11 Best Apps to Learn Norwegian [2021]

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Hei! Whether you’re planning on moving to Norway or you’ve just read our article on basic Norwegian phrases and decided that you want to master the language of the Vikings – this article is a great place to start your learning journey. 

Now that certain parts of our lives have irreversibly migrated to an online space, language apps have become the most approachable and probably the most affordable way of learning a new language. So stay tuned since we’re taking a look at the top apps for learning Norwegian today, ranging from completely free to premium paid versions.

We’re convinced that after reading this guide, you’ll find the best Norwegian language app for you!

Why learn Norwegian?

Nordic countries have such close ties that if you master Norwegian, you haven’t conquered only a language, but three different languages at once. Reaching fluency in Norwegian means being able to communicate with Swedes and Danes without a hitch and even makes reading some Dutch and Icelandic possible!

Is Norwegian easy to learn?

Norwegian is the easiest language to learn for an English speaker, and considering you’re reading these words right now, it seems to me that… You’re in luck, my friend! If by any chance you also speak some German, learning Norwegian will be a breeze for you. This, of course, works vice versa.

Why use an app to learn Norwegian?

Imagine learning a language and having a native speaker in your pocket at any time. Wouldn’t that be just great? Well, here is some more good news for you, that guy exists and his name is Italki. Or HelloTalk… Or Preply. Okay, well, you get the point.

Nowadays, you can actually immerse yourself in your target language without even leaving your home. And whether you’re after a language tutor or a language exchange partner, and you prefer voice, video, or written communication, one of these apps is probably the best choice for you! 

Of course, you may first want to learn some basics before inviting someone else into your Norwegian learning journey. You can easily do that by following the well-trodden Pimsleur audio course, or get bite-sized, effective lessons with Babbel or Duolingo – crème de la crème of the beginner-friendly apps.

Some of these apps are free, some are not, but what they have in common is that they’ll get you talking Norwegian in no time. And they’re super fun to use. 

So, without any further ado, let’s find your own best app to learn Norwegian!

1. Babbel


If you already tried doing some research on Norwegian learning platforms, there’s a low chance you haven’t come across Babbel. With its intuitive and interactive design, it will turn your learning into a game.

When you add tongue-twisters, idioms and colloquialisms to the lessons created by specialized linguists, you’ll get a perfect tool for achieving your fluency goals.

Whether you headed north for fun or are preparing for your marketing conference in Norwegian, simply select the purpose of your studying, and you’ll get your custom-made course.

What I like about Babbel:

  • Various radio broadcasts and realistic conversations to get you speaking right away
  • Compatibility with all devices you may have at your disposal 
  • Established on strongest academic strategies that have been used to teach languages over the years
  • Courses built based on your mother tongue, additional languages that you speak and your own passions 

Price: Subscription memberships start at $12.95 a month.

2. Pimsleur


Have you ever heard of Paul Pimsleur? Well, he’s a well-known linguist who developed the Pimsleur language learning system that helps people speak, understand, and read new languages quickly and easily.

According to many satisfied learners, Pimsleur may be the best app to learn Norwegian from scratch!

The course features 30-minute audio lessons that introduce core vocabulary through contextual conversations and exchanges. Lessons are designed to maximize retention and build conversational skills. They can be supplemented with interactive bonus learning materials as well.

So if you want to start speaking right away and you have half an hour a day to spare, even on your daily commute, give this proven method a try!

Here’s an offer for you: Try Pimsleur Norwegian absolutely FREE today!

What I like about Pimsleur:

  • Highly reputable language learning program
  • Completely intuitive learning process
  • Real-world context and key vocabulary
  • Accurate pronounciation – just like an Oslo local

Price: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access.

Start your full access, 7-day free trial.

3. Duolingo

duolingo application

Often regarded as king of gamified language-learning apps, Duolingo is bound to be found on any list of apps to learn Norwegian. One of the reasons behind its popularity is for sure that with Duolingo, you can learn Norwegian for free! And with top-notch material. 

At the beginning of the course, you are supposed to set your individual goal of how many lessons you plan on getting through daily. Lessons are part of bigger wholes named modules, which are theme-based and unlock consequently, as you complete the previous one. Each lesson, on the other hand, comprises small tasks, including illustrated flashcards and various fill-in-the-blank exercises. 

The whole system is made to be fun and encouraging, with the aim of making your learning as effortless as possible. The app also tracks your activity day-to-day, therefore motivating you not to break the streak you’ve built up so far, and then rewarding you for being persistent. 

What I like about Duolingo:

  • Placement tests – if you already have some knowledge of Norwegian language, you can skip the beginner lessons and jump right onto the proper branch of your Duolingo-learning tree
  • It offers specialized business Norwegian or Norwegian for medical personnel courses
  • Simultaneous learning of vocabulary, grammar, and usage
  • It takes advantage of contextual clues to help you learn new words

Price: Although Duolingo is a free app, you can sign up for Duolingo Plus membership from $6.99 a month and unlock some additional functionalities, such as offline access to lessons and streak repair (meaning you can take a day or two off and your perfect streak will stay intact).

4. Italki


Being able to learn languages only by turning on your phone is great, but wouldn’t it be even better with a dash of human interaction? How would you feel about having your personal Norwegian teacher on the palm of your hand?

Italki is an online platform designed to bring language learners and language teachers together. It’s a very versatile app that works in different ways. For example, apart from simply taking lessons with professional teachers, you can also learn the language by casually speaking with a native Norwegian. Read our review of Italki!

Italki is the perfect app to complement – for example – Pimsleur, Duolingo, Babbel or Memrise, since it provides a higher level of language immersion to the learner. So, sign up to the Italki learning platform, connect with teachers from across the globe, and find one that suits you best within a moment!

What I like about Italki:

  • Personalized lessons based on your interests, schedule, learning style and progress
  • Most flexible place to find a tutor with exceptional qualifications and experiences 
  • It enables you to explore not only the Norwegian language, but also the culture and local tips and tricks 
  • It prioritizes human connection rather than gamification

Price: When it comes to this platform, teachers are the ones who choose prices. You can pay per lesson without any subscription. An average price would be $15 an hour.

5. Memrise

memrise application

Learn the language. Meet the world. Isn’t that what we all wish for?

This is the slogan carried by one of the most popular apps for learning Norwegian. Memrise is a language-learning app that focuses on making learning enjoyable. With its spaced repetition technique and authentic written and audio material, you’ll master the language before you know it. 

Two things that make Memrise a great choice are video clips of natives pronouncing the phrases and lessons that usually take only a couple minutes to complete, making it a perfect app to learn Norwegian on the go.

What I like about Memrise:

  • it offers three levels of expertise: intermediate, advanced or even highly advanced levels
  • Numerous entertaining quizzes to make sure you’re keeping score of your progress
  • Pure voices and accents to help you dive into the language such as of a native speaker
  • Three-step approach: learn, absorb and take your best shot 

Price: Starts as low as $9 per month and $59 a year.

6. Nemo

nemo method

Finding Nemo has never been easier! Reach into your pocket and you’ll find your personal learning assistant. Unlike most of the other apps, Nemo doesn’t consist of lessons. It is designed to show you that you can pick up a new language whenever you feel like it, regardless of where you are. That way, you can learn Norwegian even while skiing, isn’t that a perfect fit?

What I like about Nemo:

  • Hands-free option allowing you to absorb the language even when you’re occupied with other activities
  • It’s meant to be used in short spurts whenever you have a break 
  • Voice recorder that allows you to compare your speech to that of a native speaker
  • Vocabulary builder that uses the words you already know to make you learn the brand new ones

Price: You can download this app for free!

7. Hey! Lingo

hey lingo

If you would like to start your journey at this very moment, or just check out how Norwegian looks like, with Hey! Lingo you’re only one click away! This app is divided into 50 lessons, the first 20 of which don’t require neither subscription nor registration. All there’s left for you to do is make up your mind and give it a go!

What I like about Hey! Lingo:

  • Practical everyday phrases that you would never think you’d need, but could actually come in handy when you want to express yourself in a most sincere and spontaneous manner 
  • Extremely friendly and visually pleasing
  • Phrasebook-like flashcard lessons, each focusing on a specific skill 
  • Easy to navigate and follow the progress of your language studies

Price: Starts at $5.99 a month.

8. Loecsen


If you are yet looking for an entire Norwegian beginner’s course that you could join for free, put Loescen to the test! This platform teaches you basic phrases, expressions and pronunciations with straightforward illustrations. The website is even available in Norwegian itself, as well as 30 other languages. Find your native language on the list and start learning the new one right away!

What I like about Loecsen:

  • Engage in everyday situations without going through a lengthy learning process
  • Mp3 and PDF packs for you to download so that you can practice even without the internet connection
  • Rapid assimilation of Norwegian in order for you to react automatically to the language
  • Built-in quizzes to help you revise the things you learned 

Price: The course is free!

9. LingQ


LingQ represents a very powerful tool when it comes to learning Norwegian. Firstly, there are thousands of hours of Norwegian audio material with matching scripts at your disposal to get you fired up and ready to immerse yourself in the language as soon as possible. 

The LingQ website and app offer you a vast number of lessons that may be grouped by themes but are not typical courses. The great thing about this app is the freedom it gives you as a student. You don’t need to follow any strict order in completing your lessons if you don’t want to; You can simply choose whatever topic you’re interested in and enjoy the provided content, constantly marking, learning, and repeating the newly-learned words. 

Another amazing thing about LingQ is the LingQ Importer. It basically gives you the means to learn Norwegian based on your own content. How does it work? Well, all you need to do is find a Wikipedia page or a website you’re interested in – even a Netflix show or a YouTube video containing subtitles will do – and then import it as a LingQ lesson, that you can then learn! Amazing, isn’t it?!

Those special functionalities truly make LingQ stand out among all other apps to learn Norwegian. 

What I like about LingQ:

  • Freedom to choose whatever material you want to base your learning on, which has a huge impact on motivation
  • A special tracker of all the words you’ve learned so far (and all those you still haven’t, which you can organize into flashcards and revise later)
  • A great versatility in tools you can use while learning and reviewing

Price: You can choose between a free plan with limited functionality, $12.99 per month for unlimited access with a Premium account, or $39.99 per month for Premium Plus.

10. Preply


Preply is another one of the many apps to learn Norwegian that includes the aspect of real human-taught lessons and interactions. It’s an online educational platform that pairs language students with teachers via online chat and video.

So if you need some real-life support on your Norwegian journey, Preply could be your best choice!

What I like about Preply:

  • Numerous friendly online tutors to choose from 
  • Tutors who are available 24 hours a day, no matter where in the world you are
  • One-to-one feel of tutoring from the warmth of your home
  • Approach that fits your passions and personality 

Price: Joining Preply and taking a trial lesson with your first tutor is free. An average price per lesson is $15.

11. HelloTalk


And last, but not least is the app where you can make actual friends to practice everything you learned with! HelloTalk connects you with the Norwegian natives just like WhatsApp connects you with your friends. Meet your cultural exchange friends and overcome cultural differences by giving it a shot.

What I like about HelloTalk:

  • You can translate messages into your native language
  • It allows you to correct your partner’s sentences and add comments or some suggestions
  • You can send voice messages or simply give a call to people you would like to practice Norwegian with
  • Drawing feature for you to express yourself even when you don’t have a word for something 

Price: As long as you don’t mind ads, you can enjoy HelloTalk for free. If you, on the other hand, don’t want anything getting in your way, you can get your VIP membership  for $6.99 a month.

Best way to learn Norwegian

Put your mind to it: Once you have decided to take up the challenge of learning this remarkable language, there is nothing keeping you away from your goal. Expensive courses or private tuitions can no longer be an excuse, since learning with some apps from our list is on the house! It doesn’t have to hurt neither your wallet or your timetable, so buckle up and give Norwegian your best shot.

Take risks: No matter which method you choose, don’t forget to experiment with knowledge and use your fantasy. Language course isn’t a place where you’re supposed to bite your tongue. On the contrary, get it around some new Norwegian words and shake the shyness away!

Mix and match: Don’t make yourself choose between human interaction with a tutor, gamified approach or a simple chat with a friend. Why draw the line when you can combine different approaches we mentioned above and make your own language combo! Exposing yourself to Norwegian in as many different ways as possible won’t give you a headache, so live and learn!

Do you know other great apps to learn Norwegian? Share it in the comment box below!

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