisine

Pizza fresh out of the oven

I personally have a hard time trusting people who don’t adore Italian cuisine. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of those heretics around. After all, what’s there not to love about an age-old tradition that favors simple and time-tested combinations, homemade cooking, and the freshest ingredients?  That’s the delicious topic we’ll be exploring … Read more

20 Things Mexico is Known and Famous For

San Miguel de Allende

What is Mexico famous for? A haven of amazing food, stunning beaches, and live monuments, Mexico is known for ruins like the temples of Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan, resort towns like CancĂşn and Cabo San Lucas, quaint historic pueblos like San Miguel de Allende, and for its iconic capital, Mexico City. Mexican culture, which includes … Read more

Sushi Facts: 30 Fun Facts About Sushi That Might Blow Your Mind

Various types of sushi on a platter

Even if you’re not particularly crazy about Japanese food, chances are, you’ve tried sushi and loved it. Judging by the steady spread of sushi restaurants and its availability on many grocery and convenience store shelves, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the world loves sushi. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you love … Read more

16 Best French Novels and Storybooks for French Learners

French storybook

Whether you’ve only recently started learning French, or are well on your way to fluency, reading a book (or 100) in French can do wonders for your language skills! Reading a French novel or storybook can improve your understanding of the written language, your grasp of spelling and grammar, and your vocabulary. But how do … Read more